Are there any good lawyers for start ups in Kolkata?

You should check out these websites for your search - Consult & Hire Top Rated Lawyers in India | MyAdvo | Making Legal Simple Consult & Hire best Top Rated Lawyers in India | You can also write it to me at

Can I fire everyone in my company?

Well, firing everyone is not going to serve the purpose. Try to put some change, if not in your employees, then may be in your attitude. If u previously tried manager ship, then its time to try leadership, every employee will have some baddies about him, try to ignore them as long as they are not affecting your business.

Does anyone know any names of advance laptops for automotive design?

If I understood your question correctly you are asking for a computer, a laptop, that can be used to run various simulation/designing software used for automotive designing.If that be the case I would suggest you to buy a desktop rather than a laptop if you don't need to carry it

Hey, I need your help if you can. I just want to launch my own YouTube channel related to India's serious problems. My team always disturbed me and did not stand with me. They always leg pulling of me but I have no other choice. What should I do?

I started my YT channel Clash Guide when I was working with HDFC Bank, every night I would sit down on my bed with my laptop and a mobile, would look to make an advancement in YT.It doesn't matter what your colleagues have to say

How to make $3,000 per month, working part time (20hrs/week) from home

I am going to share my expertise in the field that brought me a lot of passive income through the years. This random number of 3k has nothing to do with this, but no one can give you an answer

How to deal with verbal bullying at work where my boss and I don't work in the same office

You should start documenting everything the person does that makes you feel bad. The trick is that you don't talk about it in your documentation like you feel bad, you talk about it as a behavior. For example, it should look like this:3/3/15 - Assigned work,

How to motivate myself during hard times in my business

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a town of people who lived in beautifully architected wood houses. But like other towns in this area, fires were a huge danger. A single spark could bring the town into ashes within hours. So the townspeople developed an ingenious fire fighting system.

How to start a fitness blog

You need to start by doing research. Research rival blogs and research keywords.I am big fan of reverse engineering whats working for other people. So install the Mozbar and find sites that have been around for less than

How do we divide equities among founders of a startup?

I'll never forget the discussion I had about equity with my cofounder

How much additional cost does a California company have to pay for a $100k employee?

As a very rough answer for planning purposes, the HR costs for most white collar workers with modest benefits runs about 20% of nominal salary, so you can use $20K for a $100K per year worker for a rough cut of your budget, business plan, pitch deck, etc.This includes payroll taxes and basic benefits (worker's comp

I have an idea for an app. What should I do next?

I know why you had this question, I would recommend you to go check out my most recently answered answer to this question. You will understand better after that.Pratik Ratnaparkhi's answer to Why is thinking big even with the process detail don't pay

I love cooking and I make tasty sweets. I want to start my business in the same field. But my husband is against this kind of business. How can I make him understand?

What an interesting and versatile person you are!You love cooking, but you don't love cooking.You're such a bad cook that your family constantly criticizes you for your lack of skill. But you're such a good cook you want to start a cooking business.You have

I recently did 300 push ups in a row. Why is my push up count not increasing, even after doing this for weeks?

300 full form pushups is beyond the reach of 99% of men.At that number of reps, it has become an aerobic exercise and muscular endurance is reaching its limits.Unless you want to break some world record, doing more in a row is not very useful.You can make them harder by:Keep your legs on something highDo

I work 8 to 8 in global M&A team of a $20 billion co. I want to develop an app that can earn a million but cannot leave my job. How do I go about it?

Find a cofounder who can talk with you at night on strategy, product requirements and vision, doing the tech stuff during the day and show you regular progress when you surface. Ping me. I have good experience with working with industrial professionals to realize their visions in the digital world.

Is 15 sets a week to much for chin ups?

If you're doing body weight pull ups or chin ups that doesn't seem like too much at all, especially if you can already perform 10 or more per set.Google pull up challenge and you'll find hosts of people performing 20 to 100 pull ups per day, not necessarily in one set, with no ill effects. A chin up is

The best ways to make money?

the reality is there are so many ways it's difficult if not impossible to say what the best way is. There are so many variables and so many moving parts.It's kind of like asking which the best car or which the best food is.It depends on if:you have any idea what you're doingyou have a

What are business tips for planning a productive day?

