Why does the sky look red in the afternoon?

There are two reasons for this.First, let's talk about Rayleigh scattering. You probably know that sunlight is made of many, many different colors (wavelengths) of visible light. When sunlight passes through the air, some colors interact with air molecules more strongly

In which direction of the sky is the universe's expansion pointing, seen from our vantage point?

No matter where an observer is in the observable universe, the expansion is the same in all directions. I'm not saying that we on Earth are in a special position from which the expansion is everywhere away from us. The

Is there a ratio between how many stars and galaxies we see in the night sky?

The ratio of naked-eye stars to galaxies, in each hemisphere, is about 1500 to one.  On a cloudless moonless night, with low light-pollution and clear horizons, you can see about 3000 stars from any particular place. There are a total of about 6000 for the whole planet. There

Which star appears in the sky as the star which all other stars revolve around?

Jules Stoop is correct on both counts, however, on the second count, he has not mentioned the second one.Which star appears in the sky as the star which all other stars revolve around?There are two stars around which it appears the other stars are revolving around, Circumpolar star. In the northern

Are there any celestial bodies that we can see in the night sky without a telescope?

Other than the Moon, Sun, Planets, and many stars, off the top of my head:M45/Pleiades; The Hyades: Two open star clusters in Taurus, the brightest members of which are easily seen with the naked eyeM42/Great Orion Nebula: visible as a fuzzy patch in the sword of OrionM31/Andromeda Galaxy - visible as a fuzzy patch from

When the light from all the stars in space finally reaches Earth, will the night sky be as bright as day?

The night sky will never be as bright as day. Though the reasons are somewhat more complex than the reasoning of the question.The most distant light arriving at Earth is the Cosmic microwave background and it is

What is it in the night sky tonight?

You probably saw a lunar halo.

How often does a new star appear in the sky because its light is first hitting the Earth?

Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.- The Hitch Hikers Guide to the GalaxyNot often.Out towards the edge of the visible universe, stars

Would the night sky appear blue if one of the 'close' stars visible in the night sky went supernova?

Would the night sky appear blue if one of the 'close' stars visible in the night sky went supernova?We can go by descriptions of Tycho's Star, a nearby supernova that appeared in 1572. It was visible in daylight

What would the night sky look like from the surface of Jupiter?

Before I answer, I'll just put out that Jupiter is classed as a gas giant. It doesn't have a clear surface. What you consider the surface is probably the top of the atmosphere. So, in this scenario I'll consider the surface to be just above the atmosphere.Now to answer....Scenario One: It would look basically the

Why does Venus move around in the night sky?

For the same rules of Kepler's laws that make the other planets move:The first law: "The orbit described by a planet is an ellipse, of which the Sun occupies one of the two fires. »The second law: "The segment (radius vector) that joins the center of the Sun

Where does the sun go when it goes down? How does the night sky show?

The Sun does not ‘go down'; we, on Earth, just rotate away from it. The Sun can be considered to be stationary. At night, without the Sun lighting up our atmosphere, the stars are revealed. They were there all the time, shining just as at night, except now

Why are there red clouds in the night sky?

These are normal clouds, lit from underneath by the low laying sun, sometimes already under the horizon. Sunlight at this time of the day (dusk or dawn) goes through the thickest layer of atmosphere which is when red light starts scattering out, illuminating the clouds orange or red.It

How is one side of the flight seeing bright sky while the other, a dark night sky?

Wow. What a question. Thanks for A2A. Aditya Suresh has asked that I simplify the answer to a school kid level. I am going to try but this is not a simple Q&A and takes a lot of 3-D visualization. However, if the kid

What could the strange lights in the night sky be?

Was it moving?  If so, it was almost certainly an airplane or, much less likely, a tumbling satellite.  If not, it could be an aircraft warning light on a tower or building.

What percentage of light in the night sky are remnants of dead stars?

