Ambition: Why isn't everyone ambitious?

Lack of self-efficacy.Turn on the TV or read the news and you are presented with this reality:"Here's some people doing a lot better than me in life, in every imaginable sense."Most people respond with this thought:"I don't have the means to do the

Are highly intelligent people influenced by looks?

Yea they just have a choice of what to do with how it influences them. It goes thru the mind before it gets done. Intellect is enabling people to be apart, outside of life. Its not really disconnecting - but its an

Are most writers introverts?

16 Super Successful Introverts Here J.K Rowling is list as being introverted.Authors need to spend lots of time alone in their head and this might be a very difficult task to accomplish as an extrovert.Most people think Introverts cannot be extroverts but this in not true. Introverts

Can anyone give me one good reason to bring a child into this world?

Hope.If you bring a child into the world, you have a chance to add one more positive influence into the world. One more good heart to do good deeds. I think it is the only reason anyone should bring a child into

Do attractive women have higher standards than ugly women?

Higher standards for what?Conventionally attractive women do tend to end up with conventionally attractive men if left to their own devices, because both parties are generally aware of how attractive they are. This doesn't inherently make them assholes, but most people are generally aware of where their strong points are, even if they're modest about it. A

Do people become more happy or less happy after marriage?

I can tell about my situation.I have been married for more than 5 years now and I feel that my life before marriage was much happier and exciting.Before marriage :Never had sex. Never had a girl friend. Believed that, after marriage, I will

Do some black women feel betrayed or rejected when black men prefer white women?

Hell yes!!!!! I was married to a woman that was the same shade of chocolate as me for several years. Even during our marriage, she would lament over the idea that "black women were losing" when she would see wealthy

Do you like people without ambition? Why or why not?

When I was younger, I looked down on people without ambition. What kind of uninspired unmotivated lazy beings must they be, if they didn't have an ounce of ambition in their life! "Without ambition" will never be me -- I want to make something of myself! Do good! Make my mark in life!I

Do you share the notion that Americans judge people more based on appearances than many other cultures, and that this general emphasis on appearance is what makes them vulnerable to fraud and deception? Why or why not?

Definitely. You see this in political life, Hollywood and American TV.I actually saw a comment from an American on the internet who was apparently baffled that British news readers weren't particularly good looking. He seemed to believe that this was a pre-requisite for being a news reader! In fact there seems to be a belief that

Does having 6 pack abs make people look at you differently at work or at parties?

People today are very sketchy. They are all into appearances. So every change you'll make on yourself they will look differently at you. Let me share my story with you.When I was at high school I was overweight, like 210 pounds. None of the girls would even look at me, let alone talk to me.

How to stay in love

Staying in love is tough. Any married couple or any couple in a long term relationship will vouch for that.At the beginning of the relationship, our hormones kick in. You think your partner sh*ts gold and smells like angels.If you examine the brain of a couple

How to deal with a passive-aggressive, manipulative mother

One of the most difficult things to deal with in life, is when a close family member (especially a parent) is destructive to you.Another particularly difficult thing, is when someone simply doesn't acknowledge their own role and accountability in a

How to know if you should give someone another chance in your life

I'm going to give a really short answer because I don't know what kind of situation you're in. The best indicator for you, whether or not you should allow someone a second chance, is if you feel in your heart you can handle the worst

How to walk out of depression

I believe some depression is good. Yes, in bold.Depression is an evolutionary mechanism that is present in humans just because it has helped our ancestors survive adverse conditions and prosper. It is definitely not a disorder any more than you want

I don't feel empathy for people, I'm an excellent liar, but I love and care for my girlfriend very much. I tend to be manipulative and impulsive as well. Does that mean I'm just a jerk or might I still be a sociopath and can I love?

I am also an excellent liar when I choose to be, and I am quite impulsive and manipulative at times as well.As for feeling empathy, that tends to come and go depending on the person and what mood I'm in that day. There are times when I

Is bullying more common in competitive environments?