Three steps I learned from my most influential mentor: Since the business world never stops, and your competitors are constantly pushing the boundaries in time management, it's important to remember that your 'at work' 9am-5pm needs to be

What are some interesting startups in India?

Imagine two viewers, one in Mumbai and the other in Delhi, watching the same programme on the same TV channel but seeing two different advertisements at the same time.Taking geo-targeting advertisement concept to the next level, Amagi Media Labs, a Bengaluru-based company is country's largest TV ad network, helping

What are some ways to remain fit and active?

Getting fit? Well, this is an important part of your life. Who doesn't want to remain fit and active all the time? Fitness doesn't only cater to a healthy body but also a positive mind. Some of the tips can be-1. Early morning warm-up: A good morning workout session

What are the most ingenious business moves ever pulled off?

The Edgar Thomson Steel Works--a steel mill built in Pittsburgh by Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie steel was building a plant in Pittsburgh and they wanted to get the business of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Carnegie decided it would be an easy way to influence the decision to purchase the steel from him by naming the plant the Edgar

What are the required features of a billing software for a small business?

Required Features of Billing Software are :-Create and customize invoices. Today's online invoicing platforms are relatively easy to use than desktop software, and are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many. Not being tied down to an on-premise system allows

What are your favorite startup tools or hacks?

6 absolutely free tools you should definitely use if you are a startup!Apart from Google-Analytics, Git-hub, Google-for-work, Dropbox, Mail Chimp, Stack-overflow and other well-known platforms, these free tools will help you navigate through the roller-coaster ride, commonly referred to as a Startup!1. for PR

What do CEO's 'get' that other employees don't?

This really comes down to the classic, you need to be working on your business and not in your business.The best CEO's and leaders in general know that they need time to think about the strategic changes they can make to grow the business. If they spend too

What is a strong way to start working out?

This is a great question. I have a couple of suggestions that will give you the best shot at creating a new-found habit of exercise:Analyze your pitfalls - It is great to know your strengths, it is just as important to know your weaknesses. What is it in your life that keeps

What is the best tip you can give me?

The best tip at this moment that I can give you is an important one because it affects all areas of your life.It is this:Learn how to ask great questions; then ask them. (To do this you will need to understand and learn the components of

What is the best way to start a chest workout?

Just wondering the best way to full hit the chest and gte the most out of my work outs. To date I have been hitting my chest well and feeling it for a day or two after and im happy with how its progressing but I was wondering is my routine really that

What is the best way to start a fashion business today?

Starting your own fashion business is fascinating because of two tings: -Nobody is forcing you to do so. It's your own free will.It's your own baby that will have your personality.Thinking about how to start a fashion business can be the most

What kind of advance laptop is good for automotive design?

In general Jonathan LeBlanc is correct. However I would like to amplify his statement with the following: 1. "Automotive Design" is a very broad term. Does this mean that automotive structures are being created? Or is

What kind of business I can start with zero investment?

Service businesses tend to require very little initial investment. (See below.)Also, you may want to explore business models that are based on swapping invoices. For example, if you find a bunch of people who want to license Subway in Iran, then you go to Subway and secure the national franchise rights. In

What popular startup advice is plain wrong?

In its general form, as everybody here has pointed out, the question is ill-posed. Truly "plain wrong" general advice doesn't exist because you can always find a percentage of startups for which that advice worked. Most advice that's not outright nonsense ("give all the money you are going to invest

What's the biggest misconception about being a CEO of an early stage start up?

The biggest misconception is that the CEO is a genius in all aspects of growing their entity. Sorry to be so blunt, but I have seen too many CEO's not acknowledge their own limitations. The best ones know when to get additional horsepower and talent, and in the end, that is what unleashes the real potential of an organization.

What's the best advice for people headed to their first job interview?

1- Test your acting skillsMillions of athletes, well-known CEOs and, of course, actors and actresses use to do this before they face a real situation. Before the job interview, you should think in a scenario. You can use a room of your place and ask a relative/friend to pretend

What's the best way for a first-time entrepreneur to determine product market fit?

First, I agree (in principal) with The Lean Product Process:Determine your target customerIdentify underserved customer needsDefine your value propositionSpecify your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) feature setCreate your MVP prototypeTest your MVP with customersWhere I can add value is by walking you through one approach I have used

What's the cost breakdown for startup employee benefits?

