Is social media making us more connected?

I think that is an interesting question. I have been doing social media marketing for 15 years. In a way, I think that it brings us more connectivity because we can connect with more like minded people all across the globe and that

Is social media working?

Social Media is always working...if we not get good result, then is our fault. Because social media is favorite marketing place for every Digital MarketerWhat Is Social Media Marketing | What is SMM

Does using social media make sense?

Everything in this world, whether ‘Yes' or ‘No', depends entirely on an individuals perception. It is you who decides whether to do, or not to do. Is it helpful? Will it make me happy? Can I gain something or anything out of it?

Can I make a bot on Twitter that auto tweets someone who mentions key words?

Such a bot would violate Twitter's automation rules and lead to the account being suspended eventually. To quote their rules page (linked below) under the automated tweets section:"For example, sending automated replies to Tweets based on keyword searches alone is not permitted"Seems quite clear, also one of my bots

What is digital media? Is it opposed to tangible, paper / video / film media?

it is either a digital copy of physical media or media created solely for digital distribution

How to be a responsible user of social media

In the case of actually being active on social media: just don't do anything stupid on social media. Bullying people and writing mean comments on pictures obviously isn't right. Post whatever you want to post but be careful of consequences that might come after you post something. If someone direct messages you with anything inappropriate

Is it difficult to hack popular social networks?

oh! what a big move What do you think if this was done to you? would you like it if you you need to do it then

Can I manage only one social media account?

There's a mobile app called Cubenect that will let you connect and post to multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Foursuare). The app is only available through the App Store. An alternative to that is using Instagram. Instagram allows you to push images and video

What is next for the Internet after social media?

I'm gonna throw out a buzzword: "Semantic Web"I think that once we get over trusting the people we know for all of our information and entertainment, we will get back to the business of using the internet for information and entertainment. Once we are able to develop definable patterns in information relationships, it should

How to find someone in social media by picture

Hi there!! You have heard about Google images. There are a few steps tk get someone's account by their picture. Follow these:Go to Google Images and simply search for the person's full name.You can apply filters to squeeze your result down by adding information about his/her address i.e. city,

Is quitting social media good? Should I have a social media account?

I feel amazing for not having facebook or other social media accoun.Someone told me one day that if you do not have facebook account it means you do not exist. Ohhhh really. So let me rest in peace. But let me tell you

Is social media making us less intelligent?

I would say it's making us numb to intelligence.It's very rare now to associate social media with what the Internet intended to create when it first was born: a wealth of information for people around the world to access.Because of strong differences in opinions, research, smart and dumb people, the information that is beneficial, newsworthy,

How does it mean to be responsible in social media?

Being responsible in social media means:don't post pictures or videos of yourself drinking, doing drugs, or vandalizing property. Basically, don't post anything stupid because future employers might see itdon't post anything highly offensive. You're free to write and post whatever you want, but make

What are digital marketing and social media?

The growth of social media marketing platforms has become a major part of building social signals that are very important in any SEO digital marketing campaign. Perhaps you are unaware that the emergence of different social media channels offer internet

What is a good (digital) media plan?

I am not sure about digital media plan but i would like to share this PPT which is very beneficial for anyone interested in social or digital media.Digital Snapshot of India - January 2015

Is the overuse of social media today a good or bad thing?

Overuse of social media is definitely a bad thing. It has been widely speculated that information overload occurs with too much social media, and our brains are simply not used to taking in this much information on a daily basis.This is believed to contribute to

What are some cool Facebook growth hacks?

Advertising, Influencer Marketing, and Viral Curation.Targeted advertising really is the best bang for your buck on Facebook, and even though you may not have a huge fan-base from it, you'd have the right people.Influencer Marketing is also really fun. With this, you'd connect with larger and more engaging pages with audiences similar to your target demo and

WhAt is the best social media platforms to promote my online business?

In my opinion, Instagram is the best. Its superiority among all social media platforms is because of its entertaining features. People spend a lot of time each day scrolling down pictures and videos as well as watching stories of friends or famous people.This popularity

How much can social media marketers make?

This depends on what the market of the company is worth, not just the number of followers an influencer has, per social network. If you gain and keep a following that would likely buy something that isn't worth much, doesn't cost much (and that they do not often buy), then monetizing

What is the easiest system to hack?

First, the question is why do you want to hack/what is your purpose? Depending on your response, one would be easier than other... And obviously, I hope you are NOT hacking illegally or for malicious gain.Anyways, for the sake of this question, lets pretend you are researching and

Do Iranian girls have social media accounts?

A four digit pin is going to get cracked in minutes, even with a low-end PC. However, that's not where the problems usually lie. To get to the filesystem, you must first access the system. If you can do that, it's usually game over - particularly on the Android, where much of the security built into Linux is

What are some social media hacks?

