Did you regret having sex before marriage?

Nope.Not then, not now either. Not either of the two times I have been married. No longer married to either woman. Kind of regret that.I also regret buying a guitar amplifier from a mail order catalog once without ever getting a chance try it out and see how it sounds, what it can do. Found

Do actresses and actors have sex on the screen?

Aside from porn, generally no. The sex is only simulated and most of the time the actors have their penises covered and/or the actresses wear prosthetic vaginas. None of them have an orgasm or even an erection. Aside from most of the actors and actresses being too

Do women still have sexual desire after menopause?

I am a primary care and emergency physician. However, I have had a side study of human sexuality all of my life. The answer I am going to write is written partially on study and partially observation.Sex drive or libido in both sexes is due to testosterone. Men of course have gonads dedicated

Does fellatio (blowjob) relieve stress? Once I saw my cousin getting a blowjob while he was busy working. He told me that it relieves stress. Is it true?

Its a thing which guys enjoy and instead of being open with what they enjoy, they blame it on stresswomen enjoy shopping in the mall with visa and mastercard and american express and then also blame it on stressif a guy has stress, he should visit a de stressing clinic and have a change of life

How to find a woman for casual sex

I live in Delhi and I have casual encounters all the time. Very frequently.And I have no hesitation in accepting I am a sex addict. I have been taken home by a woman 15 years older than me from a pub. I have had orgies with friends I have known for over a decade. I have got calls from

How to get a teenage boy to have sex with me

In America, unless you're also a teen, you may be charged with the rape of a minor. Yes, even if he is consenting to the relationship.What saddens me is that from the wording in your question, it doesn't seem that you even have a relationship with this person. You're not asking,

How to have sex with my boyfriend's friend without him knowing

Why you little sneak!I hope it isn't necessary for you to keep your present relationship because this may not end well.My recommendation is to wait for a time that the boyfriend is

How is life after marriage? Don Frye said women get mean, they gain weight and there is no sex. Then they divorce and take all your money. Is this true?

Do not know, how life get change after marriage. But being 25, a perfect age to at-least dream about it to execute accordingly.Wish to live a simple life under luxury cover.Where every single day starts with opening my eye with a morning kiss on my forehead from a beautiful adorable wife.Who then gives me book to

How should I tell my husband I want a divorce? He is becoming too hard on the kids and particularly sexual with another woman.

I think there are 3 main types of divorce: the one when both parties agree, the one which one party cannot contest and the one which both parties disagree. The first 2 are really just getting the paperwork filed. The

Husband confessed he had sex with married women while husband watched before me and he gets off imagining me having sex with other men. Says no need to act on it. Am I wrong to want divorce since he's denied this for years and deceived me?

I don't think what he did by any means warrants you wanting a divorce, personally. I don't even know that he did anything wrong.I don't think he did anything wrong by having sex with a married woman while her husband watched. Cuckolding is a fetish that some

I am a Christian and my girlfriend wants to have sex, should I do it?

You say that you are a Christian. That is your answer. Explain to her the joys of the Holy Spirit, the amazing sense of fulfillment of Salvation. The peace of mind that you have when YOU understand that you are one of God's children. But...be gentle.Now, along with that,

I have been with my husband 15years we recently moved apart... after almost 2weeks separated We meet up to talk things out! All he wanted was to have sex and never did any talking! What should I think?

He is reducing your relationship to a sexual one. While it's understandable and common, it should not be the focus of a loving relationship. He is not respecting you as a person, but merely an object. I would think long and hard about reuniting again. However,

I haven't had a sexual intercourse with my wife from the beginning of the Marriage. Is its a valid reason to get a divorce?

In Australia, you don't need a reason to legally divorce. All you need is the desire and to fill out the forms. And you don't need the other's consent.I wouldn't agree to be married without sex, but for many reasons (such

I'm an adolescent teen boy and I get erections at random times, but then I got one when I saw a muscular man. I really like girls and I think they're hot and I want to have sex one day. Why did I get an erection?

Because you are an adolescent teen boy and get erections at random times.You could get an erection looking at a potted plant or a math book.Your body is just trying out all it's fancy new functions and apps. You have some of them in the beta, so there is a lot of try outs and adjustments.

I practice sadomasochism. My husband enjoys fisting me and other practices. Now he complains that I am too loose and he no longer desires to have sex with me. How can I cope with this?

