What makes a teacher likable to their students, resulting in better classroom motivation and participation?

I believe that treating students with respect, and letting them know that you really care about their success in your class and school in general is very important; however, don't cross over the line and become their

Is a teacher allowed to teach a subject he has not studied?

Allowed - yes. Is it wise? Depends on the individual. If a teacher is comfortable taking a subject they have no qualification in, I say - go for it. I had a friend who is a gifted musician. Could play anything. He was a music teacher - but didn't like it.

Why aren't public schools more spiritual?

There's a growing segment of the population that don't want there to be public education at all. Not saying I agree with them, but if people aren't sure they want to pay for other people's kids to learn how to read & write, how

Do schools try not to hire attractive teachers?

For my Ohio teaching credential, I had to assure the state that I would not over indulge in alcohol, For my California teaching credential, I had to assure the state that my appearance was not "unsightly." Lucky for me I have a K-14 Life Diploma (credential),

Should a teacher ever teach a class his or her child is taking in public school?

It happens.  Sometimes it can be a problem and sometimes it's not problem at all.I know in my school we have a series of policies in place in order to ensure this kind of situation has the best possible outcome.Such as - generally teachers aren't timetabled

Why did you stop being a classroom teacher?

A2AI will always be a teacher. It is part of my nature.I retired when they sent

How do public schools hire teachers?

I can't speak for every school, but I can speak for interviews in which I've been a participant or organizer. Here's what we normally do:We advertise through our website and on various job platforms.Candidates are selected by either Human Resources or a building administrator. I take a quick look to see whether they currently hold a

What are some good college fencing schools?

Salma has listed some good ones in the USA, so I'll go from what I know about university fencing in the UK, where I study.If you are very serious about fencing (regular participant in national/regional competitions with podium finishes) or if you want a good sparring environment then you should consider the following unis:EdinburghDurhamCambridgeBathUCLOxfordLeicesterSt Andrews

As a teacher, how do we enrich education in our school?

An entertaining teacher is always loved by the students,and they like to listen what he/she says.There are many ways for making education better like going on fields or labs for practicals is liked by the students,for moral lectures and novels in english cd's can de used for teachings.Making lectures interesting and detailing everyhing you teach makes you

Are public school teachers generally worse than private school teachers in the US?

There are great teachers in both public and private schools. I teach in a public school, but I sent my own sons to a private school for religious reasons. There were mediocre teachers at that private school and I have seen mediocre teachers

What should primary school teachers wear?

At that age children's eyes pick up more on warm tone colors, so red, orange, yellow are good colors for them to look at and be cheered up. Please avoid somber colors no matter what your age. I remember looking around the faculty lunch room (middle school) on a rainy day

What state started the public school system?

What state started the public school system?Towns in colonial Massachusetts typically had their own grammar schools, the Puritans being a bookish lot.The Massachusetts Constitution, written mostly by John Adams and the oldest of state constitutions (1780), instructs town officials to

What age do children generally start k-12 schooling?

In most states, children are 5 before they enter kindergarten. If you're talking in terms of development, it's best to wait until at least 7 to start educating. (Read "Better Late Than Early" (the Moores) and "The Hurried Child" (by David Elkind.) If you're asking in term of legality, check your specific state's laws. California requires

Can a teacher force someone to do something after school?

Forcing someone never leads to a positive outcome. A teacher can inspire, motivate and allow her students to grow on their own terms. If a student however, is too stubborn to even lift a finger and participate in extra curricular activities to hone himself

How can teachers prevent bullying?

In the book, Columbine, Dave Cullen dispells several of the myths surrounding the tradgedy.Eric Harris had actually planned to set off several bombs inside the school. As those who survived the explosions exited, he and Klebold would shoot them.Many propane tank bombs

What do teachers think of the school system?

I am a novice teacher here in Hong Kong. I have passion for teaching yet the school system here is sometimes a damper on my teaching passion. Certainly, different places have their own school systems. From my observations and experiences, school systems in most countries are products of elitism.A

What is the brutal truth of being the smartest kid in the classroom?

I wish I had an answer to that. But I guess at very young age being smartest is like having a hell of a party. And all you can say to that is why didn't we do better when we had the chance. I had it diffecult up through time. So I did not realize my genius until I

How to hide my phone at my school

If you are a guy, invest in some cargo pants. These pants have pockets on the side where you can stash your phone. If you are a girl, just stash it in your purse. For either gender, only check your messages and notifications in the BATHROOM. Stairwells and elevators

Do public school teachers ever state their political views in the classroom?

State them? Like explicitly?I don't. Those are some deep waters to tread and I'm not the best swimmer.What I really like doing is helping kids shape their own views by offering alternative arguments. I've left kids mentally twisted and confused by offering counter arguments to their counter arguments to their counter arguments.One kid flip-flopped over and over as

Can a private school employee (not a teacher) do private tuition in India?

In my opinion, since you are an employee of a private school, nothing wrong in doing private tuition.Some private schools and colleges put restrictions that their employees are not allowed to conduct private tuition. I think you want to start with private tuition because of two reasons.You love teaching

Do public schools need more science teachers?

Yes. And more math, reading, writing, computer, history, social studies, and special ed teachers.We need more teachers, period. Class sizes, which run at around 30 kids, average, in the elementary and middle grades, are illogical for the interactive teaching that

Who invented exams and schools?