I, like many others, I'm trying to find all sorts of social hacks every day. And so, I'm looking and looking to find what I like.This is what I've done over time and I've put it into practice:Scaling social connections: you

What killed social media?

Social media is transforming. Facebook is no longer family friendly, a lot of millennials using it again. Twitter seems to be the same wild west, and is up to the minute in news.Why won't social media die? Because the users get to pick their favorite people, and they can interact with them.I recently found out

Should I sign up for a Twitter account?

TWITTER MUST BE A TOOL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION only then go for it.Similar to as you are I too was reluctant on opening a Twitter account. Many people open twitter accounts to get attention by a good quote or line

What makes a good social media account?

Social Media platforms need to be engaging, consistent and relevant to your audience. You can use analytics metrics to identify were and how to improve the platforms. For Facebook, for example, you can use the Insights to collect data that will benefit you

Why doesn't anyone do anything about the obvious social media bias?

Well, you also have to evaluate the trends in society as well to reflect why there is a certain bias in social media.Misogyny was popular until people realised it was wrong and began pushing to reduce misogynistic publications. Anti-Semitism was on the rise again in the

What's a good reason not to delete all my social media accounts?

Social Media Optimizes in the top positions as far as Search engine results page or SERP.  If you use your Social Media and Reputation - Hersh Davis-Nitzberg it truly helps your reputation and it optimizes well as far as placement is Page on concerned. I mean you are on

What is the meaning of social media responsibility?

Skill: Social Media MarketingProvide Advice / Guidance to College Students / Freshers for :How to be a Digital Marketing Expert with the Help of Various Tools ?How to Make Your Career in Digital Marketing / Online Marketing ?How to Acquire your Dream Job in Digital Marketing ?How to do Future Marketing - It is Expected that

How to avoid spending too much time on social media

Social Media might be useful and helpful and what is more often - entertaining, but on the other hand it takes much time during the day to check all the notifications.So, I`ve decidid to get only good from social media and I:subscribe and follow only valuable pages\peoplealways

How should I ask a girl out on social media?

So you like a girl on social media and you wanna take her out for a date here are few things.Add her

Why should you have social media account?

Social Media Accounts are necessary as most of the crowds are on Internet.With Social Media, you can communicate your targeted crowd in an effective way.With Optimized Campaigns and Narrowing Audience, You can easily improve your engagement and Convert your Audience.As you said, you have Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.

How to delete my social media account

If you want to delete your FB account than first better to take backup of your account.Take Backup - Go to setting - in General in bottom side, it is mention Download a copy of your Facebook data.Deactivate account - Go to setting - Manage

How can Twitter be used in the classroom?

I had a teacher in high school who used a twitter account for class. She would update it nightly with general reminders about homework, what to be reading, interesting school related events, and even things on T.V. that would pertain to the subject matter.  I could see it being used as a

What are some ways to delete a disabled Facebook account?

Disabled id is itself disabled your info is not shown on your profile.

Is TV digital media?

In marketing context the answer is NO! Tv is not included in digital media. Let me explain in a little detail: In marketing the channels of communication (i.e. the mediums in which advertisement reaches the audience) are divided into two broad categories 1) Traditional Media 2) Digital MediaUsually people classify the mediums

Can jinns have social media accounts?

It's a myth!According to the research we have found that djinns never indulge in human life!They have no interest in human life, they aren't social with humansSo naturally having something like fb account is of no use for thenSo nope they are not on fb, browse fb peacefully!

Does social media make people more social?

It depends on how they use it, but for me i sont have social media and i am still social so not necessarily. It may expand the circle of people you know and make you believe that there is a relationship between you and the other part of the story

Have you ever seen social media ruin someone's life?

Yes it has.Meme is the main reason for it in today's time. Nowadays many of social media pages or individuals are making Memes. They are made without having a background check or without anyone consent. Here are two casesCase 1 - In China there was an print advertisement were a lady in her late 20s

Why is digital media better than print media?

Hi,The below link can help you better to understand the difference:Online and Offline Advertising

Is Instagram easily hacked?

Not by you.This is one of those

Should I create social media accounts?

It really depends on your purpose. Are you trying to stay in touch with friends living in other places? Is it for your businesses? Do you want to stay on top of the current news? Follow a fandom? Share your artwork? All of these can be reasons to create social media accounts. Your reason can determine

How to contact Facebook

Helpline Phone 1_888″585″0565The stock performed well after the IPO, with shares hitting $350 for the first time on October 31, 2007,primarily because of strong sales and earnings in the online advertisingmarket.The surge in stock price was fueled mainly by individual investors,

What social responsibility does media have?

The media is considered to be the fourth arm of a democracy, the fourth estate, [the phrase is attributed to Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797), a British politician, as quoted in Thomas Carlyle's book, "Heroes and Hero Worship in History" (1841):] and the most powerful one too the others being, legislative, executive and