How important is it to you that after marriage there is a name change by many, who either add or take on spouse/man's last name? What do you like to see happen for your loved ones and in society in general?

I got married at age 36 and I did not change my name. I was not planning on having kids, and I am rather proud of the family from which I came and saw no good reason, outside of tradition, to change my name. I simply did not want to, nor did I

Is India going from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated one?

I have written a lot about gender issues and gender equilibrium in our country . I have received fair share of both appreciation and censure . I think this question requires impartial judgement on the part of the author and so I will try to be as impartial as possible .But at the same

Is India's traditional/old fashioned set up somewhere responsible for its low divorce rate? Why is the divorce rate higher in the west?

Reason why India ranks low on divorce statistics. However it has got nothing to do with moral character of Indians or the so called Indian culture values. Also, it does not mean couples are happy, it only means a lot

Is it wrong to have a messy house? Does that make you a bad person?

No! Of course not. A messy home can label you as a messy person, but not a bad personI am a pretty messy person, and the same can be said about my home.Messy is not bad, if it can make you feel comfortable and cozy. I have a rather large bed of which I

Is modern America a dystopian society?

No, modern America is not a dystopia.  Utopia actually means "not a place" as it is an imagined setting where everything is perfect.  "Dys" means "bad, ill, abnormal", so dystopia means a place where everything is unpleasant or bad.Mention dystopia, and my mind thinks of the world of "Mad Max",

Is National Honor Society overrated?

By whom, and for what?The National Honor Society, and its equivalent the Beta Club, are organizations created to allow schools to congratulate and reward students for what students are supposed to be doing: studying and learning. Insofar as students see being a member of either organization as desirable, the organizations are doing their job.For a

Should polyamorous people be scorned?

No, of course not! Why would you think such a thing? Polyamory is a thoughtful attempt to solve an ongoing and pervasive human problem: enforced sexual and emotional fidelity. I think that it does solve the problems for thousands, maybe millions of people who struggle with monogamy and its restrictions.I've learned a lot about polyamory on Quora. The

What bothers you about our society nowadays?

Waste that conduces to our death.Many people waste resources as if they are endless.

What do you think is the reason for falling marriage rates & increasing divorce rates of society?

People live a lot longer now than ever before, so maybe people have different needs in different stages of their lives, and maybe someone who matched at one stage is not a good match in another stage, so couple drifts apart unless they managed to catch a parallelle change of stage and

What have been mankind's most dangerous ideas?

"Dangerous" => "Able or likely to cause harm or injury". Terrorism, War, Weapons of mass destruction, Communal violence, Infanticide, Apartheid or general caste-based segregation, Sexism etc... in the present times, these aren't just dangerous ideas any more. Most of them have

What is the biggest misconception in Indian society?

My cousin brother's life is decided by an astrologer .He is a biology student who wanted to become a doctor . But after taking the course , he lost his interest and started scoring poor marks .He then decided to join engineering but without knowing what

What is the creepiest thing that society accepts as a cultural norm?

I can think of multiple things from my own culture, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll choose one thing and that is sexism against women.I come from the Middle East, and while this is certainly not true everywhere. It is quite prevalent.Historically speaking, before Islam men practiced a common ritual. Whenever,

Which is the most patriotic country in the world?

Everyone here just answered for themselves and so their answers are somehow manipulated with emotions . So we need an unbiased source to give us the proper results. Well luckily

Who makes more of a contribution to our society, men or women?

Without women there are no men, without men there are no women.Let's phrase the question in another way, what is more important in a computer: the CPU or the cooling fan? One may seem to make more of a contribution (The CPU) but without the fan and heatsink, it is

Why are there lots of skinny girls and fat girls in public but hardly any muscular-shaped girls with ripped six-pack abs and bulging biceps?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 22 days of follow that guide I actually have visible definition in my

Why are there so many divorces in today's society?

Why are there so many divorces in today's society?Unrealistic expecations. The girl expects the boy to be heavily rich, overtly romantic, extremely loving & caring and the boy expects her to be a cultured housewife who can feed him good food, who can sacrifice a great deal of her own life to make him happy. And then

Why do we need law in the society?

