Does one gain confidence by working out?

I run regularly, usually around 5km (3.1 miles) at a time.All my life I've done team sports, like netball, which kept me fit. But they never raised my confidence the same way running does - there was always someone better, and most of my teammates were fitter, than me.But running is different. It's

How to build confidence in myself

I had a friend. She got a degree from a tier-2 engineering college and found a job on graduating. The job allowed her a sense of financial independence, handing over a fat paycheck. She could travel to a few locations on everyone's bucket list. Her life looked rosy on Facebook.Despite that, she

How to practice self encouragement to feel better about myself

focus on good things you have. even if it maybe something like you are pretty and have a good heart

How to become a confident driver

Key to learning skills like driving is practising. It's like algebra. You might know all the formulas and concepts but unless you practice and apply them you will not feel confident. So learn the basics/hit the driving school and practice

How to get rid of interview fear? What is the best way to gain confidence in an interview

I will tell you my own story. Maybe it could help you.I come from Hindi Medium School and I took admission in one of the best Engineering college in India. ( although I took coaching in English)When I started in college, everything seemed fine in

How to become confident if you are a very shy person

Hey man,There are many great answers on this post. I thought I'd add my own two cents based on personal experience.Hope this helps you see yourself as a ‘shy' person into a confident one.Nowadays people tell me all the time, that I come off as supremely confident.I don't pay much attention to it but it's interesting

I'm an 18-year-old guy and weigh 100 lbs. How bad is this?

It's not bad unless you're underweight or overweight as most people don't find unhealthy individuals unattractive (thanks evolution), and being overweight/underweight could be detrimental to your health. The aesthetic appeal of your body will depend on who you ask, but

Is being shy a negative personality trait?

I am a shy, introverted, quiet person.As some people have already said, shyness and introversion are two completely separate things. I also find that a lot of people confuse these things with being quiet.Being shy is not so much about how you act, but how you feel. You

Is my husband trying to destroy my self confidence unconciously?

Though I really have little to go on, I will take some guesses about what is happening because I am familiar with similar situations. You can use this speculation if you want, but if it doesn't apply, or is overstated, please

What are the best kept secrets about confidence?

As a self protection/martial arts instructor, I'd have to say that regular training in some kind of self defence is one of the most effective ways to build your confidence. Many of my private clients came to me with major confidence issues, and after just a few

What's the deal with emotional abusers?

Emotional abusers, some argue, are worse than physical abusers simply because at least in physically abuse the pain is not only visible but also quicker and easier to healEmotional abuse? Not so muchThe scars are mental. In your soul. Your heart. You can't see them but you know they're there. They take forever to

Why do people hate confident people?

I have two answers for youI think majority of people don't hate confident people, instead most hate arrogant people. But that's the thing, the line between arrogance and confidence is very thin and people tent to misinterpret one for the other. In my experience the identifying difference is that arrogance

Why is self esteem something you have to work at and it's not something that you have naturally? Why is it so hard to maintain?

Dear Shelley,You have rightly predicted that self esteem is not something that you have naturally, but it is acquired either by efforts or acquired through time by other people. It is hard to maintain even a smile, if it is artificial, right? How will you maintain the self-esteem which is fake and artificial?Let us go

Can wild animals really 'sense' the fear in other animals?

Absolutely!There are many external physical signs of fear. These may or may not be detectable depending on the species manifesting them and the species observing.The eyes are the strongest indicator and easiest for us to pick up, although different animals rely on different dominant senses.Many animals show the sclera, or

Does depression boost your confidence?

This is a very interesting question. To be honest I don't know if I can answer it.When we get depressed it's usually because life isn't how we want or expected it to be. In other words our life condition or circumstance doesn't match up to how we envisioned our

How to be more confident in public

Being confident in Public place requires Self Assurance, if you not feel adequate inside, it wont happen outside. OK, how you can feel adequate?There are 3 Key areas you can improve to feel adequatePhysical StrengthBelieve it or not the physical strength is most important thing to feel more

How to gain confidence in my work

You have to increase your self image by thinking positively about you. You have a good ground to increase as people have given good reviews. What ,you need is to gain confidence. Change the belief system about yourself. The habit of thinking negatively many times pull down our success. You have to change your thoughts.

How to stop hating myself and start increasing my self-worth

I'm going to answer this question by saying you should hate yourself.Hating yourself, to an extent, is good. It allows you to be more self-assessing, it allows you to evaluate yourself and provides an unbiased outlook on your overall life. Hating yourself, just a little bit, is never a bad thing. If

How can people recovering from depression rebuild their lost confidence?

