Does South Korean cuisine differ from North Korean cuisine? How?

I was just discussing this with one of my North Korean refugee students. There is a big difference.Living in Busan we have a couple of famous dishes that originated in North Korea. As was mentioned Nang Myeon is one. This is

Is it true that in Korea giving tips at restaurant is considered offensive? Why?

Yes, it can be considered offensive, but it depends on how you do it. The best answer that I've heard for the question, "Do you need to tip at restaurants in Korea?" is "No, but they'll love it if you do."Korean culture, as I understand it, has no

What are the best travel hacks/tips for travelling in Korea?

I will list down a few tips that will help travel make your travel in Korea easier. I don't claim to be a travel expert, not by any stretch of imagination at least. However based on my experience on travel to at

When will same-sex marriages become legal in South Korea?

Unfortunately, I don't see that happening for at least another 5 years. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly some positive changes happening, like the Seoul's pride festival growing bigger every year or Kpop industry having it's first openly gay idol - Holland. However, the anti-LGBT

Why is bullying in Japan and Korea so mean and terrible?

A friend of mine born and raised in Japan - but a

Are Chinese and Koreans the same?

No. Korean and Chinese are, linguistically, culturally and genetically, different.Of course, there are similarities-such as using same sino-glyph[1] in many written languages in past and even present. Especially in Japan in present day, the sino-glyph is widely used in written language.[2] In Korea, it's called

How bad is the bullying in South Korea versus Japan?

In the School the same thing. If someone does not like someone - they beat. If someone should be punished more seriously - they boycott. Plus, the Koreans have another mechanism for boycotting - not to sit at a table during dinner where

How common are bikinis in China, South Korea and Japan?

I suspect some people don't want to answer because they'll get suspected of looking at bikini girls all day, or of photographing them. But I'll bite-Korean women do wear bikinis, but less so than North Americans or Europeans do, and the bikinis are a bit dowdy in comparison. It's a conservative country. As well, Koreans have the odd

Is bullying in Korea really as severe as in the movies?

It is worse than in the movies.The ‘movies' you're referring to are probably like this.Once Upon a Time in High School - WikipediaClass fights, losers, etc. The typical scene of a bullying, right? But it's far from reality. It's more like bullying as

What are some cultural differences between South Korea and Japan?

Korean food tends to be very spicy, where as in Japan the only spicy food we have is wasabi.Also j-pop tends to be very cute while k-pop is extremely sexy. Kpop seems to have taken on a more American sound as

What are some terrible facts about South Korea and Japan?

As far as Japan goes, take a look at the torture and human experiments they performed in China during WWI. China actually has museums with statues of Japanese doctors cutting Chinese people open while they are still alive, with no anesthetic, and experimenting on them. There are also sealed glass cages where they put Chinese victims

What are the best kept secrets about South Korean women?

It is an open secret and not for every Korean women but some-1. They photoshop their passport photos. There are special softwares to give the desired looks.2. Don't be surprised if some of their childhood or earlier photos do not match with their current face. Plastic surgery is

What are the main differences between Korean and Japanese culture (e.g. social structure and etiquette)? What is it like to interact with Koreans vs. interacting with Japanese?

Level of respect.Elaborating on what's already been mentioned, the level of respect to be shown based on age or societal ranking is much, much more strict in Korea.I attended an university in Japan and went to Seoul as an exchange student for one

What are the most popular sports in Korea?

Football edges baseball by a decent margin.Koreans are terrifyingly good at baseball. We produce great pitchers and also some great hitters. Although not the most dominant, many Korean players are recruited into the MLB.However, I feel as if Koreans are most unified when they watch

Which country is more stressful? Japan or South Korea?

Both countries are pretty high stress, on different aspects. I'll explain a bit further. And no, it doesn't have to do with North Korea either.KoreaThe stress comes from the excessive competition of our society. Everything is like a high strung competition here,

Which place is colder during the winter, Shanghai, Seoul, or Tokyo? How do people adjust to the climate? How does the climate affect diet and/or daily activities?

Having lived in Seoul and Tokyo I can testify that Seoul is significantly colder than Tokyo, and presumably much colder than Shanghai due to it being further north. Tokyo is a lot warmer than a lot of other places in Japan because it's sheltered from Siberian winds by the Japan Alps. There's relatively little snowfall

Why are chopsticks made of steel popular in Korea but not in Japan?

It's not exactly a new trend, as Koreans have apparently been using metal chopsticks for centuries. That said, I'll forewarn readers that a lot of this is my speculation as I haven't found too much documentation of the of writing this.First of all, to my knowledge, Japan

Why are Korean people so thin?

Let's compare lifestyles between Korea & the U.S. (I've lived & worked in both countries, so I have first-hand experience in this area.)Typical profile for your average Korean:Does not own a car, or if they do, only uses it rarely

Why are large aircraft carriers apparently so difficult to build even if they are conventionally-powered with oil when many countries like South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and China build hundreds of tankers and container ships that are much larger?

Aircraft carriers are not that difficult to build; the U.S. won the war in the Pacific by luck and their ability to ‘crank out' a great number of smallish (and large) serviceable aircraft carriers. The airplanes on deck and the ships engines were designed for

Why is bullying in Japan and Korea so mean and terrible?

A friend of mine born and raised in Japan - but a

Why is bullying so common in Korea?

It is an artifact left over from the hierarchical system of Confucianism: ruler to subject, father to son, husband to wife, elder to younger, and friend to friend.Some people took that to mean they had a license to be complete assholes to people

How did you learn Korean?

I used a combination of comprehensible input/the 10,000 sentences method, vocabulary books, and Memrise - Learn something new every day/'s the basic philosophy I followed: Only learn vocabulary and grammar in context through memorization of whole sentences from by-native-for-native materials. Meaning no grammar

How does Seoul compare to Tokyo?

While Seoul and Tokyo may be similar in some ways, they are also very different. I love both cities, but personally I feel Tokyo is more vibrant and energetic, compared to Seoul. In Seoul, many people dress the same, and even try to look the same with its booming plastic surgery

What are biggest misconceptions about South Korea and South Korean culture?

I've recently visited France, UK, Ireland and Denmark. So I'll write my experiences in those countries.South Korea is not in South-East Asia.Me: I'm planning to go to Praha in ChristmasA: Prague is cold, especially you will be dead for cold.Me: It's hot today.B: Your country is always much hotter than here!C: Now

What are the facts about South Korea that foreigners do not believe until they come to South Korea?

1) no sign of Korean WAR, it doesn't look how Korea was totally destroyed. 2) how advanced in IT stuff.. 3) Safer than they think~ No Guns, CCTV everywhere~ 4) How Koreans are not bothered about the North.. 5) How expensive Seoul is... 6) How the streets are lightened up~ 7) How fast

Which BTS member is the most popular in Korea?

Before I answered I want to point that I see ppl pointing

Which country is more open-minded towards LGBT people? Japan or South Korea?

I have no clue about the intrinsics of Japan, but certainly not Korea for sure. For all my optimism, I'm quite disappointed in country on this count, I'm sorry to say.There's a certain stigma attached to the idea of homosexuality and sexual minorities that society prefers to cover up and be indifferent to.