Attractive Women: What characteristics can make a woman exceptionally irresistible?

Everyone is giving their own answers to this, and pretending that they have absolutely unique tastes. My good friend User-13415495195380945687 just listed some of his personal interests- and that's fine- but I think we're missing one of the few universally attractive traits.ConfidenceIt doesn't matter if you're a Barrel-Chested monster of a Man or the

Can a gay man remain married to a straight woman?

I think you are asking if a gay man 'should' remain married to his wife. 'Can' is more a question if it is theoretically possible, which of course it is. What the couple need to be asking is whether it is a good idea - hence 'should'. And, of course, only the couple themselves can

Can a heterosexual who really wants to be gay become so?

I feel uniquely able to answer this question - at least the male version of this question - as I have variously through my life wanted to become gay (or at least bisexual). And after years of

Can straight men be friends with gay men?

Not only friends, but INTIMATE friends.Among my closest friends were those who

Can the church change on homosexuality?

Having actually been through reparative therapy and attempted to change my gayness with a sincrere Christian Faith from the age of 11 until I was 21, I can say from personal experience that you cannot change your sexual orientation in any way.That leaves you with several decisions:You can be celibate, either on your own or by

Did God create gays and lesbians?

Assuming you subscribe to any of the Abrahamic religions, God is the creator of everything, in so much as nothing would exist without God. Depending on your personal world view, you may take that to mean that God directly creates all things,

Do gay people regret being gay when they get old?

I'm not quite old yet, but I've been thinking about being old given the New Year and the fact that my calendar age is about to tick up by one more number.I'm a gay man who has lived long enough to intimately witness the profound

Do people ever go from gay to straight? Are any conversion or 'correction/cure' therapies or strategies proven to work?

I can only speak for myself - YES! After almost 20 years of living a homosexual lifestyle, I broke free. My conversion therapy was simply the touch of Christ. I rode the entire gay spectrum - from gay clubs, to the gay music circuit, a

Do (some) people 'become' gay because they can't get a girl?

No. Sexual orientation, as far as we know, is for the most part genetically and epigenetically determined and can not be changed. But sexual orientation is a spectrum. And on this spectrum a person can exist close to one of the poles, let's say the heterosexual one, and for the vast majority of

Do women still have sexual desire after menopause?

I am a primary care and emergency physician. However, I have had a side study of human sexuality all of my life. The answer I am going to write is written partially on study and partially observation.Sex drive or libido in both sexes is due to testosterone. Men of course have gonads dedicated

Does our past shape our sexuality?

Everything that happens

Does Sexual inactivity lowers testosterone levels?

No. Low testosterone may be the cause of decreased sex drive. Though it is the dominant hormone in men, testosterone also plays a significant role in women.As many as one in five of all men and 30% of women ages 18 – 59 suffer from decreased sex drive. Contrary to popular belief, low sex drive is not

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?

Yes, the Bible classifies homosexual activity as porneia, which is all sexuality-related sinful activity.Throughout the entire Bible whenever homosexual activity is not specifically mentioned it is because heterosexual marriage is implied as the default position.It, as well as all other forms of sexual immorality, are wrong because they defile what marriage represents (and sex as a part

Gay men, what do you generally think of lesbian women?

I thought of a lot of "snark" for this question (I abjure sweeping generalities and "what do you think of X" questions).  So I navigated away and a thought occurred that I'll share.  I know you're may not know it, but on Quora, we get a lot of baiting and

How to find out if someone is gay

This answer is from a real life experience and is in Indian context. There was a guy who used to work at my workplace and he was gay but since he did not have any stereotypical gay mannerisms and characteristics as portrayed in ignorant

How do astronauts survive without sex for so long?

The funny thing is that there isn't a sex urge in a microgravity environment. Being in so-called

How to deal with sexual thoughts

It's normal. As human being, we are sexual being. Sexual being means we are male or female. Our attraction lead us to desire. Desire is good, since it came from God (everything God created is good, human beings are very good).Since these thoughts

How, if at all, is the accent, pitch and voice of gay men different than that of straight men and how accurate is voice in determining sexual orientation?

UPDATE: I found this interesting"Peter Renn's undergraduate study (which won a George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Award) demonstrated that gay-stereotyped speech more strongly correlates with childhood gender-nonconformity than with sexual orientation and proposed that gay-stereotyped speech is actually childhood-gender-nonconformity speech that has become associated with

How many gay people are there in the world?

