Can a U.S. state secede from the Union? Is there a clause in the Constitution which allows states to secede from the Union, or can this process be done by voting?

What Americans are taught about the War between the States by a government-controlled education system. The same government that waged an undeclared war against a nation made up of States that lawfully responded to several threats to their existence by seceding.What must be asked is why it

What would happen if a US state seceded and tried to become part of another country?

There's no chance at all the federal government would allow this to happen. The people who tried to lead this revolt would be arrested within days. It's a federal crime to conspire against the federal government so as soon as you

How would the U.S. respond to a state seceding?

The same as every other year in the past of a indicator for a state about to secede. It is too wait and see if they are actually serious, and let the normal legal process, like people signing petitions for example, to continue to judge

How hard would it be for a state to secede from the United States?

It is not illegal as it is not denied to them by the Constitution, however it would require a Constitutional Amendment, as secession would, in practical effect, strip all the Citizens of that State of their Constitutional Rights and Protections under the Constitution.Rember, YOU can renounce your U.S. Citizenship. You can also leave the

Does the U.S. Constitution prohibit states from seceding from the Union?

Secession is unconstitutional.The United States is referred to as a