In society, law is not something which comes from somewhere outside the boundaries of the society.It is in-fact is an innate idea of the society. The law reflects the norms of the society and is what according to the society is good, equitable and

Why is divorce bad for society?

I thought about this very question several years ago.Here's what I came to, from a Christian perspective.I don't understand this. I've seen several friends separate or divorce during my near 20 years of marriage. Within the Christian community, it's often said that divorce is a sin, which is many people's interpretation of the Biblical statement,

Why is modern society so alienating?

In today's society and in the world, alienation is widespread and can be seen everywhere. We primarily live in a culture of consumerism where dangerous, grimy, and underpaid work is the standard on a world scale. Everyone's focus has been changed over

Will the institution of marriage disappear in the future?

In its current incarnation, yes.Millennials are avoiding marriage like Black Death because they associate it with money-they can't afford a ring and wedding, they can't afford a house, they can't afford children. None of which have anything to do with love, or even marriage, except that all of these things are narratives society made up

Are human beings flawed?

I wouldn't say that we're flawed, but there's certainly something about the way our minds work that is very peculiar and actually creates a lot of trouble for us.What makes human beings particularly unique is not only that we can think in symbols, but that

Are sports important to society?

Sport is as important to the society as any other industry , or at-least any other entertainment/media industry. That would put it in the same bracket as music, cinema, TV, print, radio, video gaming, radio, social networking, and yes, porn.Sport

Are there any female dominant societies in history?

There are many societies in history that are matricarchal, and there are even some that still exist. Here are a few.1. MOSUOLiving near the border of Tibet in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, the Mosuo are perhaps the most famous matrilineal society. The Chinese government officially classifies them as part of another ethnic minority known as

Could the evolution of the human race have happened in a way that would have made our society female dominant rather than the male dominant (as of today)?

Our society was female dominant at one time:When God Was a WomanAlso, many social groups are still organized around matrilineal relationships:MatrilinealityPage on

Has the world ever seen a female-dominant society in history, in contrast to the male-dominant ones in present times in almost all countries?

First of all thanks for the a2a shrey kalra .Most of us are in a perception that today''s world is predominantly male dominant or is a type of society where men and women have a 50-50 share.You would be surprised to

How do LGBTI contribute to society?

Homosexuality does not contribute to society.Homosexuals do contribute to society.As far as individuals go, individual homosexuals contribute to society no more and no less than individual heterosexuals do.So I think whoever asked this question might have misinterpreted the comments they're referring to in the question details.  If you "read

How does society influence one's behavior?

There are unlimited ways in which society influences behaviour. This can also differ in different cultures. After all we are social creatures who are very much shaped by external factors. Some ways society can influence behaviour includes:- pressures from society may restrict you to doing jobs

How would the world/society be if animals could speak?

I think it would not be that much different from the way it is now. There is already so much diversity of lives of humans. People speak all different languages, although I think the European people usually know English in addition to

Is social media ruining society?

Do you have a Facebook or Instagram account? One of the very first questions in a conversation when teens meet each other. No matter where the conversation starts, teens are almost always drawn to the search for a username. No doubt social networking sites are fun and the best way to pass the time and stay connected, but

Should animals be used for testing medicines and drugs?

If there is a need to do so, they should be used. Every race has a duty to safeguard it's interest, humans included. treating sickness leads to a better and many a times longer life. The drugs either can be given to humans

Should we respect old people?

Note: I don't mean to be preachy, this is just a perspective!PrologueWe definitely don't treat all humans identically, irrespective of their  age. We treat young kids, teenagers, young adults and mid-aged adults  differently. By the same token, when

Was there ever a female-dominant society? Most religions depict male-dominant societies.

there are some in africa, matriarchal societies. i'll find names out for you just now. the men are like our women, vain and encouraged to be idle. not vain, spend a lot of time on their appearance, you know what i mean. in neolithic turkey there was a city called catal

What are the biggest lies that society tells us?

Everyone is beautiful. Naw, that's bullshit. Whether inside or out, there's always people in this world who aren't that great. Don't give people delusions of grandeur, that'll make em think they don't need to improveHard work always trumps natural talent. Let's use the movie Monsters University as an example. It's a prequel, so most people knew how

What are the causes of homelessness?

