Are humans the only animals who sweat through the skin?

No, they aren't.Horses sweat, in much the same manner that humans do, as do all primates. Dogs and cats lose excess heat through panting as well through their paws. Humans are simply more proficient at it than animals are, owing to the fact that we possess a greater number

Beauty Tips: How should we clean our face without any chemical and cosmetics?

Since you said easy here are a few mess free ways.Coconut Oil, believe me this works wonders. Take enough to cover your face into your palms and warm it gently onto your face and massage for a minute. It penetrates deep and exfoliates its antimicrobial properties eliminate fungi

Before applying my makeup, I moisturize my face by massaging Boroline into my skin because my skin is dry, after applying foundation and concealer my skin becomes too dry. What can I do to help this?

Using natural remedies are safest and effective way to get results for your skin care. But at time it can completely dry out your skin and makes skin look scaly. Dry skin is a very common problem these days faced by

Can drinking coffee daily make the skin complexion darker?

Excess of any thing is bad, rather than coffee has skin beneficial component like it is full of antioxidants but it also have some adverse effects prolonged use of coffee can have more negative benefits than positive it may damage your teeth, breadth and even your

Can exercising help the skin?

Yes, exercise can be very helpful for the overall health of the skin. When you exercise, you sweat your body out, which helps in flushing the harmful toxins out of body and gives a natural glow to your skin.Not just this, exercise can help in maintaining the overall health of the body. Also, exercise can help in making

Do I need to drink a lot of water if I want to have clear skin?

Yes of course...i've experienced changes in my skin when i started consuming 2 to 3 litres of water a day...Earlier when i didn't pay any attention to my water intake,i used to have a acne prone oily skin...I used to consume somewhere around 1 to 1.5 litres of water daily..n that too i can't say surely because i

Do polishing bar soaps work to remove brown spots, like seborrheic keratoses, on the body?

I wouldn't unless I'd made sure they were all exactly that. Then read up on what is recommended in the links.If you were told by a Doctor or Specialist RN about them what else did they say, if not why did you not take the opportunity to find out more.seborrheic keratoses at DuckDuckGo

Does exercise improve your skin?

How Exercise Can Help Improve Your SkinExercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes

Does minimizing facial expressions help your skin from aging?

In most natural signed languages, the use of the face is important for grammatical as well as emotional information.  We use our eyebrows, noses, mouths, and tongues to convey grammatical information in American Sign Language (ASL).  It is a common observation among Deaf peoples that our elderly Deaf people appear more youthful than elderly Hearing people. 

How to have glow in my skin

There are certain routine which makes the skin glowing. That really works for me.Walking: Cultivate the art of walking half an hour. Walks in natural setting are the very best. Walking is perhaps nature's ideal exercise.And when you walk do not think about work or

How to get glowing healthy skin

When it comes to skincare, I take it seriously. I don't have perfect skin, I have acne scars near my cheek and I hate it. I'm in my thirties, and sometimes I still have adult acne. It's annoying but when its happen, I

How to get glowing skin naturally in one week

Perfect skin. Find me one woman who does not want it. But why does it seem like flawless skin is too much to ask for? Trying to get your skin to cooperate with you almost always feels like a series of never-ending battles against zits, dark circles, pigmentation,

How to improve my skin tone naturally

A beautiful clear skin tone is a dream of everyone. There may not be a fountain of healthy skin, but the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent or even reverse the damages we have done to our skin. Your body needs the right nutrients to fight off damage, and your skin is

How harmful is it to use Sharpie permanent markers on your skin?

Sharpies are non-toxic, so you will probably not die or get sick from drawing on your skin, however...Some people still have sensitive skin, and can have reactions to ink, especially if it covers a large area of skin.Covering your skin with paint, or ink, can reduce

How long does it take to get rid of loose skin at 30 through exercise who has always usually been athletic? I put on 30 pounds recently.

