After how many hours of sleep do you stop functioning?

After how many hours of sleep do you stop functioning?I don't think anyone knows for certain.And it depends on what you mean by stop functioning. Do you mean death. function can refer to a sliding spectrum of behaviors and things. like work. Please don't drive if you've not slept in 18 hours. use your best

Are there any bad effects of sleeping late at night and late till morning?

sleeping late at night brings lots of stress physically and mentally to your body. Late night sleep can cause Insomnia, bad immune system, cardiovascular risk and obesity. Sleeping late at night directly affects your social and work life which causes lots of stress. The person should take almost 7-8 hours of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.

Can a 14 year old sleep 7-8 hours per night?

I guess you're 15 now, but the answer is the same. No.Current wisdom says teens need 9.25 hours of sleep per night, 7 days a week. Regular sleep times and wake times are important. The tough part however, is that melatonin production in teens is delayed up to 3 hours, which means those ‘tired' feelings are delayed about two

Can lack of sleep stunt growth?

Yes. If you are at the age of 1–4, you need 14–18 hours of sleep, most of the times it's more. If you are at the age of 5–8, you need 11–13 hours of sleep. If you are 9–12, you need 10 hours of sleep. If you are 13–16, you need 7–9 hours of sleep. Then if you

Can we sleep after exercising? Why or why not?

I assume your question means is it healthy/unhealthy or desirable to sleep shortly after exercising. The answer is that studies are hugely varied on this specific subject. This is because of the broad term 'exercise'. Are we talking about cardiovascular exercise routines which improve conditioning and stamina, weight training routines which encourage muscle gain, weight training

Despite sleeping for 7-8 hours every night, I feel extremely sleepy each morning. How do I change this?

I would like to answer this question because I have suffered from the same problem.I used to sleep every day in day time a lot in college days also when I got jobMy friends and coworkers used to call me sleepy boy. I used to sleep at night approx 12

Do I need good sleep before or after my workout?

The real question lies at what time you workout in your whole day.But let me answer it more logically.The first thing that comes in my mind is When will we be more productive? So, logically i can say that isSleep is as necessary to humans

Do sleep needs change as we age?

According to what I read, the sleep needs of our bodies do not decline with sleep, but our sleep patterns change due to physical or mental problems.Aging & Sleep Information - National Sleep FoundationAging changes in sleep: MedlinePlus Medical EncyclopediaOlder people tend to sleep more in the lighter stages

Do you gain weight by sleeping after working out in the morning, and is it bad to sleep on an empty stomach after a workout?

Taking a nap after a workout can be great for kick-starting the recovery process because you effectively put your body out of the stress mode and into the relaxation mode. Ideally, you would have some food in your system before going down, but it's not absolutely necessary as you have hours

Does exercise increase the amount that you need to sleep?

A person usually needs deep sleep from 1100 pm to 0300 am for a scheduled repair and maintenance of the body organs so the body is nourished during the night. This can be witnessed by how a baby sleeps. A baby sleeps many hours and it grows very fast.Another person may need more hours of

Does intelligence affect sleep?

You're Probably a Night Owl -- And That's a Bad ThingRecently, scientists discovered a quirky side effect to having a high IQ: You tend to stay up until later hours and get up later in the morning. That's right -- the more intelligent are

Does it affect health if you sleep very late and wake up very late?

Oh yes, it does. Long personal experience coming up.I had a 'before' life- first 16 years, I lead a pretty disciplined life; sleeping by 11 p.m. and waking up at 6 a.m. to go for a run.Then I had the 'after' life- High school onwards, my routine started to go awry, little by

Does it give the same result to our body between sleeping late waking up late and sleeping early waking up early?

How early is early?Humans probably evolved to sleep away the night time and wake up when the sun came up. There seems to be a pattern, seen across many cultures, of taking a nap during the hottest part of the day. That pattern makes sense for humans during

Does lack of sleep affect hair growth?

Hi JelaniIt's so great to see you.Yes, absolutely, the lack of sleep will impact hair growth, just as lack of proper nutrition, water, vitamins and nutrients.The hair on our heads is actually a great barometer for the overall

Does melatonin help sleep?

What Is Melatonin, Really?

Does physical exercise decrease the amount of sleep you need to feel rested and well functioning?