Often never thought of, but very important: You must have compassion for yourself and forgive yourself for your depression. Realize that you are a human being and that it's ok that you were in this place. A common human place, but now you refuse to stay in that place anymore, that is what matters. It's like now lifting the

How did working out affect your confidence?

Honestly when I started working out my confidence dropped a little at first. I started seeing all the areas in my body that had too much additional fat as well as the weakness in my body. After I started getting better and stronger and I started losing weight I gained so much confidence.

How to gain constant self confidence

I hate to break it to you - but there's no such thing as constant, unwavering confidence that lasts throughout your life.Confidence varies depending on your skills, abilities, thoughts, and doubts.At best, you can be very confident in some things, and lack confidence in others.If,

How to gain self confidence again

Thanks for asking Sahil.See if the following way of thinking helps -A. Every one will never be confident in every knowledge areaB. In your case if you are weak in Math - doesn't mean you have lost your self-confidenceC. When a subject tricks us - that is when we need to meet it as a challenge and spend more

How to get from being a skinny guy to muscular

Here's the simple answer: Head over to my website, check out my eBook series "Skinny to Shredded," follow those programs to a T and you will have the body you want.Here's the answer you don't want to hear:It's not going to change

How to stop slouching and get rid of my head-forward posture

I'd have to evaluate you to know with certainty. There are many reasons for people having poor posture, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.That being said, there are some trends I see in many of my patients that I think would help most people strengthen muscles that tend to be weakened with forward head posture.Posture is your body's

How to overcome a problem with not being self motivated

This really changed our lives drastically after one of our friends brought it to our support group.I have been using the methods suggested by this author to keep myself going. Try this: Set Yourself Started and Going

How does true confidence show?

True confidence I'm not sure is ever 100% achieved but in the time when I'm truly confident it shows in every way , i.e., body language, facial expression, tone of voice + pitch of voice and what is said! People who are confident, & usually along with

How has depression affected your ability to have self confidence?

Depression makes you feel you are worthless. It makes you feel that your condition has no issue. Hope is gone.Self-confidence is the opposite. It is a state of mind that makes your goals possible. You value yourself. You are working toward a goal.The mechanism for depression to put you down is into hopelessness. That profond feeling of emptiness and

How should I come over my shyness and boost my confidence?

Shyness is a behavioural disorder caused by deficit of confidence and inferiority complex 1. In normal life shy men cannot mix or interact with other people. Even they cannot interect properly with their parents and siblings. They have generally no friends. As such shyness make them unsocial. Other people found

I can't seem to figure out how so many people are so confident when talking to others and conversing in general. I find it hard to talk to certain people and especially new people. What is the key to confidence?

The Key to Becoming Confident: Simplest Explanation EverLuckily for you, I'm practically Charles Townes. Check out this math I made up at the coffee shop (don't worry, it's not real math).I call it the confidence formula:

I don't have self-esteem or behavioral issues, so I don't think I need therapy. My psychiatrist seems certain that I should go to therapy. But there is no situation causing me to be depressed, so why would talking help me?

Most therapy is actually tool building and/or educationally based. You'll talk about your problems, and they aren't likely causing you to be depressed, but they are likely causing other issues. Smoking, over eating, under eating, drinking, over spending, the impact of various disabilities... but for the most part, it will be more or less

I exercise three times a week, go to dance class four times a week and eat well but I still have a big butt. How can I get my mum to accept that I'm just curvy and stop telling me I need to lose more weight?

Tell her your doctor says you are healthy.And then tell her that if she brings up the subject, you will leave the room (or hang up).Repeat as necessary.I'm serious - I tried to get rid of weight by surgery, and it left me mobility-impaired and

I'm one of the top students despite studying last minute. I started studying early and do lots of repetition but feel lazy as everyone is rushing at the last minute while I'm at a normal pace. How can I be more confident?

Sounds like you are doing well and are a bright young student. I have a suggestion I learned to use in college. Read the stuff you were tester on and find the answers to as many test questions as you can. Tests are made up from the important main concepts in the book. Some

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why would it make you better?

If I could change one thing about me, that will be my overthinking mind. The reasons are numerous, one I always think about my failure even before attempting something; I always think about what will people think about me, if will not behave according to standards(really, I feel

My 17-year old daughter is extremely obese - to the point that her doctor is concerned about her health. However, she has low self-esteem, so we don't want to hurt her. How should we approach weight loss in a delicate manner?

