What is the scariest experience you had in gym?

Getting pinned under the bench press was my worst gym experience. I was on my third set and with 55kg on barbell (started with 65, then decreased) and I thought that help wouldn't be necessary since it was an easy weight for me. Did 8 easy reps and

What was your scariest travel experience?

I was abducted by child prostitution facility as a high school student while traveling to Osaka.It was my first ever trip without my parents in my entire life. But it wasn't supposed to be an exiting or adventurous trip like most other answers written here.

What's the most terrifying thing you've ever experienced?

*TRIGGER WARNING?* I was in second grade going into third, it was summer school and I wasn't dumb I just didn't listen and even if I did my mom wanted me to go to summer school every year, she wanted me to be the best me. I gave up I was going

Is India scary? Why?

Hell, yes! India is the only country where buses are driven like in Nascar. India is the only country where a food outlet may cause several eruptions in your belly. India is the only country where the girl whom you love can scare the shit out of

Is the dying process scary?

This is my husband's story. He died completely in 1979, then revived after several minutes. This is his experience with fear during the death process. His story has helped many people feel more relaxed about dying.It Happened in Puneby Doug FlomerIn 1979 I read Only One Sky by Osho. I was

Were there any scary moments for astronauts onboard ISS? What were they?

One of the top scary moments that comes to mind: HTV3 vehicle departure from ISS.The HTV cargo vehicles are moved away from the ISS by the robotic arm in preparation for the vehicle to leave the station and burn up

What do you think is the scariest thing people can experience in real life?

What is the scariest thing people can experience: organised stalking and electronic harassment or things of a similar ilk. Put simply prolonged, intense torture that lasts 24/7.Allowing politicians to take over people's lives for supposedly the good of the community is wrong. The introduction of totalitarianism by stealth

What is the creepiest thing you've found after moving into a new home?

The room in the basement.After my parents separated they agreed my mother would keep the house we currently resided in. This meant my father had some hunting to do. After a little while and about 3 house tours he stumbled upon this lovely home in a quiet neighbourhood-perfect.I didn't get the chance to visit until we

What is the scariest moment you have had in a car?

It was many years ago. I had another argue with my girlfriend. When I was upset, I used to drive some 60km/38mi to the nearest beach.At the time there was a part of the road where it was uphill, very twisty and very narrow. There were place for one truck on each side of the

What is the scariest supernatural experience, or encounter, that you have ever had?

There is no scariest experience. As noted on my header I am epileptic psychic. Profound perhaps. I keep these to myself mostly. I do not encourage panic. The ocean floor ripped up and the tidal took over 20 thousand lives of living human beings.I get my own news feeds

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

More than Terrifying.Some very quick thinking, (not my own,) saved our lives that night.It was August of 1994. I was 22, and my fiancé was 25. I was off school for the summer. He had vacation time he needed to use for work.We were taking a

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you while driving?

Guys, lemme just get this out of the way: don't ever take Benadryl before driving. For those who don't already know, Benadryl makes you very, very, drowsy.It was around 9 or 10 at night, I was at a friend's house, and my allergies were

What makes you feel scared?

I have to go anonymous on this. Not really looking forward to getting upvotes or many views, I just need some space to vent safely. Lets start with today. I feel some evil forces were conspiring against me to show me the ugly. I was surfing on the internet and

What's the scariest online dating experience you've ever had?

Well this one was not necessarily that scary. But I was hooking up via phone with a guy who wax so obliviously very drunk. I called him on this. He procceeded to comment back on the site that he was an

What was the scariest experience you ever had?

Shortly before my (now ex) wife and I were married, we co-habited at my family's farm, in upstate New York. We were both employees of the farm, and she worked as a cashier at the little general store that was one of our farm's business enterprises, we lived in a tiny apartment above the store.

What was the scariest experience you had while camping? Did you ever go camping again after it happened?

This happened in my professional career.My very first field season for conducting geological mapping was in the elephant rich, thick bamboo jungles of Karbi Anglong District in Assam, Northeast India.There were three geologists, two were my seniors. The area is not accessible by road and

What was your scariest experience while in prison?

Well I went to prison for sexually assulting a woman in 2002. I'll never do that again. Anyway because of the nature of my crime I fought alot.In 06 I was at a private prison run by acorrupt corporation called GEO CORP. A company

What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on a first date?

I'm going anonymous for this for obvious reason that is going to reveal later. When I was in High school, I was pretty horny. Who wasn't actually? I hadn't have any girlfriend or any close contact with girls. I was desperate for any kind of affection from girls.So I ran into a nice girl

Which zombie movie/book/show had the scariest zombies virus?

Zom-B. I have only read the first 3 of this series, but trust me when I say that, although I love the series, the zombies are terrifying.For one, some of the zombies are sentient and can act just like humans.Two, one of the scenes in the books is about a man screaming and chanting while

Why are people scared of spiders?

I believe I'm qualified to answer this question for the simple fact that even reading the word

Why don't zombies just eat each other?

Zombies don't eat each other because they recognize one another as being part of an "in group" while we, the living, are "out group" members.The Self/Other DelusionSo what exactly did we do to piss off the living dead? Oh sure, you probably