How does one deal with evil people?

I was visiting a friend who is a Chabad Rabbi in Cincinnati, OH. He was holding a bris for his son, and his father-in-law who is the head of Yeshiva in Manchester, England was visiting.Chabad is an Hassidic Orthodox community more formally known as Chabad- Lubavich for the city that this group originated. They are famous for

What does antisocial behavior mean?

I suppose that antisocial behaviour here in the U.K. means behaviour that can include behaviour that does involve breaking the law in some way or other, but it can also mean behaviour that people find rude, aggressive, intimidating or grossly disrespectful or

What is the greatest peer pressure you've ever felt?

In junior high and high school, late 1950s going into the early sixties, it was wearing what everyone else was wearing.