Your question depends on:First your activity level (1ad, 4ad, 1aw, 4aw, ect)Second your dietThird sleep patternAnd fourth stress levelOnce you have the basic 4 things you can create a projection of when the weight will be gone, or gained.However you have to keep in mind, muscle is denser than fat, water has

I have dark circles. I have pimples on my face. I have hair falling in my dark skin which is very difficult to handle. I don't have time to do makeup and look beautiful but I want to be beautiful. What can I do?

Yes you have time. It will only take 20-25 minutes of your entire day to make yourself look more put together.But number one: You are already beautiful. Don't think that after you apply makeup you are beautiful. You are already beautiful and

I have lost a massive amount of weight from 400 to 280. I feel good my muscles are great, but my skin is still loose and flabby. How do you get rid of the extra skin without plastic surgery?

Hi there, first of all, congratulations on your weight loss!! As far as getting rid of the excess skin, well that is tricky. The image below is more about using a particular product that was helpful treating stretch marks and not excess skin, if you want to give it a go to see,

I want to ask if do you need to use both toner and micellar water or if they are which one do I use first?

Micellar water is meant to replace typical cleansers, like foaming cleansers, and oil cleansers. However, if you use makeup most are insufficient to get the skin clean. Toner is an after cleansing step, and not truly a cleansing item. Many people use it to get rid of what a

I want to start making my own skin care products. Where can I buy the ingredients?

Two years ago I was at a nice shopping mall in Florida.A new store was opening, a store who's ads in the windows proclaimed

I would like to make all natural skin care (wash, toner, scrubs, moisturizers) products at home. If this is something you do, could you give me tips, advice or recipes to help me make my own?

Dear Rose Anne,Thank you for asking.You can make all of my products at home. You will find they provide the most gentle, nourishing skin care you will find anywhere. They will also be fresh, so there are no preservatives - another plus for your skin.To cleanse my face, I use cleansing grains made from oat flour

What are natural skin care tips for teen girls?

Here are the top skin tips for teen skin care. For more details visit this article.Cleanse carefully. If your skin is oily, you'll probably do well with a foaming or gel cleanser for daily skin care. Cleanse once a day, or twice if your skin gets very oily or dirty throughout the

What are some of the real beauty secrets for good body or clear skin?

Real beauty secrets are hard to come by - I've spent the better part of the last 2 years experimenting, testing, and trying all sorts of skincare fads, trends, and products. A load of them are bollucks.Long story short - I struggled with my skin for a long time but eventually found a skincare routine based on the philosophy

What are some simple beauty tips and hacks?

All actresses do it,Is to simply feel beautiful.Sitting quietly, with closed eyes, feel beautiful.Too much beautiful cloth hide the real beauty, clothes could only be ordinary to outshine the beauty, they can find faults in your clothing, but that Gap is filled by your beauty, gaudy vs elegant.Be

What are the best beauty tips for glowing skin?

There is a very simple and easy solution to get rid of all of these problems, make some changes in your diet that keep your skin bright, which is not possible by any artificial remedy. That's why we are going to tell you in this article what to include in

What are the best beauty tips for gorgeous skin and hair?

Personally, I am strongly against using DIY or homemade recipes for skin care.For three reasons:They get messyThey harbor bacteriaThey simply don't work well, or at all.I recently decided to embark on my journey to achieving healthy, radiant skin & thick beautiful hair. You really should start taking

What are the great methods of natural skin care?

Here few methods are given for natural skin care and to know more visit this article.Skin is a very critical and visible section of our body. It's some sort of protective covering on all our body parts. We care

What are the Simple beauty hacks that will get your skin glowing?

Let's face the truth as most women want smooth, firm, and blemish free skin with glowing radiant from within. Oh, we forget to mention the wrinkle. Yes, we want the minimal wrinkle in the face. Before, you flush tons of money on some sort of

What can I do for a healthy skin?

Skin is extremely important for good health, because it protects the rest of your body from germs and infectious agents. While many people want healthy skin because of the radiant appearance it provides, it can also be an indicator of overall health, and having healthy skin starts with having a healthy body.Skip the long, steamy

What can I do to make my skin whiter?

