What are some crazy Star Wars facts?

I'm going to prefix this by saying some of these facts may no longer be canon in the current franchise.Hutts like Jabba from Return of the Jedi live for hundreds of years and can chose what gender (and thus reproductive organs) they want to be.Droids are frequently memory wiped so that they do not develop quirks in

What are some fun 'Star Wars' facts?

Here are some fun facts for you.Sarlaacs can actually move.One of the reasons that George Lucas made the prequels is because he felt it gotten lost that Vader was meant to be a tragic character.The TIE in in Tie fighter is actually an an anagram for Twin Ion Engine. Which may or may not have something

What are some lesser known facts about Star Wars?

Thanks for the A2A. I am approaching this question from an

What are your top 10 Star Wars facts?

In no particular order...Early on, George Lucas considered partially exploring the concept of

What is Star Wars all about?

Star Wars is an epic space opera franchise created by filmmaker George Lucas. It is set

What is the saddest scene in a Star Wars film?

The moment Luke took off his father's mask.I've always had a soft spot for Anakin/Vader, even the child-murdering part couldn't sway my sympathy for the character (I mean, let's face it. They're gonna be killed anyways). He struck me as the ultimate tragic character, in that his

Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars is a story about good and evil based on eastern philosophy. To find out at the end of Return of the Jedi that there is some good in Darth Vader and that there is some evil in Luke Skywalker was a really powerful theme for me when