What is the best Linux distro for a new Linux user?

A few years ago I would have said Ubuntu, even if I don't use it personally. But not now. Ubuntu seems to go all wrong nowadays.I won't get into tedious technical and/or political details right now, but to make a long story short, Ubuntu now seems to pretty much

Is there any mobile app to track the current location?

Glympse is just best option right now. It's primary reason for being is location sharing, so there are a ton of features included to make the service as useful as possible.You control not just the people can see your location but how long they're able

What's the best app to see if my phone is being tapped?

Spyblocker will notify you if someone is in your phone.Spycatcher will notify and log unauthorized accessFound in Google store, make sure the app is Google Verified, if not verified by Google, it is possible malware.

What is the best Phone to Phone Transfer Software?

Here are 5 for you, just choose the one you prefer:1. Syncios Data Transfer2. Wondershare Mobile Trans3. Jihosoft Phone Transfer4. Mobiledit Phone Copier5. iSkysoft Phone Transfer5 Top Phone to Phone Transfer Software

What's the best cell phone signal booster App?

I tried some couple of this kind of Apps, but none works as expected. Check thisDo signal booster apps work? How?

What is the easiest app to hack another cell?

Msfvenom, Metasploit are my favorite remote access programs there is a tool called TheFatRat that automates the creation of payloads and remote listen if you new to metasploit and Ethical hacking you can find various tutorials from the link below the site is for educational purposes only.Ethical Hacking

What is the easiest and simplest meeting software?

I agree with that lady and I have used many software in my life. Skype is the good communication software you can get the details here.

What is the most popular chatting app?

There are some popular chatting apps, you can choose one from below:SKOUTMeetMeBadooInMessageMocoTinderKikWeChatFacecastHangouts

What is the best/easiest game-making software?

Amusement advancement are needy of different virtual products for improvement, these are really called motors and not programming projects. The give material science ideas, different impacts to give amusement a practical look. Neville Patel is also a good example.

What is the most used software for hacking?

A Web Browser.Although there are so many ways that are termed as

What app is the best to track the location of an Android phone?

Note: This method can be only used if your email is in the phoneFind my deviceIt's the official app by Google to help you find your device. You can download it from play store or open it from your browser. The phone you want to track should have a google

What is the easiest software to hack?

Soft ware that is easy to hack would be WiFi, Apache is quite easy and as previously mentioned there is lots of books about deception and minipulation and tricking people into giving you access.

Which is the best application for chatting?

Thanks to various chat app development companies, there are various chatting apps available for user to access and use. Here are some of the best applications for chatting.Signal: It is considered to be a fantastic messaging solution for security mobile users.

Is Google more benevolent than Apple?

To give you an answer in the context in which you put your question, Google is more "benevolent" than Apple. Apple tends to design and develop great technology products that push the boundary of what was thought possible. I think because of this, they tend to

What is the hacking software?

hydra is used for password hackingfor more open the link belowHacking tool - Wikipedia

How to track a phone using app or site

Many phones tracking apps for kids are available on the market, making people wonder which cell tracker apps have the greatest level of performance and provide an excellent user-friendly interface with numerous features. This review focuses on three best phone tracker apps. People worldwide prefer purchasing programs with an excellent feedback records left by happy customers worldwide.

Does anyone really like Microsoft Windows 10?

I like it. It works really well for me. The problem that I find with most people is that they expect that the windows that comes preinstalled on their systems should work. No, the systems have all kinds of junk included on it. Some of these companies pay hundreds of dollars for having their software preinstalled on a

How to delete mail app from my iPhone 6+

Upgrade to iOS 10, once it becomes available. It will allow you to

What is the easiest method to learn Matlab software?

Learn by doing.Learn how to graph. Visualize your datasets, results, and intermediate results. This will not only teach you about MatLab, but also the Science and mathematics behind the problems you are solving.Get a good set of problems to solve. Check out problems in good text books, the internet, from friends who are using Matlab

Are fake phone number apps legal?

Depends what you are using them for and where you are using them. Services such as google voice allow you to create fake phone numbers to call with and text with.

Which is the best app for mobile tracking for iPhones?

KidGuard is a great one. It not only allows parents to track their children's phones but also allows them to see their kid's texts, but also allows them to see calls, websites visited, and apps used. It is also a

Can WhatsApp be hacked?

YES, WhatsApp can be hacked. But till some extent only.Recently an exploit has been discovered in WhatsApp which can be used to spy anyone. You can view online activity of any user you wish and for that you just need thier WhatsApp

How to learn Solidworks in an online platform without downloading the software

Yes, you can learn solidworks on online platform. There are many online platform like coursera, edx, which provide online course of solidworks and also provide online software of the same. As per my experience, I join the online course of solidworks on coursera , they provide the licence key of

How does cell phone ping software work?

Throughout the cyber-world myths abound regarding the ability to

Does Microsoft make computers or just software?

Microsoft makes surface laptop which is a computer. You can find more details hereHome of the Microsoft Surface Device FamilyThanksGreen Heritagehttps://www.greenheritage.co

Is Maya software more advanced than Blender?