I think bullying can happen anywhere, however, I would say that in competitive environments it could be more common. On the other hand, I think competitive environments would attract mostly strong, resilient personalities so a bully, like any opportunist, would try to find an environment where they can be "top

Is it considered greedy if a multi-millionaire doesn't leave tips or spend much money on others?

The following is a true story a friend of mine told me just last night. Amanda works as a waitress at a restaurant. She is one of the most outgoing people I have ever met. She has a regular customer, a Harvard student,

Is it normal to need people to feel happy?

In all likelyhood,you are just another extrovert whose batteries get recharged with social contact. (As detailed by Simon Huggins). However, your choice of the word "depressed" makes me wonder if there is more to it. Extroverts do need social contact to feel happy but they do not necessarily feel depressed when they are alone. Bored -

Should we really care about dead people?

I believe that there is a way of life which some would call respectful in which we honour the trials and accomplishment of our ancestors.  This way of life, of seeing the world, helps us gain a perspective on our

What are some of the most likable personality traits?

.          "What are your favorite personal personality traits of others?" For me personally I like others to have intelligence, courtesy, and bluntness. While I can't stand racism, I much prefer politically incorrect dialogue which is accurate and unaffected. While I don't mind clever witticisms, phony

What are some psychological tricks that are not only useful but also highly profitable?

Psychological Tricks That Will Always Give You the profitWhether you're shy and uncomfortable in social situations or the most seasoned extrovert, everyone can use a few tips to increase their social likability. These tips use basic psychology and will give you the edge in any social situation from mingling at a cocktail party to a

What are some social psychology hacks?

1. If you want to know about something from someone , ask them a question and when they are done answering , keep silent and maintain an eye contact. They will tell you some more stuff, almost everything.2. When you try to convince someone over something, make sure they are sitting and you are standing. This makes

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?

People who are capable of high intelligence usually:Learn new information rapidly, easily and efficientlyFeel less discomfort than less gifted people when confronted with information that challenges previously accepted beliefsSolve problems using out-of-the-box methodsAre victims of jealousy, prejudice, and physical or emotional bullyingPossess an exceptionally large vocabulary, often well in excess of 30,000 words which is considered

What could be a reason why this girl I go to university with told me to stay away from her when I have always treated her so well?

Among the great mysteries that we all have to contend with at some point in our lives.I recall the time I had met a woman, a very intelligent, spirited and quite beautiful . . . we hit it off almost immediately. There was some real chemistry brewing there.But

What do stupid people know that others don't?

That they are not at all in control of their lives and think that there is nothing they can do to improve the degree of control they have over their future and life. They are helpless and dependent on luck and the good will of up above to make changes to their lives. They

What is intelligence? Does it have types, forms, or any other classifications? Are goodness and other humanistic attributes outside its domain? If yes, why? If not, what is its basis and purpose?

Dear friend,We have limited expressions of intelligence.The one who is able to solve problem in mathematics we call him intelligent, the one who is able to crack entrance exam we call him intelligent. The one who score high on IQ Tests, we

What is the least common trait in people?

From my personal understanding, it would be selflessness.People can be very helpful towards others, but most of the time it all boils down to them. Most people have the idea that if I help someone, they will help me. Can you see

What is the most important thing to a woman?

Life.I genuinely don't understand this question. Is it asking what the most important thing is for individual women? Is it seriously asking what thing every single woman alive, dead, and to be born one day, finds most important?It would make sense if it was asking what thing most women think is

What is the single most disdainful trait for a person to have?

Superficiality. Lack of Depth.I was asked to answer this, but a dearth of contempt was impairing my ability to respond.My first impulse was simple "assholes are worthy of contempt." My second impulse was "Tatiana is right. Assholes who pretend they are not assholes are

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

Back when I was a student in university, there was a guy in my class named Sima.Sima was really funny. In my opinion, he was one of the funniest people I've ever met.There are some comedians who spend hours and hours every single day writing content in

What makes a person good?

CARING and LISTENING.I have come to believe that caring for myself over anyone else is an act of sanity, not vanity.

What should everyone know about psychology?

