What song would not be appropriate to play at a funeral?

Depends on what the final wishes of the deceased. If he or she wants a certain song, then it is by definition appropriate in my view. If there is any party that is his/her party a funeral is the one. I was at a funeral at the Synagogue in North London, one of the most somber locations I

What was the first song to mention a mobile phone?

Mobile phones are not actually a recent technology at all. The first mobile phones were originally developed in 1973. While they were initially only usable as car phones (because of their size and weight), they were still technically... "mobile".Parents Just Don't Understand (1989) by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince ("That's when I saw this beautiful girlie girl

What song always makes you happy?

In my case it was, has and always will be:Sandese Aate Hain from the 1997 Bollywood War Drama BORDER.

Lyricists: Is it easier to write song lyrics in some languages than others?

I don't think it depends on your mother tongue, I think it depends more in who your strongest influences are. I live in Mexico, and this means of course I've been exposed to music in spanish since birth. Don't get me wrong, I

Who invented music and what was the first song?

Who invented music and what was the first song?That is lost to the mists of time.Mankind has been making musical instruments (and presumably playing music with them) since the paleolithic era about 40,000 years ago.Paleolithic flutes - WikipediaThere are several contenders for the oldest known music but how to actually

What are show tunes?

A show tune is a song from a stage or movie musical, especially from a Broadway show. In the first half of the 20th century show tunes developed various conventions that gave them a distinctive sound. It was derived from operetta and vaudeville and the songs typically used some sort of foxtrot rhythm or other dance rhythm

What are your favorite movies when it comes to the background score?

Lord of the Rings - TrilogyA Sample - Concerning Hobbits

What's your favorite song from your childhood?

I love questions that take me back! This one takes me way back.I had many favorites ones as a child. Christmas songs were special because of their seasonal nature. They heralded a magical time, and still do for me.But my favorite favorite song was Swing on a Star by Frank Sinatra. I

What are your favorite movies when it comes to the background score?

Lord of the Rings - TrilogyA Sample - Concerning Hobbits

Would people still have a favorite song after they die?

Is this like the supposed conundrum of a tree falling and making no sound if no one hears it?Your song could be remembered by others as having been your favorite. It would only remain your favorite if you believe that you live on as

Why do radio stations cut out the rap in the songs? Is this considered racism?

Radio stations are market driven. It's a simple formula if the audience doesn't listen the advertisers will not pay and then the electric company pulls the plug. Radio stations play the programming that will get them in audience.Have you noticed how few Classical Music stations there are?The simple reason has nothing to

Which is the best Hindi song karaoke app or website that has all the Hindi movie songs for free?

Look here's the thing. We always tend to find a free Karaoke app and end up having nothing but a paid one. So being a music and singing lover myself I would assist you with a great idea.

Where do movies pay song royalties?

Persons in charge of music for films are known as music supervisors. Their responsibilities include, but not limited to, managing budgets for music uses in a film, administration of scoring, and acquiring music for a film.When a music supervisor wants to use a song for a film, they typically

What is the best Beatles album and song? And who is your favorite Beatle?

Best album: Rubber Soul, because Rubber Soul showcases the band's solid working chemistry and the band's peak of musical glory. The songs quality within the album is more consistent than the other Beatles album, alongside with Revolver album.Best song: It is hard for me personally to choose which Beatles song is the best because

What are the best Hindi songs?

Listening to songs is a favorite pastime whether you are commuting from office or sitting idle at home and there are many Melodious/Meaningful songs which will enthrall you and keep you absorbed , below is my list of songs which are the best: Before 1990's :

Who are the greatest song writers of all time?

Musical taste is subjective, of course, but a very strong case can be made for Robert Allen Zimmerman, AKA Bob Dylan.

What are the Bangtan Boy's best song?

Okay, now I know the question says

Which is the saddest song of Bollywood?

There are many songs but among them some of my favourite are listed below:If you like old songs (also)then this list is for you..Tujhe bhula diya ...Tere bina zindagi se shikva toh nhii...Ek pyar ka nagma haii...Kal ho na hoo ...Channa mereya...Chitthi na koi sandesh ...Agar tum sath hoo...Beete lamhe...Bin tere (unplugged)Humari adhuri kahani...Tujhse naraj

What song first comes to mind when you hear the words,'greatest song of the 50's'?

There is song by the American Singer Buddy Holly !!It's love song and if I am correct was published in the year 1958 or so. It's a nice and romantic song originally composed by the American Song writer Buddy Holly . This song was used by The Beatles in one of their

What is the best romantic song you listen to every day?

I have one. Very relevant presentation for one's crush. It's a nice and romantic song originally composed by the American Song writer Buddy Holly way back in 60s or before. This song was used by The Beatles in one of their Albums. The song is well appreciated by everyone.Easy Guitar

What does 'Pullinangal' from new 2.0 song mean?

Pul means paravai. inangal means like type (we human are one inam, inangal being plural)Hence it is pullinangal means it denotes all birds

What is currently your favorite rock song? And why?

Gee, this is very difficult to answer but one of the few songs that pop up in my head are:-River Flows Frozen by Eternal Tears of Sorrow. There is just something about this song that touches the very core of my soul and I can't

What's the best way to download English and Hindi songs on mobile?

