If Isaac Asimov was alive today, what predictions would he make for the next 50 years from 2016 onwards?

The Good Doctor was a molecular biologist among his many other disciplines and I'm inclined to think he would have focused his predictions on the many possibilities inherent in our discoveries in genetic research. (After all, this was the man who wrote Fantastic Voyage

What are the most mind blowing scenes in Westworld?

*Spoilers Ahead**Proceed at your own risk*While most of the jaw-dropping scenes have been pointed out in the other answers , one scene which I particularly liked was that in the final minutes of the finale.The scene begins with the party Dr.Ford has thrown wherein he

What about technology makes you anxious?

There's a lot of things about technology that make me anxious. As a person whom struggles with anxiety, I experience a lot about anxiety revolving around technology.When I text someone hello, I become anxious wondering when they'll respond. I check

What about technology makes you anxious?

There's a lot of things about technology that make me anxious. As a person whom struggles with anxiety, I experience a lot about anxiety revolving around technology.When I text someone hello, I become anxious wondering when they'll respond. I check

Who has more of a following, Star Trek or Star Wars?

Depends on who you ask lol. I'm more of a SW fan myself, but I'll say Trek was the more ‘icononic.' It was the first after all, but in the end, SW I think had a greater impact on Sci Fi overall. Trek challenged society, SW challenged the Sci Fi genre.Certainly

Have you seen The Fith Element (Movie 1997)? Where does it sit in the list of best sci-fi movies?

Its hard to say because of the huge amount of humor that fills the movie. If Bruce Willis wasn't a loser cab driver and you remove the opera singer, radio host, made LEELU not an idiot who heats up 20lbs of food in the

What would happen to the current human global conflicts if intelligent alien life suddenly made first contact with our planet?

They would get far worse, because if there are life forms out there, then that means there also are alien germs and diseases. Since we humans would have no immunity to the new alien diseases whatsoever, we probably would experience a plague far worse than the Black Plague. The same might

When sci-fi depicts violent alien invasions to Earth, are we as humans, reflecting on what we would do with an alien race if we met?

Although I think the question is too broad and makes too much of a generalization, I also think it contains a lot of truth.Humans are a unique peak predator species on our planet. If one looks very broadly at the history of our species and the different ways we have lived and the different forms of culture,

If aliens arrived on Earth, what human behavior would they find most absurd and incomprehensible?

Are you doing your job seriously?Yes. I'm having everything double checked. Adjustment is perfect. We now can see only in the human color range.It's a bit disturbing, still put in on.Where's A9P1H000015478? Hasn't he arrived yet?We A9P1H00001T478, A9P1H000015978, A9P1H000015408 are here, A9P1H000015408.Please,

What are the best movies about aliens?

I know I'm going to receive so much flak for this, but my personal favorite is Signs.

What are some aspects of the sci-fi genre that are scientifically possible?

I've read thousands of science fiction books and hundreds of movies and TV shows. I'm a big fan. The science fiction field is very diverse and some of it is scientific possible with what we know about science today. As science advances then

Which movies with an alien invasion of Earth have a female dominant alien species?

The recent movie "Under the Skin" doesn't quite fit the description, but gets close e enough.  The alien takes on a female human form and is quite dominant.

What are the best science fiction novels?

"Foundation" by Isaac Asimov"The first Foundation trilogy (...) won a Hugo Award in 1965 for 'Best All-Time Series.' It's science fiction on the grand scale; one of the classics of the field,"wrote Brooks Peck."Dune" by Frank Herbert"Herbert created what was, in 1965, the

Does The Empire Strikes back have the greatest big reveal in all of fiction?

No, not at all. I have three that top it. I'm not saying that any of these three are, themselves, the

What are some cat aliens in works of fictions?

Eet and her species in Andre Norton's Zero Stone

What are some good reasons an alien species would invade earth?

What are some good reasons an alien species would invade earth?In almost every alien movie, aliens invade earth. I know this may be because it exciting, humans are incredibly self centered, etc. But are there any good reasons to invade earth and put up with all the

What is the most realistic alien movie?

Of the alien invasion variety? None of them!What on earth could they want? Our water?Black Hole Hosts Universe's Most Massive Water CloudHell Europa has more than we do. And if you are and interstellar race scavenging for scavenging volatiles

Would an animated sci-fi film about saving the universe by creating new stars make a good Disney movie?

They made "a rat who wants to cook" into a heart wrenching masterpiece, so I'm thinking any premise would be good.It's not the idea, but the execution that makes a good story. In that respect disney/pixar does it really well.

Is there any data suggesting that gay men in the US are especially likely to be sci-fi fans?

Interesting question. Anecdotally I can say that I knew many more openly gay people in science fiction fandom for far longer than I did in the

Are there any mixed breeds between humans and aliens in Star Wars?

Unlike Star Trek, there are no hybrids mentioned in any film or book I have come across. Have not read them all, of course.No indication of actual sex between species that I recall. Some mixed pairs, relationship not defined.There are also humans from multiple worlds, who seem identical biologically. After the first

What are some of the best SciFi movies involving aliens?