We Make Most of Your Decisions UnconsciouslyIf one is thinking of buying a TV. We do some research on what TV to buy and then you go online to purchase one. What factors are involved in this decision making

What single, negative personality trait is most common to North Americans?

Arrogance and IgnoranceFor some reason, some North Americans think these these behaviours are socially acceptable:Mocks foreigners or people with accents (excuse you, but are you fluent in a second language? I didn't think so, so STFU.)Comments like "If you don't watch Super

What specific traits make a person interesting to be around?

To have a great conversation. If you can have fun by just talking with someone, you can have fun doing anything else as well. You won't need to plan things, because just being around still would be enough to get fun. You would then have

What's the most underrated social skill, in your opinion?

What's the most underrated social skill, in your opinion?I read other answers first and I must highlight the perfect zinger of an answer so far and it is this User-9985704685808865576's answer to What's the most underrated social skill, in your opinion? which was unfortunately collapsed due to the

Why do many people hate successful people?

I grew up very poor and didnt have much. I would get picked on daily in school(by what we now know are losers for life). I used that as motivation. I am now successful and those same type that would pick on me call

Why do most people not attempt to understand human behavior?

It's startling to me that many/most people don't even care to understand their own motivations and reactions.I was raised to be a member of a community and a citizen of the world. As a willing participant in those larger groups, it has seemed necessary to

Why do people hate rich people?

I have an explanation but first I will start with a an attempt at constructive criticism. Your question details contain this quote: "Why do people blame capitalism and capitalists when that's the system that allows THEM to build a business, make money and create value to the world?"You

Why do people want to feel needed?

Have you ever noticed that people need to feel needed?It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional,

Why do people want to make other people unhappy?

Because...they're unhappythey're dissatisfiedthey're extremely egocentric / selfish / greedythey're jealousthey're enviousthey feel like it's unfair for others to be happy while they're miserablethey feel like other people's happiness is an effrontery to their perceived higher status and false sense of superiority (they must be number one,

Why do so many people hate themselves?

Rest assured, you are.A lot of people are.Maybe this is not the language you were expecting. Normally, when someone asks this question, the hidden implication is to say that you are not. I am not going to say that. I didn't even read the other 15 answers, as

Why do some people agree to donate their body organs after they die?

I come from a very Orthodox TamBrahm family. Saying stuff like

Why does my husband feel jealous?

There can be many reasons for jealousy that your spouse may harbor towards you. What ever may be your social status but our upbringing firmly etches certain assumed traits that are hard to forgo and in later years forms the foundation of such feelings.For example we are tuned into believing

Why don't I care about people?

I'm not a professional in psychology nor anything related but I think I get the gist of your question. When I was growing up, I lived amidst alot of people yet I was alone. When I'm angry with my mum, I wish she could leave home and never come

Why don't people feel guilty sometimes even after doing something wrong?

Since all the other plausible answers to this question are covered, by other answers, I would just add one medical one.Sociopathy:Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a  person has a long-term pattern of manipulating,

Will the institution of marriage disappear in the future?

In its current incarnation, yes.Millennials are avoiding marriage like Black Death because they associate it with money-they can't afford a ring and wedding, they can't afford a house, they can't afford children. None of which have anything to do with love, or even marriage, except that all of these things are narratives society made up

Am I fat if I don't feel fat?

Fat is crucial to your survival. Without fat, you will probably die, or at least have a very difficult life.That being said, your question implies you add some kind of self-worth to your physical state. This is dangerous, as it also introduces other people's opinions into your self-worth, since their idea of whether you are too fat

Are women more confusing than men?

For men, it boils down to three things: Food, sex, and sleep. Everything else is just superfluous.For women, I can't begin to even list the things it boils down to, and wouldn't have the room on this page if I tried.Of course, both of

Are women more intuitive than men?

Mu. The question is misframed. There is no such thing as "general" intuition which can serve as the basis for such a comparison. There are only intuitions, plural. What's more, there is no fundamental classification/taxonomy to be found in

Can someone be both left and right brained?