Hi guys,I would love to explain this phenomenon on the basis of my own experience as well as how my kids show off their feelings after playing for hours."Exercise helps you to get a quality sleep, helps you get a deep sleep and definitely helps in making you feel rested and well

Does sleeping late but getting enough sleep affect my body on getting taller?

Probably not measurably.Amount and quality and consistency of sleep are more important than whether you go to bed early or late, and sleep is really not that significant compared to nutrition and genetics when predicting adult height. In fact, it's been

Does sleeping too late affect studies?

Apparently yes.Any individual needs a proper sleep of around 7 hours, that's fact but if you sleep late you'll be losing few things.1). Half of the time during your studies at night will be wasted because you'll not be totally efficient.2). Sleeping

Does weight training and strength training promote improved sleep?

Yes, They do. A workout leads to increased level of melatonin and cortisol release. Melatonin helps in better sleep, and cortisol is stress relieving hormone. So The sciences definitely approve that any kind of physical activity helps in getting better sleep.For more information on dieting and training. Visit here.

Does working out increase or decrease your sleep needs?

Poor sleep is a detriment to your well - being,  regardless of your workout regiment (unless you are the gifted few who can operate on minimal sleep).To be specific, the importance of sleep does not change, however, consider that most

Every single day, I sleep around 7 and 8 hours, but why do I still feel sleepy in the morning?

See if you have any medical issues. There are many drugs that interfere with REM sleep. So you may be actually sleeping but your mind is not going into the deep REM sleep required to process the days information.Also, be sure you are following the same schedule each day. If you keep on moving around your sleep/wake

How to fall asleep more easily

Ways To Fall Asleep FasterHide your clockYou toss and turn, trying to fall asleep, watching the minutes tick toward morning on your bedside clock. Does this scenario sound familiar? Do yourself a favor: Hide the clock. Constantly checking the time only increases your stress, making it harder to turn down the dial on your nervous system and

How to reduce my sleeping hours to 4-5 hours a day

Well, it is good that you know the truth, but you know better.Did you ever have anytime when you slept for an hour and never felt better and then when yoh slept 10 hour and felt like crap?The reason for this may unlock your answer.One of the reason for sleep is to remove the toxins from your body. And

How to study at 4:30 am when I feel sleepy

Waking up and getting up are two different things. You will wake up immediately on hearing your alarm,  but to turn it off and going back to sleep. Try to keep alarm at a distance so that you have to walk

How to wake up early in the morning at at least 5:30 am

It's quiet easier than you think.The process I follow is :Before going to sleep the previous night, think hard prepare your brain that you have to rise early the next morning.Set an alarm at 1 hour before the actual time you want to wake up.Set

How to wake up early in the morning considering that I am very lazy

First of all, If you have decided to do this, it's really very worth doing. And even I would say it is appreciable as you have thought of doing one great thing in your life. You will see a lot of changes

How can sleeping too much make you tired?

Absolutely yes! Too little sleep and too much sleep are harmful.It would seem that sleeping would be one of the best things for you. However, just as ‘one size fits all' doesn't really fit all, sleep can actually make you feel sick. It happens when you have slept too much.My sleep disorders professor explained to us in

How do astronauts go to sleep?

Floating, tethered to the wall of the spacecraft or in a hammock like sleeping bag and requires that astronauts sleep in a crew cabin, a small room about the size of a shower stall. Astronauts have reported having nightmares, dreams, and snoring while

How to avoid feeling sleepy during a class

Thank you for A2A.Have answered a similar question earlier. Will be stating the same thing here.Get enough of sleep at home before attending that class. Whenever you feel sleepy, if you have a window in your classroom/hall, look outside. Try to see the sky/building/trees/anything.. Count any 5 things you can see. Look inside the class

How to decrease sleep quota and increase my sleep quality

Sleep is not requirment in one's life,what the body requires is rest.sleep is just one form of can sit and also take rest,you can stand and take rest.You are running if you stand doesn't it feel like rest?,you are

How to fall asleep naturally

The ideal way to do this would be to go to a doctor.At your age you shouldnt be having any stress or anxiety or depression.Its actually quite sad that your mom isnt understanding. And you not being able to approach her with what you think is a serious problem is actually a sign of bad parenting.