This question refers to the idea that many of the stars you see in the sky have died since the light you see was emitted. Unfortunately for the poetry of the notion, the naked eye cannot see very far.The farthest away star we can see as a distinct object is 16,308 light years away - so we are seeing

Where can I see the night sky, particularly the Milky Way, clearly in Hyderabad?

Light pollution map gives some idea and Pocharam area does not look good for watching. Try to use the map to find better location. Right bottom side of Nizam sagar area looks better.

At night, when is the sky reddish?

Obligatory astronomy disclaimer: it can be hard for us to exactly answer ‘what I saw last night'. For instance, you gave a time (good!) but not a place. Most of us know some usual answers, but we can never be as definite unless we were standing next

If we could see all light frequencies and looked up at the night sky, would there be constant light shows of dying and forming stars and galaxies?

No...your eyes are too small.Given a large enough telescope, you could see what you described. In fact, that is already happening. We are constantly bombarded by radiation from the formation and termination of stars and galaxies.The problem is that most of this happens REALLY

Why is the night sky dark relating to Olbers' paradox?

Olbers paradox is only a paradox if you assume that-the universe is infinite-the universe is overall transparent-the universe is staticOlbers could not know that neither of the the three assumptions are true

What can a yellow sky at night mean?

I live in the country and have seen the beautiful yellow sky a couple of times. It can happen in the evening before sundown. I thought maybe it was a type of sunset. It doesn't last very long and is deffinately

How many stars are in the daytime sky?

Here's the simple "commonsense" answer: Just one star, Sirius, can be seen with naked-eye alone, if conditions are just right. Some of the other answers are not wrong, but are over-complicating the meaning of the question, in my opinion. To me, it seems very likely that the questioner meant  "stars visible to the naked-eye". If you do like

What is the source of light coming from stars in the sky?

As light is an electromagnetic phenomena, it's source is most likely to be also electromagnetic. It is commonly assumed that light observed from stars is caused by nuclear fusion deep in the core. This is contradicted by close observation of sun spots from our closest

Why do I see stars in the night sky as multi-coloured?

The reason is that the light from stars, which is generally white except for

Since the universe expanded from a single point, where is that point in the night sky?

I am not a scientist and had no education in physics, but it appears to me as being reasonable that the Big Bang, must have been a massive explosion that maybe can be compared like an atomic explosion, which is the splitting of an atom

Why is the sky blue at noon and dark at night?

What makes the sky visible at all, whatever the color, is light. Being that sunlight during the day or light from illumination (light pollution) at night.Sky is not an empty thing. It's a real fysical obstacle to light rays and which we call atmosphere. It contains molecules (air, water) and dust; obstacles as

Last night, a quick flash of light was seen in the sky. What is that?

With that little information, it can be any of these.A meteor exploding.A flying flashlight.A cracker.A star exploding into a supernova.Hallucination.A magnetic field in your vicinity that can cause ‘paranormal' sightings.You might be experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning.Infra-sound.A plane exploding.Or most likely...A lightning.

Why is there never no more stars in the night sky?

Why is there never no more stars in the night sky?Wow. You can see and count ALL of them ?Your statement is not accurate. Stars are being discovered all the time, but of course we can't always be sure if they were there before.But,

How to become a star in a sky

You are made of star dust.But how you become one. A difficult question.I think you would have to do a Pink Floyd - and set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

What are the lights moving in the night sky that are not stars?

Do they move slowly over the course of hours, and are always staying in the same position relative to the stars? Then they're just stars. Since the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun, the stars which are visible changes throughout the year and throughout the night. So you

What planets are visible in the night sky during the summer in California?

Hi!Depending on the hour, during June-July-August, all the naked eye planets will be visible, and with a telescope, all the major planets. With a little effort (or binocular) between 25 June to 10 July, you will see the elusive Mercury looking

Why does the sky appear black instead of blue to an astronaut?

The sky appears dark instead of blue to an astronaut because there is no atmosphere in the outer space that can scatter the sunlight. As the sunlight is not scattered, no scattered light reach the eyes of the astronauts and the sky appears black to them.

