Can scientists make humans smarter in the future?

For the next 100 years, nothing useful.There are many nootropic substances already sold which improve cognitive skills. The nootropics community is now also doing genetic testing at companies like 23andme to find out what substances will suit them best.There was a scientific announcement that a company is trying to improve IQ, and humans

How far should governments exercise control over scientific development?

Thanks for the A2A.I think it's simple. Don't make special laws for science. Just use the existing laws on the books.Clearly experimenting on an unwilling subject, or taking the life of a willing subject are violations of existing laws.Polluting an environment, releasing some toxin, biological or otherwise, into the atmosphere or society are violations of existing laws.We make

Is it fair to say that the Manhattan project scientists were intelligent, but not wise?

Decide for yourself. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks ended World War II, but we paid an extremely high price.The attacks directly killed between 150,000 and 250,000 people, but caused Japan to surrender. After WWII, the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction kept the United States

Is there an object we regularly use today that still baffles scientists and no one knows how it works?

Most of what still eludes science are simple questions mankind has pondered at least since civilizations capable of writing arose in Mesopotamia. Often, the ancients turned to magic and deities to "answer" everything they couldn't understand. Thunder and lightning meant offerings were required to appease the Gods. A solar eclipse meant the Sun god must

Scientific Research: What is the most frustrating thing about being a scientist?

I would say, people not listening to you. This plays out on many scales. First, the public doesn't listen, or at least they hear the wrong things. Second, ideas move science forward so it is always frustrating when you feel like people are ignoring your

What are the most fascinating things researchers and scientists are working on?

Vikas Solanki has covered three of the biggest research programs and/or directions that society is currently pursuing. Here are some others that I find interesting:Adiabatic Quantum Computing and Quantum InformationQuantum computers can provide significant algorithmic speedups; for instance, Grover's algorithm [1] gives a way to sort a size [math]n[/math] list in [math]\mathcal{O}(\sqrt{n})[/math]

What frustrates scientists and researchers the most?

Researchers are in 'research' because they are driven to push forward our knowledge and understanding of their chosen field. Anything that gets in the way of that on a day to day basis is generally frustrating. this includes the following: Dealing

What is the most frustrating thing about being a scientist?

Personally I feel much more optimistic than the authors of some of the other answers apparently do. Yes, the lack of open access, anti-intellectualism, scarcity of positions, low salary, deadlines and other issues can make you feel bad at times, but we somehow always find ways

Who is the most underrated scientist?

THE WOMAN SCIENTIST BEHIND NUCLEAR FISSION She is one of the very few female physicists in the beginning of the 20th century. She was the 2nd female student to get a doctorate in physics in the university of Vienna in 1905. Surprisingly, Max Planck allowed her to attend his lectures

Are medical doctors scientists?

I'm going to try to take a slightly different perspective in answering  this question. Most have answered it by considering whether there are physicians that also perform research or by analogy to basic versus applied science. Instead, I'm going to attempt to answer it from the perspective of the nature of the work

Do scientists ever exercise physically?

One of my tutors ran the London Marathon last year.I regularly meet one of the biochemistry tutors out whilst on a run (she usually laps me around University Parks).One of the PhD students I know is the captain of Trinity

Do women find scientists attractive?

Not until they have won a few prizes, medals and some recognition. How would a woman or for that matter a man know what a scientist thinks? Here I am talking from the point of view of a theoretical physicist.If a male theoretical physicist talks about physics to a female theoretical physicist, it is likely that the

How can any scientist claim a scientific theory of psychology to be true when there will always be an individual who doesn't fit the theory?

I don't think that's right, OP. Sorry.I doubt scientists are claiming there is even is a Theory of Psychology. What they have is a well-documented body of work that goes back with decades of research and study that provides them a basis for assessing human mentality based on physical attributes

How to become a space scientist in NASA (I am an Indian)

Short form: Be a US citizen or permanent resident. Go to a good university and get good grades, majoring in a field they hire from. Apply to NASA.Longer form: It would help to apply for a summer internship or a work-study semester at NASA. Many of the entry level

How did Albert Einstein manage his time?

I do not have a detailed guide of how Einstein managed his time. However, I do know that he developed most of his theories through thought experiments. This means he spent a lot of time in deep thought. His official job (before his fame) was working at a patent office. Because he

How did scientists know the first astronauts' spacesuits would withstand the pressure differences in space and fully protect the astronauts inside?

