Are Nike shoes really good for you?

Yes of course they do have good looking shoes but what I have noticed is they are too costly to spend upon..I mean you can get good shoes in Adidas too....if you are purchasing budget frieny Nike will find bigger Nike logo ...and

Can I use trail running shoes to run on roads?

Yes, no problem.The only issue is that trail shoes are normally a tad harder and heavier than normal shoes, specially if we are speaking about shoes with rock plates and lug soles.It's not correct that they will wear out, they won't. But it will be a way harder for you to run and

How long do running shoes last marathoners?

Generally 300–500 miles but LOTS of variables here:Type of miles (pavement, gravel, dirt; flat vs hills)How much you weigh and how

Should your running shoes be as tight as possible?

I love a good pair of running shoes...A pair of good shoes that fit you should fit the following criteria:Comfort, is the soles of the shoes comfortable for you to walk all day in, is the padding thiccc(sorry) and soft? Please don't choose your shoe purely on the designDoes

What are some cheap weight lifting shoes?

If we're talking strictly weight lifting shoes, then there are a couple options out there that are fairly priced. I'm referencing traditional weight lifting shoes with additional straps, elevated firm heel, and designed for assisting power/strength movements. There are a few models under $100 right now, which is pretty good for the

What are some great shoes for short men around 5'3' tall?

Mate, even I am a short man and stand just 5′7″ tall. I prefer minimalist shoes. Even if that means I'll look short. I will choose health over looking good anyday, because elevated shoes are just an accident waiting to happen to you the moment you put them on. They don't provide good proprioception

What are some of the best running shoe brands?

Note: This article was originally posted on ValueQ, where may offer you an impressive discount. Make sure you check ValueQ before you make the purchase.CategoriesRunning shoes mainly fall into three main categories- neutral, stability, motion control.Neutral shoes are designed

What are the best online shopping sites for clothing and footwear?

ROLLERFASHIONS, the most esteemed searchable online shopping site in Hyderabad. All types of fashionable clothing that man need, can get from this Rollerfashions online shopping site within reasonable price. You can use their Cash on Delivery paying offer. This site can fulfill all expectation of a man that is why this is my favorite shopping site.

What are the best running shoes?

10 best running shoes in India in 2017From Adidas to New Balance, we list down the 10 best shoes for runners.Whether it's just a sprint down the road or an entire 42.195 km marathon, the key to a good run lies in selecting the right kind of shoes for one's feet! It is imperative

What are the differences between running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes, and other kinds of sneakers?

Most people are familiar with the concept of golf shoes, so they do understand the general idea that shoes might need to be different for different types of activity.Golf shoes have existed for many decades, as have baseball spikes, football cleats, and other shoes with specialized outsoles related to the needs of athletes. Golf shoes have

What is the best footwear for parkour?

Depends. Are you training indoor or outdoor? What are you focusing on?Usually you want thinner soled shoes if you want to train control and develop good habits for shock absorption, especially if you're just starting out and will be working on low impact at the

What is the best way to wash your Nike running shoes?

Believe it or not, you can toss modern running shoes in the washing machine. Some machines even come with a program for that.Just keep it at 30–40C and set the centrifuge low...But it's not strictly necessary. A shoe meant to sustain several tens of thousands of impacts of several tons during every run will not melt away because

What is the difference between training shoes and running shoes?

Many people treat most rubber shoes and the like as athletic shoes. Simple walking shoes, sneakers, gym shoes, running shoes and training shoes can be considered one and the same footwear. Although they share lots of similar characteristics, some of

What shoes are best to use to last longer while running? (Specify specific shoes and their names, and why its claimed to be better) Especially if it helps the ankles so they don't hurt while I run.

I would recommend a good set of orthotics with a New Balance shoe.Simply remove the stock insole, and replace with your orthotic. There are a variety of orthotics that can be purchased online which are nearly as nice as a custom set.It has been very nice for my painful right ankle since going this route.

Where is the best place to buy good quality, but fake, replica shoes such as Adidas or Nike?

When it comes to sneakers, Nike shoes is one of the best products out there, and they are comfortable to put on. Wholesale Nike shoes is becoming popular and promising due to the large target customers.Here, I will share 3 best websites that you can buy wholesale Nike shoes , tips on how to buy Authentic Nike shoes wholesale.3Best

Which are the best cricket bowling shoes?

There are some points key points that you need to be aware of before you start your Cricket shoes selection:1) They need to be light in weight.2) One need to pay attention to the quality of material and to the type of the sole. A preferred way to check

Which company's shoes are better: Nike or Puma?