How to get myself to fall asleep within 5 mins of laying down in bed

First of all, you need to know your sleep pattern type. If you are an

How to go to sleep early

Different things work for different people.Few of these tricks work for me:Most important thing is not to try hard to fall asleep. The harder you try, the more conscious you will get. It is one of the things many people

How to hack sleep

See I never heard these terms like hacking your sleep or sleep hacks before reading your question. But this term encouraged me to search and know about this. So what I come to know is -"A strategy to have better sleep or rest in a less period of time is

How to reduce sleep and improve sleep quality

If you want to reduce your sleep hours so that you can do more work/study, I completely advise you against it!You must sleep at least six hours a day if you in your 15-30 years of age. Experts(and I am no

How to sleep early and wake up early

All about adjusting sleep habbits. there are things u can do to get a good start: decide what time you need to be asleep, (based on 7-8 hours before you need to wake up).Stop liquids, food, 

How to sleep less and become more productive

A... so here is the deal all the time you are awake you are doing things for material things existing in this world. Whatever you do, try to relax your mind in between and close your eyes try to think

How to study till late night if I'm feeling extremely sleepy

Don't keep studying. Sleep is extremely important, and without sleep (and therefore without fuel if you get what I mean) you won't be able to grab onto that information that you've just given yourself. Instead, try taking frequent but small chunks of revision throughout the day. This might seem difficult, but on the train, on

How to wake up at 4 am and sleep around 8 pm

Look you have 15–20 days. And believe me that's totally enough to change the habit.You just have to start.Start anytime. Make a schedule. Arrange things with coordination. And without any thought go to sleep at 8 or 9pm. And put as many alarms as you can and try to wake up early. By early

How to wake up at 5 am

I have never woken up at 5 AM (unless I have to travel)Waking up at 5 AM is part of an extremely popular school of thought which is

How to wake up suddenly in the morning

Many people have problems with going EARLIER to bed, because as you say, the result is simply that they lie there without sleeping and get annoyed.One way of resetting your internal clock is to go the other direction: Go to bed LATER rather than earlier, and keep doing that until you're going to bed at the desired

How to get better sleep after age 50

I agree with Sea Jay's comments about sleep regularity and as an epileptic /narcoleptic sleep is very important to me. Indeed I am 55 so in the age range your are talking about.I have quite a rigid sleep cycle due to my

How to have more energy In the morning

Firstly don't bother with energy drink, they're so unbelievably bad for you i'm shocked but not surprised they're not already banned. Have a look at your diet, many people work long hours and aren't permanently tired I can do anywhere between 60 to 100 hours a

How does napping affect the brain?

It is quite believed that napping makes our brain more efficient!! And this is the only reason these naps are called Power Naps. According to scientists these naps help improve cognitive function, creative thinking and memory performance.Naps are even believed

How important is sleep?

Sleep is very imp. part of life. The modern day hectic lifestyle, domestic tensions,office tensions etc. have made peaceful sleep a rarity for most ppl. Absence of peaceful or sound sleep adversely affect your health & your work as well. Many of those who suffer from sleep disorders visit doctors in the hope of overcoming this problem. In this

How many hours did Einstein sleep each night?

Since I didn't know Albert Einstein personally, I merely highlighted your question, and hit search.How many hours did Einstein sleep each night?The consensus is 10 hours a night... but I haven't seen any quoted sources.

How many hours do successful people sleep per night?

Sleep is not about quantity, Its all about quality. How many hours the person sleep is not a matter but how deep he is sleeping is matter, it dependence on individual. The successful person who balance things well get a good and

How many hours do you sleep per night? Is it enough sleep for you?

Dear sleepless in Scandinavia,Honey, it can be challenging sleeping when still light at 3 am. We sympathize but suggest a sleeping mask and high end ear plugs are a must!Also jet lag runs havoc on ones

How many hours of deep sleep (delta wave portion) does an average adult need per day?

Searching for answersFinding the answers was surprisingly difficult. The major obstacle was to understand how the Jawbone UP defines deep sleep in the first place.Here's the problem:The Jawbone Up (like Sleep cycle and similar apps) measures our movements and divides them into two phases:Light sleep: when you move moreDeep sleep: when

How many hours should a 21 year old sleep in order to be super-productive?

You being super productive does not mainly depend on sleep. Sleep is just a minimum requirement.7 to 8 hours a day.To be super productive you must do the following simple things1. Write a to-do list everyday

How many hours should I have to sleep?

Most of the Sleep Experts say that 7–8 hours sleep is very necessary for human being, although the time period may exceed or decrease depending on the age factor. Like, for new born babies, it is necessary for them to sleep for more than 12- 14 hours.

How many hours should I sleep in a day?

It really depends on your age here is is a good guide....Newborns (0-3 months ): Sleep range narrowed to 14-17 hours each day (previously it was 12-18)Infants (4-11 months): Sleep range widened two hours to 12-15 hours (previously it was 14-15)Toddlers (1-2 years): Sleep range widened by one hour

How much does an adult (age 21) need to sleep?

7–8 hours sleep is said to be sufficient for the mind and body to function well. It keeps the body alert, active, healthy. Specially at the age of 21 when you are growing then just eating good food is not enough having a good life style, healthy habits help you become healthy and sleeping

How much sleep do we really need for healthy life?

These days it seems like many think it's bad-ass to sleep for four hours a night and

How much sleep does a 14-year-old teen need?

I usually go to bed at 12 and wake up at 7:30 on weekdays which is 7 and a half hours of sleep. To be honest I'm tired the whole day. Sometimes I go to bed at 11 which is 8 and a half

How much sleep does a person over 70 need?

Depending on the level of activity that one is engaged with, thereby a reasonable consideration can be allocated towards gracefully adding on a few minutes as might be essentially required.The point being that apart from at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep if one is not sleeping during

How much sleep does an adult require in 24 hrs?

Sleep is extremely essential for effective daytime functioning. In the long term, it has a direct correlation with mental and physical health.The amount of sleep required varies from person to person. For an adult, the sleep requirement is generally between 6–10 hours. I am 20 years old and I generally need 7.5 hours of sleep on average

How much sleep does an average adult need to live healthy?

The function of sleep is unknown but it is required for good health. Sleep is controlled by the reticular activating system in the upper brainstem and diencephalon. It is composed of different stages that can be visualised on electroencephalography (EEG).As drowsiness occurs, normal EEG background alpha

How much sleep is required for a 20 year old boy?

People, similar to everything creatures, need rest, alongside sustenance, water and oxygen, to survive.Many individuals would answer by saying at least eight hours of rest. However, the answer doesn't depend exclusively on how long you sign in bed. After a long time, you require profound continuous rest in a bed that gives satisfactory solace bolster and space. What makes

How much sleep is too much?

The short answer is that greater than 9 hours of sleep is "too much" sleep for most people. While it may seem counterintuitive, you should not try to sleep less than 9 hours a night if you are sleeping 9.5 hours a night. However, getting checked out by a sleep specialist might be a

I can't sleep at night. How can I overcome this?

Here are some tips to get a good night sleep. 1 Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Chemicals that Interfere with SleepCaffeinated products decrease a person's quality of sleep.As any coffee lover knows, caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake. So avoid caffeine

I like to study but it makes me feel sleepy. Why?

It means you realy dont like studying. dont just study make it intresting."if you realy want to achieve something you need to keep your goal in mind and work accordingly" in short Your sleep is ruling your Goal it means you dont have strong enough goal to rule your sleep. once you make your

I wake up at 6 a.m and after work, I reach home around 8:30 p.m. How can I manage my time for my workout as I am married and a working woman?

First make sure your spouse and family understand that you have to work out. Without their understanding, it will be hard or even not possible.Second, you need to decide what you can do without, throughout the day? If you are spending half an hour on your phone texting friends or spending too much

I wake up at five, but I'm too tired to workout. What should I do?

The morning time workouts are the best.But if you feel tired to start your work outs.then first of all try to find out the reason why?Wether it is because you had some activity,or you have too much stress that you can't sleep

Ideally how many hours should a man sleep, so that he is healthy?

Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health. To determine how much sleep you need, it's important to assess not only where you fall on the "sleep needs spectrum," but also to examine what lifestyle factors are affecting the quality and quantity

If I have a sleepy feeling, can I continue studying?

The appropriate drink strong tea and coffee, but can not drink too much, can not rely on them. You can learn one hour or half an hour, then rest for ten minutes, do some stretching exercises, take a look at the video, listen to music, look at trees safflower, what

Is 5 hours of sleep enough?