According to Japanese statistics, there is one gay (exclusively homosexual) kid in every classroom at least. So divide 7.5 billion by about 30, and there is your answer.But the question is, are we measuring gay for one point in time? Some people

I am a Christian and my girlfriend wants to have sex, should I do it?

You say that you are a Christian. That is your answer. Explain to her the joys of the Holy Spirit, the amazing sense of fulfillment of Salvation. The peace of mind that you have when YOU understand that you are one of God's children. gentle.Now, along with that,

I practice sadomasochism. My husband enjoys fisting me and other practices. Now he complains that I am too loose and he no longer desires to have sex with me. How can I cope with this?

Tell him he needs to suck on your boobs and nipples significantly more and start giving you sound spankings several times a week. Is a scientific fact that when a woman has her boobs and their nipples sucked on, it contracts the uterus and

If a straight guy can turn gay, why can't a gay guy turn straight?

No one "turns gay" or "turns straight." Sometimes people who have been acting straight for years because of social pressures will want to stop lying to themselves and everyone around them and "come out" as gay. You've likely heard of "coming out of the

If my husband admits he has had sex with a man, should I be concerned?

Too many unanswered questions here -Did your husband have sex with a man years ago, before you two were together or was it last week?Did your husband have sex with a man once, or is this a regular occurrence for him?Did your husband use protection when he had

If society celebrates 'gay pride,' why not 'straight pride'?

I'm just going to come right out and say it.I hate Gay Pride. I hate Black Pride. I hate Muslim Pride and Women's Pride and all the other damn pride things people celebrate. Yeah, take that convention!Damn it! There's a torch burning mob

In increasing global acceptance of homosexual marriages, why do some people feel uncomfortable about heterosexual interracial marriages?

People are stupid and blind, that's why. One of the most beautiful young women I have met in the Lord, Rebekah, has found the man of her dreams; she is a beautiful young black woman, filled to the brim with the love and joy of the Holy Spirit. I had so much fun with her in Pasadena,

Is a gay massage good for straight men?

Any massage is good for any man.A guy who has the opportunity to come and someone else is doing the work will be appreciated. I have no doubt that a straight man who was given I want a full back massage, then travel down his ass and his

Is Christianity against gay people?

Thanks for the A2A. Christianity is not against gay people per se. The Bible does contain prohibitions against behaviours which are promiscuous and/or held to be sexually perverse and it is would be relatively easy to read those passages in a reductionistic way and use them as a weapon against gay

Is Christianity changing its views on homosexuality?

The Catholic Church used to be totally anti-gay and even burned gays at the stake, but they now admit that people are born that way, and should be treated with dignity and respect. However, all gays must remain celibate their entire lives.Protestants for the most part didn't really care much, and it was not a

Is exclusive homosexuality common within other species?

Apparently so:  Roy and Silo  Sheep, too, apparently:  "One species in which exclusive homosexual orientation occurs, however, is that of domesticated sheep (Ovis aries).[9][10] "About 10% of rams (males) refuse to mate with ewes (females) but do readily mate with other rams."[10]"  (~wikipedia)

Is homosexuality common in clergy?

There is some data on Roman Catholic clergy but it is hard to know how good it is. I've seen studies with numbers from 10 percent to 58 percent - The Church and the Homosexual Priest - and here are

Is homosexuality genetic?

I'm going to repost a comment I made in another question thread, under another of the grossly ignorant and bigoted anti-gay questions being spread on the site by a one or two users:There has been some data on

Is homosexuality natural? Why?

I was ‘playing doctor' with my same-age cousin when we were 14 (in private, at the top of a hay mow in their barn, on a blanket) and because we'd hit puberty, semen was spilled. We had an awakening, like all teens do, about sex and

Is it okay for same-sex best friends to have sex?

For the love of God, don't do it. Your friendship will most likely be ruined.I lost my best friend because of this (well not only, but it was one of the reasons), and we didn't even have sex in the end. One day, she smoked a joint. We were talking and I had fun teasing her; she was tripping

Is it okay that I would let my husband have sex with someone else?

Frankly, that depends on you personally. No one else can say what works for you, and people on Quora should not be your litmus test for acceptability, because we all come from different cultures, cities and backgrounds. Some would be supportive of an open marriage, others would not.The religious sexual morality codex says you have to demand

Is it true that all humans are born as bisexual?