At Gusto ( we help more than 35,000 companies with payroll, benefits and HR. Our mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life. We want to make it ridiculously easy for any business to build a great place to

What's the worst part about working at a startup?

This answer is from the perspective of a thirty something, top-tier educated but non-technical startupper based in Boston, who decided stubbornly in his early twenties that he wanted to co-found a tech company and sell it for a load of dough.  Early business side employee at a startup that went

Who are some good tech start-up mentors at Bangalore?

I would recommend:1. Indus Khaitan :  blog : Doer (into his second venture, was partner with The Morpheus angel group).- Approachable. Practical. - Will not ask for equity for a meeting :)

Business Consulting: Should I buy a franchise or build my own?

Here are few things to consider about buying a franchise or buying an existing business.I can think of 4 reasons an inexperience, aspiring entrepreneur would benefit from a franchise1.) Proven Business Model In Place -  Trial and error can be an expensive way to figure out if your

How can a college student start working out?

Start with 3 days a week.Pick 3 moves from he compound exercise list.Squats, deadlifts,bent over rows, overhead press,dips,pull-upsDo 5 sets of 5 to 8 reps..struving to get stronger and increase the weight.Once 8 reps is easy...add weight.On dips and chins...try to add reps until you can do 10 in good form.Look up online videos on he proper form and

How can foreigners start business in Japan? I'd like to start a restaurant or cafe in Japan.

If you want to start a restaurant ( Inshokuten = 飲食店, food shop ) in Japan, you need to get restaurant business permit ( Inshokuten eigyou kyoka = 飲食店営業許可 ).And in order to get restaurant business permit ( Inshokuten eigyou kyoka = 飲食店営業許可 ), you need to know about relevant laws.In Japan, if you

How to start a fitness business

Work on yourself. Make sure you're in tip top condition, so people have a reason to follow you.Start a Youtube channel and talk about fitness. Show your exercises and diet.Create a blog and post content related to fitness. Link it to your Youtube channel. Take pictures of yourself and your

How to start my own fitness classes or should I say how can I start a career in fitness and earn money as well

Option 1: Go back to school.Positives:Earn a degree.Learn all about biochemistry, anatomy, and exercise physiology.Negatives:Takes at least two years to finish (and more likely, four to six years).Costs tens of thousands of dollars and could leave me deep in debt.Doesn't prepare me for the day-to-day work of training real people (i.e. doesn't show me

How to achieve product/market fit

As I approach two years working on Lattice, I now believe early stage startups should operate in two very distinct modes; before product market fit and after product market fit.I don't have an exact definition for product market fit, but I think if you're honest with yourself, you know it when you see it. When

How to grow my fitness business

It always depends on many factors like where is the fitness situated. Is it comfortable place for the customers to reach? Do you have enough fitness equipment, so that if your fitness is crowded people won't have to wait long for the same fitness tools? Is the equipment

How to legally start selling websites

You don't need too much, besides clients.Even though I am a lawyer, when I first got into business consulting and selling websites, I didn't do too much formally at first. Later on I did though, and you might want to as well.Of course, you will need whatever software and hardware is necessary, but I assume

How to market a fitness center

Hello,Marketing your fitness center is a recurring process. Positioning an ad occasionally here and there will certainly not suffice for your company to endure.1. Sponsor charities.American Flag on a post forgoing in the windJust select a philanthropic occasion or charity organization as well as do short-term and also long-term promos.

How to save money? What's a best way of saving if you don't make good money

First, download a personal finance management app like MoneyStream or Mint. Use it to analyze your spending behavior over the last few months.Knowing your shopping and spending habits, you'll be able to get the best deal on a checking account. (If you already

How to start a fitness blog

You need to start by doing research. Research rival blogs and research keywords.I am big fan of reverse engineering whats working for other people. So install the Mozbar and find sites that have been around for less than a

How do startup founders stay fit?

