What are common misconceptions about software engineers?

That we are "programmers".Programmers write high level programs.  They give relatively simple instructions to complex systems that others have built.Software engineers design and implement those systems.  They understand them from the hardware gates on up and can understand it when something goes wrong inside and fix it.A "programmer" is someone who

Are doctors richer than programmers?

I did not research that deeply but I can give personal examples - I have had 4 Doctors friends in my entire life - while I had tens of Programmers friends... and still have.None of my programmers friends came even close to making as much money as any of

How do programmers stay healthy despite having to spend hours in front of their computers?

I try to stay healthy with the following strategies:Walk around the office ~once per hour. Alternatively, convince your boss to let you get a standing desk and stand at least half of the day.Keep a pull up bar in

Is the Chromebook Pixel a good fit for programmers?

How to Install Linux on a Chromebook and Unlock Its Full Potential, so there's that.A Chromebook Pixel is huge overkill in some areas and underkill in others in all the wrong places for a programmer. Pros:A really good keyboard and screen, which are musts for a programmerMore than enough processor power and

What is the difference between a programmer, a good programmer and a great programmer? What is the path of becoming a great programmer?

Programmer: anyone who can write working programs to solve problems, given a sufficiently detailed problem statement.  I have no use for programmers.Good programmer: a programmer who collaborates with others to create maintainable, elegant programs suitable for use by the customer, on time and with low defect rates, with little

Are competitive programmers happy when working as software engineers?

When you work as a professional programmer, you are doing a lot more things than coming up with algorithms. This includes (but is not limited to)1) Talking to people who (although speak English) communicate with language that might be completely alien to you. They have

Are programmers and software engineering overated?

Yes, they are.And of course, no, they're not.On one hand, yes, there is a lot of BS about the place, OMG! Teh Githubs! or rubbing hands over algorithms or data structures. Some will talk the talk about optimization,

As a programmer, what was a small thing that frustrated you the most?

One of the coolest questions, found in Quora. As I have few years of experience and less frustration as a programmer, I would like to highlight a few points which can frustrate a programmer sometimes.Typo Error: The craziest thing, where a programmer is spending too much effort to find the root cause of a problem, and later he

Do programmers have different brains?

Short Answer: Yes.Background:In my experience, people who are poor in social skills, language skills, but are good at math, mechanical comprehension, and visualization self select into math, science, engineering, and computer science.In the engineering and computer science work places I see a lot of people who are in the Aspergers end

Has it become a trend among programmers to diss a programming language or a piece of code to look cool?

Yeah, I think that's always been there. 40 years ago FORTRAN was the

How to improve myself as a programmer

Well, in two words : code well .And by well, i mean : keep the code clean, follow the single responsibility principle as much as possible, since that's what makes your codebase understandable and maintainable. IMO it's better to spend 2 hours thinking about the best way of doing something and implementing it in a couple

How does a programmer become a brogrammer?

Male programmers are finally catching up to where girl-coders have been for several years?Don't spend all your time BBMing at the club - girls see it, girls know you're talking about them, and it makes you look douche (not bro).  Double if you have a wingman with you.Have the nice car. 

How does a programmer think?

There is no one way that programmers think. Why else did you think there are so many different programming languages?Having had to look through a lot of bad code in my time, I know that some of them don't think at all.There might have been a time, back in the 60s or 70s, when the field was small

How is a programmer different from a software engineer?

I'm assuming that you mean "How is a programmer different from a software engineer?"  That all depends.  There certainly is a fair amount of overlap in many cases.  And the judgment is often left to the employer.  However, here are some of the salient

How is software developed where you work?

There are a lot of good answers here, so I am not going to repeat them. I would, however, like to cite an example that demonstrates that there is no one ideal software process that will fit all teams.The key lesson here is that agile

If programmers for old languages like COBOL is in short supply and only getting shorter causing the pay to be relatively great for these programmers, why not learn it over new languages?

Thanks for the A2A.You may be onto something. The last time I checked, the companies are looking for people with long experience in COBOL and mainframes as opposed to new recruits, so that presents a problem for those seeking to learn the language and get a

Must a computer programmer be intelligent?

Short answer is NO. You don't have to be intelligent to be a programmer, even though it helps. Programmers have to keep learning to keep pace with change in technology. So if you are intelligent and can learn fast, adapt, experiment - its a plus. Makes the job easier, keeps the project manager happy

Software Engineering: How do programmers document their work?