Tell him he needs to suck on your boobs and nipples significantly more and start giving you sound spankings several times a week. Is a scientific fact that when a woman has her boobs and their nipples sucked on, it contracts the uterus and

I walked in on my husband having sex with another woman, after years of this stuff. I want to divorce him but he will only agree if I pay his costs. Is this normal? I am in the UK?

It would be at least understandable if you were in a country with no-fault divorce, he didn't want the divorce, and you had a reason to not want to pursue fault divorce. According to this, the UK doesn't have no-fault divorce; and

If my husband admits he has had sex with a man, should I be concerned?

Too many unanswered questions here -Did your husband have sex with a man years ago, before you two were together or was it last week?Did your husband have sex with a man once, or is this a regular occurrence for him?Did your husband use protection when he had

Is it better to marry a sexy woman who is broke or a competent woman who can make money and likes to do fun things?

However improbable, your question implies you found a sexy woman who would consider marrying you AND a competent woman who would consider same.Neither one is a reason upon which you decide to marry. Finding THE woman you love is hard enough without creating extra criteria. Then, EVEN

Is it okay that I would let my husband have sex with someone else?

Frankly, that depends on you personally. No one else can say what works for you, and people on Quora should not be your litmus test for acceptability, because we all come from different cultures, cities and backgrounds. Some would be supportive of an open marriage, others would not.The religious sexual morality codex says you have to demand

Is it weird if my husband wants to see me have sex with other men?

I don't know my husband wanted me to have sex with his friend. He forced into it I agreed when his friend came kissed me deeply carried me to the bedroom made to me by the time we finished our love making it was 2.00 am we both slept in each other

My husband is cheating on me and he is no longer having sex with me. Can I look for another man even though we are still living together?

An eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth. Pay back is a b.... , right? I mean the sweet taste of revenge is so great for those who tangle a weave when they practice to deceive. For every action theres a reaction.Well how about 2 wrong dont make a

Should I divorce my wife for refusing to have sex every day?

What's is your actual problem...Infrequent Sex..No Sex at all..No Sex everyday...If you are getting sex.. But your need is everyday then this is your problem and you cannot force her for this activity everyday over and over again.. This will kill the enthusiasm and you too will be bored of sex too pretty soon.. Also you will have no

Should I masturbate before sex to increase my stamina so that I can not cum easily?

yes you can,, and believe me it is swesome,refering you my other relevance answer on thiscopy pastei am giving you my formula to have a long sex.my husband is a normal person,, so he has a normal sex drive like 4

What animals perform oral sex?

As a matter of pure biology, many animal species lick each other's genitals in certain situations but not usually to give each other pleasure as people do. There is an interesting exception to that pattern but first, let's review more typical behaviors.Wolves lick each other's genitals for social

What does it feel like to have sex with a man if you are (or were) a straight man?

I am a married man. Quite heterosexual. Like many married men, I am sexually frustrated (though other parts of my relationship with my wife are excellent). So I thought, perhaps I should have an affair with a man? How convenient!I met (I will call him) Tom through cragslist. We met

What was the most embarrassing moment with the opposite sex?

Well, the incident goes way back when I was in 1st std. I am 23 now. I had this friend of mine (girl) who was of the same age & lived right on the same floor as mine. We used to play together a lot & being 90's kids doctor-doctor,

Why do husbands think about sex as a reward for them after doing something good for their wives even though they can have it anyway?

Actually this is simple but not easy to get it.Women were always in early days and it's still prevalent now, were made to depend on a man (Daddy or husband) for their security.And security is the primal need of women.But we humans work on exchange mechanism.And hence women had to give some thing in return which is a need

Why does my boyfriend want to stay in bed and have sex all day is it normal? He comes over and stays all day asking for sex, it's a new relationship, and I am afraid of choosing the wrong person.

I would say it is pretty normal to want to have sex with your new person for a little while, about a year or so.Leastwise thats how it is for me.I get hella attached, and want to spend all my time together, and yes, that includes lots, and lots of

Why is there a double standard for men and women when it comes to the amount of people we have slept with?

There's two distinct reasons why a man who's had several sex-partners is often admired or at least respected, while a woman who's had several sex-partners is often judged a lot more harshly.Tilted casual sex marketFor most average young women, at least those living in relatively liberal countries, casual sex in effectively unlimited amounts

Will a six pack get me laid more?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 25 days of follow that guide I actually have

Are there benefits to having oral sex?