Yes, and No. There's more to it than you might think; As with most things it is not so black and white.By nature, and nature being the key word here, all humans that are operating within healthy parameters are merely sexual. It's one of the primal urges: It's part of the id. The pleasure centre cares only for pleasure,

Is it weird if my husband wants to see me have sex with other men?

I don't know my husband wanted me to have sex with his friend. He forced into it I agreed when his friend came kissed me deeply carried me to the bedroom made to me by the time we finished our love making it was 2.00 am we both slept in each other

Is 'polyamorous' a sexual orientation?

I'm going to go ahead and say that being Polyamorous is a sexual orientation. Some people are Monogamous, some people are Polyamorous.Mono people seek a single romantic relationship with a significant other. Even in cases where they cheat and are

Is there any heterosexual man wants to be gay?

I haven't personally met any. But hey, it's a big world; with three and a half billion men in it, I reckon there's a straight dude somewhere who wishes he were gay.I more often meet straight guys who wish they were bisexual. Im one of them. I like sex, I'm sexually adventurous, and

Should I masturbate before sex to increase my stamina so that I can not cum easily?

yes you can,, and believe me it is swesome,refering you my other relevance answer on thiscopy pastei am giving you my formula to have a long husband is a normal person,, so he has a normal sex drive like 4

So what's your real opinion, anonymous as identified only by state, age, gender, and sexual orientation, about gay men, gay women and bisexual people?

Age: I'm in my 60′s, but I'm old at heart. Wait. That's the same thing, isn't it?Gender: Male, but deeply in touch with my so-called feminine side. I love musical theater, flowers, decorating, So You Think You Can Dance and

Was anyone in the Bible a homosexual or lesbian? If so, who?

There is an interpretation that the relationship between David and Jonathan was homoerotic. Samuel 20:41 describes when David and Jonathon part company as the former has to escape from the court of King Saul, who is intent on killing him.The text leads with

What are the side effects (positive and negative), if any, of masturbation?

Harmful effects of masturbation:Note- please read this answer completely.You can read or listen all over internet and via other people that masturbation is healthier. Most of people lie about it, and other don't know about it.I heard a dialog in Pursuit

What are your thoughts on same-sex marriage?

I do know the topic is so old now. However, the issue is still going on in many conversations. I originally from an Asian country which has not yet opened to the same sex marriage. But, I have a chance to study in a developed country

What do heterosexual and a gay man have in common?

As much or as little as any other two groups of people might.That being said, a short list:GenitaliaLoveHumanityAspirationsDesiresHopesDreamsEnjoyment of food and drinkThe number of bones in their body (unless the gay man is bottoming when you do the count)The range of eye coloursThe gamut of hair coloursProbability of handinessProbability

What do you think about straight-acting gay men?

Depressing, irritating, unfortunate.‘Straight acts' are definitive proof that we need to change our views on homosexuality and masculinity fast.I've already written about this subculture (if we can even call it that) before on Quora, so I'll try to keep this answer synthetic and short, but brutal with a little bit of uuuuh.Straight acts are

What does Islam say about homosexuals, their rights, marriage, punishment if any? And what issues do gay Muslims face in their daily lives?

The material and inspiration for this answer is in the book The Philosophies of the teachings of Islam by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) , The Promised Messiah and Mahdi The Holy Quran describes 3 states of man.The first state: The state that incites evil.

What does it feel like to have sex with a man if you are (or were) a straight man?

I am a married man. Quite heterosexual. Like many married men, I am sexually frustrated (though other parts of my relationship with my wife are excellent). So I thought, perhaps I should have an affair with a man? How convenient!I met (I will call him) Tom through cragslist. We met

What is the Christian God's view of homosexuality?

The Christian God is Jesus Christ, such that Christians are Followers of Christ the God who has never ever condemned homosexuality nor ssm.The commandment "To love thy neighbor AS THYSELF" and the Golden rule are not suggestions written in the bible, but they are the LAW, the

What is the current scientific thinking on the cause of homosexuality?

I'm going to say that for human sexuality the science can be very difficult to make any conclusions because of the stigma associated with being gay.What I mean is, there's an answer here about identical twins, and the reality that while some identical twins are both

What is the difference between 'lesbian," 'gay," 'bisexual," 'transgender," and 'queer'?