Puma is like bang for the buck in India. What u pay, is what u get! Nike shoes tends to be overpriced for what that offer. Puma manufactures very good shoes for every purpose but Nike has the lead with its technology and strictly purpose specific shoes. So if u got the right pair of shoes for the

Which is the best shoe to be worn while playing badminton?

That is way too absolute a question but since you asked, I'll try to break it down for you.Firstly it depends on a lot of things. Let's factor it all in.Your level of play - You could be an amateur, a beginner, an intermediate player or an advanced player.Your duration of play - Just how many

Which sports shoes are best for gym?

I guess it depends on the person who's wearing.Some people just want to wear for comfort,durability or even lifestyle.I'll give you three of my best recommendation of these.No 1. NIKE METCON 4-This will be the shoe for you if your a crossfit lover or even weightlifter enthusiast.The grip is

Why are brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. so costly?

A few reasons:Branding with celebrity endorsements and global ads is expensiveCutting edge research into materials design and consumer sentiment is expensive; Nike uses very expensive CAD systems and material blending processesRunning

Why do Nike products cost so much?

My top 3 Reasons (in chronological order) why Nike is so expensive.Demand - It is named after the greatest player of all times. People kill each other for this brand. It elevates your social status for being able to afford them.Style - Both Basketball and Lifestyle Shoes are trendy and can sustain it's style for

Are hiking socks necessary with hiking shoes?

Socks are really important contributors to your hiking enjoyment. I prefer wearing two pair - thin, polypropylene liner socks and wool outer socks. This combo helps prevent blisters and wicks moisture away from my feet. Some folks may not like liners. It's a personal choice. But always wool primary socks, never cotton. The most important thing

Do women like to wear high heels, and why?

I personally hate high heels and it should not be 80% of shoe rack displays in shoe stores. Its almost as if the world wants women to suffer through back pains and ankle twists just to be able to ogle at swaying hips.I am a 5ft nothing woman in my late 20s and I do not

Does Nike really make Jordan high heels?

Have you ever thought that sneakers and high heels can also be combined? Nike is so unexpectedly to combine the two - Sneakers and high heels, to provide more choices for women who love beauty so that you can choose both sports and at the same time which does not

Everytime I get new shoes I get severe pain in my hips for two or three weeks. What does this mean and how can I prevent it?

Perhaps you have a different leg length, or very slight scoliosis? Or just one flat foot? It's extremely common. One of the new shoes could work as a heel lift of some sort until worn down. That can cause pain all along the spine, hip, also in the knee, under the

How to choose a sports shoe

How to Select the Right Athletic ShoesProper-fitting sports shoes can enhance performance and prevent injuries. Follow these fitting facts when purchasing a new pair of athletic shoes.If possible, purchase athletic shoes from a specialty store. The staff will provide valuable input on the type of shoe needed for your sport as well

How to choose good shoes for gym

Thanks for the A2A. I have mildly flat feet, so good shoes are important to me too. The truth of the matter is this: No one on Quora can tell you, no matter how much you describe your feet, as well as the guy at the shoe store

Is a sport shoe good for trekking?

Absolutely not.Depending on the terrain, you will walk on places where the route actually runs over a stock of boulders. In such situation you need a high ankle shoe which can prevent you from ankle twisting.If the trail is steep enough, you need good

Is it necessary to get dance shoes for zumba class?

No.Zumba Fitness is still a fitness class, even though it's about a lot of dancing. So sneakers is the option to choose. But don't take running shooes (they are made only for the forward direction and at Zumba class there're much more moves involved). Many sport shops have sections

What are recommendations on good badminton shoes for advanced level play?

In badminton, the golden rule is that if your feet can reach the shuttle then the rest of the game will come along naturally. For superior footwork, a durable, light and stable pair of shoes are essential. As a Yonex sponsored player I personally use the Yonex Aerus AMX. However,

What are the best crossfit shoes?

So here we go about crossfit shoes.Crossfit is not only an exercise but is a sport to maintain your shape, physique, and body. Women want to keep their body in shape as much as possible, and CrossFit is the best suitable choice for them. But

What are the best hiking shoes for normal full day hikes?

There are a lot of Hiking Shoes out there. But you must consider the brand so that it will long last, I would suggest you to Merrell Men's Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe and also the Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe. If you want some cool hiking shoes, Visit at

What are the best shoes to wear to the gym?

