How to spend your rest days from lifting

Rest days puts all its sense into the name alone. They are meant for rest. But that doesn't mean it's a day to sit back on the couch and eat chips.You can spend them doing low intensity activities that makes sure there is proper blood flow to all your muscles. This ensures good recovery in most cases. You can

Often it is said that too much workout makes one lose testosterone. What amount of workout can be categorized as 'too much'? How much should I rest?

It depends on body types - generally (and this is bro science) - you'd find that ectomorphic body types can overtrain easily by working out say 5-6 days a week - and may require more recovery time - even within a workout - they needn't do many reps. Whereas

Which gym exercises are forbidden for a fast bowler?

Exercises that purely concentrates on sculpting the upper body are fairly ignored. Pradeep Sangwan, former Delhi Daredevils pacer is one of the leading example for it. He went ahead and started building broader shoulders and gaining upper body muscles that apparently made him to loose his swinging capabilities and pulling his

What is the best way to train your body to take in strikes?

Ah body shots. Everyone's favorite thing to complain about (other than legkicks). Now before we talk about this I want to clarify that there are many different kinds of body shots and you will want to train for them differently. Since this is

Should sprinters body build?

I don't really see any reason why a sport that requires you to be fast and light on your feet would be supplemented by big muscles. Instead what could help is spending a good amount of time learning about strength training, powerlifting, explosiveness, and the basic compound movements (bench press, rows, deadlifts, pull ups,