The same as any other form of sex. It feels good and it's fun. Performing oral sex on your partner say that you care enough about them to want to make them feel good without worrying about yourself (at least at the time).You can use the Bill Clinton argument of

Can a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old woman have sex?

Well, it depends.Does the boy have a penis? Does the girl have a vagina? If the answer to one of these is

Do Indian women love oral sex?

Im a woman from Chennai/Bangalore , i would like to go anonymous for obvious reasons. I still remember how I first experienced that most wonderful of things; receiving oral. I had never been in a man's bedroom before that day so when I found myself

Do male bodybuilders in their 50s have normal sex drive for their age or is it stronger, above what's expected for their age?

Well, I can't speak for bodybuilders in their fifties but from an endurance athletes perspective in their sixties my sex drive is stronger than my peers who rarely if at all engage in any physical activity. With an exercise program or workout plan, the dividends in sexual drive, sexual activity, and sexual satisfaction

Does masturbation affect stamina?

If you are in control may be monthly twice or weekly once , it doesn't cause problem , if you masturbate regularly Defenitely it will affect your stamina according to my expereince , never get addicted to masturbation and it is one of the worst addictions . Because during masturbation

Does your butt get bigger when you've been having anal sex?

Big No !!!In general, most of the men try to intimate the women based on her butt size linking with her sexual involvement. A wrong myth among the teens are, the butts gets bigger if they do anal sex.I had a biased idea whether the statement is right or just

Has anyone ever had sex in the International Space Station?

It isn't actually possible to have sex in zero-g, or incredibly difficult, because getting a boner is either incredibly difficult or impossible, not that any astronaut would ever admit to having one. Can you get an erection in space? This article says that you can't get one because of blood pressure. It's true because boners are just

How can guys cum faster during sex?

Hello everybody,Here are a few ways to get a guy to cum faster during sex:1. Squeeze His PenisMen can try this when they are getting ready to have sex. Squeeze the penis to force more blood to the head, which temporarily makes you more sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the faster

How do astronauts on the ISS get sexual relief? Are they allowed to carry 'visual aids' in movie/magazine forms? Is there a strict policy regarding work place intermingling?

Astronauts do not forgot sexual relief because they have a better understanding of sex than does American culture as a whole which is actually barbaric compared to its allies on sexual topics and most has to do with barbaric religious

How to get my wife to do oral sex with me

Many of the answers had good advice, but I wanted to share what worked for me to get more oral sex.I used to get a ton of BJ's when I was dating my wife. After a date, if she didn't give me one on the way home while I was driving, we'd usually park somewhere and she'd give

How long can a woman go without having sex?

How long can a person go without having their needs met? Not long, one should think. Humans become very unhappy if their needs are not met. But how long? That varies per person. Some people need to have sex daily while others can go without

How long does a man usually last the first time he has sex?

This depends on several things: how nervous and tense you are, how much you masturbate prior to that and how easily you are aroused.I am not easily aroused, wasn't very nervous, but quite tense during my first time, as well as enjoyed

Is oral sex necessary in sex?

No. Actually the basic need or aim of sex is reproduction to continue one's species may be human or animal and secondary purpose is pleasure.Nature made this act pleasurable so that every species should repeatedly do that to continue their existenceSo as far as first and basic purpose of

Is oral sex right or wrong?

It certainly can be!Some people seem to learn how to give oral from pornography. Unfortunately, porn is meant to be visually stimulating - when transcribed to real intimacy, it's pretty awful.I'm not sure what people think flicking their tongue against the labia minora at high speed is

Should I masturbate before sex to increase my stamina so that I can not cum easily?

yes you can,, and believe me it is swesome,refering you my other relevance answer on thiscopy pastei am giving you my formula to have a long sex.my husband is a normal person,, so he has a normal sex drive like 4 to 5 min,,

What animals perform oral sex?

As a matter of pure biology, many animal species lick each other's genitals in certain situations but not usually to give each other pleasure as people do. There is an interesting exception to that pattern but first, let's review more typical behaviors.Wolves lick each other's genitals for social and health purposes but

What are some tips for performing oral sex on women?

Tip #1: During foreplay, the vagina is the absolute last area you focus on.Anticipation is a great way to build sexual tension and excitement, especially when you touch, caress, kiss, nibble, or otherwise pay attention to the rest of your partner's body.