Best will depend on what your main goal is, if you're going to run then wear runners/trainers like nike free. If your main focus is to do compound lifts or any leg exercises, then best would be squat shoes, deadlift slippers, or for in general

What is the best badminton shoe below 1500?

Brim badminton ←-- subscribe to my YouTube channelHy friend thanks for request,I am had played badminton with cheapest possible equipment's so I some how searched best and awesome products in low range.Here are best Badminton shoes below 1500rsFeroc Non Marking Black & Golden Unisex Badminton Shoe (available on amazon at 1049 rs) -I love them more

What is the best shoe brand?

1. ClarksClarks have been making shoes for nearly 200 years, and I guess they've gotten pretty good at it! ;-) Readers mentioned that the WaveWalk sole from Clarks is great for people who are on their feet all day. The WaveWalk sole creates

What is the best way to wash shoes in the washer?

We all know the tips on how to wash them without mangling them, but these tips still seem far from enough. These are probably what you would do:1. Remove the laces and wash them separately because a ton of dirt and grime collects around the

What type of shoes are best for walking?

Most any good quality running shoe will be excellent for walking as well. You are looking for good heel cushioning, a flexible mid-sole (bend it in the store, if it doesn't yield, it's too stiff), a conforming shoe liner (not just a flat pad

Which are the best gym shoes for women?

Gym shoes turned out to be the best for womenIt is surely a victory to find some time for the workout from your daily busy schedule. To reach the next level, you need to select appropriate gear to enjoy the perfect workout. During the workout, the major role is of the

Which are the best gym shoes?

That depends, what are your goals, lifting style, and strength sport? For this answer I'm going to only reference weightlifting shoes. What qualifies a shoe as a weightlifting shoe? They have an elevated heel that's made out of plastic, leather, or wood. Additionally, they have additional straps for foot security.If we're

Which is the best badminton court shoes?

Hi,Based on the current availability of shoes in the market, here are few suggestions from our side.Yonex SHB 03 EX: Priced at 7675 INR, the shoes asymmetrical fit secures and supports the foot. The hard top and bottom layers absorb 30% more shock than the original

Which shoes are best for badminton and running?

You're talking apples and oranges. A shoe for badminton would be, my guess, very much like a tennis shoe. This shoe would be somewhat bulky (as compared to a running shoe) with a much cushier insole and a flat even sole with some type of herringbone tread. It is designed to absorb

Which shoes best in badminton outdoor cement court?

If you want to play for leisure, its ok to play on cement court, but if you are even slightly interested in playing as a professional or for fitness or even weight loss, I'd suggest not to play on cement court. It'll harm you more than

Why are badminton shoes heavy?

When a player used badminton shoes on court then shoes faced lots of impact load, bending and twisting load. In order to maintain the durability of shoes additional material is used at fragile part of shoes to make it stronger. Moreover, sole of the shoe is also equipped with additional material to provide

Why should you use non marking shoes while playing Badminton?

Reference: What Is A Non Marking Shoe In Badminton? - PlayoRegular shoes are bound to leave marks on the Badminton surfaces while playing as a lot of movement and pressure is involved on the court. This will end up creating scratches or shoe marks on the surface which damages the

Are clip on shoes important for long distance cycling or are sneakers ok?

It is a personal choice. As a youth I rode in sneakers, as a young man cleated cycling shoes with toe clips, then I moved to clipless pedels. There's a lot of arguments pros and cons about cycling foot wear

Are expensive, specialized, running shoes worth it?

Is iPhone which cost over $1000 worth it? Yes it is. Why? Because they have used the best best materials, equipment for developing such a beautiful product. Their security feature is what comes out of the box. So we cannot make a decision based on the rate of the product. The same way

Are Nike Free Runs good for running?

The Nike Frees are shoes with relatively low heel to toe drop, quite flexible and with not a lot of cushioning material. They can be labeled as "minimalist shoes", although there are other running shoes much more aggressive. So, they are made for running. The problem

Are running shoes ideal for someone who walks daily for exercise?

There are various shoes in the market by different brands which are specifically designed for running or walking. The marketing strategy is to make you buy different shoe specific for activity. But, you can use running shoe for walking as long as

Are running shoes overpriced?

Not if you buy the right brand. Of course Nike and Adidas are expensive options, but there are other brands out there that are just as good and a lot cheaper!For example, Zeven is a multi-dimensional brand committed to transforming sports in India by making active sport an important

Are there any drawbacks to using Converse as running shoes?