We can divide it into two main parts :-Inner healthExternal Skin careInner health plays an important role in it. Skin lightening all depends upon less production of melanin so you must eat glutathione rich food, Vitamin C rich food and Vitamin E rich food for skin lightening. In fact , you can try this under the supervision of

What do you do to keep such a beautiful skin?

The Japanese konjac sponge is one of my personal favorite beauty care secrets! Ditch cleansers, medical grade cleansers and opt for the natural way. The Japanese Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural facial and body cleansing sponge made from vegetable fibers of Konjac (Konnyaku). The Konjac Sponge has been used in Japan first

What is a good skin care/beauty routine for a woman over 30 on a budget (day and night)?

It's going to completely depend on what your personal issues happen to be.I'm a 53 year old black woman so this is what I've found works for me. It must work because I've had people mistake me for being at least ten years younger than I actually am

What is the most important skincare item?

Hello,Thanks for writing in,there are many skincare regime that turn your skin healthy and flawless.korean and Chinese are few best skin care routines to follow.but you should follow the skin regime which works best for your skin according to your skin type and age.every step of skin care routine is important and in which following your routine twice

What is the secret to beautiful skin?

Stay hydrated. Take small sips of water throughout the day.ALWAYS wear sunscreen (except for 20 minutes in the sun for vitamin D) or wear hats.DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE WITH SOAP. EVER. Wipe it with lotion(any kind of lotion will do; hand, face, body - the less ingredients the better. Try and avoid

What juices should I drink to get beautiful and glowing skin?

Drinking fresh juice will bring out the glow in your face. There are many needed nutrients in fruits and vegetables that will help improve the beauty of your skin. Drinking juice is a quick and easy way to get all the benefits from fruit, especially if you do not enjoy

What makes Chinese skin so smooth?

Twenty year ago, I was in the US. One morning, I was having my break first. One waitress (about 25 to 30 years old) served me (28 male) with some typical American breakfirst in a restaurant (60 km away from Boston city).

What's the best exercise for toning up loose skin?

Strength training got my waist from 38 to 32 inches and weight from 90 kgs to 67 kgs in an year. It's the best way to tone loose skin. I see a lot of improvement in my lower belly and under arms bat wings that used to be loose.My fitness

What things should I do for natural glowing skin?

No-makeup Makeup can actually make your skin glow without your makeup being noticed. Read this post till the end to find out. But before that a quick introduction.My name is Ayush and I wirte on Quora, webnovel, wattpad, inkitt and Tapas. Plus I also have

Why did Michael Jackson's skin turn white?

Shortly after the release of his Thriller album, when he was around 24 years old, Michael Jackson started developing a rare skin disorder called

Why is exercise good for your skin?

Everyone knows that exercise is essential for a healthy body. But did you know that it can breathe new life into your dull skin? Yes, working out helps you maintain your figure and your skin. Exercise is one of the best

Why is my face never clear and it's full of tiny bumps? I have tried doing almost everything and it did help a little but, it's still not clear.

The bumps are probably acne, if it is, try to wash your face at least once per day to clean your skin and help the acne go away. If your skin is not clear, I also suggest cleansing your face, I use cleansers that are targeted towards keeping skin clear and clean. Bumps, acne and

Will I get loose skin if I consume 3 protein shakes only?

Loose skin have may meaningsLoose skin because of fat lossLoose skin because of cellulitisLoose skin because of caesareanAll above circumstance are different,in short 3 protein shakes will help depends on your daily protein intake quantity but even though this is only 50% way to get rid of loose skinWILL SWEATING BURN MORE FAT?Get all

Do boys need to use night cream? If yes, specify the skin type and minimum age.

A night cream doesn't specify it is meant for women only. However, the type of skin men have is quite different when compared to women. When you are young you skin is elastic and supple. All a night cream does is help

Do collagen supplements really work?

I have found this paper to be a

Do milk and dairy products cause acne? Why?

