What are the highest paying careers?

I agree with Lalit Patel.Never switch positions based on percieved pay. Do what you enjoy and advance in that area. Chasing the buck is not the ticket to happiness. Forget the nonsense that "wealth equals happiness" or that "wealth equates success". It's a bunch of hogwash.I know many people who outsiders would feel

What is the average salary for a software engineer?

Without knowing your desired city, the average salary is not so meaningful. Because it is totally different in different locations. Also, because of different tax systems and living costs, what you actually make could mean differently in different locations.This tool is for comparing the savings of software engineers in two cities. But you can still use

What do you do to earn a six figure salary? Do you think your salary is justified by the nature of your job?

Early in my career a manager gave me a piece of transformational advice:Keep your manager informed with quantified, numbers-heavy progress updates;Always know and record each project's cost, revenue value and impact statistics.The reason? Your manager and the people she or he answers to all see the company

If a person completes CA, the CFA, and the FRM, what average salary should he get?

I am off the opinion that salary should not be dependent on the qualification you have. It's the value you add to an organisation that determines your salary. I don't mind any graduate that brings me business or unique capability, but would certainly don't want a MBA, CFA, FRM,

What would be expected salary for junior engineer after 7th pay commission?

Pay Band for SSC JE :- 9300-34800Rs.Grade pay :-4200Rs.Basic =(9300+4200)=13500Rs. But according to the 7th pay comission it should be multiple by a factor of 2.57 and in the pay matrix for it is equal to new basic pay if 35400.So in this job new basic pay is equal to 35400.Also other allowance should be added like DA,TA,HRA