I do it.These are actually quite good running shoes and were originally designed for that purpose. Until recently they have been used in some places as sport shoes, I used them in the Spanish Army and did a relatively height volume with them.From the point of view of the shoes design they

Can I use my running shoes in the gym?

You can, but you will wear them out quicker. Also, running shoes aren't designed for heavy lifting; so if you are squatting and doing deadlifts, running shoes are less than optimal and could lead to injury. The reason being running shoes are constructed with relatively soft cushioning

Can I use running shoes for spinning?

You can use running shoes to get started. But if you find you enjoy spinning it's worthwhile to invest in some proper spin shoes you can clip in with.The Benefits of Having Spin Shoes:Buying some proper indoor cycling shoes will change the quality of your spin workout.When

Can I wear basketball shoes while working out in the gym?

When you wear shoes for gym you should consider do the shoes offer support for the heel and the ankle for the exercise you are about to do.The heel height of the shoe is one factor.For squatting the shoe should be flat or have some height on the heel and it

Can you use ASICS running shoes for badminton? Why or why not?

Running shoes tend to be heavier and lack the grip and cushioning needed. You can pick up cheap badminton shoes in the Summer Sale from Yonex Mens Badminton Shoes or Yonex | Central Sports . Cheapest with widest range of all brands for Badminton gear ... best to buy out of season.

Can you walk the Tongariro crossing in trail running shoes?

So long as it is not winter or significant snow on the trail, YES, absolutely. This is me, circa 2005, on the Tongariro Crossing. Note the shoes. I don't recall any adverse issues, but it has been 13 years. The crossing is a long hike, so you do want comfortable, stable shoes.

Can you wash suede shoes in the washing machine? If not, what's the best way to wash them?

Heather Donnelly's answer is quite accurate and correct. Before wearing any suede clothing or shoes, spend some time spraying it with a protective spray to resist dirt andl also resist any water. The spray should be purchased at shoe repair or leather clothing store. Apply it several timrs, allowing the shoes or garment to dry between

Do Vibram FiveFingers shoes help build foot muscle?

They certainly do. As they keep the toes separate they will correct certain deformations and train the small muscles of the toes.But there are some drawbacks:The first and most important is that the lower the heel of the shoe the more tension you

Do you feel any difference between a running shoe and a training shoe in real life for gym use?

A lot depends on the shoe type but yeah running shoes are not a preferred choice, at least for me, since they have too much cushion and foam in the bottom which doesn't provide a stable base for lifting.But if the shoe is flat and a bit hard , like the one

For regular runners, how many pairs of running shoes do you typically own/use at any given time?

I have several pairs of running shoes and I rotate through them for different kinds of runs. Rotating shoes is a good training practice to make sure you don't become too dependent on any setup, and it's important to have an appropriate shoe for the run. At any given time I primarily use

Has the 'running shoe' vs 'barefoot running' debate been resolved?

If you ask Dr. Daniel Lieberman or Dr. Irene Davis (both at Harvard), the answer is Yes, it has... and

How are Nike Roshe Run shoes for running?

Finding running shoes that fit just right can often be a fairly tricky task as there are so many styles, designs, and options out there. It can be overwhelming to know which one is going to suit you best. However we are here to help you

How are trail running shoes different then road running shoes?

There are two features that make a shoe better suited to trail running. First, trail running shoes will typically have a rock plate in them. The rock plate will shield feet from bruising that can occur due to impact on rocks and roots. This isn't always the case though. For example, ultra-minimalist shoes like Vibram

How to properly wash Nike Flyknit

I've owned a pair of Nike Flyknit Free 5.0's and this is how I wash them.Step 1Soak in warm water to get dust and excess dirt off.Step 2Use a warm cloth with soap on it to scrub off sticky dirt. To get out rocks at the bottom, use a dirty toothbrush

How do basketball shoes differ from running shoes?

Choosing the right shoe for your chosen sport is one of the most important decisions you can make before you start training or playing. According to Dr. Stephen Pribut, clinical assistant professor of surgery at the George Washington University Medical Center, choosing a sport specific shoe can help prevent serious nagging

How to choose the right running shoes

Hi, I'd like to take the pleasure of answering this question. Choosing the right running shoes is what every running freaks wants. As I'm also one of the running freak.Firstly we must understand that running shoes are very different from

How do regular tennis shoes and running shoes differ?

