How to freeze bean soup

We love freezing soup in our household! Though it's definitely taken us a few tries at figuring out what system works best for us. My previous Quora post explains why we freeze our soup in ice cube trays over containers or in Ziploc bags.But even then, I didn't love my system for freezing

Is that true chicken soup can fight a cold?

There is no healing for the fashioned bloodless. But if you're ailing, chook soup may just support you consider higher. Heat drinks, similar to hen soup, tea or heat apple juice, aid speed up the action of mucus through the nostril. This relieves congestion and bounds the amount of time viruses are involved

What is a good recipe for miso soup?

Be aware that many truly authentic recipes for miso soup-properly called misoshiru-may tend to overwhelm Western palates. A key ingredient, dashi (Making Dashi and Vegetarian Dashi), contains katsuobushi, shavings of dried, and sometimes fermented, smoked skipjack tuna, also known as bonito. See: Dried Bonito Flakes (Katsuobushi).

Why is the cabbage soup diet effective?

First and foremost it is a vegetable very low in calories. It is packed with so many beneficial vitamins and minerals which makes the weigh loss a healthy weight loss. It is great for someone who likes to eat a lot and is working on portion

What are some good soup kitchen food suggestions?

You are going to want to cook food that is inexpensive, filling and nutritious. Soups containing lentils or beans are high in protein and satisfying, so that would be a good soup course. If you use canned crushed tomatoes to flavor the soup, you can make it with water instead of stock, as

How to make chicken soup with stock cubes

I've actually done this, usually when to sick to do it properly.Use decent stock cubes. Try to find cubes that actually have chicken listed as an ingredient. I actually use Better Than Bouillon stock concentrate. Use enough stock to flavour 8 - 10 cups of water.Use fresh vegetables. There's no substitute for good veg. Use one or two large

Where was the best Pho soup you've ever had that wasn't Vietnam?

Cities with a huge Vietnamese population in the US have good Pho. These include San Jose, Los Angeles area (including Garden Grove and Westminster), Houston and Seattle.One thing most people don't know is that Pho comes in 2 (main) different styles, the northern and southern ones. Naturally, the southern style dominates as most of the Vietnamese community in

What instructions do you follow for making good chicken noodle soup?

Here in the Philippines, best prepared the night before - I'd prepare cut-ups of a whole fatty chicken, smash half a garlic clove, two Knorr chicken cubes, 50ml fish sauce, and a tsp of whole black pepper. Add everything in a pressure cooker, submerge in water, and cook

Can I eat soup every day?

Well, it's good to have some soup before and after dinner, but pay attention to moderation. As the saying goes: "it is better to drink soup before dinner than to cure it."This is because, from the mouth throat, esophagus and stomach, like a channel, is a key way for the food, before eating, to drink a few

Is pho supposed to taste kind of bland, or have I just had bad pho?

You my friend, have had bad Pho. Pho is abaolutely delicious, rich in flavor and highly nutritious. Where else can you find beef based soup with ginger, anise, cinnamon and onion flavorings? Then there is the holy basil you put in along with the cilantro. Yes, have some.Pho is usually seasoned with fish sauce, hoisin and sriracha sauce and

Why are cheez-Its so good with tomato soup?

Because Cheez-Its contain real cheese, which pairs wonderfully with tomato soup. Both dishes have many contrasting AND complimentary flavors and textures that pair well together.Both aged cheeses and cooked tomatoes naturally contain umami boosting glutamates which synergistically combine to create a combination that tastes better than each would alone.And the textural and flavor contrast

How to eat miso soup

Eat the parts that you can pick up with chopsticks (potato, wakame, tofu, etc) with your chopsticks, then drink the broth.Usually a serving is just one small bowlful, although of course at someone's house (or yours) refills are totally ok. In general, you don't eat it with the intention of it bring your main course;

What delicious soup can be made with meat?

Lakhsa can be made with chicken, asian, vegetables and coconut cream and spices and is delicious.Beef Pho with spices, vegetables and sometimes noodles is yummy.My favourite winter soup at the moment with meat is tiny 2 cm (4/5ths inch) minced chicken or lamb meatballs. Spice them with with

What are the harmful effects of vegetable soup?