What is an oral intercourse?

Thanks for A2A!There are many different types of sexual activity, and there is no ‘right way' to kiss someone or have sex. Also, people define sex differently, but these are some definitions of sex used :Vaginal sex: when a penis goes inside a vaginaAnal sex: when there is stimulation

What was your best oral sex experience?

I don't know why, but I like sharing my sexual experiences here on Quora. Maybe because I can't talk to anyone else about it.We had college fest. I dance quite well, so I had taken part in the dance performance. After the performance, I was sitting among the audience (towards the

What was your first oral sex experience like?

13 years ago 2005I woke up early that morning and I couldn't believe I was about to drive 2 hours to finally meet up with Suhani I met in a chat room. As I was on the road I played

What's the dirtiest thing you have been caught doing as a teen?

I was about 16 years old when I was attracted to my aunt , she was 35 years old about 5 ft 7 inchs ,fair , long curly hair , brown eyes , with extra large and soft boobs coupled with a perfect ass.At

Why do boys like boobs?

Jokes about breasts, and men looking at breasts, are such a comedy staple they've become a kind of go-to cliché. How many times have we seen a man talking to a curvaceous woman only to have her point to her own eyes and say

Why do some people enjoy giving oral sex?

I'm a guy in England and I go night clubbing with a friend every weekend, the main aim was to end up in bed with a woman. Sometimes we were successful but more often we went home alone back to our own beds.Then we met two girls

Are older women looking to pay for sex?

Yes. It is known as Female sex tourism - Wikipedia.In Ghana, I stayed at Novotel in the capital city of Accra and my hotel room faced the pool. Every morning, local Ghanaian men would pay to use the hotel pool and hang out. They made sure that they had washboard abs and swimming trunks showing off their

Can you get pregnant on your period? How likely is it?

Sex on the days of your periods may less likely result in a pregnancy. So if you are planning to conceive a child, having sex during your periods might not give you the brightest of the results.However, take the length of your cycle into consideration as exceptions and possibilities of pregnancy are equally

Do you kiss a girl after she gives you a blowjob?

Yes of course!Not least for the fact that I am curious about what I taste like, kissing my partner after receiving oral is one of the tamer ways of experiencing this.However primarily because I very much enjoy kissing and find myself

From where do women urinate?

Women urinate through their urethra. This is the same way that men urinate. You will notice your urine leaving your body through the end of the urethra.Urine is a liquid which in mammals (including humans) is produced by the kidneys. After the kidneys produced the urine

How to prevent STDs when you are getting a blowjob

The only sure-fire way is to wear a condom. That being said, what's the point of getting a blowjob if you can't feel it? I've received hundreds, if not thousands, of blowjobs, none of which have ever resulted in an STD. I had a couple bouts with STDs when I was young,

How to approach my wife about pegging me

The question you asked, how to approach your wife, is not about the problem you're having. The problem isn't you don't know how to approach her; the problem is you seem to be sexually incompatible. If by

How should one workout and eat to gain muscle mass but at the same time lose fat?

Don't believe those who say it's "theoretically/technically not possible"  B.S.  I've done it in the last year and a half, many people around me noticed and commented on it.  It's more about the diet than the exercise but both work together and are important.1) A

In the linked answer, a physician allegedly stated that an abused girl 'had the vagina of a married woman.' Does a female's vagina change based on how much sex she has had? If not, how did the physician make this determination?

It changes due to her age.In the link she's referenced as a ‘young' girl and a ‘little' girl. That to me implies before teenage years, married women tend to be over 16 at least.Your body changes a lot between childhood &

Is it normal for two teen girls to cuddle/spoon platonically? I never second guessed it until I felt aroused once and I haven't done it since. Does this mean I'm lesbian?

Since no has answered, I will try to shed some light. I don't believe it is abnormal for two teenage heterosexual females to spoon platonically. And becoming aroused while doing so does not indicate that one is a homosexual.Dan Robb's

Is it normal not to have sexual feelings?

Yes, its quite normal to not have sexual feelings. Especially since you're just 20 years old, its the prime time when one reaches maturity in terms of sexuality.But i suppose that you just haven't developed feelings, instead you feel like you don't have feelings.

Is it wrong to ask my wife for sex when I know she is not interested in having sex with me?