A number of studies have shown an association between acne and milk products.[8][9][10][11][12][13][16][17][18][19] We've only been drinking milk since the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago, so it's natural to expect that it may do some things to our bodies that are suboptimal.There are a number of theories to account for how milk may

Do polishing bar soaps work to remove brown spots, like seborrheic keratoses, on the body?

I wouldn't unless I'd made sure they were all exactly that. Then read up on what is recommended in the links.If you were told by a Doctor or Specialist RN about them what else did they say, if not why did you not take the opportunity to find out more.seborrheic keratoses at DuckDuckGo

Does exercise improve your skin?

How Exercise Can Help Improve Your SkinExercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes can be

Does human body absorb water through skin?

The two previous answers are incorrect.Yes, we absorb some water into the skin when we're immersed in a lake or a bath, hence the phenomenon of

Does olive oil really help your skin?

It sure does! Just like Juan Valdes mentioned, olive oil is packed full of polyphenols which act the same as antioxidants. But also, olive oil has Vitamin E and phytosterols, which both help the skin produce collagen and and even skin tone. There's more information

Does your skin get prettier when you lose a lot of weight?

Yes. Exercise stimulates circulation and feeds every nook and corner of our body. The inflated balloon and deflated balloon will explain further point. Inflated balloon shines and is without creases on it. Muscles below the skin give wrinkle free texture. Contrary, when there are no muscles and only fat

How to get rid of my body hair

Egg white is a sticky substance like sugar, lemon and honey mask. Once it dries on your face, it is very easy to pull it off and when you pull it down, the unwanted facial hair will also come along with it. But, you may experience pain when pulling off the dried egg mask.IngredientsHalf a tablespoon of

How to get rid of pimples and scars

Hi there ! I would like to share my personal story of how I got rid of acne ,scars and all the things that come with it . Now , I did not have terrible acne that covered all my face .I had two or three pimples here and there and blackheads

How to reduce wrinkles and loose skin on my face

You should try some face exercises to tighten your skin I won't suggest you exercises because I don't have any idea which is suitable you should search face exercises on YouTube .Other things which can be tried :Honey n vit. E face pack - 1/2 tblspoon honey + 1/2 tblspoon aloe Vera gel + 1 vitamin e oil

How can one remove sun tans and lighten the skin back to its original color?

You don't. Skin tanning is your body's natural way to protect itself from the cancer-causing UV rays of the sun. You cannot speed the rate that your body un-tans. That's like asking how to make your body heal slower, or how to age and die faster. I'm sorry that you think healthy skin is somehow ugly, but that's society's

How to get a naturally healthy skin

Spirulina and Chlorella are two magical herbs that are particularly beneficial for the skin! Also, a plant-based vegan diet has proven to be the most beneficial for inner and outer health, including skin.I also use this organic coconut oil on my face several times daily and

How to get good skin

The fundamental need of the good skin is the internal body cleanse.Even the most expensive white cosmetics or procedure in the most luxurious cosmetic salon can not have such a lasting and visible effect on the face and body as its' internal cleansing.The contamination of the body first affects the

How to get rid of black elbows

Dark elbows can be caused because of your habit of rubbing the elbows and knees too hard for a long period of time, and it is also related to genetic factors like sudden hormonal changes inside the body. However, you

How to protect my skin daily from wrinkles

If you really want to keep wrinkle away from your skin try using 50+SPF Sunscreen lotion. Or you can use Vitamin c serum which diminshed wrinkle formation, even skin tone, and improved smooth texture. Perfect for anyone with sensitive or easily irritated skin.How does vitamin c serum helps to prevent wrinkles?