Being a Startup co-founder, I know running a Startup is not so easy! Every day you come up with a new challenge. You have to manage your company, team, brand, study about the market trend, plan for the future, and much more. You

How to best evaluate product-market fit when you are effectively creating the new market

Whether you have an innovative product or an existing product that could be performing better, there is a new approach that allows you to quantify product-market fit. It's called Quantitative Product-Market Fit. Developed by product management experts Chris Sorensen and Matt Brocchini, QPMF has successfully helped many start-ups develop effective innovation strategies. For example, using

How to launch a consulting business

Almost any intelligent and educated person can start a management consulting firm. The difficulty will always be landing clients and sustainably growing. Hard work, grit, persistence, execution, preparation and a little faith will determine whether or not you will be successful. Like anything in life, business or entrepreneurship, you should start small,

How to start a company? What is the minimal set of administrative hoops that one needs to (and/or should) go through to turn a killer product idea into a real corporate entity

Every step ???Okay -Here is every small step in the chronological order Hope it helps -The Sure Steps -1.    Figure out what change you want to make in the world. Nothing else matters and you should not even

How does one start a fitness center?

Oho! it good, Many personal trainers have a dream to open a gym. Maybe you're sick of letting your boss or club owner drain your profits. Maybe you are in an unfair partnership with another trainer that isn't pulling his or her weight. Or maybe something has changed in

How much does it cost to open a Metropcs store?

Facts & FiguresLiquid capital required- $100,000Net worth required- $150,000Investment= $40,000 - $150,000What is it?Wireless service provider for cell phones and accessoriesEmphasizes plan affordability with prepaid plans and no contract optionsOffers plans as part of the nationwide T-Mobile 4G LTE network familyHow does it make money?In-store sales of wireless phones and an array of accessoriesCustomers

I need to get clients for my market research business. I am a new business owner. How do I get client for my market research company?

Lol - pardon me, but you must find it at least slightly ironic that you're asking for assistance with market research to start your market research company.In all seriousness, any sort of consulting business can be as ambiguous as the business owners and clients allow it to be.For example, you could decide

I want to start a gym.Gym is my passion.which things I should take care of before starting my own gym?

beginner should go for 4 days workout with proper workout plan, After one or two month you can go -head for 5 days workout plan...Here's the info you need to understand before you get started.1) Perform workout for 4 days in a week for one month and resting one day at least in between

Is investing in bicycles a good idea?

If by invest you mean purchase as an individual, and if you do not expect a financial return directly from the bicycle as an object, but a personal quality of life return balanced by saving the money you don't spend on a car - yes,  a bicycle is an excellent investment if you ride

Is it difficult to open a boutique in Japan as a foreigner?

If you're simply asking about the difficulty of opening one or processes involved, I don't think it's difficult because Japan is very structured and organized when it comes to setting up businesses and it has very efficient government agencies, at least

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start a PhD program?

Do not choose a topic that is too broad or too narrow.Do not choose a topic that is over researched or under researched.Maintain great relationship with your colleagues and guide.Read as much as you can.If you cannot do something take

What are examples of low key, highly profitable businesses?

Business Ideas1. Personalized & Custom made Gift Store –Today we find demand of personalized  & custom made gift is increasing you may think of starting your own gift store providing this type of gifts.2. Gym or Fitness center –In today's world everyone is bother about fitness, so starting small gym or fitness center in good area will always

What are some unique fitness ideas?

n request to make the demonstration of starting to sweat feel all the more engaging and less like diligent work, various one of a kind wellness classes are rising to keep individuals around the globe fit as a fiddle. Some of these offbeat illustrations incorporate

What are some ways to remain fit and active?

Getting fit? Well, this is an important part of your life. Who doesn't want to remain fit and active all the time? Fitness doesn't only cater to a healthy body but also a positive mind. Some of the tips can be-1. Early morning warm-up: A good morning workout session or practice yoga exercises can help you remain

What are the basic requirements to consider as a startup?

Rather than answering what are the basic requirements to consider startups, as this list can be endless. I would prefer sharing my views about the Challenges and How to Overcome them while considering Startups...I have been an integral part in running business operations of my firm for a

What are the most common mistakes that startup founders make when entering the market?

Here are the top ones I see:Customer Development - they don't spend time with customers and if they do they are selling to them / pitching idea. This is not customer development and they are not learning about the pain they solve, the scale of the pain, and willingness to pay for the solution.Product Market Fit (PMF) -

What are the signs of product/market fit?

Well, when you want to know if you have product market fit or not, you need to pay attention on the number of downloads of the app, your users are the ones who count the most, you need to have a constantly growing number of users. When they are satisfied with the product's

What are the top 3 things you've learned about entrepreneurship?

