According to Islam, where does a soul go right after death?

From what my parents have taught me, and what I have learned I would say right after death you are in your grave alone. The two angels come to question you and ask you three questions in Arabic: 1) Who is your Lord? 2) Who is your

I am an 'old soul' and believe that I am a reincarnation of someobody from my past or another life. Is reincarnation real?

Yeah, it's real. This can and will be proven in the laboratory one day, by construction of a soul-detector and using that soul-detector to detect a soul moving into a new body.In the meantime, reincarnation can be deduced by a strictly theoretical analysis and there is actually a

What are unknown facts about soul?

According to Brahamakumaris (yes I follow their ideology)... if body is compared to a car then Soul is the driver. Soul takes the inputs from the sense organs of the body (eyes, ears, nose,skin and tongue) and then processes the info via its own organs ( explained

Do animals have souls?

The soul is not the monopoly of humans.How can we know the presence of the soul? By the remarkable difference in the behavior of living organisms and nonliving systems. Nonliving systems have three phases to their existence: creation, deterioration and destruction. Living

Do animals have souls? When they die, do they go to an animals' heaven?

Our family dog, Princess, died two years ago. I had to make the decision to end her suffering. I had to actually sign the paper to end her life.That was tough and I cried my eyes out. I felt like I was the one killing her.Princess was a shelter dog. She didn't like anyone who tried

Do animals have the SAME soul similar to human beings?

Necromancers and Psychopomps actually enter The Ethereal Plane, heavens & hells, and go into the afterlife which is beyond those. Think about the audience your asking...My non-religious, non-armchair answer as a psychopomp who has physically witnessed these:All things living have some form of a

What are the best theories of what happens after death?

We do not have much information about the afterlife.God will reward us for obedience, repentance, and good deedsGod will forgive the sins of the obedient believersWe do not know about what God has prepared for the righteous obedient peopleAll what is mentioned in the scripture are just examples of eternal youth and unlimited happinessThere

What are the best ways to relax your mind, body and soul?

There are so many way to relax your mind, body and soul. Every soul has its own way of doing things that pleases them. Here is a small list of suggestions which I have experienced to relax my mind, body & soul. I'm not sure if it would work out for you. If

What happens to the soul after it leaves the body?

Death is when the soul is carried by the mind to its next body.Let me tell you about what happens at the point of death, according to the Bhagavata Purana.If you have been very good and pious, you will upon leaving the body be led to

Why can animals live without a soul, but humans cannot?

This question contains a false assumption presented as fact - that is deceitful, and dishonest.Animals do not have imagination to come up with this weird piece of insecurity-armor that is the figment of the imagination that is the pure concept and thought of soul.The soul

Does love heal your body and soul?

Love to me is becoming aware that every soul share the same source. The awareness that we are all one in a different dimension. When you come to this realization, You ultimately find

What happens to the human soul after death?

Hi Luke,What will you experience, after your human vessel passes away (die).The human vessel is destroyed by a happening or by aging and the body can't fulfill the tasks at hand to sustain life and the body and brain passes away. The Soul, your consciousness of your awareness will pass over.Suppose a person has a

Does soul feels physical pain after death?

Hello,Soul is a spark of eternal energy which cannot be destroyed. By nature it is A BLISSFUL CONSCIOUS EXISTENCES. Body and mind are not soul. They are separate from the soul. Soul can not be burnt, can not get wet or burried.Pleasure and pain is to the mind,

Have you ever felt like your soul is connected to someone else's soul even though you guys don't see each other?

Yes. He was someone online, and I did not call him, or text, nothing, but right from the start, I felt completely comfortable with him, even online. Later, I felt feelings he felt, and even his prescence alot, especially when I was sicker.( I have