There is no way to do this in a delicate manner. No matter how gentle or kind you think you are being, the message will be clear: her body is a problem that needs to be fixed.However, the bigger issue here is that you are getting bad medical

What are some tips to improve your confidence?

Stand tall with your shoulders back and chest out(even if you feel uncomfortable you will look more comfortable to others)Make eye contact when you are speaking with someone(especially when they are speaking)Smile & be friendly(calm-friendly, not anxious-friendly), particularly when meeting someone, or thanking someone(if this is hard for you start with

What can I do to become more bold and confident?

I have this cousin who, aged 25, came to the UK on a holiday. He was very shy, and because of his rudimentary Indian-accented English his shyness with local Brits was off-the-scale.He'd refuse to buy an item to avoid having a few words with the cashier.His holiday ended, he went back home.He

What is the best life-changing advice you can give someone with social anxiety and low self-esteem?

Most people are too worried about themselves to worry about you.Growing up through high school and even my early years in college, I was a skinny, self-conscious guy who always worried what other people thought of me.I had really low self-esteem, and it was exhausting just walking around in public.

What is the most difficult part about exercising for those of us with low self-confidence?

Hi there!I know how you feel. I think we've all been there. I think the worst part of having self-confidence is living in your own head. The head (conscious mind that has been brainwashed since birth), is a tricky thing.

What steps can I take to feel better about myself?

Put your favourite music on and dance in your room like no one's watching.Pamper yourself. Take a nice hot bath (maybe add some bathbombs as well), take care of your nails, moisturize your whole body with your favourite smelling body

Why does working out boosts self confidence?

It is necessary but insufficient. Confidence cannot be sustain by temporary feeling of feel-good, that fades away too fast.Use a decision making game. The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple

Would exercise and getting fit help me fight my anxiety? Does self-confidence and physical fitness have a role when it comes to anxiety?

Your health has an effect on your mental status. FACT.Exercise releases endorphins, FACT.Eating poorly  (a diet loaded with crap chemicals) in regards to nutrtion affects your neurochemistry. FACT.The only way I believe to deal ultimatly with anxiety or fear is first to understand

Are successful people confident?

I write about this in my book.  Here is the answer for you!Six Reasons Why Confidence Leads to Success

Can testosterone make you more confident?

Motivation and confident is important for getting the most out of life; without motivation and confident, even the most routine task can be daunting. Many people to assume if they get a good night sleep they will feel rejuvenated in the morning. When you wake your head is immediately flooded with thoughts of what

Do confident people feel nervous?

Nervous happened when we're not ready to face a situation. The level of readiness is different from person to person. Yes, a very confident person too could feel nervous. If they face situation that unknown or they don't know how to handle it, then they could feel nervous.Different situation could bring different condition :One of my friends,

Do you have a healthy self esteem? If so, can you describe why?

I do now.I didn't used to.I grew up with a narcissistic brother, who tortured me in every way that he could (except sexual) and blamed me for everything.And, unfortunately, as much as I love my parents, they didn't protect me from him. Oh, they tried, when we were both young, but he refused to stop, and eventually, both of

Does being confident make you smart?

No. But it can make you appear smart. Outward confidence is a trait that is often attributed to knowing what you are doing, it shows experience, understanding, a lack of fear, it makes the person seem like they have everything under control.When someone appears confident in intellectual sutuations (debates, experimensmts,...)

How to become confident

Its all mind games . Its all up there.. in the stuff between your ears.Most of the answers to this question are suggesting to take actions like cold showers, dress better, make victory pose and the likes that can be found by a simple google search. I do believe in all these techniques.But what I

How to develop self-confidence and self-esteem

I had an idea. Tell me if you like it.I loved the idea of living in hotels. What sort of person could live in a hotel? Did you have to be rich? Sometimes.At the time, I lived in The Chelsea Hotel in NYC. If you ever saw the

How to feel motivated and gain my self esteem again

No matter how generally motivated you are, all of us have some tasks that we don't want to do. Maybe we find them boring, pointless, draining, time consuming, annoying, or anxiety producing. So how do you get moving in these types of situations?The first step is to recognize that getting motivated doesn't mean that you have

How to get an instant confidence boost

Dear Friend, Confidence is something that we all want, right? We do not like to be unsure or hesitant. We do not like to be in a situation where we are not certain that we know. That brings us to the word, ‘knowledge'. And most of us believe

How to speak with more clarity and confidence

Since my childhood I've always been a guy who used to speak swiftly ,I mean Really quick !! ( I couldn't even understand myself when I saw myself in videos )  .So when I used to have a conversation with people usually I was given a