How do you know if she's interested, and what is the point of your asking?If you actually know that she's actively not interested, then it seems disingenuous to ask, which leads me to suspect that this is a passive-aggressive question, intended to make

My boyfriend wants a blowjob, but I don't like doing it, what can I do?

You should never be forced into doing things you really don't want to do. If you are then your boyfriend doesn't respect you: his needs are more important to him than your feelings and you should re-evaluate your relationship with him.I would never force any woman to do something

My wife likes to have casual sex, she says its just for sex. She says she still loves me but likes to enjoy with other men too. should I object or let her have fun?

There is clearly a difference between love and sex. It depends on how you feel, most men think that their wives are their property, they get very jealous of the idea of their wives or girlfriends having sex with someone else, well that is

On average, what percentage of women masturbate and how often?

For me, I masturbate once a day, minimum. Looking back, I don't think I've gone a day without masturbating since I was in the fifth grade. It's both a habit and a necessity. It releases so much stress for me, and

What are some of the ways a man can release his sexual frustration when he can't find a girlfriend?

Use it differently.The energy of sexuality is the same energy as creativity, Not hard to remember this, life, creation, creating...You can use it to heal all forms of illness if you want or you can make something. If you want to learn the energy stuff start

What does it feel like to have a one night stand?

Mostly great. Apparently I'm in the minority in that I've had very few unpleasant one-night stands.Like anything else, how great they are depends heavily on the person you're having them with, and since they're a stranger, you're always sort of rolling

What is your secret sex fantasy?

Indian female, 19 years (looks 12 though)Since I've already mentioned that I'm petite, I do have tiny or no assets at all. All my girl friends have amazing boobs and they somewhat tease me for being flat-chested lol.Having said that, I of course,

What unpopular opinions do you have about dating and relationships?

Hmmm.... dating and relationships. I do have a handful of unpopular opinions from a traditional Indian perspective.For instance, I am not really bothered by the concept of ‘living together' and personally think that it is a much better arrangement than a relationship with a legal stamp on it. Indian society would be very offended

Which do you prefer oral sex or anal sex?

Do I have to choose? And as a giver or receiver?I love performing oral sex on both men and women. I'm always fascinated by the endless variations of both cocks and pussies. (I was going to use the plural for penis but interestingly there is some discussion of the correct form. And since I used

Why is sex fun?

It encourages the participants to have sex more often as it's something that they enjoy.This will of course, with Heterosexual couples and those able to conceive, result in children which furthers the population.A male sex drive is about 4x higher than that of a

Why does my wife's pussy get wet while she gives me a blowjob?

Same reason I get an erection when I eat a woman out.Look, sex (good sex, anyway) mostly happens in the mind. If you really think about it, on a purely mechanical level, sex isn't so great.What's interesting about mushing an oddly shaped fleshy thing into an oddly shaped fleshy orifice while smearing slimy fluids all

Can I have sex with my wife every day?

It's not guaranteed, and some women (and men) don't want it often. Your compatibility is important to find out before committing to marriage, but if you're conservatively religious or in a conservative culture, it may be impossible to do so. If you're both interested enough, perhaps you'll have sex every day in the beginning, but frequency will lessen as

Do you need sex in order to be happy? For you, how important is sex in a relationship? And how often do you expect it?

No. You dont need sex to be happy. Happy is the result of a wonderful experience or in some cases its people's natures are sunny and happy. Sex can be a part of that.For me sex was absolutely one of the most important parts of a relationship. Intimacy. It felt like things were

Does legalizing same-sex marriage lead to legalizing polygamy?

There is absolutely none! Any support of gay marriage and simultaneous opposition to Polygamy comes as much from a position of dogma and bigotry as an anti-gay marriage view. The Liberal mindset is to support these views because they are cool in their social circles. The conservative mindset is to oppose these views because that in turn is

Girls as a teenager did you ever watch your brother masturbate? If you did, did you watch until he ejaculated? Did it arouse you?

I've seen my brothers masturbate lots of times, and ejactulate. I've seen other people masturbating them in front of me, and I've done it to them. We're all part of a masturbation group with some other friends so it's not unusual any more. I'm usually masturbating as well so I'm pretty aroused already!They

How can a monogamous-based woman and a polyamorous-based man find a middle ground so that the woman feels respected and the man doesn't cheat? I don't want to share him, but he still wants to explore sex with other women.

