Does standing up burn more calories than sitting down?

I actually did my own test today on this because I have this same question, and I can't figure out how true it is that you burn more calories while standing rather than sitting.I have a Timex heart rate monitor that has the strap you

How many more calories are burned from me standing up on my 30 minute train to work rather than sitting down?

Thanks for the A2A George.Studies saying that standing is better than sitting have been around since at least the 50s, a study on bus drivers and bus conductors showed conductors were 1/2 as likely to develop heart disease.There was a small study in the UK (10 people) that asked people to stand for 3 hours

Is standing in a bus/train any better than sitting from a health perspective, if I am sitting 8 hours a day at my desk?

I know this question is over a year old, but I thought I would answer anyways so that any Quorans who might look at this now can see another idea. If I were seated at work for 8+ hours a

What causes leg pain when standing still?

There are dozens of reasons why you could be experiencing leg pain, cramping or inflammation that's why going to the doctor is the best remedy.Below are few helpful tips on how to prevent them that might also help you.First, wear supportive shoes. Properly fitted shoes which support your

Why is it that my left side of my back hurts when I go to sit down or stand up?

Its because your sciatic nerve got affected. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our body. If it gets hurt, it results in sciatica also mean back pain.It is a pain in your lower back buttocks and it transforms through