How to write a good action scene

Writing action is my forte and has garnered me many meetings and a couple assignments as well, so I'll speak from my own perspective and from that of a former studio reader that has read great action and terrible action.  The

What are some good screen writing exercises for beginners?

I did this every morning for 100 days (excluding weekends) and it helped me a ton:Pick a location. Pick two characters. Start writing.Don't use any description / action other than the initial slug, just dialog. Don't plan anything out. Don't

What are the best movies with a plot twist?

I'm sure there is nothing left for me to say after 100+ answers. But since it's an A2A, I'm game.Here is a list of some good movies with a plot twist... but with a kicker.I'm giving the twists but not the names of the movies. If you have seen the movies, here is

How to write an anime script

It would be extremely difficult, if you don't speak Japanese (and probably if you are not a Japanese person) to write an anime that would end up on TV. In fact this has probably never happened.However anime literally means ‘animation' in Japanese. I assume what

What are some of the most common things you always see happening in real life, actually never shown in movies or TV shows?

1. The villain doesn't give a huge speech before killing the hero in real life. He, mostly, just kills.2. Everyone isn't beautiful in real life. 3. Money. It's almost as if money doesn't exist in most movies. Most action/spy film heroes don't even carry a wallet. Do people pay Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense