Is it bad for me to go to bed late (2am) but still get 10-12 hours sleep?

Yes, it alters your circadian rhythm. I am not a M.D. There are different opinions, but I think the best is to go to bed at regulat times and wake up in the morning and expose to bright light.Bio-rhythms or

Does sleeping less make me older faster?

Yes!it took me 22 days to study books, research reports, and doing various studies along with asking from spiritual gurus, sleep scientists, Physiologists, Psychologists, and many other key people. and then tested upon myself.quality sleep is very important for the productivity & better health of the personand it is achievable

What do you think of the premise of changing school hours to match teenagers' sleep habits?

Part of the goal for teenagers is to teach them to adapt to the world, rather then for them to expect the world will adapt to them. However, there are people who seem genetically predisposed to be active at night

Is it good to sleep after studying for the exam or study after sleep?

Going by the science of study you should study and then sleep. Sleep is a more important process than you think, one of these is analysising data which it receives through out the day. It keeps what it thinks is important and forgets what it thinks not. So if you study

Does sleeping on your right side have any benefits?

Hey,Sleeping position is a matter of comfort. But we should also see the health benefits. Sleeping on our left side has many benefits. It improves our digestion and circulation.Here are reasons why we should sleep on our left side -# The liver is on the right side of our body. Sleeping on the right may

What are the consequences of not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much?

Too much or too little sleep can have adverse effects on your health.Too much sleep is considered to be more than 9 hours. Excessive sleep on a regular basis can lead to:diabetesheart diseasestrokedepressionToo little sleep, on the other hand, can typically lead to:high blood pressureweight gainweakened immunitypoor balancedepressiondiabetescancerheart diseaseobesitydiabetesAccording to the National Sleep Foundation,

Why should one sleep on left side?

This happens when you sleep on the left side of your bodyWe all know that sleep duration is essential to be well physically and mentally, but it turns out that in addition to the hours of sleep, the position in which you sleep is important when optimal rest to recover energy factor.Recently a small group of research suggests that

How to go about fixing my inconsistent sleeping patterns

Go camping. Alternatively, get outside as much as possible, especially in the morning, or buy a SAD lamp and use it, esecially in the morning. Avoid watching sunset (and any excessive light in the evening), use blue screen overlays such as Twilight (phone) and Flux (desktop/laptop) after dusk and use dim orange lightbulbs (or

What are the types of sleep patterns?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by patterns. If you are talking about the different stages of a sleep cycle, I can help.The quick rundown is this:Stage 1 - Light Sleep (5-15 minutes in duration) -falling asleep.Stage 2 - Base Sleep (5-15 minutes) -asleep.Stage 3 -

Is laughing during sleep good or bad?

The general term for sleep laughter is called hypnogely, which indicates a disruption in REM sleep cycles.Typically the laughing is associated with dreams, which you may or may not remember.Hypnogely is generally harmless, so you have nothing to worry about. However, it may affect the quality of sleep for the people sleeping

Is it really possible to sleep too much?

Yes you can, especially if you have Kleine-Levin Syndrome.Kleine-Levin Syndrome, a rare disease that makes "sleeping beauty" a harsh reality - FactwideBut other than that, if you are overly fatigued and tired, you could sleep beyond your "normal" sleep time range

Is late night sleep good or bad?

When it comes to health benefits, late night sleep is highly destructive. Everyone should sleep on time, probably around 11 pm in night. A perfect night sleep, on the other hand, has numerous health benefits, some of which is enlisted below:Does good to your BodySleep gives you a break from your stressful routine. It provides you

Is sleeping at 7pm and waking up at 2am okay?

Is sleeping at 7pm and waking up at 2am okay?No. It is considered a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder.Circadian Rhythm DisordersWhile many people have different sleep patterns due, primarily, to off shift work requirements, what is considered ‘normal' requires sleeping

Do pillows help sleeping?

When lying on one's side, a body pillow should support the head and neck so the spine maintains a straight and natural horizontal line. A thicker pillow is needed for sleeping on the side than sleeping on the back.Bending the knees and placing another pillow between the knees keeps the spine

How do they test for sleep deprivation?

There are questionnaires that test the amount of daytime sleepiness you have like this one: Sleep Disorder Evaluation Tool This is only a very short test, there are more thorough ones.Often people with sleep apnea have sleep deprivation. This can be directly tested in a sleep laboratory. Sleep study - Wikipedia

How much sleep is too much?

The short answer is that greater than 9 hours of sleep is "too much" sleep for most people. While it may seem counterintuitive, you should not try to sleep less than 9 hours a night if you are sleeping 9.5 hours a night. However,

Which sleep pattern is better: constant or alternating?

Constant amount is better, but not just that; also keeping the same schedule helps in promoting restorative sleep. So try to keep it at the same times every night, and the same amount. Your body likes to sleep for 5 full cycles of about 1,5 hour, because certain sleep stages are occurring at the beginning,

Is sleeping during the day bad?

You actually need 7-8 hours of continuous sleep. I guess 'cat naps' would be ok.Now if you are working at night, you need to change your sleep cycle. When I used to fly to other states on projects my circadian rhythm would be disrupted.

Is there a downside to sleeping without a pillow?

There are downsides to sleeping without a pillow:1. Pillow-less Sleeping is Awkward for Side-Sleepers

Why are babies so bad at sleeping?

The nervous system of a newborn is not yet well enough developed to permit it to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. However, it is literally impossible to keep a newborn awake if its body is sufficiently tired to require sleep. They will fall asleep in any environment,

What is the best side to sleep on and why?