If you're asking yourself

Is 7 hours of sleep enough for recovering the body after a workout?

No. A full muscle group reperation will take almost a week to repair and add additional muscle for the next time you work out. When you really want repair faster. You should be eating twice as much, icing, and sleeping after everywork out. You won't see gains if you continue to break a muscle down everyday and never

Is eating after sleep bad?

If you have any problem with acid reflux, going to bed right after eating is a very bad idea. If I go to bed within two hours of a full meal, I can expect to wake up shortly thereafter gasping for air, as my lungs have sucked in burning stomach acid. It takes a good 20 minutes or

Is it advisable to do pushups before sleeping at night?

Pushups increment quality and strong perseverance in the chest, one of the body's real muscle gatherings. Doing pushups just before bed, be that as it may, may make it troublesome for you to nod off. So, in case you're ready to rest fine in the wake of practicing and can't discover time to do pushups somewhere else in your

Is it bad for me to sleep on my stomach?

Don't do it. It may help with snoring, but so does sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your stomach puts stress on muscles and joints, and can lead to back and neck problems, as well as irritating nerves, which can cause numbness,

Is it fine to hit the gym without getting any sleep at night?

There are studies saying that workouts after poor sleep are more than just detrimental.I've taken to just skipping if I didn't get at least 5 hours sleep. I can just come back the next day better recovered and hit my sets instead

Is it good to sleep after a morning walk?

There could be different reasons why there is a urge to sleep after the morning walk.You did not have a sound sleep last night.You had a very busy schedule in the last couple of days. That may be business meetings, assignments, work pressure,some sort of family pressure.You have just initiated the process of morning walk

Is it healthy to wake up early even on nights when I go to sleep late?

No. Its not healthy. Sleep is very important.However. I goto bed late almost every night and wake up early enough to realize i hate myself for not going to bed early the night before.Its a never ending cycle that will catch up to you. I take a nap if i have to

Is it more important to get 8 hours of sleep but sleeping late or sleep earlier?

According to a research , conducted in japan sleeping more then 8 or less then that induced high risk of diabetes , blood pressure and a higher body mass index. And those who slept between 6.5 and 7.4 hours a night had the lowest A1C levels of all the participants. A1C levels are measurement of a

Is it possible to fall asleep standing up?

Not for very long. you kind snap back awake when you begin to to tip over. You have to go through a hypnogigic state between awake and and sleep as your nervous system powers down putitng you through paralysis for sleep.Unless

Is it possible to hack sleep?

Interesting question. I am assuming by sleep you actually mean dreams.If you want to hack into someone else's sleep/dream like they did in the movie Inception, the answer is No.But you can sure hack into your own dreams, in a manner of speaking that is.

Is late night sleep bad for health?

7. Loss of concentration:Sleeping late makes you wake up late and this can lead to loss of concentration. Sleeping beyond nature's permissible sleep hours can offset your mood and lead to considerable drop in concentration. It's always advisable to lead life according to the in-built time table of the body. Moreover,

Is sleep cumulative?

Sleep need is usually determined over a 24 hour period. Power naps won't reduce your overall total sleep time need as far as I know. Daytime naps may also not be ideal for several reasons. That being said, there are plenty of people in Europe who take naps during Siesta in the afternoon.You

Is sleeping at 2am bad?

Well, assuming you have a normal 9–5 lifestyle (work or school), then sleeping consistently at 2am is not the worst, assuming you can get about 6 hours of sleep before starting your day.They say that 7–8 hours is ideal, but

Is sleeping for 6 hours at night enough when you sleep one more hour during the day, when your body/brain needs 7 hours of sleep per day?

Per research, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, everyone needs. Sleep is such a need that you can not divide it. Say, you can't say

Is sleeping in the afternoon good or bad for health?

Finally!!! It's about napping. I want to introduce myself as a self-proclaimed napping expert and hence consider myself eligible enough to answer this question.Through years of rigorous effort in the art of napping, I made myself receptive enough to identify the effect of different types

Is sleeping in the evening bad for health?

According to my study there are many reason why our parents or grand parents do not allow us to sleep in the evening...some studies say that it is the time when Dawn & Dusk (i.e. Day & Night respectively) meet each other and it

Is sleeping in the shower dangerous?

