What was the most shocking death in your family?

It was the night of Halloween in 2012. I was 15 at the time, and had gotten home early from trick-or-treating with my friends. I had school the next day so unfortunately my night was cut short. In the end it wasnt going to be the only thing cut short. I remember having

What is thermal shock?

By the word itself you can guess it is related to temperature and stresses.Thermal shock is the effect caused due to sudden change in temperature and it will induce stresses in the system.For example, consider BOILER in a thermal power plant. What happens is that we

What is the cultural shock?

You know driving and have a valid license. In your country drivers keep right. Suppose you go to another country where drivers keep left and you are asked to drive the vehicle. What would be your reaction? This is an example of cultural shock.When

In physics, what are shock waves?

These are the waves that travel faster than the continuous medium would allow (e.g. sonic bang, water wake). So instead of quasi energy-less propagation, heat is released all along, which can even change the propagation properties of the medium. Moreover, various non-linear effects occurs. Wikipedia: Shock wave

What is Vasovagal shock?

Vasovagal syncope (vay-zoh-VAY-gul SING-kuh-pee) occurs when you faint because your body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. It may also be called neurocardiogenic syncope. The vasovagal syncope trigger causes your heart rate and blood pressure to drop suddenly.Courtesy: Mayo Clinic

What is electric shock?

What, you don't like Suvra-Pattanayak's answer? Shocking, I know... Human skin and muscles react to electricity, after all that is what is being conducted within the nervous system. When current and voltage from an outside source touches the skin, it reacts more actively that just regular levels that the brain and nerve endings provides.

What was the deepest shock?

When one my closest friend from school became a breaking bad fan and went and kissed her boyfriend at college without telling to me about it. We had been together for all 15 years of our lives, shared everything, were true CONFIDANTs to each other, But still, she did not tell about that to

How to prevent culture shock

I agree with Scott - you can't. It's one of those things that hits no matter how well prepared you think you are. I found it was little things that got me rather than the big obvious stuff. I remember in the UK how no one had round door knobs - they're all lever types.

Has any historical fact or event that you learned ever shocked you?

I'm latvian, Latvia is one of three Baltic States.

What does it mean when someone is in shock?

Have you ever grown a plant from seed, and then transplanted it into the ground too early? The plant kind of panics. The roots need to take hold again and it's not taking in enough water or nutrients while the roots spread out. In the meantime, less energy is given

Is there such a thing as personality shock?

There is a condition that at one time was called shell shock. today it is called post traumatic stress disorder. The personality is bombarded with such a series of shocks. over a sustained period of time, that is completely outside the realm of human experience. It

What is happening when you go into shock?

There are three stages of shock: compensated, decompensated, and irreversible.In compensated shock, the body makes up for the problem by increasing heart rate and respiration, constricting blood vessels, shunting blood from the extremities, etc. In this stage, the patient will have adequate oxygen in their tissues and brain. Without interventions, they may progress

What is thermal shock?

Thermal shock occurs when one portion of a material is cooled or heated rapidly. This causes a large temperature gradient as you move away from the surface where the heat flux is occurring. The temperature gradient will cause a stress gradient in the material which will be related

What was your most horrible culture shock?

It was when I went back to my own country.I've been living in New Zealand for over 2 years and have decided to visit home for a bit before heading back to New Zealand to start school.After my flight landed, my family and I went to KFC to have

Have you ever been shocked when someone removed their clothing?

When my date stripped off his clothes in my dorm room, I was horrified to see, silhouetted in black against a red curtain, a massive, titanic, towering, elephantine, gargantuan, Brobdingnagian - there are no words to describe the sheer size! - erect penis.Shaking my head, I said,

What is electric shock?

Electric shock is the physiological reaction or injury caused by electric current passing through the (human) body. Typically, the expression is used to describe an injurious exposure to electricity. It occurs upon contact of a (human) body part with any source of electricity that causes a sufficient current through the

How to overcome the depression, homesickness and anxiety of culture shock

This was a problem for me till in my late teens. Then it was a problem during adult years, in relation to when I'd see certain people again even though it was only two weeks or a month.I learned to cope with it by dividing the days left

Why do we sometimes get a shock using the lighter?

No, No Flint ..This lighter does not have flint.This lighter has a Quartz Crystal inside and uses the piezoelectric principle to create a very high instantaneous Voltage. That voltage is actually carried through to the central tip that you see in the center. There is a Spark between the Tip and the body  of the lighter. We

What is Vasovagal shock?

It's when you faint due to your body overreacting to certain triggers. I'm not really a medical person so I'm a bit limited here. I looked it up like the other answer.

What was the biggest cultural shock while you were in Russia?

I moved to Russia recently and some of the things that were mentioned do at first "shock you" but once you understand the mindset, then you understand where they are coming from and why they act a certain way. People might not smile at you while you walk past them, but your neighbors become the

What was your biggest culture shock going to Asia?

Probably not the biggest culture shock I had (despite preparation there were quite a few) but still unexpected: Bones in food. Not that in Germany food with bones is completely unheard of. We also eat chicken legs and wings for example but these are big peaces (also

What was your biggest shock going to america?

I have a few but I'll narrow it down to...3my biggest most noticeable shock was the extremely fatty and sugar filled food. At the moment I'm thinking specifically of American lemonade which was just awful (sorry guys). I'm a lover of cloudy lemonade in Europe so imagine my surprise when I had some ‘lemonade' (a better name

What shocked you today?