CodeVariable names, method names, class names Check in commentsComments in code where appropriateTest naming when unit testingIf done adequately it should be enough for another developer to pick up the code. Wikis and document generators are useful when you are developing complex/large libraries or back end

What are some advanced concepts in programming that most average programmers have never heard of?

The simple truth is that most people who are making their living programming have very very sketchy understanding of theory. Nowadays it's common to understand OO on a practical level, but even those who have studied computer science at an undergraduate level and had to study, say, design patterns have mostly forgotten most of it within

What are some reasons programmers quit their high paying jobs?

I am 35 and last week I left a $500K job at Amazon in pursuit of more freedom. I don't intend to stop working, but I want to work on my terms, on things that intrinsically motivate me. I wrote a blog post here on Quora with more details about this:Why

What are the basic differences between a professional coder, programmer and a developer?

Professional in coding will write the code with out any complexity, redundancy and in time, any task.Programmer and developer is almost similar but a programmer's work is .. he will write the code it may be new or it may be manipulation in the old piece.. or it may be a

What are the best practices to become a great programmer?

The way to become good at anything someone else has created, for you to use, is to understand what their goals and constraints were, and see if you can come up with something better? You probably can't, but then you will understand why they did what they did, and

What are the key differences between a programmer and a developer?

I have often used those three terms almost interchangeably, yes, even computer scientist. After all, most of us have a degree in computer science, so what does that make us? However, recently I find that those three things have come to take on

What differentiates a programmer and a really good programmer? What makes the code good or bad?

When I code, I code stupid from A to Z.When someone else read the code, he thinks :

What do computer programmers say, that other computer programmers find funny?

At Huawei we had an internal IM system. Every now and then we'd have discussions on it in SQL. Like if someone wanted to organise where we were going for lunch he'd send something like

What do great programmers know that average programmers don't?

This is very broad question. There is so much that "great" professionals know in general compared to the average.Particularly I think that what makes great programmers include:Experience. Time in the market, delivering many different kinds of software, in many different contexts with many different teammates, for a long time, makes

What drives you crazy about being a computer programmer?

The constant need to stay ahead of the curve. The IT landscape is constantly changing. Using Blackberry as an example: How many developers spent time and energy learning the Blackberry platform only to find that it evaporated nearly overnight?This is a two edged sword. The constant evolutionary changes, invention of new languages and frameworks keeps

What is the biggest difference between a programmer and software engineer?

First, what is a software engineer? Notice, principles are mentioned. What are these? Well, much more than has been acknowledged in the rush after money, power, fame, and what have you under the guise of disruption, changing the world and other dreams of unwarranted

What is the difference between a programmer and programming?

A Programmer is someone who can solve problems by by manipulating computer code. They can have a wide range of skill levels-from just being

What is the most frustrating thing as a programmer?

I'd have to say working on someone else's or legacy code that is undocumented, not commented, and isn't self documenting either. A jumbled mess of a style specific to whomever wrote it, or multiple different styles from different people over the years, that doesn't make

What low level programming language is essential to my success as a programmer?

Languages do not matter. Just pick one that lets you manipulate bits at the lowest level - popular choices are C and C++.In my opinion, developers ought to spend less time being concerned with what language is optimal or which language

What program should every programmer have in their skill set?

After twenty years of software development, I find the "Bresenham" algorithm to be the most versatile and powerful program. Things like data structures, linked lists, etc. are often discussed in CS studies and are readily understood.  But it's the Bresenham

What skills do top software engineers/ programmers learn early on that gives them edge over other software engineers/ programmers?

I've always felt like my biggest advantage when it came to learning to code was an understanding that the best way to learn was by building projects and that projects are best completed by breaking them down into simple to-do lists.For example, my first JavaScript

What's the difference between a good developer and a great developer?

I am not sure what the original quote was, but I believe it's accurate if you broaden it to "engineer". "Programmer" suggests something entry-level, where the task is more to fill in pre-defined blanks. The difference between good and great is not an order of magnitude there.The value difference

What's the most frustrating thing about being a coder?

For me it is understanding exactly what existing code does and why it is there.Literally, I am reading code saying

Who are some of the best programmers in the world?

What about Jon Skeet a legendary programmer from Reading, England. He is referred to as the The Chuck Norris of Programming. Jon Skeet is a senior software engineer currently at Google. He is a C# legend (author of the book C#

Why do programmers advise new programmers to ignore using Microsoft Windows?

I'm going to go ahead and agree with whoever told you that. I actually detest working with MS Windows so much that it gives me a headache just remembering the headaches it has offered me in the past :) I've also successfully avoided it for the past 15 years now and have no