Sleeping is always a bit risky because you become unaware of your environment. But in a safe bedroom, the risks are very minimal. But soldiers on the battlefield would have problems sleeping anywhere, since enemies can be close around. So, what are the risks

Is sleeping late and waking up early good or bad?

Well sleep itself is a genetic dependent. Some people can survive on a lesser sleep some need few more hours of sleep. But only 5 hours or less than that is not advisable because it might effect your neural pathways and might slow

Is sleeping late really unhealthy?

I'm not 100% sure on the exact science, but I can tell you exactly what happens if you go sleep very late for most of your life.Pretty much nothing.Since I was 18, I went to sleep after 4 am somewhere close to 95% of the time, barring certain circumstances where I had to get up early

Is waking up early and getting less sleep good or getting enough sleep and waking late good?

Sleeping less and getting up early is not good for your health. I don't know what time you go to sleep and when you wake up late, I assume if you go to bed at 2:00am and get 8 hours of sleep, you would get

It is okay to sleep after doing some workout or exercise?

It's OK, but maybe not advisable.  The hormonal and nervous system activation that occurs with exercise may counter some people's attempts to sleep. In others, hard exercise may be helpful in allowing sleep to occur. Another factor that might need to be considered may be how your body lowers its

My 3 year old son sleeps only 7-8 hours a day. Is it fine?

I always thought that she would just magically outgrow her sleep problems as a baby. Then she became a toddler and she still had problems, so I began thinking it was separation anxiety, etc.Now she is nearly 3.5 years old (and the size of a 5 year old) and she wakes up more than my 2

Should I always get 8 hours of sleep every day, or should I spend some sleep time in studying instead?

Go for the sleep, your studying may not even pay off if you don't get good sleep.When the body goes to sleep, it goes through about 4–5 sleep cycles. Each one of these take about 90- 120 minutes. That adds up to about 8 hours.When it gets to about the 3rd cycle, you

Should I continue studying even though I start to get sleepy?

Close your computer. Go to sleep. Do not open your phone or look at texts.If you do decide to go on social media or check texts or watch TV to

Should I still exercise after little sleep?

Okay, but I'm just curious about whether lesser gains is really inevitable? Assuming I can get my mind together to work just as hard as I normally would? There are days when I've gotten a lot of sleep but for whatever reason my mind isn't in the game. I just wonder if it would

Sleep: How Do I Handle Sleep Deprivation?

SLEEP DEPRIVATIONSleep deprivation could have short or long term effects. What does sleep deprivation really cause or to ask why do you catch up with sleep easily? We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Although the function of sleep is still not fully understood, all scientists agree that sleep in humans

Sleeping for 3 hours, getting up for 2 hours and sleeping for 4 hours is much harder for me than sleeping 7 hours. Is continuity important for sleeping?

It's not important for you to sleep in fractions. Rather try to sleep continuously which is more effective as compared to in fractions. As you do, seven hours of sleeping continuously this tells that your body demands this kind of sleep only. If it's difficult for you

What are guaranteed ways to fall asleep?

Let's understand first why is sleep necessary? Sleep play a vital role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.To get a guaranteed ways to fall asleep you

What are some things I can do to get more and better sleep?

Hey there...make sure you read and understand each and every point..Sleeping is an order to conquer that art you need some prerequisites..*QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.6 hours of undisturbed peaceful sleep is superior to even 10 hours of disturbed sleep..Hope you catch my

What are some unknown facts about sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis involves awakening from sleep and not being able to move or talk. It feels like a mysterious presence is floating over your bed, or a heavy thing has been sitting on your chest. Sleep paralysis is seriously one of the strangest and most frightening phenomenon produced by the human brain.During the most dream-filled phase of sleep, our

What are some unknown facts about sleeping?

1. Snoring is a common problem, especially among men, but it isn't harmful.2. You can "cheat" on the amount of sleep you get.3. Turning up the radio, opening the window, or turning on the air conditioner are effective ways to stay awake when driving.4. Teens who

What are the best morning routines for waking up?

Before I go to sleep at night I take all the clothes I plan on wearing the next day and put them through out the house. Usually I have my pants and socks in the bathroom then I have to walk across the room to grab my shirt then