There are many reasons for homelessness but the main cause is the greed of others and the growing gap between the poor and the rich. Wages have not kept up with the cost of living. People are working and still cannot afford to rent a decent place to live. In 1976

What are the main reasons for male dominating society and why did it deeply rooted in our society even today?

Men have traditionally provided both financial and physical security to women. With women empowerment and feminism sweeping the world, women no longer depend on men for financial security. Self defense techniques have started empowering women physically as well but since not all women have embraced it, they still depend on men for it.

What are the positive and negative aspects in Indian culture?

Positive and negative aspects are generally an individual conception and may not be applied in general. Many aspects that may appear negative today may have served a good purpose earlier. All aspects have to be judged in ref to time, place and

What defines humanity?

WHAT IS HUMANITY? The Humanity can be termed as a topic which describes the abilities and characterstics of human beings in whole. In the Competitive Modern world which is moving at a very fast pace have made many of us to miss out on ourselves. Human beings are failing to understand about themselves and have

What has not been invented yet, that is highly needed in today's society?

An instant learning machine, that allows us to instantly download information into our brains.Some device that will organize the internet and be able to communicate with a human user to filter the information interactively until the desired data is found.

What is something that society refuses to acknowledge?

Not all women want to have children.There are women who are unenthusiastic about the idea of having kids. Harbouring children is designated prime goal for women. It is an accepted normative in the society we live in.Any deviation is received with harsh criticism and the existing taboo of child-less women does not help matters. Motherhood, in India, is

What was the worst trend of your generation?

Smoking. Everyone did it. If you didn't you were weird or considered a little kid. Now, everyone's trying to get clean or they're addicted and can't stop. If I could go back to 8th grade I'd slap myself. Nowadays, I see the same trend among the

When did we as a society decide it was bad to be fat? Not obese, just like regularly overweight.

It is fairly recently. In many parts of the world, fat is still beautiful and thin is a sign of sickness or poverty. For example in Mauritania in western Africa, beautiful people are fat. Families send thin children to fat farms to fatten up, so they will attract the best spouses. If a woman is thin,

Why don't homeless people use food stamps?

They do.Many people in larger cities in the Midwest and US Northeast use EBT cards (Electronic Balance Transfer) and Link cards which are now offered by the federal government in lieu of food stamps.The homeless simply have to go to a service agency and

Why don't some people just fit in society?

I'm thinking you live with me in America. And; if you do, you'll agree that America is THE most non-monolithic 'society' on the globe. (Fun Fact: Japan is the most)Let's not stop though; it is also a Republic married to a democracy using a monetary system of capitalism. Millions of peoples-from every

Why is it socially acceptable to be fat?

I don't know where you're from that you think it IS socially acceptable to be fat. Let me assure you, as someone who has lived most of her 42 years as a fat woman that it is NOT considered acceptable.In fact, where I live, in the United States,

Why is playing sports important to society?

First of all,exercise,without it you be very unfit and mostly likely fat and damage parts of your body .Opportunities on making new friends through sport and possibly rekindling old ones that haven't been close with recently .Team sports teach you

Why is the Indian society male dominating?

its very unfair to say that its male dominating  , we don't want to dominate ,there  should be equality.This is something women herself has to fight for , providing reserved seats in buses ,trains , separate line for women in banks,railway station has further widened the gap

Why is the world male-dominated?

Fundamentally, men are afraid of the "magic" that women possess to create life... a power that appears to be beyond their control.  This fear drives men to try to practice an unnatural degree of subjugation... one that, ultimately, is doomed

Would there be wars in female-dominated society?

Very hard question to answer. In short, I would say not really.The women we have seen in power throughout history (Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc, Margaret Thatcher) have risen to power in patriarchal societies where violence and war are the main forms of conflict resolution. They have risen to success in such societies

According to you, what are the most worthy jobs for society?

Doctors - No need to explain this.Laborers, architects and construction workers - the house you live in, the road you drive on, was constructed by these people.Engineers. Unless you want to live in a stone-age eraCourt and law enforcement agencies are essential for proper functioning of the state. At least, at this point of

Are haters productive for society?

It really depends what you mean by

Are recreational drugs inherently harmful?

