As an experienced software engineer, how long have you been idle, without work, and how did you keep yourself motivated to stay in the profession?

I've been a software engineer for nearly 30 years, and I've been laid off three times. In my experience, that happens to nearly everyone at some point, the other people answering this question seem to be quite fortunate on average.The first

Do Software Engineers enjoy their work?

Good software engineers enjoy their work in the right environments where "right" is largely about the technical problems they solve personally, having great co-workers who are enjoyable to interact with technically and otherwise, and not too many negative factors which out weigh those positive aspects.  A lack of commercial success usually doesn't

I feel like I should be my own boss and I need to start my software engineer firm. I want to do mobile programming and become rich from that. What advice do you have for me?

I'm 23, had 7-8 months experience and decided to start something of my own, a friend joined in and then it began. Sharing my experienceIt takes time. You need at least one year to setup. Remember you are starting from scratch you will

What is the average salary for a software engineer?

Without knowing your desired city, the average salary is not so meaningful. Because it is totally different in different locations. Also, because of different tax systems and living costs, what you actually make could mean differently in different locations.This tool is for comparing the savings of software engineers in two cities. But you can still use

What is the difference between a programmer, a good programmer and a great programmer? What is the path of becoming a great programmer?

Programmer: anyone who can write working programs to solve problems, given a sufficiently detailed problem statement.  I have no use for programmers.Good programmer: a programmer who collaborates with others to create maintainable, elegant programs suitable for use by the customer, on time and with low defect rates, with little

Are programmers and software engineering overated?

Yes, they are.And of course, no, they're not.On one hand, yes, there is a lot of BS about the place, OMG! Teh Githubs! or rubbing hands over algorithms or data structures. Some will talk the talk about optimization,

As a senior software engineer, will I earn more money in trading companies than tech companies?

It depends a bit on how much risk you are willing to accept. You can make 10x the money you could at any trading place if you pick the right startup and it goes public.Otherwise you'll probably earn about the same, particularly once you've dealt with the cost of

As a software engineer, what was the strangest feature put by accident that actually made your system work better?

Not sure it was a real improvement but the version of FORTRAN I used to use would silently ignore any character after the 74-th character on a line.This allowed me to place comments about what each line did, provided it was after the 74-th.

Have you regretted quitting your boring job?

YesI was bored and underperforming. I resigned even though i did not have another offer in hand. It took me a few months to find another job. Around that time, the previous organisation laid off several employees... along with severance package amounting to 3 months of salary. I regretted because

How can one know that he or she would enjoy working as a software engineer?

The only real way to know is to try it and see.That said, there are some clues you can pay attention to in advance.Do you enjoy programming now? Are you curious about how software works, about how to make computers

How long does it take to become a software engineer (who enjoys their work)?

It depends on what enjoys you. A work of software engineer is very diverse. One enjoys creating complex things where your work is a significant portion of contributions: then, probably, it will take you years, from 5 to 10, while you become enough

I am a software engineer having 8 years of experience. I lost all my interest in programming. What are the career options available for me?

This is not unusual and there many options depending on what you love doing. Finding what you are passionate about is not always easy and sometimes you just need to keep trying various things until you figure out your passion. There are structured methods (personality tests) available which will help you in finding a job

I want to become a more fundamental software engineer. What could be some advice for me?

I don't know exactly what you mean by "a more fundamental programmer," but I'll take the opportunity to talk about fundamentals.First, avoid being a programming fundamentalist. You don't need to have an "unwavering attachment to a set of

I want to become a self-taught software developer and make a career out of it. How do I start? Would be glad if I got mentors to guide me.

Don't worry as I'll guide you as to how you can become a software developer. However, since you have selected the self-taught way, let me tell you-it isnt going to be easy.Most of the tech and software companies like Flipkart, Directi, Uber, Mu Sigma, Freshdesk, Credihealth, etc employ candidates as Software developers

I want to become a software engineer? what I do?

Hi,It's great that you are thinking of getting into software engineering. I believe you have made a great career decision. Software Engineering jobs is one the most sought-after jobs in the market. They are highly paid and are continuously in huge demand.I don't know what stage of life you are at but I would

If I start in IT, will it make it more difficult to move into software development in the long run?

What has been missing the past decade and one-half relates to this. In IT, one might (ought to) get some notion of requirements. Yes. That relates to domains and the ‘real' aspects of computing and its influences on us all.What we saw was cowboy'ish people (a few fems) pushing things

Is job of a Software Engineer frustrating?

I generally like surfing Quora when I feel sufficiently sluggish to do any of my pending work. As I am a software engineer, my mouse stop scrolling over when I saw question

Should I choose a core company or a software company in order to earn more money?

There are pros and cons with both. It also depends on a few things - a) How comfortable you are with coding/software developmentb) How interested are you in your own field of academics.If you are comfortable with

What advice would you give a software engineer who wants to move into engineering management?