Q: How did scientists know the first astronauts' spacesuits would withstand the pressure differences in space and fully protect the astronauts inside?First of all, spacesuits were not, if you'll pardon the metaphor, created in a vacuum.B.F. Goodrich made pressure suits for air

How good at math was Albert Einstein?

By the standard of a typical person, he'd be quite good. By the standards of the best mathematicians of the day, he'd be a terrible mathematician. He could use mathematics adeptly and make modest mathematical advances. He independently recreated a lot of Riemannian geometry, a relatively recent mathematical advance which was only known by a handful of

If evolution is a fact, why do scientists still call it 'the theory' of evolution?

LIs evolution still a theory or is it a fact, do we have enough proof to call it a fact?The problem here is that you are using the words wrong.Theory is not, as the common wrong use of the word implies, a wild guess, a

Is evolution held as a fact or theory by most scientists?

I can never get over the fact that the word theory is still intentionally misused by the creationist. Theory has two meanings, and one of the meanings is rarely used. The rarely used meaning is that of a hypothetical answer.Guess

Scientific theories are sometimes proven wrong so why do scientists accept theories as fact?

There are some cases where there is a shift of paradigm, but the old theory is still useful for most cases. An example is the relativity theory, that added a lot of understanding to the Newtonian physics, but the latter can still be used in

Was Albert Einstein an atheist?

From Carl Sagan to Stephen Hawking to Neil deGrasse Tyson, people turn to great minds of science to help them understand the universe. It's understandable, then, that people would be curious about their views on religion.Hawking came out definitively on

What are some unknown facts about Scientists?

While Doug's response is technically correct, I will assume you are interested in things that scientists know, but that others don't.Scientists tend to be more intelligent than the average person, but in my experience are no smarter than other college-educated professionals.The smartest and most brilliant don't always pursue a

Why do scientists think that animals can't talk?

Hmm... let's see:when is the last time an animal talked to you?how did that conversation go?Animals communicate.Some dog breeds can be trained to understand and follow dozens of word commands. I have yet to learn about one that talked back with an intelligible phrase.Cats meow to humans but not to other cats. The average cat has at least 15–20

Why is Nikola Tesla generally considered to be the most underrated scientist and inventor of all times?

Tesla's accomplishments are almost entirely missing, at least as described in texts on radio history, science history, and engineering. His fairly minor accomplishments in conventional history books don't match the amount of recognition given by others. He has a physics unit named after him, ...but why? From reading

A lot of scientific "research" do not seem to be well-designed as necessary. As a seasoned scientist, would you say that most scientific research are reliable?

The fact that not all scientific experiments are 2^7–5 design with center point replication doesn't worry me. After all, once a new discovery is verified, it often proceeds to a product development phase in which the concept is ‘reduced to practice', with additional confirmation of

Are scientists still working on time travel?

There are scientists studying it, but the only one actively working to build time machines is me.My work is derived from solutions from the work of John Archibald Wheeler, Rainer Plaga, Yakir Aharonov and others. Seth Lloyd has come close to the same conclusions as I have, for the workings of a possible time machine, although his work predates

Are there any scientific achievements by ancient civilizations that baffle scientists today?

There are not any scientific achievements of any ancient civilisations that baffle scientists today. However, there are some things which impress scientists and engineers today that were produced by ancient societies, examples include: 1) Lycurgus Cup - Wikipedia: Roman dichroic glass (gold and silver nanoparticles in glass), that change colour depending

Data Science: What are the most common reasons why mediocre data scientists don't become better data scientists?

What it means to be a good Data Scientist? I'll make what in my opinion would be the skills that you might need for the job, of course this is not a closed list rather than some that are important to meHaving good statistical intuitionKnow how to show dataBeing able to code and read data

Did the Manhattan project scientists know about the effects of radiation?

I presume that the question relates to the negative effects of radiation.Given the fact that Elihu Thomson had demonstrated some negative effects of x-rays all the way back in 1896, it seems likely that the Manhatten Project scientists would be aware that there could be some

Do scientists in the United States use metric or imperial units?

Any scientist, if you ask him, will say he uses metric units. No scientist will be caught saying otherwise, just as you will not catch him saying he is a Republican or he doesn't believe in climate change. But do they use Metric units all the time?Let us discuss

Do you regret becoming a research scientist?

