According to Islam what happens to the Soul after death?

Immediately after deathAfter death, soul will be close to the body in a detached state and will remain in the grave till judgement day in a state called Barzakh (Arabic for separation, barrier). I have heard Muslims say that a body will feel 100 times more pain after death because soul is sensitive,

Do we still feel pain after death?

umm, by definition, you won't feel anything after death.You won't exist any more. So you won't be doing anything. How can someone who does not exist feel anything?Dying, on the other hand, that happens while you're still alive, and that can hurt. It probably depends on

Is religion the biggest business in the world?

Disclaimer: No offence meant to any enlightened (including ‘me

Does religious belief make people more moral?

Some of the worst atrocities imaginable that have been done in this world, have been done in the name of religion. From pre-history to modern history religion has been used as an excuse to kill other people.Remember Human sacrifice? The act of killing one

Hasn't science created and promoted one of the world 's fastest growing religions, Atheism?

Errrr..... no... perhaps you need a dictionary.Atheism is a LACK of religion.The one thing that

Is human behavior deterministic?

Probably, modulo a bit of quantum mechanics (QM). QM forbids you from actually conducting an experiment in which things were exactly equal both times.  The no-clone theorem forbids you from precisely duplicating any quantum state, and renders the whole idea of doing the "reset" kind of

What is the evidence for biological evolution and what is the evidence supporting creationism?

TL;DR: Evolution is both a fact and a theory. Furthermore, the emphasis on the term "theory" when referring to evolution is duplicitous (as is the term, "Darwinism"). This emphasis is intended to undermine the validity and truth of evolution.In a scientific context, evolution is a theory, just as the germ theory of disease as

Where can I find truth?

Truth is in the quality of your mindDear Friend,I was browsing internet today, and I chanced to meet someone highly intelligent.He is known as Acharya Prashant. He is a renowned Spiritual Master from India. I would love you to read his following discourse. It is immensely revealing and insightful.Thanks~~~~~~~~~~~~Question:

Where does truth come from?

Here's a rough, fairly uncontroversial outline of what many analytic philosophers think about truth.First, and most importantly, truth is a property of sentences (or propositions). Although we often talk about a "true friend" or "true blue", what we generally mean when we say that something

Is religion the biggest business in the world?

Disclaimer: No offence meant to any enlightened (including ‘me

What are biggest misconceptions about religion?

What are biggest misconceptions about religion?That such a question could even be answered.

What are widely accepted misconceptions?

Ancient to early modern history to a Roman amphitheatre in ToulouseVomiting was not a regular part of Roman dining customs.[1] In ancient Rome, the architectural feature called a vomitorium was the entranceway

What is the biggest irony of religion?

1. All religions stress on the fact that everyone is a part of the same entity. But the existence of different religions (and people believing that one's religion is the right one) is absurd.2. Most religions believe in destiny. But they still do stuff that contradict

Can you prove god exist using the scientific method?

No. By definition, God is beyond the purview of science. Science seeks to explain the natural world.God is OUTSIDE THE REALM OF THE NATURAL WORLD. If God created everything (definition), then He cannot be a PART of that which He created. Meaning He would

Did God create evolution?

I see no reason to think so. There is nothing about evolution that requires a god's influence or that of any other kind of intelligent designer. It works without a god and, IMO, makes more sense. Something like 99.99% of all species have gone extinct. This would seem to suggest

Do scientists, particularly astrophysicists, believe in God? Do those who do research believe in God?

Let me claim to be a scientist.I believe in God because, as a human being, I was

Has science proven that God does not exist?

Science has already proven it million of times. It is really ironic that in mathematics, chemistry or physics anyhow as soon as we derive a result, scientists get onto some result via evidences, experiments etc most people just believe it without counter-questioning but in case of

What physical evidence exists that is used to prove the existence of God(s)?

Professor Werner Gitt, who works in the field of information science writes:There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is there any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this.(Werner Gitt, In the Beginning Was Information, 1997, p. 79)This statement, if true, destroys the whole basis of