It's difficult to answer. Drug abuse is often comorbid with mental health issues (in addition to addiction being a mental health issue itself).A lot of people believe that only bad people are drug addicts, but that's not true at all.

Are we the Indian youth losing our culture and values in the name of liberty and modernizaton?

we think a selfie with a foreigner gets more likes..we think everything from west is superior and cool..Even Indian Companies have to use Foreign names to give an Illusion of foreign brand for sales.. Hidesign, Peter England, had we known they were Indian we wouldnt even touch them..speaking in mother tongue is considered so uncool..Not

Do you think people are starting to become more entitled?

No.Baby Boomers were brought up in America's golden age. College was affordable, business opportunities were high, and the American Dream was a reality.Times have changed. Millennials live in a system where rent is unaffordable, inflation for essentials is high, wages are stagnant, and tuition is so high people become corporate indentured servants

How does fashion affect our lives and our society?

Fashion plays a major role in our society. Supose you Stand in any line waiting to check out and the covers of magazines exude fashion. Designers have movie stars wearing what they decide the season should call for. Every movie or television program has carefully chosen what look they want to portray. Every ad may not

Is India going from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated one?

No.Let me tell you based on my real experience today.I work as RBSK doctor in Thirumanur block. So my job nature is to visit 105 schools and 122 anganwadi centres and screen children for diseases.Today I visited a village named Melaramanallur a riverine island in the river Kollidam about 50 km from Thanjavur.Though I planned for regular screening

Is it true that secrets societies exist?

Yes, it is very true.There are many that is grouped under the flag of Secret Societies, however many are not. They are just private, few having any real secrets.This list includes the some really famous societies:FreemasonsSkull and BonesBohemian ClubSome detailThere is much rumours about these societies. However, with Freemasonry

Is our society in the United States to blame for the increase in mental health issues?

It is not the ‘society,' itself, but rather the Leftists-in charge of America's public education system since 1868-who have taught the younger generations to believe falsehoods about reality (like the different kinds of sexual perversions, and, more recently, the gender perversions).They are doing all this to weaken the minds of

Is public opinion the best opinion?

No.The U.S. Constitution promises a republican form of government. See Article IV. Section 4.

Students today seem to get easily (triggered) and schools are offering things like 'safe spaces' and shielding them from reality. What long term effects (if any) do you feel this will have on society in the future?

Kids won't be able to handle stress of any kind.The hospital won't have a room full of puppies to cuddle with after your patient dies during surgery.Your law firm won't have a

Understanding Smart People: As an extremely smart person, are there times when you feel out of place in today's society?

As an extremely smart person, there are indeed times when I feel out of place in today's society. In fact, I feel out of place almost all the time and almost everywhere I go. Of course, the only exception to

What are some secrets that the government hides and society buys into it?

Government is not the villain. Politicians are not the villains. The establishment media tells you what they want you to know. Politicians - including presidents - get airtime only if they stick to the media narrative. Congress named the coverup TARP and nobody noticed.Labor - vs capital - pays 63% of all federal taxes.Labor law protection was expanded to

What are the benefits of joining a high IQ society or club?

If you are a person with high IQ and you are around others of a similar nature it is likely the jokes will be more intricate, more drawn out and you'll get a much greater laugh being willing to tell it again to others maybe

What are the biggest myths about machine learning?

The biggest misconception people have about machine learning is that it is incredibly difficult to learn and implement any machine learning algorithm or project. People will often view machine learning as a nebulous field, only accessible by those with PhDs and extensive backgrounds in computer

What are the biggest problems society is facing today?

This is terrifying. What a great advancement we have done to this modern era where there is no place left for humanity & value system. We are living in the paradigm of Artificial intelligence ceding out our human sensory system to machine &

What are the common problems of our society?

Society's biggest problem is the State- the entities most people call government. The State exists only to control- whether its citizens or other nation-states; and confiscate- whether the wealth of its citizens, which is shares with its friends to make weapons of war; or the resources of the nation-states it conquers. Nowadays, the State co-opts much of

What are the top unspoken social rules?

Do not speak loudly in public places.Do not ask people their salary or weight.Let people come out from the lift before you start getting in.Anything borrowed should be returned as quickly as possible.Don't gaze at other people's phones and laptops.Be respectful to

What do you think is the biggest issue that is happening to our society today?