If the vegetable soup is too hot and you put a big spoonful into your mouth, you may burn your mouth.If you happen to be carrying a hot pot of vegetable soup and you trip, the hot soup could splash onto you, your dog,

What has been your least favorite part about working at a soup kitchen?

I've been sitting on this one for a few days, and honestly?I can't come up with anything.I'm not just saying that to be like

How to make potato soup without chicken broth

No chicken stock to make an earthy, tasty potato soup? Then I'd go for vegetable broth or pot likker. For many folks, that last name will bear explanation.Broth and stock can be easily purchased at the store, but I prefer to keep a running stock pot in my slow cooker several days a week to have

Why do restaurant soups taste so much better than the ones I make at home?

I think because they add things you would not add at home.They may add extra salt or sugar. Extra fats. Even chemical flavor additives.The problem with a lot of the food we eat and get from the store is one simple ingredient, ‘natural flavor'. This name is a misnomer. Natural

What are the components of a restaurant-like chicken soup?

Chicken stock, salt and rough diced mirepoix. The stock is the important bit. I get fresh chicken carcasses from a Korean grocery for 3/$1. 90% of the meat is gone but they make great stock. I cook them with mirepoix, bay leaves and whole pepper

How are chicken soups cooked professionally?

As a retired chef (13 good restaurants over 3 global sites)..with no illusions, I have an ‘essential' view.It's easy. Save ALL cut-offs from vegetables except cucumber, celery leaves (bitter), potato peels (rot) , or anything you don't want to ‘enhance' you flavor with....say, cinnamon.Save ALL bones, no matter what carcass - they will add flavor

What is the best recipe for potato soup without cheese?

This is one of my favorite simple soups - potage bonne femme. It's easy to cook, delicious and comforting on a cold day, and inexpensive, especially if you make your own chicken stock from the carcasses of chickens you roast during the week. You can dress

How to make hamburger soup

I've never had hamburger soup before, but that doesn't mean that we can't make something up.So first gather the following items: ground beef, a block of American cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles, green cabbage (lettuce in soup is gross), hamburger buns,

What is oxtail soup made of?

Oxtail. Tails of oxen, bulls, cows and so on.There are two main types of oxtail soup, clear and 'bound' or 'brown'.The first is a heavy bouillon with vegetables and pieces of oxtail for substance, the second is based on roasted oxtail and vegetables, bound with dark roux.The reason to use the

At what point is a soup classified as a stew? Can you reverse the process to go from stew back to soup?

Schtoup. In my house, there is a crossing of the definitions of soup and stew.Although I anticipate that this word isn't necessarily unique to our family, schtoup came about when my DH stood a spoon in one of my vegetable soups and announced,

What is the best healthy brand of soup?

I almost never buy canned soup. I can't remember when the last time I ate soup from a can was. Soup is easy to make, and rewarding, because as it simmers, it fills the entire house with good smells. My soup of the week is carrot and ginger. Super simple, super healthy,

Why don't soup kitchens serve stew as it is generally thicker and more filling?

Where I am, many do, after a fashion.The obvious problem is that most soup kitchens are on a fairly tight budget and traditional stews tend to contain a fairly large amount of meat - which is relatively expensive. Also, most traditional stews require lengthy cooking times, which increases energy-

How to cook chicken soup

This is a soup you can be proud of. No matter how many times you've made it before, a pot of this soup on your stove should (and will) result in a self-congratulatory fist pump. And if you've somehow made it this far in life without making chicken soup from

What's a recipe for hot dog soup?

TOTAL TIME: Prep: 25 min. Cook: 25 min.Ingredients4 medium carrots, cut into thin strips2 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed2 medium parsnips, peeled and chopped1 medium onion, chopped1/4 cup butter2 tablespoons all-purpose flour1 package (1 pound) hot dogs, halved lengthwise and cut into bite-size pieces1 can

What is the best kind of pho to eat and what is the best way to eat it?

Growing up with a Vietnamese mother, I can safely say that I've had every type of pho under the sun, inside and outside of my mother's cooking, and obviously I would say the best is my mother's.  Therefore, asking someone what the best kind of pho is

Why did my chicken soup go bad so fast?

The prime suspect here will be micro-biological spores; the atmosphere is full of them.Now obviously, you can buy a can of chicken soup and - so long as it remains unopened and undamaged - it will need no special provisions for safe storage. So adopt the idea

What happened to the Cabbage Soup diet?