While both are similar, they are different due to different goals.Running shoes require almost complete forward movement, so the shoe is built to comfort and cradle the foot as if it were only moving forward. Lateral movement is possible, but you'd find your foot in pain quicker than with

How to stretch out tight shoes

Here are a few tips and tricks, which I've read about. Some of them I've tried.There are a few things to consider though. Tight shoes can only be stretched as much, I don't think you'll be able to stretch a shoe 1 full size up. The maximum you will probably be able to achieve would

How does a shoe design vary based on its intended use?

I've been playing tennis, singles and doubles, socially (and competitively during school) for 15 years and only until last year did I buy designated tennis shoes. I had been using cross trainer type shoes for a long time

How long do running shoes last?

The life of shoes depends on the type of material by which it had been prepared. While purchasing running shoes, several points should be kept in mind.Shoes should be fitted with shocks. Stable shoes contain motion in the ankle. The

How would you rate standard running shoes versus barefoot running shoes?

I kinda agree with Steven Sashen about this and I kinda don't.I'm gonna get slammed for this:There's no such thing as a

I would like to start running regularly as an exercise, what should I keep in mind?

So Great that You have thought to take up running as a daily activity but beware you will loose interest and hope in between...why? Let Me tell youRunning takes a lot of efforts in the beginning i still remember the first day i started only ran 50 metres and there

If you have nothing wrong with your feet, is running barefoot just as good as running with running shoes?

Running barefoot is actually better in many ways than running with shoes. Today many of the popular sneaker brands are designed in a way which cause the foot to move unnaturally during physical activity. This is often due to a raised heel or cushioning.The whole idea of a raised heel is based

Is it important to use running shoes for running in India?

Thanks for the A2A.It is not important but generally recommended to use running shoes for running.Reasons being,The shoes will keep your feet safe from any unwanted object which you will surely find outdoors.Running shoes gives your feet an added support which helps you run better without

Is the shoe brand Skechers really that good?

Honestly, yes they are. When I bought my first pair of Skechers I was amazed at actually how superior they are compared to other brands. The first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable they are, they have a lot of

What are major running shoe brands in the United States?

Now if you are talking specialized, concentrating mostly on running shoes there are only a few brands: BrooksSauconyNew BalanceAsicsMizunoThese are companies that are found in running stores ( in addition to Nike) and design shoes for the serious runners. But these other companies sell more shoes, and have

What are some good long lasting running shoe brands?

Lezoline Rifones Shoes BY ButterflyAthlete Style Model; The New Choice Of Top PlayersB-Armor – covering the front upper part with KPU material of high stiffness. It cushions the forefoot and protects from rapid movementsOne-Sided Shoe Tongue – connecting only the inside part of the shoe tongue, preventing undesired movements and

What are some of the best running shoe brands?

There is no one, best shoe on the market. The proper shoe for you will depend upon your feet. Ideally, when running, your feet need to be able to do their job-that is to feel the earth beneath you in order to navigate

What are the best barefoot/minimal running shoes made by the major shoe brands?

Diabetic shoes are made keeping several factors into consideration such as sufficient space inside the shoe so that the feet of the wearer receives considerable space while walking or running. Growing geriatric population, who frequently suffer from diabetic conditions, are another prominent factor that is augmenting the demand.Get More Information About Diabetics Shoes & Its Manufacturers@ Transparency

What are the best non branded running shoes?

Kalenji is a really good option.Kalenji is branded and is really good for entry level athletes (amateurs) . Just that Kalenji is not the brand that will flash into your head at the momentary thought of running shoes.Why is Kalenji good?They have varied range of running shoes which cater to all types of running tracks and distances

What are the best running shoes for women?

Gym shoes turned out to be the best womenIt is surely a victory to find some time for the workout from your daily busy schedule. To reach the next level, you need to select appropriate gear to enjoy the perfect workout. During the workout, the

What are the best running shoes you have owned? Why do you recommend them?

Best Running Shoes Listed with 5star Reviews. Every runner is different, and there are a number of factors to consider before making your final decision. Before we get started with our post detailing the best running shoes for men on the market. check those out to see which one is in your budget range.

What are the best running shoes?

10 best running shoes in India in 2017From Adidas to New Balance, we list down the 10 best shoes for runners.Whether it's just a sprint down the road or an entire 42.195 km marathon, the key to a good run lies in selecting the right kind of shoes for one's feet!

What are the best running/walking shoes?