Since Maya is manipulated and updated every year by the company and by many different animation studios to suit their needs, Autodesk Maya is definitely more advanced than Blender. As you should know, Blender is a free program, as opposed to Maya,

What is the best apps for tracking phone?

Avast Anti Theft.Cerberus is no doubt a good application, apart from that I would suggest you have a look at this as well, you can track phone, if internet wasn't enabled on phone then you can also use text messages to send

How to develop a group chat application

Group chat applications are high in demand due to their ability to improve productivity among team members and ease of communication 24/7.There are 3 ways you can develop a group chat application.Code the team chat app from scratch.Use a chat application scriptGet ready made messaging solution to

How to track a missing phone without any app

An Android phone can easily be tracked by using any of the following methods.STEP 1:Using Find My Device for AndroidOpen the Find My Device website. Go to https://www.google.com/android/find in your browser.Log into the website. Enter the email address and password for the Android that you want to find.Select

What is the best Gmail hacking software?

Password crackingTo hack a gmail account with password cracking you need to find / built a good bruteforcing / dictionary attack tool for online protocols or for PHP logins. A good program for PHP logins is THC Hydra.

Should Google merge Hangouts, Duo, and Allo?

Point of view:Have a clear messaging strategy. As it stands. Hangouts is very capable and works well. Reasons:Access - Start from a PC, then if you need to leave the office, move to Android and then when back in the office, pick up where you left off on a PC. It is seamless. Great for those with fat fingers

What is the easiest software to animate in 3d?

Do you realize that the importance of people's faces in movies, TV and our real life? People spend a great deal of time looking at others' faces. It is the same in 3D animation.The animation of 3D-face-models takes a disproportionately large amount of time and money to create. However, there are still many

What are some tips and tricks for photo editing in mobile apps?

Use adobe tools for any thing, enlight and other groupbof apps are also available but those are just gimmicks. Don't be looted by silly subscription plans, mobile sofwares (especially once for Android) are just not good enough yet.If you are yousing an iPad Afinity Photo and LR Mobile are not lesss than a

What is the best phone recovery app?

You can use TWRP to recover your phone via recovery mode, You can also make full backup via Titanium Backup[ROOT], The best backup app i have ever seen.Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps +

What is the best mobile number tracking apps for Android phones?

I Strongly Recommended Mobile Number Tracker - Caller ID - Android Apps on Google Play. This app is Best App for Find Mobile Number Location with Many Details about Mobile Number. You can Get Mobile Number State, Country, Service provider Name And Many More...You Can Get

What are the best iPad Air apps?

Mine!It lets you design simple 3D sculptures for 3D printing.3D Graphics iPad App for 3D Printing

What 3D animation software is the easiest to use?

Easy and 3D animation software rarely go hand in hand. It takes time to understand the concept of 3D in animation. You learn one by one each and every concept, get familiar with the interface. According to me, Cinema 4D and Maya interface is

How come Apple allows competitor apps on the App Store such as Microsoft, Google apps?

They can't simply ban competitor's apps in their own stores. If don't see Apple apps outside AppStore is because Apple doesn't want. But actually there are some!For Windows Desktops, you won't find any in Windows Store, but you can download and install

Which app is the best life hack app?

We all are addicted to our phones ,we are connected to it we have habit of checking it every time and wasting our time on social networks like facebook ,instagram everytime due to this habit we waste most of our time or we could not concentrate in

Which software tracks phones?

If you are running IOS then you are set with your apple ID it will tell you where your phone has been and you can even find your lost Iphone by logging into your iCloud account. Head over to icloud.com and log in using your Apple ID

Is Microsoft Software important for PCs?

Sometimes companies will use a Windows volume license to install Windows Professional edition software on more PCs than are allowed. ... Microsoft and our trusted partners offer easy, economical ways to help ensure that the software installed on your PCs is properly licensed.Grab the fabulous tool

Is the ShareIT Android app harmful?

I don't think so. You might say that because many anti-malware android apps shows Shareit as potentially harmful, but it's not at all. Actually Shareit has the code in it to share files over wifi, change system setting etc. Now, the same protocol can be used to send files to a remote device without your

How much of a software advantage does Tesla have over other electric car companies?

I believe the software advantages that Tesla has, doesn't so much have to do with electric vehicles as it does with safety systems and driver assistance technologies. Then you could compare to say Volvo, who is quite good in this area, too. I drive a 2014 Infiniti which has decent software, though

Which is the most secure chat app?

HiddyAndroid and Apple platforms are in neck to neck on lead usage. But android has got a majority as it as an Instant Messaging App. Other significant consideration is most usage on any smartphone is a social network chat app. So invest your resources to build a chat app android using

How does Siri work?

User addresses Siri. "Siri, do I need a raincoat?" Phone translates speech to data that Siri understands.Siri submits user input. The data from the user's input travels to the Siri Servers, where an appropriate response is generated.Server returns response. The data from the Servers returns to your device, and Siri converts it