I am not a scientist but I do have info. From my perspective many people can regret they're jobs both good careers and bad. A lawyer has to put up with a ton of shit, endless studying and then go on a stand only to possibly fail

Do you think the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project are virtuous?

Interesting question...There is nothing that suggest that the privat persons working with the bomb were not virtues persons. The dimension of the person and his/her work, and thereby also the aims with the latter are important to have in mind.But you can also ask if a truly virtues person would

During the Manhattan Project or NASA, how much distinction was there between engineers and scientists? Did scientists tell engineers what to build, or engineers tell scientists what to study?

All that I know of the Manhattan Project is from books, and I never worked at NASA. However, I spent over 35 years in Aeronautical R&D -- both military and industrial -- in several different organizations..At every place, and on every project,

For the naysayer, 3,000 scientists are listed on the natural philosophy website with their research, name and location. Why are there 3,000 scientists who don't agree with Albert Einstein and we've never heard of them?

Hey, fella. Did you know that the maths required to understand Einstein's general relativity are advanced enough that it generally isn't taught until the post graduate level? That's right, it takes four years of directed and brain numbingly intense studies in math, theory, and experimental procedures, with little sleep, before dedicated physics students have a

How can a researcher be a scientist?

A journalist is often a researcher. This does not make them a scientist. By definition, a scientist adheres to the scientific method. Anyone who uses the scientific method is, by definition, a scientist. At times a journalist could be a scientist at other times not.

How to become a data scientist

Thanks Tarun Kumar M M for A2A.The main objective in data science is to do highest qualitative analysis of largest chunks of data in minimum possible time. Here is an algorithm for the your query.Step 1- Learn concept of linear algebra, Probability Theory and Statistics, Multivariate Calculus. Read Adarsh's answer to

How do scientists know things?

They observe carefully and repeatedly.Then they study what they have observed and form theories using what they deduce from their observations.They determine what the theory predicts will happen under specific conditions.Then they design and run experiments to test those prediction.Then other scientists run those same experiments to verify that the results are the same

How far should governments exercise control over scientific development?

Thanks for the A2A.I think it's simple. Don't make special laws for science. Just use the existing laws on the books.Clearly experimenting on an unwilling subject, or taking the life of a willing subject are violations of existing laws.Polluting an environment, releasing some toxin, biological or otherwise, into the atmosphere

How much closer are scientists getting to reversing, slowing, and stopping the aging process?

We are totally close, today.There is no single pill or magic bullet for aging. It takes effort and real work.In May of 2017, all serious scientists in the field of aging were made aware that aging is not due to any genetic causation. Genetic damage is not the cause of

I have heard some people claim Einstein was a fraud. Is there any truth to that claim?

Personally, I think his greatness is a bit exaggerated. No doubt, he made a considerable contribution to physics, but here are some disturbing facts about him.He was furious to read a peer review (ten pages long) of his manuscript submitted to Phys. Rev., because the reviewer found some serious flaws

Is it true that the key scientists and engineers in the Manhattan project were mostly educated in German universities?

Engineers? Key? German? No way. The questioner does not understand the context of the time. Nuclear engineering as it's known today occurred because of the Manhattan Project in firms like DuPont, Dow, etc. They had no reason to go or come

Scientific Research: What is the most frustrating thing about being a scientist?

I would say, people not listening to you. This plays out on many scales. First, the public doesn't listen, or at least they hear the wrong things. Second, ideas move science forward so it is always frustrating when you feel like people are ignoring your perfectly good ideas. As a theorist, that is mostly all I have. That

Were the scientist involved in the Manhattan Project protected or watched by the US government afterwards?

When cats , large and small, have sex the female takes a swipe at the male as soon as the job is done.Some gratitude. How is the male cate supposed to know that nature has created these barbs that are painful?Imagine you are an army security type and you

What are some actual projects that data scientists have worked on? What tools and analytical techniques were used, and what mistakes were made?

Here's one of the projects our Data Scientists conducted at Romexsoft - How Data Science Can Increase Ecommerce Profits.Recently an online retailer contacted us with the following problem(s). He has a large line of casual and sports clothing and shoes for people of all ages, for both genders, and

What are some common misconceptions that scientists have about science?