Plan on studying management as hard as you studied software engineering.  MBA's are nice but they don't necessarily help with the interpersonal, motivational, political and conflict management skills.   Learn about psychology, argumentation, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, strategy and project management.  Study your strengths and weaknesses.Technologists are trained to have the right answer and hand

What are other career opportunities after having work experience of 3 years as a software developer?

After a little more experience or a higher education.You can be inPresales team/ Business analysis team/Work in I.T Consulting/ Be into Client Management/Project Management/ Team Lead/Join Operations team/Marketing, Branding or product designing team.If you wish to Quit IT.You can prepare for UPSC or government jobs.Start your own Business / NGO.Aim for IES.Pursue Arts.Join

What are some common mistakes made by fresh grads in software industry?

Following are the things I did when I was a fresher and I found it in many fresh grads(Most of them target a developer but applicable to all). Learn the problem If there is any problem comes, they don't refer docs,

What are some common mistakes made by mid level software engineers?

I will just address three common mistakes that I have observed in many developers including myself. These three mistakes are tightly related.overengineeringscope creeplack of business focussoft-skill issuesAs I grew and matured, I got to know more and more concepts. For instance, I was very advanced in Java and object oriented programming. Many years ago, I joined a project during

What are some reasons programmers quit their high paying jobs?

I am 35 and last week I left a $500K job at Amazon in pursuit of more freedom. I don't intend to stop working, but I want to work on my terms, on things that intrinsically motivate me. I wrote a blog post here on Quora with more details about this:Why

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the same software company for a very long time?

Advantages:You know the processes and systems so well that things become extremely easy for you. You know where you cut corners and where you simply mustn't.You know whom to approach for any issue so new hires gravitate to you for anything they are facing.If you are good at what you do, you form relationships

What are the most common mistakes made by aspiring software engineers?

Over my career, I've seen a few patterns among software engineers that separate the ones who thrive and those who, well, don't...Mistake 1: Focusing on technology instead of users' needs and business goalsA big mistake I've seen is focusing on the technology over the users' needs and the

What do experienced software engineers see as the most common mistakes young software engineers make?

Beginning programmers will show off in code, most likely because they are taught to do so from school.Schools often say that short-compact code are the best. This is true in some cases, but not all.It's not that they make compact code, but the fact that they try to show off

What do I truly need to learn and do to become a successful software engineer?

Immutable laws are rare in software engineering, and when an engineer claims to have found one, that engineer is usually regarded with skepticism.General principles are more welcome.In this post and podcast episode, I convey some loose philosophies about modern software engineering. These are strong opinions weakly held. I welcome debate and discussion.1.

What do software engineers do?

We do magics with a computer !! :)Well, this was one of the comments from my client when I fixed an issue for her.Let me tell you simple life cycle of a Software (not the Engineer, but you can be sure in every phase he/she is involved.)1 . Life cycle of a

What does a software engineer actually do?

I think of engineering as the application of mathematics and science to solve real world problems. Software engineering uses a form of mathematics called algorithmic thinking to solve complex problems by designing, maintaining, or improving information systems built on code. Coding is just the way you

What happens to software engineers who don't climb the corporate ladder and stay as engineers?

I assume by corporate ladder you are talking about a technical growth path and a managerial growth path. Normally after five years, you have reached a job title that is either technical or managerial, both requiring a Master's degree, MS and MBA respectively. This is where

What is the biggest difference between a programmer and software engineer?

First, what is a software engineer? Notice, principles are mentioned. What are these? Well, much more than has been acknowledged in the rush after money, power, fame, and what have you under the guise of disruption, changing the world and other dreams of unwarranted

What is your advice for a software engineer who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Q as asked: How can a software engineer becomes an entrepreneur?As answered How can a software engineer become an entrepreneur?Take an MBA course,Come up with a unique brilliant idea in a viable business area for which there is a demand that can be

What program should every programmer have in their skill set?

After twenty years of software development, I find the "Bresenham" algorithm to be the most versatile and powerful program. Things like data structures, linked lists, etc. are often discussed in CS studies and are readily understood.  But it's the Bresenham

What skills do top software engineers/ programmers learn early on that gives them edge over other software engineers/ programmers?

I've always felt like my biggest advantage when it came to learning to code was an understanding that the best way to learn was by building projects and that projects are best completed by breaking them down into simple to-do lists.For example, my first JavaScript

While working full time as a software engineer, what are some possible side projects that can strengthen your resume?

when you work full time, a side project will most likely weaken your resume. full time employees are not paid by their talent nor their accomplishments, they are paid for their dependability. when you work full time, you are practically an

Which software engineer has contributed a lot in the tech world but is not appreciated enough or a lot of people don't know him/ her?

Unfortunately I am not from Tech or IT world. I just use computer, Google, FB, Word, Internet, and more for my work of blog/ writing.It is just a pure tool towards my purpose. Hence no idea on trends, software, IT