Lesbians are women who identify as women and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other women who identify as women.Gay men are men who identify as men and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other men who identify as

When did you realize you were LGBT? How did it feel?

All my teenage years I thought I was the straightest of the straightest until I turned 17. It was when I discovered there was also a gay tab on pornhub. Clicked on it and OH MY GOD. At first it felt a

Why are animals gay?

Your question seems to ask for a teleological answer, the answer that describes what something is meant for. However, this doesn't always work and is very hard to answer scientifically. An example: although mountains are fun to climb (to some people) they are not necessarily there to be climbed. They are there.

Why do husbands think about sex as a reward for them after doing something good for their wives even though they can have it anyway?

Actually this is simple but not easy to get it.Women were always in early days and it's still prevalent now, were made to depend on a man (Daddy or husband) for their security.And security is the primal need of women.But we humans work on exchange mechanism.And hence women had to give some thing in return which is a need

Why do people debate over whether or not being gay is a choice and would it really make a difference if it was or was not?

Why do people debate over whether or not being gay is a choice and would it really make a difference if it was or was not?The science is already pretty closed on this. People are born gay. Same as people are born straight. Everyone

Why do straight women like gay men?

Can't say exactly why but I like gay men. I am a straight girl who likes gay guys more than straight guys. It is because of their unique sexuality. Nothing can be more beautiful than a man falling in love with another man. Guys making out is a real turn ON for me. People usually

Why does Islam not accept gay people?

One of the forbidden acts in Islam is homosexuality. Islam from one side has advised the Muslims to get married and has advised the people to help the youth to get married and from the other side, Islam has forbidden masturbation, adultery, and homosexuality.At first, it must be differentiated

Why is being a gay man looked down on more than being a lesbian?

I asked my mother this before because she used to really dislike gay men, but she had no issues with lesbians. She told me it was the extreme promiscuity that so many gay men practiced and the diseases that often result from this.

Why is there a double standard for men and women when it comes to the amount of people we have slept with?

There's two distinct reasons why a man who's had several sex-partners is often admired or at least respected, while a woman who's had several sex-partners is often judged a lot more harshly.Tilted casual sex marketFor most average young women, at least those living in relatively liberal countries, casual sex in effectively unlimited amounts

Are any animals homosexual, and if so, how do they reproduce?

All mammals reproduce the same way: the exchange of a male sperm and a female egg, almost always due to sexual intercourse between genders.Homosexual mammals reproduce exactly the same way that heterosexual mammals reproduce; via sexual intercourse between genders.So you're probably thinking now

Are emotional masochists always pansexual/other sexuality, because they can enjoy pain (nonsexual ones) from many people? E.g, a person that likes being put down by other people, loving injections performed by doctors, being berated by people, etc.

People who identify as Masochists are looking for both sexual and emotional release. Masochism itself is not an emotion. Gender preferences are widely varied as is the type of pain a person is looking for. Often people in power positions need to do a role reversal

Are gay men more attracted to other gay men or straight men?

Think of it like this: When you meet a total stranger, how do you know if he's gay or not without telling you? Forget stereotypes and what yous see on TV; many gay men are not effeminate. There's no way to know if a man is straight or gay without getting to

Assuming homosexuality is natural, what is its 'purpose' in nature?

As far as I'm aware it doesn't have a ‘purpose' in nature. You are attracted to whom you are attracted to because they would make good mates given the standards your body is using to determine potential relationships. That you pick someone that you cannot have children with isn't unique

Can plants and animals be gay?

In animals biologists talk about sexual behaviours, they don't talk about their orientation because that would require you ask how they feel, all you can do is observe what they do, homosexual behaviours occurs all the time in animals, how they feel about it is anybodies guess, presumably they enjoy it, though animals being exclusive homo or hetro

Christians, why your clergy thinks homosexuality is wrong? Do you approve?

So long as adults only have sex with other adults who want it, and they're not on my property or making so much noise that I can't enjoy my privacy, then I feel their activities are none of my business. Beyond sex, if two adults (or even two children) are attracted to each other and happy with

Do Indian women love oral sex?

Im a woman from Chennai/Bangalore , i would like to go anonymous for obvious reasons. I still remember how I first experienced that most wonderful of things; receiving oral. I had never been in a man's bedroom before that day so when I found myself

Do male bodybuilders in their 50s have normal sex drive for their age or is it stronger, above what's expected for their age?