The risk of not taking a risk is the biggest risk.Successful entrepreneurship is about a balance between sales and branding.Great timing is everything.Here are my 6 tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur:1. Good Timing is EverythingMany people think that money and a good idea is all it takes to create a successful business. Money helps, but the lack of

What business challenges keep agencies from scaling?

Agencies fail to grow because of two things:They don't have systems and processes in place to attract the right type of clients. If you know who your ideal client is, then it is easy to go after them and win them as a new account. Agencies tend to make the mistake of bringing on the wrong

What do you think about startup entrepreneurs who aim to sell their company from the beginning?

My initial impression of anybody who starts a company aiming to sell it is that they are inexperienced, naive, and have no idea at all what they are getting into.Starting a company with an intent to sell it is like starting an

What is product market fit?

When companies introduce new product or feature, they work under the assumption that there are many people who would benefit by using it. Logic would seem to dictate that once this benefit became apparent, the company would have no problem marketing and selling their work to satisfied users.

What is the best resource or site for learning Product Market Fit?

The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 4: The only thing that mattersHow to bring a product to market / A very rare interview with Sean EllisReaching the Startup Holy Grail: Product-Market Fit by Michael Karnjanaprakorn10 Steps to Product/Market Fit by Ash Maurya

What is the best way to approach businesses for market research purposes?

Ask everyone you know if they know any bar/club owners.Ask the people who say yes to facilitate an introduction.Have a 1:1 conversation with bar/club owner and talk to them about your service. Ask them if they would be interested in trying it.Don't worry about what you're giving them in return – focus on the value you're giving them with

What is the right age to start-up?

Let me begin with this quote of Mark Twain-

What tools are available for me to do my own market research about an area I am interested in doing business in?

Depending on where you are located, your local library can be a fantastic resource. (Or your university's library if your local one is small.) Here in Portland they have an "ask a librarian" service- you can email, chat, text, call, or book an appointment with a research librarian who

What would be the steps and cost to opening up my gym?

Make a plan.Figure out what you want to do and how it'll make you stand out from other gyms.Figure out how much it's going to cost. Calculate the approximate rent, employee salaries, equipment, membership tracking system, etc. Be as detailed

Whats the best advice for someone starting gym as a New Years Resolutioner?

Make it a priority. Make it a habit. Start Slow. Follow a simple basic routine. Stretch everyday. Go for walks. Write down affirming goals and read them every day. Watch what you eat. Drink more water. Feel good about yourself. Remember that no

What's the best blogging platform for startups?

I have answered this question at Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMSWordPress is the most popular blogging tool which has been recommended by a tremendous number of users all over the world. As estimated, there are more than 60 million of websites being created by this software, and

What's the best way to figure out teenage boys?

That depends.  Are you a parent, or a teenage girl?Well, in any case, there are 3 things that are very important to know....First, the teenage brain is not yet completely wired.  But in another sense it is overwired.

Where do startup founders find motivation to put in a lot of work?

Entrepreneurship is absolutely not the easiest path out there !!Steve Jobs quoted,Find what you love so you can find it easier to endure in the darkest hour where most people give up (recovering from failure (which is inevitable) is really important if you

Which industry is ready to be disrupted?

I will go a little more practical and will not speak as if I am speaking to the next Ellon Musk. Because I believe the truth is in simple things, simple changes and simple products that make a huge difference.I am sharing with

Why is it often easier to start a fitness program than it is to maintain one?

Because planning is much more fun than doing. You can sit down with your notebook and write out all the awesome progressions you're going to make in the next four months, sit back, and think

Why isn't there a major 'rent anything' online platform in India?

Renting has always been an Asset heavy business from an investment perspective and that's why traditional rental companies have always invested in a particular vertical may that be electronics, furniture, estate or vehicles.At the same time, from a consumer point of

Are the most successful blogs the ones that teach other people how to make successful blogs / websites / startups?

Not Really.Make money by teaching people how to make money online is the easiest way to make money but its not scalable business and as you are teaching people to make money, most of them will fail in the process and you have to take a lot of

Are the self-organizing startups, dynamically changing equity among founders and employees later?