How to start taking care of my skin (face)

he skin is the barrier between the environment and good health. A healthy skin is well hydrated, supple, almost wrinkle free, supple, blemish free and glowing. Dry, flaky, damaged skin in the wicket gate for bacteria and germs to enter the body and create havoc.Since times

How to will be fit by just jumping rope and get a beautiful skin without getting saggy skin

It's really hard to understand what you are asking. What do you mean by eating on time? There's no set time to eat that will impact your weight. Weight loss is essentially eating less calories than you burn. However, I would not

How to get rid of visible pores on your nose

step 1Completely clean your pores in order to reduce its size. They may have already accumulated waste , and you have to remove them before proceeding . Extractions and cleaning are best when performed by a professional , so a facial program , if possible .Step 2Use a reducing pore facial cleanser if you

How to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin

If you have recently noticed those fines lines on your face or have been struggling to get rid of them since long back, there are certain home remedies that can remove wrinkles more effectively than others. Here I will give you such natural remedies for wrinkles that

I have an uneven skin tone all over my body. What should I do?

For uneven and dull skin , just add these skin lightening & whitening soaps in your daily skin care routine . These soaps are natural & safe and will work for sure. Choose any one among them . Check here :-Top 5 Skin Whitening Soaps That Actually WorksNow after these

I have developed dark, painful, burning eczema on my neck and arms. The eczema has started to spread to my face. Could my pet bunnies be the reason my eczema has started spreading to other parts of my body?

Don't ask Quora: go to your doctor.The number of questions about medical symptoms on here amazes me. Would anyone trust the word of an unknown over a personal examination by a medical practitioner?A

I keep getting acne on my face? What can I do to get rid of it?

There are various factors that cause acne. Hormones if you're young. It could also be your diet or the products you use on your face.Avoid fried or greasy foods.If you wear makeup, consider changing brands. MAC and Smashbox are two harsh brands. Neutrogena, mineral makeup, and anything targeted towards oily skin are less

If I get sunburnt, how can I minimize skin damage afterwards?

Ouch. I agree with the previous mentions of Aloe Vera. These are my heavy hitters and go to's for minimizing the aftermath of a sun burn immediately :My personal recommendation is to always have a tube of French Pharmacy staple Biafine on hand. (I keep one

Is a tanned skin healthy?

Getting a tan is never healthy. Most people believe that a tan offers protection against sunburn. In actuality, a tan gives very little protection from sunburn.An article from The Skin Cancer Foundation states:"A study examining the effects of tanning was carried out by Cripps

Is an animal's or human's skin airtight?

It depends on the animal. Your skin, like that of most mammals, is a reasonably (but not completely) airtight barrier between you and the outside world, but some animals can

What are natural ways to tighten skin?

Skin tightening using any lotions or potions with whatever essential oils or natural seed oils you use in combination will be temporary. It's not to say they don't work at all - but virtually any any natural cleansing regimen (I use honey

What are tips for maintaining healthy facial skin?

Hello DearEVERYDAY SKIN CARE TIPS YOU CAN EASILY INTEGRATE INTO YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINEKeep your favorite night-time skin care products next to your bed to save yourself time and help to make sure you remember to apply themUse a gentle exfoliating shower gel such as NIVEA Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel which leaves your skin

What can I do for a healthy skin?

Skin is extremely important for good health, because it protects the rest of your body from germs and infectious agents. While many people want healthy skin because of the radiant appearance it provides, it can also be an indicator of overall health, and having healthy skin starts with having a healthy body.Skip the long, steamy showers and opt

What food should I avoid to get healthy skin?

Dr. Ian Mussman shares with you the top ten list of toxic food offenders that will not only damage your skin but will make you age faster if you eat them routinely.1. SugarStop adding sugar to your food. You are already ingesting too much if you eat a typical western

What is the best product for skin care (face) ever?

Top 10: Best Skin Care Brands in India for oily and dry skinSo for today's post i'm going to be listing out some of the best skincare brands available in India, and like most of my listi-cles i'm going to be writing

What is the best way to keep your skin healthy and good looking?

1 Knowledge: Understand your skin situation and needs. Like your fingerprint, your skin is unique to you.2 Ingredients: Look for ingredients that have good evidence/results in addressing your needs. Pro tip: forget about celebs and endorsements.3 Products: Look for product containing favorable ingredients identified in step 2. Pro tip: everybody in the skin care industry claims ‘silver bullet status'. So

What is the best way to keep your skin hydrated?