Unless you have a specific disorder of some sort, we all use our left and right brain equally. It's one of those psychological myths that many people believe, but is simply not true.

Do bullies consider themselves bullies?

Not usually. Most bullies don't realize they're bullies. This is largely because a bully's behavior is often an outward expression of an inward pain; the bullying is a form of self-expression, and as a self-oriented act, it forgets "the Other," as

Do bullies ever understand WHY they bully people?

They understand that they enjoy doing it. They feel entitled to get that high from hurting certain victims. Even when their justifications fall apart, and they have to invent things to make fun of people for, they will protect their pride and their entitlement. It controls them, it

Do good people exist, or are they just bad people making good things?

Short answer: I believe genuinely good people exist. They're rare but they exist. The rest of us are slaves to neurotransmitters capable of causing seemingly

Does bullying a bully make you a bully as well?

If you are intimidating or threatening an unreasonable person to shake them up and open them up to being more cooperative, I prefer to call it tough love or discipline. People in authority, like police, military, teachers, parents, bosses, etc. need to do this sometimes if their ward

How to fit in a sports team

As I have found, generally, some people in teams don't take too kindly to newbies. They may have some prejudices towards you, they may want you to prove first, and there is the factor that they generally already have their friends, and don't need someone new. Also, there is a factor that you just don't blend in there -

How to deal with someone who complains too much

1. "Positive Variation Technique" (I just made up that fancy terminology btw, you're welcome.)I have made a habit over the years (and it is constantly a work in progress, to be honest) of trying to think of a positive outlook to the same situation every time I find myself having a negative reaction (complaint), or offer

How to read someone's mind through their body language

Body language provides an amazing amount of information on what other people are thinking if you know what to look for. And who hasn't wanted to read people's minds at some point?some checkpoints to remember in future, hope it helps-1. Crossed arms and legs

Human Behavior: I love animals more than humans. Is anything wrong with me?

I (still) love animals more than I love anyone, other than my family and my closest friends. I also often don't have much use for other people--I didn't dislike them, but I didn't think much of them at all. I used to be a lot like you, actually!The thing that

I feel and am treated horribly by everyone I meet. I lost weight thinking I would be treated better but since I see no difference should I just gain 100 lbs and call it a life-since nothing I do seems to help my social situation?

I am very sorry to hear that's been your experience. It's been somewhat my experience too and I had very similar thoughts. In the past few years, I've gained weight from inactivity, as I've been disabled and plagued with chronic pain.I've felt ugly, unwanted, and

Is human nature taught?

Human beings have an essential nature that is biological in origin. This evolved over millions of years. But humans also are influenced by the environment, both cultural and directly within the family and in school. For example, humans are born with an innate ability to learn language and express language. Culture

Is social dominance real?

No, even the source from which this misguided theory originated, the theory that wolf packs have an

Is social media making us more anti social?

According to me - Yes. Social media IS making us a little less social.Social networking is making us antisocial in many indirect and not so obvious ways. Yes it is true that it has given us ways to reach out to a larger set of people and

To all you former bullies out there, what made you want to bully other people?

Becoming a bully is a byproduct of insecurity, but usually unbeknownst consciously to the actual bully. The act of bullying in itself is a means of forcefully establishing one's position in the pecking order.Unlike what we normally see in pop culture, it is

What are some advice for an introvert to become more social and interact with others?

What are some advice for an introvert to become more social and interact with others?The introvert-extrovert spectrum has to do with how people become energized, not with sociability. Introverts prefer to recharge on their own or with a few people. Extroverts are energized by spending time with lots

What are some comfort zone challenges?

move to a different country and stay for at least half a yeargo to a crowded public place in your area and lie down on the ground, on your back, for one minutego out and ask 10 members of the sex you're

What are some of the most weird human behavior?

People with high levels of testosterone get pleasure from the anger of others.A person who is lying has to keep in mind at the same time the lie – that it to say, and the truth – in order to hide it.When people are being watched, they behave better.When people feel they have no

What are some underrated things people should know?