I recently read a book called "Slicing Pie" that dealt with this very subject. Your end of year meeting is part of it, but also there needs to be a concrete way to value actual work. Unfortunately, that means time sheets for people putting in sweat equity.  There needs to be a collection jar for the sweat.

As a software engineers, did you ever feel that you wanted to start a startup?

I would think that most software developers get this itch at some point. A lot of people mention the potential for money, users, making a difference, etc., and those are real drives for a lot of developers to want to start a company.There's also the engineering side of it. To actually develop software in

As a startup CEO what are your top 3 daily frustrations?

Holiday - For someone who loves their work,

As an entrepreneur, what frustrations do you have with your business?

I can state trivial matters as such Problem,

Can solopreneurs succeed?

Solopreneurs can absolutely succeed. And they can do so in more ways than one.As a Startup FounderIt seems that this is the assumed scenario, so let's run with it. Going in as the solo lead on a project can seem intimidating to many, but liberating for others.The Pros:You're the ultimate decision maker.You have little to no interference with following

Do startup founders age due to stress?

Depends on the startup and depends on the founder.  Some definitely age quickly due to stress and not taking care of themselves.  Grey hair comes through, waistlines spread a little and bags appear under the eyes.For others less so, I mean if you look at Larry Page or Sergey Brin or the ever youthful Mark Zuckerberg

How to help others

The best way to help someone is to not help them.Not directly anyway.In the American Civil War, William T. Sherman was able to relieve the pressure on General Grant's forces, not by bringing his forces to and fighting alongside him, but by applying pressure elsewhere.Sherman's campaigns in the Carolinas,

How to make $3,000 per month, working part time (20hrs/week) from home

I am going to share my expertise in the field that brought me a lot of passive income through the years. This random number of 3k has nothing to do with this, but no one can give you an answer of how to

How to start a business without much investment

Hi, Your question is; How do I start a business without investment?If by ‘without investment', you mean ‘without any start up capital and only my time' then there is a way.Follow the definition of ‘business' which by default, gives you a business

How to start a company with no capital

Almost every successful business I've started had money coming in before I paid any money upfront.I've done this successfully with a drop shipping business, B2B services, an online education business, and a B2B SaaS startup.All without paying a penny upfront.I did not need a website. I did not need a logo or business plan. And

How to start gyming

Just follow these requisite -See your self in the mirror let that guilt take you over till you yourself understand that you can do itDo a healthy comparison with your fit buddies, just think about one thing iF they can do it so can youUse the technology, download some good apps from google store about nutrition, motivation, gyming.Find some

How to start my own online journalism company/website

A2A: Niche down. WHO are you going to provide news for? What's your unique spin or take or point of view on the subject? Why should your target market be interested in what you say and how you say it?The more you narrow it down the better, because you want raving fans.

How to work with startups online

This is a great question.I'm no Business Development Professional, but I have dealt with a bit of Vendor and Relationship Management, in my world. Along the way, I've learned a bit about how companies make B2B partnership decisions.My recommendation is to

How to come up with a killer app idea

I always start with what I am and what I know. From there I look for things I would like to do better or change. Things that are having a negative impact on my life. If nothing flows from that approach, I next start on what do I like or have

How to develop my app idea

When working on a new app idea, it is important to hire experienced and skilled developers who will be able to help you throughout the process. In addition, clearly conveying your app idea to your team of developers is highly important as it

How to find a startup mentor to build a deep relationship with

Boy, you just can't do better than the posts by Robbie Abed and David S Rose.  Depressing, but true - you desperately want someone super smart, successful and wealthy to say "ok, great, the knowledge you're handing out everywhere is

How to find investors for my startup

Startup Investors fall into two major categories:1. Venture Capitalists:They invest OPM (Other People's Money), sometimes with a small match in their own wealth, but most of the time for management fees. They have two subgroups:1.a) Venture FirmsThese focus on creating a high risk high reward investment pool. If you invest in their fund, you're 10x more likely

How to get started in computer hardware

Well, the traditional answer would be:Learn some basic electronics, including digital logic. Build some things. (Note: Heathkits were the traditional vehicle. Generally you'd have to buy some test equipment - signal generator, oscilloscope, etc.)Build a computer kit (e.g., an Altair or Imsai, or the original Apple). (Or, if you had a well-equipped lab available - as in