If your skin has been dry lately, you're not alone. Cold weather, harsh winds, and dry indoor air all conspire to suck the moisture out of skin during the winter months, leaving it dry, cracked, and scaly. Cheeks, arms, and legs have almost no sebaceous oil glands and are therefore drier in winter months.

What is the proper skin care for face?

It depends on one person's skin to the others.Ask A Pro - How To Know The Type Of Your Skin?Stop using gaudy or flamboyant products you come across on the shelves of the cosmetic store. They are harsh for your skin.Don't just go for the claims i.e., skin brightening or skin whitening! Instead look for

What is the secret behind a healthy skin?

Everybody loves a well hydrated, moisturized, flawless, glowing skin. But your poor lifestyle choices & ignorance make your skin dull, unhealthy & undernourished. When you include fruits in your diet they reduce inflammation, helps synthesize collagen & nourishes the skin making your skin look healthy with a vibrant

What should I do and not do in order to avoid pimples?

Pimples/Acne appears due to blockage of your skin pores or some allergies.In order to avoid pimples:→ Follow a healthy lifestyle with proper diet.→ Drink water at regular intervals.→ Wash your face regularly and try to wipe sweat on the face as soon as possible.→ Take an appointment with a dermatologist and discuss your problems with them.→ Avoid taking fried

What should I eat for healthy skin?

Skin is definitely a reflection of our nutritional status of the body. A shiny and vibrant skin speaks about your health.There are foods which are easily available inside our kitchen which we can use to make our skin healthy.Water- Water therapy is the ancient techniques used for various ailments, one of the benefits of drinking water is, it makes

What's the best face skin care routine for oily skin? I need to also use an anti-aging lotion.?

Hi! I am so glad that you asked this question! There are millions of women each day looking for a skin care regimen that will work for their face. Many find disappointment after disappointment as they put their skin through an array of tests and trials, only to find themselves frustrated and without

What's the best treatment for wrinkles?

Best is a permanent coma. Skin that does not move does not become wrinkled. Conversely, massage or facial exercise makes more wrinkles, not less.Second is genetics. My parents were both Italian but the Vikings did trade and conquer in the Mediterranean. My father was darker and showed little age while my mother had red hair and

Whats the best way to maintain a healthy skin?

Here are the things that work for me (I have combination skin).DietFirst of all, it's diet. GREATLY limit fatty foods, especially fried. I am convinced that the fatty foods contribute to the amount of oil and other junk produced by sebaceous glands (the glands that

Which cream is best for removing dark spots on the face?

Fitness AimNo Need to go for cream you can do it naturallyWash Your FaceBefore you go to bed, make sure your skin is good and clean. Wash any dirt that can be invisible, and use a gentle cleanser (or more aggressive one on your face if you have fair skin and requires fast results).

Which is best face scrub for dry skin?

Vlcc papaya and apricot scrub. This scrub contains micro granules of papaya extracts and is enriched with Apricot kernel oil which gently exfoliate the your skin. Gently removes blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin impurities . It makes your skin glowing day by day .It is very good for dry senstive skin .How to use:

Which soap is used to cure black spots on my face?

First of all, no soap can cure black spots.The logic is that dark spots or pigmentation are caused due to melanin deposition- a deposition that takes place beneath the visible layer of the skin and not the skin surface.The soaps and most topical creams work just on the surface and hence will have little or no affect on the

Which vitamin is good for clean skin?

Ok, this is kind of long but I think necessary...My suggestion is to take vitamins only if you are not eating a nutritious diet for some reason.  However, if you are eating very well nutritionally and you also take added vitamins you would be overloading your system with vitamins and your body would be thrown into a

Why are my hands and feet cold to the touch?

Cold hands/feet is a symptom of poor blood circulation. Although, the cardiac muscle can ensure adequate venous return when a person is lying down, gravity makes venous return much more difficult when sitting or standing.  Gravity causes both blood to pool in the lower limb veins and lymphatic fluid to pool in the interstitial tissues

Why do I bleed when I pull off dead skin?