Trucks busses and cars are going to move in the direction the front wheels are pointing. In short check for this always and save your life one day.Secondly when you drive don't turn your head and smile for confirmation as everyone does in other situations.

What are the biggest lies that society tells us?

Everyone is beautiful. Naw, that's bullshit. Whether inside or out, there's always people in this world who aren't that great. Don't give people delusions of grandeur, that'll make em think they don't need to improveHard work always trumps natural talent. Let's use the movie Monsters University as an example. It's a prequel, so most people knew how

What are the downside of being emphathetic?

When girls used to share their stories with me in school and college, I thought they did with the rest of the boys too and honestly, I didn't mind. I showed my care and concern and told them what to

What are the recommended psychology and human behaviour books?

Here are a list of books about psychology and human behavior that I've read (and highly recommend):59 Seconds by Professor Richard WisemanThe Hour between Dog and Wolf by John CoatesInfluence by Jenny NabbenHow We Learn by Benedict CareyThe Power of Habit

What are your opinions on introspection as a healthy Life exercise?

Think of it this way. Let's say somebody gave you a gift. It is a beautifully wrapped box with a ribbon. You are so attracted by the wrapping that you never want to open the box. You admire and enjoy the wrapping day in and

What causes bullying to happen?

There are reasons behind a person becomes a bully. Some are as follows-Generally, those who bully others are looking for superiority over others. That's why they focus on something unique about you & create a feeling of insecurity with the intention of hurting you.It

What changes human behaviour suddenly?

There is a beautiful tip of human behaviour, how to change suddenly .Whenever you see something bad at someone, then have thoughts that I won't do it, what a bad person do and what you have seen bad .About a mad personOur best scholar abu hanifa rahmatullah. Said

What does it feel like to be an introvert? Do you ever feel lonely? If yes, when?

I feel frustrated when I explain to someone that I need alone time and she responds, "yes, I need that every once in a while."  No you don't get it, that is my preferred mode, almost all the time I would prefer to be alone.  I was just making it sound casual so I wouldn't offend you

What does it mean if I have empathy for animals but no empathy for people?

I agree with Ricardo Biondina all the way. A lot of these answers are trying to tell you that you need to have empathy for humans, or how to change yourself. That wasn't the question. People are looking too deep into this. Like asking

What is the best advice to overcome social anxiety?

I personally believe each one of us has experienced a certain amount of social anxiety at some point in our lives. The intensity and frequency varies.I have my range of social anxiety as well. I can rarely be the center of a dance party, sometimes I'll take a safe corner while most of the times, I avoid

What makes someone more socially dominant in a group?

History show that those who are best able to influence other people are at the top of the social hierarchy. Yes, you should be an extrovert and so on. But I can make it more specific.If you take a look at the Hollywood elite for example, you find that a surprisingly many of the social elite

What's the best way to deal with social anxiety in social situations?

I am a very anxious person, but a lot of people don't think I am. They think I'm a very comfortable person in social situations and I often find that people will share things with me that they don't often share with others. I can speak in front of crowds or at parties at ease, but

When did we as a society decide it was bad to be fat? Not obese, just like regularly overweight.

It is fairly recently. In many parts of the world, fat is still beautiful and thin is a sign of sickness or poverty. For example in Mauritania in western Africa, beautiful people are fat. Families send thin children to fat farms to fatten up, so they will attract the best spouses. If a woman is thin,

Why are people always apologizing now for sharing their opinions?

Because they may have, inadvertently offended someome? Sure, I have the right to my opinion, I have the right to my own viewpoint, yet I still find I have a responsibility to do so, in a manner, that does not instill hostility, that does not portray me, as the divine human being, without fault, without a sence of how

Why are some people full of hatred for others?

Because we need enemies.The one thing that could conceivably bring world peace is the arrival of sentient alien life, because it would give us the one thing that could stop us from fighting: a common enemy. There are plenty of theories on why this is so from

Why do certain topics gather more attention than others?