This is the case of my marriage.My wife is monogamous. She likes the idea of polyamory, but just is jealous. And after a short period where she tried multiple partners, she settled only with me.I am naturally polyamorous with desire to create emotional bonds (not necessarily sex)

How Can I Stop Swinging On Pull-Ups?

From a technical standpoint you

How to tell if a married woman wants to have sex with others so her husband can watch

She will tell you.If she doesn't tell you, then you should assume she isn't interested. You can ask her, but be aware that most women will find that off putting, so asking that question is mostly going to result in you looking like a creep.If you have a strong desire to be the

How do Christians define and explain God's view of sex and sexuality?

God's view of sex and sexuality is very clear in the Bible.  It is mentioned along the description of creation of Adam and Eve. Genesis (Chapter 1, 27-28)"God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and

How to maintain desire and the sexual spark after many years into a relationship or marriage? Is it possible for a long term relationship to be more than just acceptance and compromise

By working together and living and laughing with this person you can not just maintain but actually grow the spark with your significant other. The sex gets better because it isn't just sex it is learning and understanding that other person and know exactly what you

How long would you stay in a sexless marriage being totally faithful when your spouse refuses to make any changes or even have a discussion about it?

My opinion, of course: Barring some absolute medical necessity, one spouse unilaterally ending the marital sex life permanently and with no negotiation fundamentally alters the marriage contract. You would be morally entitled to end the marriage under those circumstances. If your

How much would I get paid on YouTube if I had around 50,000 views a month?

If you have some useful educational content (like online courses), it is usually much more profitable to use VOD (video-on-demand) platforms instead of Youtube monetization - so you can earn much more than typical Youtube' $2–3 per 1K views.Generating recurring revenue is

I am newly married and we have sex every other day. My husband doesn't have the same strength which he had in first week of marriage and sperm quality is low. What food can help us?

I think lady finger serves to better quality of sperms. But there is a proper way to have it.Lady Finger (Okra) for Sexual Health - By Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd | LybrateHow to increase sperm count: 14 tips to boost fertility naturally

I enjoy sex with my side woman more than my wife. In fact, I am no longer interested in having sex with my wife. What should I do?

I am not married but have parents who have been together for over 30 years and dated over the years. Marriage is not a one sided affair. You and your wife became one the day she became your wife. You vowed to be with

If I had a one night stand and a couple weeks later I learned the act was videotaped and uploaded to the internet, do I have legal recourse or should I dispense justice "Old Testament" style? We are both adults.

I would imagine that you have legal recourse on the grounds of defamation, sexual assault, etc...But their defense will likely revolve around the wiretapping laws where you live as many places only require 1 party involved in surveillance recordings to be aware of the recording.That being said, there is usually a

If you are a woman married to a husband who without your knowledge plans to have casual sex with a guy, what would you advise, if you could, for that guy to say or do, when deciding whether or not to have sex with your husband?

Why would you approach the man? It's your husband that has a relationship with you. What type of answer do you want? To tell the guy to video the whole thing so you can shame him with his friends? Don't become the crazy person in a relationship. Have a conversation,

If you're a straight man who has sex with guys have you come to prefer it over sex with women? If so why?

There are no straight men who want to have sex with men. Preffering it over sex with women is out of question.There are only two situations in which a straight man has sex with a man:He is rapedHe is paid to do so or otherwise rewarded in a way that makes him overcome the reluctanceAnyway, if a man wants

Is it considered cheating if a husband has phone sex with women from on line because the wife is ill and can not have sex as much as they used to and how they use to? Husband says it's not cheating if he does not physically do anything with them.

Cheating is relative!It's cheating if your partner doesn't agree to it and expressly says they are not okay with it. Just like rules when taking a test (exam), there are rules in relationships that you must adhere to; and just as different exams have their own set

Is the best way to handle dating someone who does not like sex is to just never have sex?

The best way to handle dating someone who doesn't like sex, is to firstly communicate with that person why s/he doesn't like sex, then ask if s/he is willing to give sex a chance if the right connection is made. If that person is convinced that sex isn't something that is on the

Is there any exercise for increasing stamina during Sex?

I have also gone through this problem but now I have mastered this thing to some extent. Whenever I start doing sex within five minutes, I feel like ejaculation coming nearer and nearer. As soon as I sense it, I stop entering my penis and starts doing oral things.