I can run 100 meters in 11 seconds. I've never gotten coaching. How can I get some?

This is a fantastic timing over 100m considering you're not a pro.At state and district levels in India, you can compete raw and win with this.The national record is at 10.3s but the climb from 11s to 10.3s is a steep one.  Still, given that you've got here without coaching

How to get my son involved in sports

I'm answering this question with respect to daughters and sons, both. I'm using baseball as an example, but similar steps will allow you to involve your child in any sport of your choosing. If one sport isn't fun for you

How to keep a team motivated to win? I am the coach of a successful football team, but over the time the players get satisfied and do not give their best in every game. How can I improve their long-term motivation to keep winning

Rotations!If there is one universal truth in football is that everyone wants glory, however, to achieve this one has to win and win and win... However, as humans we grow tired of it. Fortunately, in association football teams are made up of many players and as there is a starting lineup there is always

Should all sporting coaches need schedule for when they must need to do it?

Yes! I use canUmeet. It's very simple to use and good part is It's completely free!. It has in-app CRM and Chat Messenger which I used to communicate with my client in case of any doubt. It has also integration with slack,