How many of the stars we see in the sky no longer exist anymore?

They're pretty much all still there. Seriously.What does it mean to see a star?If you're in a very dark location, you can see the band of the Milky Way galaxy, which, as you probably know, is made of the light from hundreds of

What is the likelihood that the twinkling star that I'm staring at in the night sky has already died?

I don't think it is likely much at all, though not impossible. A little background to explain why.A star's longevity is inversely proportional to its mass.Low mass, red dwarf stars are the Methuselahs of the universe, and none of them have stopped shining since the Big Bang. They're the most numerous by far. But they're REALLY faint. To give

Why does Venus move around in the night sky?

For the same rules of Kepler's laws that make the other planets move:The first law: "The orbit described by a planet is an ellipse, of which the Sun occupies one of the two fires. »The second law: "The segment (radius vector) that joins the center of the Sun

Living in an urban area, how can I see the night sky full of stars, without light pollution?

There is no doubt that the city lights are going to mess things up - and there really isn't a clean solution to that.You might want to read about the Bortle scale - which is a nice 1–10 scale for the quality of the night sky.But if you live in

Is the sky blue at night? If not, why? If yes, how?

Actually its dark blue in color at night reason is that deepness of sky with less light ... or we can say that at if its night that means we are standing on the earth's surface which is not facing sun . So the light of sun can not reach the surface on which

What is the minimum size of star in the sky?

We are not actually seeing the disk of http://srtars.It is only point source of light.. Stars are classified according to magnitude of stars. Minimum magnitude one can see with naked eye is 6 magnitude..So we can not measure angular diameter of stars like that of planets.

What's the ratio of Earth in Moon's sky to the Moon in Earth's sky?

The distance is the same and both angles are relatively small so the ratio of angles is approximately equal to the ratio of their radius:Earth's radius is about 6370kmMoon's radius is about 1737kmSo the ratio is about [math]1:0.27\approx3.67:1[/math].The Moon subtends about half a degree

Have you ever seen strange lights in the sky at night?

I've seen many of those too. They turned out to be searchlights whose beams were moving around the sky and reflecting off clouds, giving the appearance of some bizarre craft moving erratically and contrary to known laws of aerodynamics. You can't always see the whole beam, just the clouds it's hitting.

What causes an orange star in the sky?

Antares, Aldeberan and Betelguse are all visible as reddish orange stats under reasonable night sky viewing conditions. They are that color because they are only hot enough to glow red or orange hot, unlike our sun which glows white hot.

Which molecules creates a blue color for the sky?

I guess there are two: Ozone and Nitrogen. The Ozone layer filters out much of the red content of the light while the scattering of the remaining light as it passes through our Nitrogen rich atmosphere enhances the blue light.

Do the Sun, moon, and stars move across the sky at the same rate?

They move across the sky at approximately the same rate relative to us. Meaning that from our viewpoint they appear to move at the same rate. The speed of the rotation of the Earth.The Sun is moving through space on its own path and we orbit along with it.The moon orbits

How do white and black clouds form in the sky?

When the air near the ground warms, it starts to rise, taking the water vapor along with it.The air starts to cool as it rises higher into the sky, causing the water vapor to condense onto atmospheric dust from volcanoes, car exhaust and other sources. The resulting water droplets and ice crystals coalesce, or join together, to

Is dark night sky possible in any country?

It is possible in most countries, in fact.There are relatively few countries in which there are no areas that experience truly dark skies. These countries include :Most of the Caribbean nationsAll of Western Europe except for northern Scotland, not including isolated island possessionsJapan, not including isolated island possessionsPretty much every other country

How does an earthquake on Earth look from the sky?

A helicopter crew was surveying traffic for the morning commute when the Southern California Northridge earthquake occurred. Jan 17 1994, 4:30AM, Magnitude 6.7, 13–44 $billion damage.The first thing he noticed was that all of the cars on the interstate freeway he was flying over put on their brakes. He could see a wave of red lights moving down