You can do it using this site YouTube to MP3 Converter - Convert YouTube Videos to MP3its very easy

What are your top 10 Disney villain songs?

This is a hard one to answer but I'll do my bestbe prepared (lion king )Hellfire ( hunchback of Norte dame)Gaston (beauty and the beast)Poor unfortunate souls (the little mermaid)Mother knows best (tangled)Cruella de ville (101 Dalmatians )Mine mine mine (Pocahontas)Ratigan ( their great mouse detective)My lullaby (lion king 2)The boogie man (nightmare before Christmas)

What is the latest romantic Bollywood song?

There are lots of latest bollywood songs released and have touched lots of peoples heart.Here I listing few of the best Romantic songs list that you would love.The list includes the name of songs on it if you click, you will get the lyrics page, singers name and lyricists name who written that songs.List of

What are some classic baritone songs?

The one that springs to mind is "Some Enchanted Evening," from a musical where (uncharacteristically) the baritone gets the girl.  Here are a lot more:Baritone Audition Songs | StageAgentSongs for BARITONES age 16-30 from the Hal Leonard Musical Theatre Anthology37 Good Karaoke Songs for Baritones

What are some of the best Beatles songs from each beatle, post breakup?

Paul was the only Beatle who delivered a lot of fine songs post-Beatles. He temporarily lost his mojo between 1971–1972, then had a very creative burst between 1973-1976, after which for the most part (there are exceptions) he lost his mojo all together.Even then, for the most

What kind of songs would fit best for a X Men Quicksilver slow-mo scene?

As both his appearances so far have had songs fitting the year the film was set, it's safe to assume there'll be a 90's tune in the next movie.If they stick with the themes they use, in 1973 Americana/Country was popular and in 1983 it was Eurythmics style electronic pop then

What are some of the greatest Sinhala songs of all time?

I do not know if these songs are universally accepted as the greatest Sinhala songs, but I'm going to list down some of my favourite ones.Looking at the list in hindsight, I see I haven't picked any music after the 90's. This is not because of nostalgia. I stopped listening to music

Do you also like old Bollywood songs more than latest songs?

Yes I like old bollywood songs than the new ones.It's not that I hate new songs I love them too, but yes, it's true that most of the old songs have deep meanings in them. The lyrics, the compositions, background music all are awesome. Hats off to R.D.Burman, Rajesh Roshan, Laxmikant Pyarelal, and the

What are the best English songs?

Every living soul would come up with a different list and you cannot argue because everybody has got different taste for example someone would argue about an hour how Hotel California (Song) is an awesome song but many will tell you it's a stupid song created by bunch of illiterates.

What is (in your opinion) the best song ever written?

Across the Universe, written by John LennonWords are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cupThey slither while they pass they slip away across the universePools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind

What is our favorite Drake song and why?

Its definitely HOTLINE BLING..Love the beat. The video ans everything in the song is so perfect.Drake - Hotline BlingVideo is a must watch.

What are some awesome 90s bollywood songs?

90's Bollywood Songs become melodious because of the arrival of talented Music Directoe like Nadeem Shravan , Anu Malik , Anand Milind and the list goes on but it all happens due to the Talented singers like Kumar Sanu , Udit Narayan

How many classical songs are there?

A song is a composition for human voice, usually with an instrumental accompaniment.Non-musicians often refer to any piece of music as a song. If that's what you are asking, you have to understand that a lot of classical music is made up of

What is the greatest African song ever?

Wow, your question has opened a floodgate of answers for you, so I will mention some artists and groups I know, you can check them out;i think tanzanian artist are the best in africaDiamond PlatnumzBahati BukukuAKA and DiamondMAPIGANO ULYANKULU KWAYACHRISTOPHER MWAHANGILARABECCA MAGABAMwanafaThtShettaYAMOTO BANDHere are some awesome track by tanzanian artist1. Kidogo by Diamond Platnumz:-

What are the best love songs you've ever listened to?

I personally feel for Kpop -It would be ‘Through the night' by IU (Lee Jieun)It's a confession, really ballad-like. And it sounds like a ost which makes everything ten times more emotional. But trust me, the musicality and vocals in the song is amazing. It's also really aesthetically pleasing just listening to it and it'll probably

What song can you accurately relate to you at the moment?

After getting release from the chain of send ups, pretty badly, although some of my classmates released themselves quite nicely without any scratch, but I was wounded and injured when I got freedom from the trap of my first term exams, I prepared myself for the next day,

Which song best describes your love life? Why?

Tu bole.. main bolu by A R Rahman from the movie Jaane tu ya jaane na.We are almost opposite in thought and persona. But, no matter how many romantic songs pass by over the years in exchange, this song perfectly sums us up! :)Lyrics:Tu Bole Glass Aadha Khali,Mein Bolu Aadha

What's Akon's best song?

I'm a big fan of Akon when I was a kid, I bought his trouble album and he is the reason why I am listening to other kinds of rap music today, here are my personal favoritesPot of GoldLocked UpGhettoNever Gonna Get ItSmack ThatI Won'tSorry, Blame It On MeDon't MatterMama