Stargate is one of my all-time favorite movies (sci-fi or otherwise), and is specifically based on the premise of a particular ancient Egyptian god being an "alien astronaut".  The subsequent TV series, Stargate SG-1, does a great job of further expanding

If an alien invasion really happened, will humans win just like in scifi movies?

Love all the great answers here. If an alien invasion really happened, will humans win just like in scifi movies?NO. I happen to believe that any life form that had the technology to discover our

Is there actually more evidence to prove that aliens are real and that people are ignoring solid evidence because it goes against people's social constructs?

Assuming «aliens» is the pejorative term for «extraterrestrials».There is not yet any evidence on the existence of extraterrestrials. It is just a very likely and very popular conjecture.That some people refuse the existence of extraterrestrials is a possibility. But I must say that all along my life

How realistic is Star Wars?

Really unrealistic even in terms of its own internal consistency.This actually becomes annoying. Plot holes you have to think about don't pull you out of the film. The Force awakens has plot holes and continuity gaps so blatant they are hard to ignore. Worst of

What would a competent alien invasion force do differently from the normal Hollywood portrayals?

The biggest strategic and tactical blunder that most alien invaders make in the movies is showing up on screen.There is a popular category of Quora questions where modern military units/technology is pitted against ancient ones, like a modern aircraft carrier against the Jutland fleet of WWI battleships, or a Navy

What does 'human pet' mean to an alien in works of fiction?

As Tony says. Various stories, usually ones dealing with an alien race conquering the Earth (or perhaps part of a human empire), have the aliens maintaining humans as some sort of slaves.This might be in the usual sense of the word, where the slave is required to work for the aliens in some way, or in

What sci-fi show should I watch next?

Shows I have already watched and loved: All Star Trek series , All Stargate Series, Original BS-G, Eureka, Pretender, Sliders, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Forever, Both Dirk Gentlys, Flash Gordon (old 50s one and early 2000s one) Fringe, Stranger Things, Humans, The Prisoner, Farscape, Brisco County JrThings I

Which fictional alien species would you want to be a member of and why?

Klingon or Andorian.Most of the Klingons are honorable. On Earth, right now there is Klingon language and people who actually spoke Klingon! How cool is that? :)IMO the Andorians are the perfect combination of strength, scientific knowledge and... fun.

If you could change one thing about the Star Trek setting, what would it be and why?

I'd like a slightly more coherent view of galactic maps and the quadrants. Additionally, I'd really appreciate it if there was a way to depict territory in space as a three dimensional thing (they've referenced this directly in the past... ).I don't really understand Stardates. I would like that to be something

Why did Data want to be human instead of other species in Star Trek?

For one thing, Data was built by a human with an inate desire to strive to be human. This was a fundamental aspect of his programming. Perhaps if he had been built by another race he would have striven for that.The second thing was after Data

If the Terminator was sent to defeat the Alien from the original aliens, would it succeed?

Without trouble, the Alien isn't a super being, and despite being a great killer, its not as great of a killer as a terminator. The xenomorph from Alien is the same as in Aliens and we see colonial marines kill numerous

Is a lot of science actually science fiction?

There is some truth to the idiom life imitates art, which also applies to scientific discovery only insomuch as science fiction can and has become reality. Your question presumes that science produces fiction, which is false in almost all cases, unless

What are some of the most bizzare fictional alien races out there?

What are some of the most bizzare fictional alien races out there?I've always admired the aliens in Vernor Vinge's Zones of Thought series. Two standouts: The Tines and the Skroderiders.The Tines are pack intellects made up of animals described as having traits of dogs and seals - quadrupeds with long necks. Four

What are the best sci-fi offline Android games?

TOP 5 SCI-FI GAMES FOR ANDROID OF 20161. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition - The most immersive and impressive sci-fi FPS franchise on smartphones is now completely free! Fight for humankind's survival!2. Machinarium - Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula. Help Josef the robot to save his

How powerful is Chewbacca in the Star Wars universe?

Not as powerful as Jedi Masters or Sith Lords but Chewie, a wookie, is a pretty strong creature, physically, based on his size.Wookies are generally strong, but are generally peaceful, though they do have bad tempers.We have seen Chewie knock around Stormtroopers while carrying C3p0, or pullout an AT-ST pilot with one hand.Wookies also are proud

What sci-fi show is more realistic Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5?

Great question but a difficult call. Obviously neither was

What are some horrible aliens in works of fiction?

In my opinion, Larry Niven's Pak Protectors.Pak Protector - WikipediaThe pak are a third stage in human development if you take children as first stage, adults as second. Faster, stronger, enormously smarter. The huge advantage in intelligence is what makes them so dangerous, that and that they

Is there any science fiction story that explores the legal and diplomatic aspects of alien invasion?

Not specifically about alien invasion, but about politics and diplomacy with alien species:Patty Jansen's Ambassador series.The legal and diplomatic aspects aren't explored in depth, but they are a key feature of the stories. It is as close as to what you're