Has anyone ever seen you do something when you thought you were alone? Was it embarrassing?

Well. I was playing Rocket League. In my underwear. Don't ask me why. Anyways, I was playing, and I was going all savage online, scoring goals repeatedly off of the kickoffs. Needless to say I've won numerous games.Then I start

Do mermaids really exist? Has anyone ever seen them?

In 2012, the television channel Animal Planet aired a show claiming to show evidence that mermaids are real.The program was filmed to appear to be a documentary, complete with interviews with "scientists" (paid actors) and phone-camera footage. With only the show's very brief

Has anyone ever proven that he has seen Jesus?

Yes. I have seen Him in 1998. He appeared to me.

Has anyone ever seen Santa?

I haven't seen santa, but I heard him one year. I was aroun ten or twelve years old, well beyond believing years. It must have been 2 or 3 in the morning Christmas Day. A loud boom woke me up, then I