How to stay motivated and confident

How do you think it would feel if you took the pressure off yourself to feel motivated and confident all the time?What if you gave yourself permission to sometimes feel insecure and demotivated?I imagine it would be a relief.Instead of having to be constantly vigilant about your thoughts and moods, you could finally relax.You could

How to be motivated and confident in your field of work when you see people better than you

How do know that they are doing better then you? Have you sat down with them had a coffee and they have told you this? And if you have I hope you took it as an opportunity to ask them all the questions you need in

How to become confident

I'm kind of a potato myself so I'll try to answer this.Potatoes are roots. Roots are strong and provide nourishment so you can thrive and be healthy. Health is beautiful.Things I do for my health:Eat and drink Real Unprocessed Food. No sugar except fruit. Cook at home more. Totally cheat on

How to improve myself a bit every day

Everyone suffers at this stage of life.Most importantly never get Demoralized and never be the part of rat race.Just be what you are.Yes if you want to improve your English the best way is to read books and learn a new word daily and

How to motivate myself to work and perform better

Remember that- Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. You'll have to work hard to achieve something in life!

How to overcome pessimism and inferiority complex within my mind

Saravanan,Everybody is suffering from an inferiority complex, everybody. This whole world that you see around yourself is a proof of our sense of inferiority. Inferiority means, ‘I lack something'. Have you seen how desperate we are to gather, to collect?And everybody is collecting this that, everything. You collect something only if you feel you do not

How to stop being extremely shy? Basically I have no close friends, and I feel unable to talk to somebody longer than 30 seconds. What I should practice to feel more confident and improve my social intelligence

I am also a shy girl and social interactions scares me. It drains my entire energy and I tend to feel that I am not an interesting person to talk to. This feeling can't be explained and I know exactly how you feel. It's

How to convince yourself to be brave when everything in your life is going wrong

I dont know if this will help you but I will try :)Kill the negative self-talk You know that voice in your head that constantly asks you not to do something because it might make you look bad? May be that's what is causing you the fear. Kill it.

Is self motivation build confidence and self esteem within us?

It is belief in one self that develops thoughts and thoughts lead to feelings and behaviourTherefore what you believe needs to be modified to derive a changeIf I dont believe in my own qualities how is going to help me?One needs to develop self worth and gradually come out of

People I don't know are bullying me. What can I do to make myself more confident?

On the psychological side, don't show them any emotional signs that tell them that they succeeded to bring you down, when speaking to them look them in the eyes and don't cut eye contact, if they use a high tone of voice and an active body language do the opposite, the

Should I see a therapist or not?

You should seek books about the subject before getting too involved. Otherwise you will quickly be diagnosed because you resemble a mental disorder. What you have is likely something that you can sort out without major intervention. So don't seek

What are some confidence hacks?

Self-doubt kills more dreams than any failure ever will, and the only way to battle it is with rock-solid confidence.Confidence is not a reflection of what you can or can't do. It is merely a belief of what you can or can't achieve. Like most things, it is always changing and resembles a swinging pendulum. However, there are some

What are some things confident people say, do, and think?

Humble is a word I notice countless people LOVE to throw around. Sometimes without even knowing the definition of the word.3 Humble definitions:having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.of low social, administrative, or political rank.cause (someone) to feel less important or proud.Notice the

What are the best kept secrets about confidence?

That true confidence comes from love.   From loving yourself and placing total value in your self as human being, you naturally are able to hold yourself outwardly in a way that appears "confident."This is why successful people become confident.  They love themselves, their accomplishments.It's why physically fit people tend to be confident - they love their

What are the most important qualities a woman looks for in a man, looks or otherwise?

Being good looking certainly helps you get noticed by women, but if you don't have anything else to offer, you're gonna get rejected anyway.Being naturally good looking is just the cherry on the cake – not more but also not less.Women perceive men

What can I do to build up my self esteem and confidence?

Self confidence is an art of expression of one's ideas and beliefs.I am not going to give you theories and jargons! I will tell you what I did to claim to be self-confident.School days- I was the girl who used to sit in one

What causes low self-esteem?

There are external and internal factors that cause low self-esteem. But there's only so much that we can do to minimise the external ones (e.g. avoid people who put us down). No matter how 'good' we perform or

What do I do to feel confident in my body?

Most people have stated positive self-talk and while that is not wrong, I would like to shed light on the fact that you cannot lie to yourself by positive self-talking when you don't feel that way; It doesn't work that way. So without any further Ado let me jump right inSelf-confidence, body confidence, any

What is self confidence?

