Does shaving a person's head or getting bald help in hair growth and prevent hair loss?

There is a myth regarding shaving head roaming nowadays. As shaving a head totally does carry a lot of benefits to it.But, as per science, there is no evidence about shaving head is helpful in prevention of hair loss.But there are some

Life hacks: what are the best hacks for shaving smoothly?

I will give you some tips that have really helped me improve my shaving experience.1. Always shave after taking a shower. Preferably a hot shower. This will help open the pores of your skin and soften your whiskers.2. It is recommended to

What are some of the best kept secrets in the personal hygiene world?

A+++ tips for males and females who want superb skin.Since the question focuses on hygiene, this answer will focus on cleaning skin for optimal health - not on marine collagen powders, or making your own foaming organic body wash and moisturizers. (All are important for beautiful skin and may be future

Why do people shave their guinea pigs?

Short answer: people don't shave their guinea pigs, the pictures you see on the Internet are mislabelled.Long answer: Guinea pigs are only shaved for medical purposes. Laboratories use bald and nearly bald breeds if they need hairless guinea pigs, because it would take a stupid amount of time and resources to repeatedly shave small, wriggly, thin-skinned, live

Would you date a woman with a shaved head?

Incidentally, we were discussing this with my fiancée. just yesterday, who was a bit perplexed in seeing a woman she knew cutting her (formerly) long hairs really short, saying she

Does shaving off the Head makes hair stronger and enhances the hair growth?

Shaving your head does not make hair stronger. It does give you a reset and the hair growing out is new and undamaged, so that is indeed a plus. Hair that grows after being shaved is really no thicker than hair that was there previously,