I was staring at a guy too much because he was really handsome. Then he looked at me and put his finger in his nose. Why did he do that?

Normally that's a pretty gross thing to do but in this case it was a clever ploy to stop you leching by turning you off. But you already knew that, really, since you KNOW you were overdoing in the first place after staring

Why do guys stare at girls?

It is a secret, women for centuries have been trying to answer. Yes, it has bafffled so many for decades and even had psychologist trying to do some survey.It is a question that has boggled the mind of girls for decades. Some have tried to

Why do people stare at interracial couples?

Most of the time I think its because we are an attractive couple and people either see that and send positive thoughts. Or maybe someone thinks one of us is attractive and the other is not so they think in correlation to that.Like How did she get him.

Do girls staring at you in the gym mean something?

The reasons can be grouped in two sections. Lets start with the good ones -They have been noticing you for the last few months and have seen you change into a fine man. So the time has changed from glancing to ogling.She is new and she somehow has got the hots for

Why do people stare at girls riding bikes?

Guys enjoy checking out women as if it was their hobby; bikes are optional; as if it was the manly thing to do. Some are discrete, others not so much, as if they are still living in the stone ages!Some women like it,

Can guys not like a girl but stare at them?

If you are attractive, or say well endowed, guys are probably admiring you and deciding if you are "in their league" or not.Guys have this thing called an ego. They do not want to put it at risk unnecessarily. When I was young I was the same way. There is no longer walk

Do girls get offended when a guy stares at her?

I'll tell you a story. There is a place where they believe in killing girls in the womb. Somehow, one girl escapes that. But as soon as she is born, she is treated like a thing, not like a person. Her happiness is sacrificed

Do girls stare at boys?

We do stare at boys. We don't care whether you are rich or poor. Whether you have an Audi or Nano. If you are handsome or attractive, we will definitely check you out. But you know what, most of the girls don't make it obvious. We will definitely know which guy has got the better eyes,

What does it mean when a guy stares at you and doesn't look away when you look at him?

I stared at this one young woman because it was extremely enjoyable to look at her. It felt unfair to have to look away. She was uncomfortable catching my gaze - made her self-conscious - so I would find a convenient location somewhere behind her and stare. This deprived me of a good vantage point to

What does it mean when someone stares at you?

When someone stares at you, it is usually just because of 5 things.1) They're not even staring at you.This happens almost 50, scratch that, 70 percent of the time. Look around you.Is there a beautiful flower?Or a pretty lady?Are you wearing bright

What does it mean when you catch a guy staring at you and then quickly looks away?

There have been a few good replies here - - mostly guesses, and a few rude comments.When you ask, "what does it mean," you are delving into the "why." Why is he doing what he is doing? There are three parts to this question.First, is he actually looking at you to begin with, or is he

Why do guys stare at girls?

It is a secret, women for centuries have been trying to answer. Yes, it has bafffled so many for decades and even had psychologist trying to do some survey.It is a question that has boggled the mind of girls for decades. Some have tried to kidnap us guys, put us in a lab to

Why do guys stare at girl's feet?

There can be 2 reasons.1. The way you are sexually attracted to someone heavily depends on a person's hygiene. If I show you a very attractive lady, but she is very shabby-looking, looking like she hasn't bathed for 3 days and has no regard for her personal hygiene, it would be a swift turn-off.

Why do guys think when they stare at girls?

Well it depends if its not someone I like or am attracted to I glance at them as if they were never there. What I usually think is how dumb their conversations are no offense. If its a girl I'm attracted to I acknowledge them and let them know I

Why do other girls stare at me?

Unless, you have something that really stands out about your appearance, I wouldn't worry too much about who stares at you. If you're secure and confident, then you won't be self-conscious, about who stares at you. Don't focus on how you think someone

Why do other girls stare me down?

It's hard being a teenager with all the changes you have to put up with just growing into an adult. Peers are so important to you at your age and it does seem like the whole world is looking at you and tearing you apart. Many young persons experience anxiety because of this but the truth

Why do people stare at me at the gym?

When I coach people I notice them wandering their eyes around and targeting other people, especially the ones who don't fit their expectance.I always tell them to stay focused on what they are doing instead of slacking around. Because in all essence they are just looking for someone to put their pain to. To

Why does a guy stare at a girl's hands?

Maybe he is hoping that one day, he might just be able to hold your lovely pair of hands. If only you knew that all his teasing was actually what he really wanted. Will he ever be able to confront you or himself about this feelings deep

My husband stares at the wives of others. Is it crazy or anything else?

Madam , have pity on the poor fellow. We are human beings bound by social, moral and ethical norms. But there is such a thing as evolution . Men have evolved to plant their seeds in as many females possible to ensure more

What does this mean? A guy used to stare me a lot but he never said his liking until after 2 years. I told him I like him but this time he said he is "not looking for anything right now, let's just stay where we are" and he is not seeing anyone.

You might be looking for an answer or a hidden message so let me just tell you this.It does not mean there is something wrong with you.You did not do anything to make him change his mind and even if

Why do older men stare at me so much?

Speaking as an older man, I can offer a couple of possible reasons, neither of which is likely to make you feel better, though.We may be old, but we're not dead. In other words, I may not be a collector any more, but I can still appreciate the art. Sorry if it offends you; I do try