For US society in 2017, I think the biggest social problem is K-12 education. There are some excellent schools. And some students can learn a lot by the time they get a high school diploma. But there are far too

What do you think was/is the hardest part of being homeless?

I have only been homeless briefly, and it was in another country, so A2A I have to start by saying that my experience of homelessness comes mainly from conversations with people who have experienced it directly, and from talking to people who work with them.It is an issue I care a lot about-a bit more than a year

What is an example of a society/culture with a normalized mental illness?

By some standards, religious views are delusional; others consider atheism to be odd as well.For humans, it's very easy to get caught up in group think. When an ideology is broadly accepted, it would be more strange than anything to

What is one thing that seems normal in society that no one should do based on your life experience?

DO NOT Conform to THAT SOCIETY!Trust your head, trust your heart. Learn it now or wait for the

What is the biggest misconception in Indian society?

My cousin brother's life is decided by an astrologer .He is a biology student who wanted to become a doctor . But after taking the course , he lost his interest and started scoring poor marks .He then decided to join engineering but without knowing what department to

What is the importance of social psychology to the society?

Potentially, social psychology can offer fruitful solutions to many sides of human co-existence that are experienced as problematic. These solutions can be based on the knowledge that social psychology has produced. For example:Why is there crime in society? What can we do to reduce the amount of crime in our society?How to people cooperate well

What is the one thing that you love but everybody else seems to hate?

Difference.Different natural attitudes of people (introvert, extrovert, talkative, silent, tall, short, active, slow, thinker, doer). Different races of people. People of mixed races (two parents of different race). Different ethnic and cultural backgrounds (but with an open mind, not dogmatic and closed). I do not like closed mentality, whatever form it is.

What is your biggest complaint about society?

Schools have been de-contented. Kids know little of history-and of differing views of history-because their teachers are relatively ignorant, themselves. Teachers have been taught to teach, but they know little of what they teach.Teachers in both sides of this family, both in wartime and today. Smart, delightful, earnest ladies and one tough-guy military war veteran who can rattle

What skill do you wish everyone knew?

I wish everyone knew something about systems theory. See: Systems Theory (Formal-, applied-, rubric-, etc.)It is deeply applicable to graphical user-interfaces, and the result would be exponential for knowledge, art, and human significance. A real renaissance!The key is to leave a lot of the content to the user, and make the systems themselves into a perfectable semantics.

Where would our society be without risk takers and problem solvers?

If we just take America, we can see that the Constitution prohibited government from interfering in its citizens rights to live life as they see fit.Furthermore, one of the few enumerated powers of Congress is found in the Constitution:

Why are lots of people so unambitious?

Because reality hits 'em hard.People usually have big dreams or lofty ambitions during their childhood and adolescence.But as they grow up, they realize that life is indeed,not a bed of roses; and considering the cut throat competition, the true colours of society, and

Why are there lots of skinny girls and fat girls in public but hardly any muscular-shaped girls with ripped six-pack abs and bulging biceps?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 22

Why do people complain about the weather?

I think what you have to realize is that talking about the weather isn't really about the weather, it's about talking. If I've just met you, and know nothing else about you, the one thing I can know for sure is that you've been dealing with the same weather

Why does the DSM-5 use serious negative consequences for personal, social, or occupational function as a criteria for addiction. Doesn't this have the effect of potentially making every conceivable activity or behavior an addiction?

The DSM-5, first of all, should not even be made available to be in the possession of the hands of society. From my own perspective as a scientist, doctor, and researcher of Psychology which is NOT Psychiatry, I view the DSM-5 mostly as an overrated puff piece collaborated, compiled, edited,

Why is it acceptable to treat fat people poorly?

It isn't, but most people are self-centered, especially so at an early age. They make assumptions based on stereotypes and disregard people that do not meet their immediate concerns. This can be an opportunity to filter out the bad people and may require more creativity to get a

Are boys and girls really treated equally by the society?

What the word Society stands for in question? Is it referring to males or women?Males generally remain outside the house in their jobs. Girls are then totally free to whatever they like. And boys are in so much pressure because they cannot see there same kind of person. If discrimination is happening to them(I mean with boys)

Do you agree that the institution of marriage will become obsolete in the next 20 to 50 years?