It's still around. It's basically a low calorie soup and the main ingredient is cabbage. It's easy to make, fills you up, and it's relatively cheap. Doesn't taste bad either. What it lacks is protein. The idea behind it is the ingredients burn more calories

What are the best soup recipes for serving soup to large numbers of hungry people at a soup kitchen?

I'm going to blow your mind for a minute in a few ways.I have worked at the soup kitchen for three weeks now, and not once have we served soup.It's a soup kitchen, but we don't really do soup.And, on top

How long can soup be left out before it becomes unsafe to eat?

I'm bad about forgetting soup I've been cooking and have left a whole pot of fresh made minestrone soup on the stove top, covered, overnight.I just heat it back to boiling and simmer it for 15–20 minutes. It's minestrone..I may put new past in it if the pasta starts to break up but

Is a pot of vegetarian bean soup that was left out in a kitchen overnight still safe to eat?

Yes. When I make vegetable soup I leave it in the pot overnight to marinate. The flavors blend and meld so that it tastes much better when allowed to sit out. It doesn't go bad in just one night. People are a bit too fastidious about leaving food out, IMHO. Use your nose

What are the differences between the plastic packaged soups and the traditional canned soups? Which is better?

While I am sure I may get some heckling, there are just some times I jones for some soup in a can --sometimes I jazz it up, sometimes down & dirty condensed as is...That being said, I was completely curious and into companies

When you make chicken soup does it come out of a can or is it homemade?

They make canned chicken soup? Well I'll be.Campbell Soup stock (haha double meaning) used to be in my portfolio, but not often in my pantry. At least not chicken soup. In was

Is it fine to have instant soup daily?

Advantages of instant soupsThe main advantages of instant soups are easy to use and compact. Bag of soup mixture does not take up much space, it can take on the road or satisfy your appetite when there is no time to cook a full dinner. Soups in bags and jars can

Is it possible to slurp soup noodles without staining yourself with the soup?

Good question. I guess the Japanese have got it down to an art - how to slurp ramen without redecorating your shirt.I don't slurp anymore when having noodle soup or even dry type noodles with sauce. Experientia docet (Latin:

What are some delicious things to make with cream of chicken soup?

Ok, you ask the question. Perhaps not the top choice of ingredients but we can't always chose what we use. Nearest shop for me is 16km away, I need to be inventive. So you might want to adjust the seasoning a bit, maybe add some cream or similar. Then you basically have a sauce. Immediate thoughts are as

Do people eat soup with chopsticks?

Since you asked about chopsticks, I'd assume the question concerns East Asian cuisine. So I'll answer based on Chinese soup.First I need to make some notes about soup in Chinese cuisine. Most of the time, when a Chinese person talks about soup (汤), he or she is thinking about meat and/or

Is it true that chicken soup is Jewish?

yes, but only when the chickens are Jewish :)no, everyone makes chicken soup. -put a chicken or two in a large roasting pan, preferably after browning on both sides- add potatoes, parsnips, celery, carrots and add a quart of chicken stock, some wine, port or

What is the best cabbage soup diet recipe?

INGREDIENTS1 head green cabbage, finely shredded or chopped2 large onions, chopped16 to 28 ounces canned tomatoes, chopped with juices2 green bell peppers, seeded and chopped4 celery stalks with leaves, chopped6 carrots, peeled and sliced1/2 pound green beans, stem ends snapped, sliced on the diagonalBlack pepper to tasteChopped fresh herbs, such as parsley, sage, dill, cilantro, or thymeGarnishBalsamic vinegar or

How to prepare gravy with the cream of chicken soup

It's really much easier just to start from scratch and make a cream sauce base. Melt some butter in a pan or use ghee. whisk in a tablespoon of flour for every cup of liquid you're going to use. Then on medium, whisk

What are the most popular soups in Algeria?

We don't have bortsch but we have plenty delicious soups in Algeria :Chorba (with many many variants)Hrira (with many variants that are very different from each other, e.g : Oran )TchichaDjari : Traditionnal soup of ConstantineBabroussa in AlgiersAliwa tizalfawen in Illizi and TamanrassetBouktoufDobara