Well, I can't speak for bodybuilders in their fifties but from an endurance athletes perspective in their sixties my sex drive is stronger than my peers who rarely if at all engage in any physical activity. With an exercise program or workout plan, the dividends in sexual drive, sexual activity, and sexual satisfaction

Does masturbation affect stamina?

If you are in control may be monthly twice or weekly once , it doesn't cause problem , if you masturbate regularly Defenitely it will affect your stamina according to my expereince , never get addicted to masturbation and it is one of the worst addictions . Because during masturbation

How can guys cum faster during sex?

Hello everybody,Here are a few ways to get a guy to cum faster during sex:1. Squeeze His PenisMen can try this when they are getting ready to have sex. Squeeze the penis to force more blood to the head, which temporarily makes you more sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the faster

How do astronauts survive without sex for so long?

While the drive to have sex is strong in a sizable portion of the human population, and the type of people who become astronauts are often those who are both physically attractive to the opposite sex and prone to having healthy, strong

How long can a woman go without having sex?

How long can a person go without having their needs met? Not long, one should think. Humans become very unhappy if their needs are not met. But how long? That varies per person. Some people need to have sex daily while others can go without

Is everyone potentially prone to homosexual feelings?

A2AWhat do you mean by Homosexual? There's no one definition. I like girls as romantic partners, I like spending time them, but I only like having sex with men, does it mean I'm gay or not? It just means I'm sexually oriented towards

Is homosexuality genetic?

I'm going to repost a comment I made in another question thread, under another of the grossly ignorant and bigoted anti-gay questions being spread on the site by a one or two users:There has been some data on twins reared apart -- including the Minnesota study in which a study of

Is homosexuality genetic or learned?

It is instinctive. But that's an imperfect answer.What's important is sexuality - most people experience it. I say most because there are asexual people who don't experience it in any significant way.Homosexuality and heterosexuality are points in a single, wide spectrum of sexual behavior seen in humans. It

Is homosexuality natural? Why?

I was ‘playing doctor' with my same-age cousin when we were 14 (in private, at the top of a hay mow in their barn, on a blanket) and because we'd hit puberty, semen was spilled. We had an awakening, like all teens do, about sex and how wonderful it can be. We both had very nice slim

Is homosexuality okay?

Yes.  Seriously.Tell your friends.  We need to get all the way past this one so we can get to work together on some other pressing social issues and help the people impacted by them.  Consider doing this part of being a good human.If you need help,

Is oral sex right or wrong?

It certainly can be!Some people seem to learn how to give oral from pornography. Unfortunately, porn is meant to be visually stimulating - when transcribed to real intimacy, it's pretty awful.I'm not sure what people think flicking their tongue against the labia minora at high speed is

Is there any evidence that Neanderthals showed homosexual behavior?

The most heavily Neanderthal influenced people in Northern Asia, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, and some Native American tribes have a common trait that seems to have come from Neanderthals. They have homosexual shamans who supposedly

Should I masturbate before sex to increase my stamina so that I can not cum easily?

yes you can,, and believe me it is swesome,refering you my other relevance answer on thiscopy pastei am giving you my formula to have a long husband is a normal person,, so he has a normal sex drive like 4 to 5 min,,

Why are animals gay?

Your question seems to ask for a teleological answer, the answer that describes what something is meant for. However, this doesn't always work and is very hard to answer scientifically. An example: although mountains are fun to climb (to some people) they are not necessarily there to be climbed. They are there. Grass is fun to

Why do human women have relatively more frequent menstruation (estrus) cycles compared to other mammals?

Actually, they don't. Broadly, all the animal kingdom fits into two categories:-seasonal fertilityfemales go into estrus once or twice annually, typically in spring or fall. Goats and deer  are some of those, that mate in autumn months and hawing their young in early spring.

Why do males like the female body so much?

Since the question is tagged under "Human biology" I will try to deal with this scientifically and psychologically (I am no expert - these are my personal thoughts). Disclaimer : following content may seem adult to some so reader discretion is advised.The female body has a better anatomy :

Why do people discriminate against gay men and lesbians?

The underlying reasons about why gay folks are discriminated against are the same underlying reasons that anyone who is discriminated against receives that discrimination. We live in a society based on a hierarchical system: Kings were above their Dukes, Dukes above their lords, lords above their peasants. Land owners above

Why would anyone think that homosexuality is a choice?