I think Taking inspiration from Life some very learned personality has invented exams. I know Why you are asking this question? But forget everything and just take a second and observe Life. What life do is, it teaches us everything good and bad and at every step life takes exams (in hindi JEEVAN PARIKSHA )to

Will the Internet replace the role of school in the future?

Super interesting question.So, around 2000 or so, I read a scifi book which I'm tempted to think was Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster but on further reflection might have been one of the other books I purchased on that trip (and absent the ability to quickly thumb through it, do not rely on this

How should public schools in the United States handle political views between teachers and students?

Carefully.That's sort of the best summary I can give.Generally speaking, we should try to keep politics out of the classroom.But we also don't need to go so far as to pretend politics don't exist either.Part of education, arguably, is training students to be good future citizens; not just

Can a teacher keep you after school?

Yes a teacher can keep you after school if you are a student. And it's usually for detention, but the parents should know right away if you are kept after school.

Teachers: what was your experience with students' religious beliefs in your public school classroom?

The study of religions and religious history is part of the required curriculum in many or most states. With that said, encouraging the support of freedom of religion is in our Constitution. However, any form of organized prayer in public school classrooms is illegal.

How did the public education school system fail you?

This may be a disingenuous question. I never said that public schools failed me, not directly. Besides, I attended public schools for a total of only six years, grades 1 to 6.I think those years were rather pleasant. If I have a

Can schools block cell phone signals?

No. Blocking cell phone signals requires either elaborate and expensive alterations to the structure, which a school would never budget for, or using expensive signal generators in an illegal way. Jamming is forbidden by the FCC in America.

What kind of teachers are examples of bad teachers?

Teachers who don't care or adopt the attitude of

Should cell phones be used during class?

If it is about Googling any topics or accessing study/academic materials, then yes cellphones/tablets/laptops help a lot during class hours.If it is about texting or doing any distracting work on it, then it will defeat the whole purpose of being in the class !

What are some high school life hacks?

I am currently in English.We are writing our drafts for an assessment task that is due next week.The teacher is a sub, and she just leaked the biggest secret.You know how you have word limits and minimums on essays?Well the teacher said she doesn't count every wordWhat she said teachers do it

Is school/college important for having a good life?

No.College is not a must inorder to have a successful future.However,not everyone will be Bill gates or Steve jobs. That's why it's recommended to go to one.

Should I attend public school?

High School educations in general are usually terrible nowadays but I agree going to public school could be very beneficial.  There may be people at the high school who pick on you but remember that is because of their own insecurities and pay no mind to

What is the best age for children to start school?

i think kids learn everything so fast its not about age ,its about kids behavior ,teach them to how to ask teacher  to go to potty, make sure they dont cry for parents , make sure they dont hit people, make sure they respect others, some times kids spit on others, you have

Do you think middle/high school students should be able to have a cell phone at school?

I have taught middle & high school since 1993. No. Completely unnecessary, and only adds to the drama, anxiety, and social issues already in play in middle/high schools in the U.S.

Which is a better school Westmead Public School or Parramatta Public School?

If you stalk the school - looking at names on the school website or driving past the front gate at 855am you'll get a sense of the racial mix.For example the website told me this month's book and principals awards went to:Book Award Sanvariya 5Z, Ritika 6C.Principal's AwardSrihaas 3S, Atharv 2N, Yogi 5S, Ilham 4S, Ritika 6C,

What are the top five categories of rules for a classroom? Are there more? How do you organise classroom rules?

It is important to have two sets of rules.  One for the students and one for the teacher.  I post both sets.  I am not talking about obvious rules like hitting, stealing, cheating.  I am talking about subtle actions that over time the teacher

What would be a good policy for cell phone use in an American high school?

We have the perfect solution.  Parents should download the Earn2Learn App launching in May 2015...  Parents reward students for staying off their phones and get a report and release the reward.  Educators love it.  Parents love it.  students love it..  Win Win!ttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Earn2Learn/855961527779540https://twitter.com/Earn2Learn_UShttps://plus.google.com/10392750...Thanks again for your support!

Is it worth going back to school to become a high school teacher?

I have several engineering friends (who each had at least a Masters in engineering), and then when they reached 50 or so in age, wanted to become high school mathematics or science teachers. They took education courses, and worked their way into substitute teaching and now are full time high school teachers.Every

Are you afraid to put your child in public school?

Yes I believe I'm afraid to put my daughter in public school, there is so many different things I don't want her to get involve in. My daughter is only 2 years old, but this question comes to my mind quite often because the dangers in public schools has become a big issue. Public schools have changed so much

Is Arabic taught in American high schools?

There are pockets of it being taught in the US Public Education system.Arabic education in U.S. public schools | ShareAmericaIt was one of the languages I wanted to learn when I was in high school, but wasn't one of the languages offered (only French and Spanish).Considering the increasing number

How open should public school teachers be about their political beliefs?

My district will write a teacher up for making their political beliefs known.If a teacher wants to avoid parent and/ or administration problems- the teacher should remain neutral. Just presents to facts of the curriculum.Students do not need to know if their teacher is Republican, Democrat or belongs to any other group. It isn't worth the hassle

How much is a private school teacher paid at a school that charge $36k tuition?

Teachers in private schools in the SF Bay Area get paid a substantially higher salary than those working in similar schools in the east coast, basically because of the much higher cost of housing.It is my understanding that public