Perhaps not really misconceptions as such, but two thing in the math tools used by scientists keep irritating me.Virtually all experimental scientist use least squares fitting. It is surprising how many have never spent a single thought on why they are minimizing the square of the residuals,

What are some interesting questions that still baffle scientists?

You may refer to:List of unsolved problems in physicsList of unsolved problems in mathematicsList of unsolved problems in biologyScience Online Special FeatureList of unsolved problems in chemistry

What are some problems or facts that baffle scientists?

Many modern scientists have allowed themselves to believe that unless you can come up with a factual, rational, logical or intellectual line of reasoning, then an idea about the existence of God simply cannot be valid. They cannot fathom the truth about God and

What are the biggest misconceptions about scientists?

Cold, calculating, only interested in the goal and not the consequences. Pretty much what is depicted in movies and such. It always shows the scientist who was so driven to do something new that they didn't realized that they were creating the a

What is motion in physics?

It is easy to debunk the answers that some gave to this question here...

What is the most recent thing that scientists have discovered?

The biggie is the stuff going on at Cern. They have (or will, not sure, right now) validate the particles that make up the atom. The components of mater binding together to create mass. And maybe prove that everything is energy. Not to mention multi universes and dimensions.I read an article that they still have years of data that

What was it like to be a scientist in Manhattan project?

I think all of the scientists that participated in the Manhattan Project are all gone now so the best way to understand what it felt like is to read memoirs from some of them. There a many books you could read and I suggest you contact the Los Alamos

Which Manhattan Project scientists were born in the U.S.?

Certainly J. Robert Oppenheimer, Richard Feynman and many others. Some of the most famous, however were born in Europe such as Hans Bethe, Enrico Fermi, and Edward Teller. They came here fleeing Europe in the wake of WW2. I would say that a majority of the scientists were Americans born in the USA but there was a significant foreign

Who are the most prominent research scientists in digital physics?

Zazu's answer is pretty good. I'd like to also mention 3 others who've written some influential works in digital physics:Lorenzo Baravalle - philosopher who wrote a nice paper titled

Who is smarter: Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking?

if Einstein was alive, Stephen Hawking would have messaged him, why he didn't believe in black holes, although he was aware of it.the reason why Hawking is famous is because he made us understand the birth and death of universe where Einstein's theory of relativity breaks

Who is the most decorated (living) scientist?

I think I would go with Stephen Hawking. Just look at his prize list:Adams Prize (1966)FRS (1974)[15]Eddington Medal (1975)Maxwell Medal and Prize (1976)Heineman Prize (1976)Hughes Medal (1976)Albert Einstein Award (1978)CBE (1982)RAS Gold Medal (1985)Dirac Medal (1987)

Who is the next Einstein?

I firmly believe that whoever asks this question either does not fully appreciate Einstein's genius or is not aware of just how great Einstein was. Einstein was a sort of next-level genius on the same level as people such as Ramanujan

Who is the world's greatest living scientist?

I think it should be Dr. Vint Cerf, the president of ACM.  If you don't know who he is, he invented internet along with Bob Kahn. I never realized his research caliber until recently when I got to meet him at Purdue University, where he

Who were the main scientists behind the Manhattan Project?

I'll make this answer as short as possible, since there is a lot of information on it and a lot of personnel were involved. Albert Einstein wrote a sealed letter to FDR in 1939 about uncovered projects in Nazi Germany that were focused on purifying uranium-235, which could be used to make an atomic bomb if they made

Why do scientists research commonly known stuff?

At one point, all of the following were commonly known:The Earth is flat,The Earth is the motionless center of the universe,Men are smarter than women,People of the race that I belong to are smarter than people of other races,Species don't change over time,You don't need clean hands to do surgeryand so

Why in the present times don't we hear of some of the new scientists like Einstein, Feynman, Faraday? Has the field of research lost its sight somewhere?

The standard answers, which I'm seeing here, are twofold:All the easy stuff has been done, and it is no longer possible That's really a long span of timeI don't buy either.There are still lots of things to be done. Physics may seem like

Why is Einstein so overrated?

I don't think so. Every scientist has there own way of thinking out of the problem but Einstein more than that . He was bold to tackle untouchable problems . All of his early research was based on really bold topics each

Do scientists, particularly astrophysicists, believe in God? Do those who do research believe in God?

Let me claim to be a scientist.I believe in God because, as a human being, I was