From what I understand, tennis shoes, as such, are best for playing tennis. You *can* use running shoes or cross trainers for tennis, but they are not built in the same way to stand up to the frequent starts/stops, lateral cuts, etc. So best case scenario, they just wear out

What are the best shoes for running fast?

My brother Amit preparing for India army. He wakes up at 5 am in the morning and racing with your friend on the road. Amit uses Vostro brand running men shoes from 2 years. Because Vostro shoes can buy at budget cost and these pair can also use daily wear.

What are the general differences between Nike and Adidas shoe products?

At first glance -Nike is dedicated to athletes, sports, fitness, performance and the core belief that anyone can be an athlete (yes...questionable) and exhibit top level performance if they

What are the most comfortable running shoes?

Comfort and all is good, but then your product should bedurable and resistant to rough, uneven terrains. Moreover, due to the cutthroatcompetition, one gets in a fix as to which one to buy or will it be aningenious choice for my little twins down under. Plus, feasibility

What are your favourite running shoes?

Here is the List of 10 best running shoes that was mentioned in youselectz article.After tested many different shoes we listed 10 best running shoes from our experience.10. Brooks Ghost 1109. Reebok Men Run Escape LP08. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo07. Nike Epic React Flyknit 206. New Balance Fresh Foam05. Reebok Floatride04. Adidas Ultraboost03. Nike Zoom Pegasus

What is a good minimal looking running shoe?

Hey Leonard, thanks for the A2A :)I'm a big fan of the Nike Free. It is a very minimally designed shoe and one that was at the forefront of the

What is the best running shoe for people who get shin splints frequently?

Shin splints are usually caused by excessive force and the muscles swellings around the shin bone. This can cause inflammation around the bone. It can also be caused by stress fractures. Stress fractures are more serious injury and would require rest. Also make sure you have enough calcium in your diet and your getting plenty of vitamin

What is the cheap and best gym bag and gym shoes in India?

Nivia is good, like search Amazon you'll see thousand results and nivia is amongst them, nivia's quality is good whereas in the same price tags I am not sure about the other products of how long they may last.I'd advice you to use quality gym shoes of a good brand like Hrx, Nike, Adidas, Reebok. I

What is the difference between Nike and Asics running shoes?

Asics are more conservative in their approach, providing shoes with larger cushioning and support structures (especially in the current running shoe market). A lot of Asics shoes are based on their Gel technology  -- literally putting gel into the midsole. Asics major trainer model GT-1000 has not changed much over years, becoming an icon of a traditional

What is the difference between sneakers and shoes?

The term Shoes engulfs almost everything that you wear on your feet (except sandals and flip flops). It can be classified into different categories such as Casual Shoes, Formal shoes etc.Sneakers on the other end are a sub classification of Casual shoes. These are the shoes that are usually made of materials such as Canvas, Textile, and in

What is the difference between Sneakers, Running and Training shoes and which one should I buy?

Sneakers are more of fashion-like shoe that you would wear to hang out with friends, dining, or walk around the city. Running, and training shoes are more for exercising, and tend to be design to meet more active needs. Most running shoes can't be worn to go out to a fancy

What is the difference between training shoes and running shoes?

Many people treat most rubber shoes and the like as athletic shoes. Simple walking shoes, sneakers, gym shoes, running shoes and training shoes can be considered one and the same footwear. Although they share lots of similar characteristics, some of these shoes still differ from each other in

What is the reputation of Skechers these days?

Skechers has a solid reputation industry-wide, but it's important to keep in mind that Skechers has products that target a very broad population demographic. They have comfortable casual shoes for non-athletic use, as well as dress shoes, more affordable lines of athletic-use shoes, etc.

What kind of shoes do you use for body building? Running shoes, training shoes, etc?

I recommend Adidas Adipower shoes. They are NOT running shoes, but for lifting weights they are arguably the nicest shoes out there (5 star rating after 451 reviews on adidas website, 4.7 rating after 500+ amazon reviews). Use them for any olympic lifts or squatting, and then go barefoot for deadlift variations.

What running shoes are the best bang for the buck?

In the event that you ever been to a shoes store, the salesman most likely looked at your feet, observed the way you stepped, and suggested a specific footwear according to those aspects.The majority of athletic shoes feel at ease when you are standing

What's the best way to clean running shoes?

Most running shoes can survive a few trips through the washing machine. Don't expect them to survive being washed too many times. Remove the sockliners first, use a mild liquid laundry detergent, and use an extra rinse if you have an extra rinse setting. If the sockliners are really skanky just swap in a new pair of