I love this question, because how we define something determines our relationship to it.The most common definition of self-confidence is this:The feeling or belief that one can rely on oneself and one's abilities to overcome obstacles and achieve ones goal.The problem

What is self-esteem?

Since I was a2a, my definition, for personal purposes, is self-awareness coupled with self-acceptance.

What is the secret to confidence?

Groom yourself. Take a shower, shave and put on a good outfit. You'll feel presentable and ready to take on the world. Depending on the setting, spending $300 dollars on a single outfit may not be necessary.Think and act positive. Self-talk

What is the secret to having confidence in social situations?

Not giving a fuck. Not assuming the worst.Realizing a bad social experience isn't the end of the world.You're fixating on dumb stupid shit that doesn't really matter.No one's life is at stake, we dont like in a world where you'll end up

What is the way to strengthen my confidence levels?

Read a lot.Knowledge gives you a unique confidence to be able to deal with several situations. When you know things, or when you are aware of the surroundings, you are automatically able to make better decisions. On the other hand, when you are clueless about something, it creates a sense of doubt and

What's the difference between self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-efficacy?

1. Self esteem:I feel comfortable within my own skin, and I'm happy with the way I am.2. Self confidence:I believe I'm capable of succeeding. I believe it's possible.3. Self-Efficacy:I have no doubt that I can do X.Self confidence and self-efficacy are almost no different

Why am I a slow learner and not confident about my intelligence? How do I overcome this problem? How do I improve my intelligence? How do I understand faster? How do I increase my mental capacity?

Sometimes slowness and uncertainty are the stirrings of talent.I was always amazed at how fast other students could learn, compared to me. They seemed to be just clipping along, scooping stuff up. I needed to pause, check, consider.In fourth grade I had to stay after class to learn long division. The steps seemed arbitrary and complex.In 8th grade

Why are people afraid of confident people?

Every animal society has it. The concept of

Why are people with low confidence hated?

A person with low confidence is always having a wheel of negative thoughts running in the mind. They are not utilising their time properly or always waiting for the right chance, the right motivation to change themselves. They don't appreciate their abilities and crib more about their faults. The cycle of this negativity spreads as

Why are some people so confident?

Let's see. People can be very confident for the following reasons:They have done the thing they are confident about so many times in so many contexts that they feel there is little to none room for error. This is where knowledge or experience is at work;They visualize

Why can't I believe in myself while others do believe in me?

Try as you might, you can never see your own face. Sure, you can look in a mirror, but that's just your reflection. Sure, you can see yourself on video, but that's just a video - it's not you in real life.Speak out loud. Because your voice is coming from inside your own body, it doesn't

Why do people hate confident people?

There are people who have earned the right to be confident, and there are people who are confident because they are delusional. See the Dunning-Kruger Effect.In the real world, respect is earned, not entitled. The really confident people are the ones who know the

Why do people mistake confidence for hate?

I think confident people (or people who think they're confident or will die swearing they're genuinely confident) can exhibit behavior that is hateful, or at least disapproving, such as:Treating people they dislike as annoyances in their perfect little worldMistaking their being lucky enough to have been raised confident

Do guys like confident girls more than shy girls?

Yes. I do prefer confident women and here's why...Experience with women are not confident:They are too shy to engageThey are one word text and phoneThey don't communicate their feelings as muchMost don't show their emotionsSeems like they play hard but not really. Just shy. It's awkward no matter how hard I try to engageDoesn't flirt

How to become more decisive? How do I decide on what my goals should be

Small DecisionsFor small things like which restaurant to go to or which brand of carpet cleaner to buy, remember that a hard time deciding usually implies the choices are approximately equal. For example, if you can't pick between Indian or Italian for lunch, it's probably because they are equally appealing to you -- if you

I'm shy and have low confidence when it comes to talking to girls. What should I do?

I used to be like that, all the time! Look, there was this gorgeous girl that I secretly loved for years, but never had the courage to let her know how I felt. After many years (about 6) when we were both in serious relationships we

What are the practical differences between an arranged and love marriage?

when you were a kid your parents used to do all the homework for you and you got A grades without lifting any finger - remember that?! arranged marriage is just like that. the primary difference between a love marriage and its arranged counterpart is that you

What is the best strategy for boosting self-confidence?

Dear,Look around and watch the existence. Trees, rivers, clouds and animals just live. They don't appear to have any confidence or lack confidence. What is this feeling called