I know a guy, Who was an alleged IRS officer, got caught.He is Rohit Singh, a native of Madhubani District, Bihar. He and I use to study in same school from where we both have completed our matriculation. He was senior to me. He always aspired to become an IAS officer but he felt in bad company. After completing

What kind of culture shock can I expect as an Australian visiting the UK?

Speaking as a Brit who went to Australia, I think you may be more likely to experience reverse culture shock. At least, I did. Stepping out of the plane and going into Hobart, I had a distinct feeling of, "I've just travelled  half way around the world, flying for nearly a 

Where were you most culture shocked?

In Tijuana, Mexico.Granted, this was back in autumn of 1988, two friends and I parked on the US side and walked across the border checkpoint station. What struck me first was how there were street vendors everywhere, but there were lots of concrete mall-like structures which looked freshly built but were unoccupied. It was

What does if feel like to go into shock?

I have never been in a state of complete physiologic shock. There are different kinds of shock states that include hypoglycemic shock, septic shock, hemorrhagic shock, cardiogenic shock, and hypovolemic shock among others. Much of the experience of being in shock involves low blood flow to the brain (cerebral hypoperfusion).  The cause of the low

What psychological facts shock you?

What psychological facts shock you?

What was the biggest cultural shock for an Indian going to the United States?

In India, living with parents throughout the life is considered to be a honor for the offsprings and a pride for the parents, where as in US, after teen age staying with parents especially with Mom is a shameful yet a red flag.(at least in dating context)Parents seeking brides/bridegrooms for their offsprings

What was your biggest culture shock going to Singapore?

How incredibly nasty people can be if you're racially Chinese but don't speak Chinese. I'm Malaysian, grew up in an English-speaking family, went to several Malay public schools, and did my tertiary education in the USA. I thought Singapore was

What is something that shocked you?

When I was but a small child, I was in Girl Scouts. I kind of hated it, but that's a lot of stories for another day.One of our scout trips involved going trail riding. After the ride, when the trail leaders were helping the other girls put

What is shock?

Shock: v. to cause a speedy increase in electrical activity and that includes the brainElectrical shocks are common knowledge but there is also human shock which results from being offended, attacked, insulted, put down, ridiculed, harshly criticized, lied to, threatened in some way, etc. Brain shock is the human counterpart of electrical shock because there is a sudden surge

Have you ever seen someone literally die of shock/surprise?

Back in 2001 I met my future friend Jim who was an Army SSGT. at the time. After leaving the army he became a law enforcement officer and I believe is now a detective in San Antonio PD.We met a year ago and I asked him quite a lot about his job. If

What are the shocking truths about SEO?

Shocking Truths of SEO?Google isn't as smart as some people think it is.Google is no where near as dumb as many think it is.It takes time (weeks/months) for many

What was the most shocking time you were let go by police?

While in Waco Texas we were driving around rolling a joint when we got pulled over .... Cops took our bag and let us go ... seconds later we were pulled over again by the same cops who asked what we were planning on smoking the weed with .....we

Can insects go into shock?

In short: No.To answer this question, first we need to know what shock is. It is a condition where blood pressure is too low, so not enough oxygenated blood can circulate to sustain life. In humans it can be caused by allergies, extreme stress,

How do we get a repulsive shock?

A2A - Kalyani KumbharRepulsive shock - are you referring to the electrical shock where the hand or the person is apparently thrown away from the source of the electricity?If so, it all depends on how the contact with the live wire is made...If the wire is held by the hand like we hold any

How to deal with feeling 'shocked'

I have to lie down and try to get a grip. I usually don't speak for awhile. I feel like I have to do that for physical self preservation while I do the best to let my mind settle.I can't read, watch, or listen to anything or anyone. Again, it's a matter of physical

How does a person go into shock?

There's a few different ways such as losing blood or dehydration that will do it.But emotions can have the same effect.The fight/flight response refers to your body pumping adrenaline into your system to prepare you for one of the two

In physics, what are shock waves?

These are the waves that travel faster than the continuous medium would allow (e.g. sonic bang, water wake). So instead of quasi energy-less propagation, heat is released all along, which can even change the propagation properties of the medium. Moreover, various non-linear effects occurs. Wikipedia: Shock wave

What are the 7 shocking secrets?

Who are the people behind the missing files of the coal scam?What happened to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?How Shastriji died in Tashkent?

What does 'shocking ending' mean?

It means that the characters get electrocuted in the end of the story.

What does visibly shocked mean?

Visibly is something visible, you can see, if a person so shocked and surprised so strongly, scared because suddenly they were faced with a rattle snake, they may visibly shake, scream, go totally white, she was in a horrible car crash you could say she was visibly shocked. This could occur upon hearing a very

What is shock? (When you get injured)

Circulatory shock is a lack of blood going to the tissues. It's been explained to me a number of different ways but one I remember best is that is has been described as a lowering of pulse pressure, i.e. the difference between diastolic and systolic blood pressure. This is when the

What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced?

I went to China for an internship. Being an Indian I was really excited to see their culture, food, traditions. I spent two months which have been really beautiful and memorable.Indians are given a lot of attention there. We used to go to different places on weekends and Chinese people used to ask for

What is the cultural shock?

When a person moves from one country to another where the prevailing social system is very different from the one they have left, they may be so overwhelmed by the differences in lifestyle, they experience a kind of shock.