It's because you are not supposed to just 'pull off' dead skin. You obviously went too deep. If you want to 'slough' off dead skin the normal way go to a pharmacy & ask for either a loofah or a pumice foot smoother. If you get it, run hot soapy water over your feet in the shower

Why does my skin gets dark during summertime even when I don't go out in sun much? How do I protect my skin from it?

What is hyper pigmentation?Hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition in which few patches of skin that are commonly exposed to sun are darker compared to the surrounding regions. This condition occurs when an excess of melanin, a brown pigment that gives color to our skin, forms deposits at certain parts on our skin.

Why is animal skin called leather?

I haven't been able to find any etymology on leather but the reason that it has a name other than

Will I have loose skin if I lose 50-60 lbs? I'm a girl weighing 185 lbs currently, and I'm 17 years old. My goal is to lose it in 8 months at 1-2 pounds a week?

Loose skin: Probably not. You are still young so your skin's elasticity is going to be in peak condition.Your goal is doable and extremely possible in that amount of time.Just stay consistent and remember not to rely so much on the scale.Also remember that water weight happens

After having weight loss surgery what is the best way to get rid of extra skin hanging from the stomach?

Surgery is about your only option. If your skin was going to rebound, it would have happened as you were losing weight, not something that would occur when you're done.Insurance coverage for this is exceedingly rare, and usually requires open skin sores resistant to multiple forms of treatment, or even more rarely, that the

Are anti-aging skincare products BS?

Anti-Aging skin creams can be effective, depending on the formula and brand. Many anti-aging creams will use harsh chemicals to get you to see results instantly, however any fast acting results are all smoke and mirrors, and may damage your skin in the long run. There is no instantaneous miracle cure for reversing aging,

Can caffeine cause acne?

While there is no hard scientific evidence that suggests that caffeine is directly linked to the development of acne, there is no question that caffeine contributes to acne prone skin in a number of ways. So, when you ask yourself

Can eating lots of tomatoes and drinking lots of water help clear up my skin problems, like pimples, and also remove a sun tan and whiten my skin?

Yes, to a great extent actuallyHow tomato helps acneTomatoes are a natural anti-inflammatory when consumed and applied topically.They help to repair our cells and introduce lots of vitamin C and lycopene into our systemIt boosts our skin's natural skin protection factor (SPF)It aids in the production, growth, and regeneration of skin cells, giving skin a more even and youthful

Can I improve my skin tone from dark to light?

This Kind of question shows, we are still thinking that white skin people are better than people with wheatish skin. we in India have naturally dark skin and it cant be changed. We can only Glow our SkinThe Skin colour is because of MELANIN chemical in the bodyLess Melanin causes a white skin -British has less

Can Vicks Vapo Rub be used for stretch marks?

Did you know that Vaseline and vicks are petrochemical greases? Akin to automotive greases and oils?Baby oil is the same thing, just lighter in texture. Derived from commercial crude oil refining.Do not put these things on your skin. At least not with

Could Sucrose in creams accelerate skin aging in the long run? It is added for better hydration, but how about the long-term effect? Multiple research confirms that sugar particles enhance protein glycation (which leads to wrinkles).

Sugars have been used for years topically as in milk sugar to break down the bonds that keep dead skin from shedding. Think of Cleopatra using yogurt and milk to make her skin soft, pale and smooth!Glycation that is internal is different, and that

Could we potentially reverse/prevent skin aging?

as a result of aging you are at risk of losing the beautiful fat and volume in your face. Lots of volume in the face always looks older! Fat in the face makes us look pretty fresh and young. Here's some information that you might find helpful if you

Do white people have melanin?

That's where tans come from! Sunlight causes melanin to be expressed. The more melanin someone has, the quicker that sunlight will darken their skin.Black infants are actually lighter-colored at birth; exposure to sunlight causes their skin to darken shortly after. It takes a lot of sun exposure before a