First, most likely it will become obsolete within the next 50 years by majority. This discussion from me will be short. When I was in my 40's -I met a guy that i wanted to mess around with and he was so fine, polite, Business/realtor- i went on his job and

Do you think marriages would be extinct considering the uselessness of it in modern society?

I can see the depth of your question. Our civilization is moving towards technology , where there is a possibility of your statement. But, I really don't see a point where we say our vows and accept the other person as our spouse. We are still bound to those

How is life wherever you are at?

Life is quiet. Warmer than usual. My roof produced 26 kWh today. Unusual warm. I am afraid that climate change deniers are going to clog up the beauty clinic halls for nose jobs as they all will fall flat on their faces.Anyway, it could be worse, to

Is capitalism needed in a progressive society?

Diffuse capitalism where the owners of capital make most economic decisions, but capital is allocated diffusely enough so capitalists do not have significant market power in any market, not just goods markets, is the only economic system consistent with the liberal principle that we have found so far. The liberal principle is that everyone should

Is marriage necessary to prove love in society?

Well, only if it matters to you that what society will think of you.If you don't bother what society think then it's upto you.But still marriage means accepting the person you loves.It's like is proof and evidence necessary in the court to prove your innocence?This is something

Is pride still considered a sin in today's Western societies?

I would say that it is still keeping its bad connotation. Only when someone is proud of somebody else it is different than pumping oneself up. It is easy to find statement like "I am proud of my kids, parents, student, friend" and it becomes like

Is there any hindu secret societies?

The thing about Secret Societies is this: that they are secret. People do not know them. So asking about them on Quora is quite redundant, simply because no one will know, and those who do know, will not spill their beans.That being said, there is rumoured to have been one secret society called the Nine Unknown Men which

Is there anywhere in the world where a 7 day week is not observed?

The Soviets actually experimented with various sized weeks. The thinking was that if the size of the weeks changed that would make it impossible to observe Sunday as a religious day of gathering (or Saturday for the Jews), this was a part of the general campaign to eliminate religion from the "Soviet Paradise"At first

There's much talk about 'fake news,' being in a 'post-truth' era, etc, but what are some actual things we can collectively do as a society to improve the situation, not just as individuals?

Uh. Not sure how to respond, here. Societies are made of individuals, so we'd all have to agree on what to do. That requires individuals to spread the word or lead the way.So we'd all individually have to learn a thing or do a thing to change things...Anyway, what's needed is education. That's usually

What are factors important for the success of a society?

The will of the people to be successful, HONEST education & HONEST history so the mistakes of the past can be avoided. Population control on an individual basis; people realizing that too many of them will use up the natural resources too fast, commitment to the environment, commitment to not killing wild animals for sport, things like that.

What change does the society need today?

1 . To give up on prejudices whether they are of caste,race,colour etc.2. To work together to build a societal mindset that values peace over war.3. To teach their children that real education is above marks and degrees.4. To realise that being true to oneself is far better than the gain acquired by impressing others.5. To value

What do married women see in other married men?

I assume you are asking why a married woman would cheat with a married man rather than a single one?It would make sense to me that a married person (man or woman) may seek out another married person for an illicit affair due to

What does culture provide to society?

Society refers to social groups. Culture refers of the learned behavior patterns that characterize the social groups of a culture. Thus a social tradition, or a cultural tradition refers to a learned behavior pattern characterizing a social group that transcends generations. For example, going to church on Sunday morning, is a sociocultural tradition of some religious groups.So what

What drives you mad about modern society?

That people who are too busy have majority of their contact with the outside world through tv, reality tv and social media. They get angry and sad over posts and think that is how the world is now even though in their own experience they haven't encountered anything like it.Too much fantasy not renough reality in modern society

What is the relationship between age and marriage? Is it necessary to get married if you have entered your twenties? Why are parents scared or so concerned about the society? What will 'people think'? Is it something to be worried of?

Well, there are multiple questions... Just like we used to have in school... And God, I used to hate those...Although am in my Twenties and Unmarried, I will try to answer your question...Apparently there's as such no relationship between age and marriage, but deep down