I sleep on the left side of bed near the edge.....i cannot sleep on the right side especially near the hotels with 2 beds I choose the right bed....if i sleep on the right side, I will have nightmares and will have out of the body experience, not good if I out of town or in

What makes you don't sleep at night and why?

Sometimes after we come home from a full day, we want to take time to ourselves, and sometimes we start doing activities which we like.Sometimes we like these activities so much we don't want to stop, or sometimes they make our blood pressure go up, which makes us feel alert.

How do soldiers in the military deal with sleep deprivation? What methods do soldiers use to overcome sleep deprivation?

Amphetamines and modafinil quite frankly. Adrenaline will keep you sharp only so long. German soldiers in Russia in their infantry divisions marched in their sleep with a tail and lead man awake, the middle column would get led along while actually sleeping. A Lieutenant would sleep and hold on

How bad can sleep deprivation get?

I have no extreme experience of sleep deprivation but can surmise it can have lethal implications.I once began a day at 6am, went to University, had a full day there, went home, worked a shift delivering pizza from 6.30

What is the best treatment regimen for sleep deprivation?

The best treatment for sleep deprivation is a regular increase of serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in charge of many crucial human brain function such as: ability to relax, dealing with stress, sensory processing, feeding and... sleep. Sleep deprivation is usually the most visible and painful sign of a general problem and an

Is sleeping in the daytime alright?

Not it is very bad habit for health.Gajanan Manamwar's answer to What are the advantages of sleeping at afternoon?Read this answer for more details

Is my sleeping pattern bad?

No, I would say your sleep pattern is healthier than that of your friends'. You should sleep when you're tired, and rise just before the sun (sorry haven't got a reference for this but it's something to do with your body's circadian

Why is sleeping less better than sleeping too much?

There is a trend in modern times to devalue sleep-most people do not get enough and are considered

Is sleeping after 12am good or bad?

There's nothing to deal this biologically.:D. The duration to sleep and to stay awake varies based on a person and his profession :)It all depends on 2 things:1) what you did during that day's morning?If you remained to while away your time just by sleeping and didn't to do

How to change my sleeping pattern

What u r doing is not good. U will regret it later. I did the same when I was in college and am still paying the price for lethargy, procrastination and failing in duty.Regarding sleep, I guess melatonin as suggested would probably be good

Can sleep deprivation be beneficial?

Yes, sometimes. In some cases of depression it can be beneficial to be sleep deprived for one or two days, especially in cases where extreme sleepiness is part of the picture. It somehow resets the brain, resulting in less sleepiness and improved mood.

Why do our bodies need less non-R.E.M. sleep as we get older?

Although it is a fact that older people have less REM sleep, it does not mean that this is normal. NIHSeniorHealth: Sleep and Aging - About Sleep Older people often take more medications with side effects that interfere with a normal sleeping pattern.

Is it ok to sleep in a wet adult diaper all night?

That depends on what diapers your wearing. The cheap medical brand junk you buy in the store or that the insurance company provides probably not going to comfortable at all. If you get a good quality thick one that you can wet 3 or more times. yes,

Is it better to sleep on the right side or the left side?

Research on rodents has shown that sleeping on the right side increases wash out of brain waste, especially amyloid β, which is associated with Alzheimers disease.One possible reason for the advantage of RLD (right lateral decubitus) position is that the heart is positioned higher when lying on the right

How much sleep does a person over 70 need?

Depending on the level of activity that one is engaged with, thereby a reasonable consideration can be allocated towards gracefully adding on a few minutes as might be essentially required.The point being that apart from at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep if one is not sleeping during

What happen when I don't sleep one night?

Don't Worry!!!Nothing will happen..You will be absolutely fine..with fresh breathe and good smell!!!Now,the turn comes next day..It will be something as...

What are good hacks for sleeping well?

There are many hacks to sleep well.some of them i do,to have a good sleep are:Having shower before going to bed:This will keep your body and mind fresh.Food:Do not eat heavy food during nights.Heavy food may cause digestion problem.Lighting:Have a low light exposure before going to bed.This

What is wrong with my sleeping pattern?

The witching hours are between 2-4am at night.  Supposedly that's when we're at our height of intuition.  Maybe someone at some point said to you that "you must sit and think about it.".....And then you do.It could be a vitamin deficiency like one of my friends who needed to take D and b12.  She sleeps

What are the side effects of little sleep? Is sleeping 3-4 hours a day normal?

A person needs to go into deep sleep from 1100 pm to 0300 am to do scheduled repair and maintenance of the body to maintain good health and mind. If you sleep at these time slots and you feel refresh and full of energy

Why are babies so bad at sleeping?

The nervous system of a newborn is not yet well enough developed to permit it to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. However, it is literally impossible to keep a newborn awake if its body is sufficiently tired to require sleep. They will fall asleep in any environment,

Is there a downside to sleeping without a pillow?

There are downsides to sleeping without a pillow:1. Pillow-less Sleeping is Awkward for Side-Sleepers

Why do I sleep too much?

There could be a lot of reasons such as a bad diet, not drinking enough water, not getting any exercise, habit, environment, not getting enough sun exposure, narcolepsy, and depression just to name a few. It can also be caused due to a lack of motivation. You

Is sleeping with a cell phone bad?

Yes, it is bad.You may be sleeping with cellphone for reasons such asAs alarm to get up earlyTo get important messages or calls immediately. Chatting and fall asleepGaming or other activities like browsing, studying. ..listening to music And many more

Is too much sleep harmful? How much sleep is too much?

I don't know if it would be harmful like too little sleep, but it can lead a general lethargic state if you sleep too much. Most studies recommend 8 hours a night but I'm betting most get less then that. How much is too much depends on the person and their situation, if you're doing physical labor 12