Cause of the degree of intelligence of people is based on how much can be comprehended with. If others are unaware of something a conversation does not exist. For example if I told you that the Universe has a Heart Beat and I said I can prove it, and you say how? Then you

Why do overrated things exist?

It is not easy to define something as being "overrated". Whenever you do any kind of rating it is always with respect to what you are thinking, your priorities and your likes/dislikes. There might be some things that

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? What is appealing about these theories and why do they persist despite logic and general consensus that they are false? What are some reasons for the popularity of these theories?

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Strangely enough, the best explanation is that they're comforting. Studies have shown that belief in conspiracy theories is most prevalent among (1) fearful/uncertain people who (2) feel as though they lack control over their own lives. See Here's Why People Believe In Conspiracy Theories. Conspiracy

Why do people bully when they see someone getting bullied?

To answer your first question - yes and no. Humans are animals. But we are not predatory animals. We are tribalistic animals.  And it is the tribal instinct that causes mobbing, where when someone starts bullying, others join in. We have several instinctual responses to displays of aggression and power within our tribe and these enable bullying.

Why do people collect things?

Jim Halperin, a noted coin and comics collector, lists the following underlying motivations in his article Why Do We Collect Things?...Knowledge and learningRelaxation and stress reductionPersonal pleasure (including appreciation of beauty, and pride of ownership)Social interaction with fellow collectors and others (i.e.

Why do people get bullied?

Kids who get bullied usually stand out in one way or another. They're often less socially gifted, or have a smaller group of friends. Maybe they're more lonely overall. It can happen to anyone, but it usually happens to certain types of people.As for bullies, well, I see many types of bullies- there are outright wicked people who

Why do people not care about other people?

I can tell you why I choose not to care about others, who some people don't care about others and why some people don't care about the enabling a productive benefit to others, but care deeply about adding to their detriment which can seem like not

Why do people think others don't care about them?

Perhaps depending on what country you live in, there is not much of a reason to think others care about you.I live in the US, and the vast majority of treatment I've experienced from other people throughout my life and the stuff I

Why does school bullying happen?

When I was young, I was a target of horrible bullying. Then I stood up to my bully. After that, I found myself in a period of bullying behavior towards others, after which, I mellowed out and just found myself happy to not be noticed. Later,

Why doesn't anyone care about me as much as I care for them?

Earlier even i used to think this as I care too much and believe me it only dissapointed me .I used to think why i can't get the same love and affection which i used to give friends .Then one day I read an article about care and expectations. In that it was

Why don't people care about me even though I care about them?

There could be many reasons why you are experiencing this but since I don't know a lot of details, I'm just going to give you the very basic reasons.You are around people who aren't worth your time. Your circle of

Are haters productive for society?

It really depends what you mean by

Are humans really happy?

You are actually right  but that isn't 100% true. Life wasn't that peaceful even in the antiquity. Whatever  may be circumstances Life provides us with opportunity to be peaceful,  to be Happy, to be Joyous and to be frustrated and to be sad.After reading a lot of history I am quite

As a feminine man, how can I embrace my femininity?

Identify a list of things that make you feel comfortable in your gender presentation. These can be anything. Clothes, hair, makeup, how you walk or sit, your tone of voice, the way you smile. Anything, so long as it makes you glow

Can sad people be made happy by happy people sharing their happiness?

I essentially try to answer this question every day.I have struggled with depression for years. My boyfriend is optimistic, naturally cheerful, and people regularly comment to me that he's the happiest person they've ever met. We're coming up on four years together this summer and share an apartment so if happiness was going to

Do most people feel hated?

I wouldn't say i felt hated but i do often wonder why i have been abused all of my life?I was bullied throughout School for having severe atopic eczema, even when i went home, my parents were unsympathetic and my sister bullied me.

Do people cry more at night? Why or why not?

With interests in both technical and psychological fields, I liken sleep to a progressive reboot of the body's systems. The time required to sleep is an investment in peak function for the next day.Here's an excellent read from Ksenia Kulichik, for further consideration on the importance of sleep, and the effects of sleep