Because they think they made that choice.As many have pointed out, beginning with Kinsey, sexual orientation is a spectrum. One end of the spectrum is 100% heterosexual, where someone has never had a single fantasy about any member of

How to stop feeling so ashamed of my sexuality

If I understand your comments correctly, you met a woman online when you were 18, ended up getting to the point of exchanging nude photos with her, and nothing else occurred. Presumably, the online relationship fizzled and life went on

How to approach my wife about pegging me

The question you asked, how to approach your wife, is not about the problem you're having. The problem isn't you don't know how to approach her; the problem is you seem to be sexually incompatible. If by

How to feel comfortable in the dating world without having the fear that a woman will accuse me of doing something inappropriate to her

That's a good question, one which has great significance in an increasingly litigious society (esp. the USA! though False Eye Witnesses & Persistent Serial Fraud Gangs have assembled in force in the UK; I was subject to Fraud last night when taking up an Offer at Just Eat whose website is advertising Buy One Curry Get One Free

How flexible is being heterosexual?

Depends on the person.Heterosexuality is the sexual attraction of the opposite sex or gender. Of course, this ignores those individuals' personalities and appearance, so heterosexuals can in fact be flexible in that sense if they are attracted to a wide variety of different people, but they are limited (not really the right word to use) to

How would you convince your partner if he/she considers anal/oral sex a taboo? Do you just give up? Any tips?

Shots!Lots of shots!Tequila, vodka, it doesn't matter what's in her glass, as long as it's a shot glass!Also, it helps to work her into a frenzy with a little tongue and finger play first. If she seems to like it, then she will be more receptive to taking things to the next level.Start off by

In the linked answer, a physician allegedly stated that an abused girl 'had the vagina of a married woman.' Does a female's vagina change based on how much sex she has had? If not, how did the physician make this determination?

It changes due to her age.In the link she's referenced as a ‘young' girl and a ‘little' girl. That to me implies before teenage years, married women tend to be over 16 at least.Your body changes a lot between childhood &

Is it normal for two teen girls to cuddle/spoon platonically? I never second guessed it until I felt aroused once and I haven't done it since. Does this mean I'm lesbian?

Since no has answered, I will try to shed some light. I don't believe it is abnormal for two teenage heterosexual females to spoon platonically. And becoming aroused while doing so does not indicate that one is a homosexual.Dan Robb's

Is it normal not to have sexual feelings?

Yes, its quite normal to not have sexual feelings. Especially since you're just 20 years old, its the prime time when one reaches maturity in terms of sexuality.But i suppose that you just haven't developed feelings, instead you feel like you don't have feelings.

Is it wrong to ask my wife for sex when I know she is not interested in having sex with me?

How do you know if she's interested, and what is the point of your asking?If you actually know that she's actively not interested, then it seems disingenuous to ask, which leads me to suspect that this is a passive-aggressive question, intended to make

My wife likes to have casual sex, she says its just for sex. She says she still loves me but likes to enjoy with other men too. should I object or let her have fun?

There is clearly a difference between love and sex. It depends on how you feel, most men think that their wives are their property, they get very jealous of the idea of their wives or girlfriends having sex with someone else, well that is

On average, what percentage of women masturbate and how often?

For me, I masturbate once a day, minimum. Looking back, I don't think I've gone a day without masturbating since I was in the fifth grade. It's both a habit and a necessity. It releases so much stress for me, and

What is sexuality?

We all know what sex is. But sex is only a small part of who we are as sexual beings. Even people who are not having sex are sexual beings. And so there's another word that you should know and use too. That word is sexuality. Here

What is the difference between romantic feelings and sexual feelings?

Ooh ooh, me sir! I am demisexual, which means I can't feel sexual attraction for someone unless I already have a close emotional bond. I have dated people without feeling any inclination to have sex with them.Sexual attraction is when my body and brain

What should be the height difference between a couple so that when he stands behind her, his manhood sink properly in her behind?

Matching height is best. However, leg length can be different with same person high.Finally its sex art which is more important than the person height.My husband is little taller than my brother in law who is of same height as of me,So when my husband tries to fuck me from behind, in

Which do you prefer oral sex or anal sex?

Do I have to choose? And as a giver or receiver?I love performing oral sex on both men and women. I'm always fascinated by the endless variations of both cocks and pussies. (I was going to use the plural for penis but interestingly there is some discussion of the correct form. And since I used