How to find courage to divorce after 7 years of marriage with a 1 year old child if I am a stay at home mom?

To find the courage to divorce, because you both are not right for each other, when you have a child, is very hard.You have a child, who needs you. So take responsibility in getting your life in order. You have to become emotionally and financially independent. Start taking

If a woman is not working after marriage, does that mean that she is useless?

No. I am not sure what made you think of this. You could have written this clearly in the question details.If the woman loses her job after marriage, it's her as well as her husband's responsibility to get her a job soon and support her till she gets one.If woman doesn't want to work

Married men, if your wife ever made enough money to support the household with just her pay check and she wanted you to be a stay at home dad, would you? Why or why not?

Be with my kids, or be at workbe with my kids....or work....Listen, yes, kids are work, I'm the eldest of 8 and practically raised a few of them, but if I didn't have bills to worry about, where do you think I'd be except with my family?I'm not

My husband nearly begged me to be a stay at home mom but now he only gives me money for groceries or household items anytime I ask for more he just says no. What should I do?

Start looking for a job and as soon as you find one tell him (tell, don't ask) you're taking it to earn the extra money you want. Then be prepared for a battle.Your husband

Should I work or stay in home?

Very good Question my dear,In your mother view :She want to spend some valuable time with you. who knows what will happen in next minute, next hour, next day. And more over once you join in an organization where you will meet new people,new relationship, new places totally new world. In mean while without

Should women stay at home or go out to work?

Why should women be allowed to work? recently saw a video with this title being shared on Facebook. It had a strong message but there was something with the title which made me feel

Parents: Does love towards your children decrease as they grow?

Well, here's a story. When I had my son, I was in my early twenties. I was completely unprepared and had no idea what I was doing. Incredibly, within a couple of weeks I was feeling like a pro at the whole raising-a-baby thing. And I remember during that time how with each passing day, I could feel

Which do you look for more often: reasons to go out or reasons to stay home?

Thanks for the request.It happens rarely, but I'll more often look for reasons to go out. By default, I'm staying in. Usually, when I look for a reason to go out, it's because it's nice outside or I need a change of pace. Or I need to get away from too many people inside.

Are you a working parent or a stay-at-home parent? What is it like?

I work, my wife is currently on maternity leave. We have two boys under 3, and I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous marriage. My position is a little unusual because I am a partner in my business (a pub) and have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. My

Do stay at home parents feel guilty?

Sometimes.But it's not because I feel like I should be out using my talents to teach a classroom full of children, rather than two tiny toddlers.It's not because I feel like I need to be contributing to our retirement fund. As far as I'm concerned, I contribute to our retirement every time I stay home and cook

Do you notice that kids behave differently if they have stay at home or working moms?

Just some background-My family moved around a lot. My dad made a LOT of money and so we were able to travel and live in places like India and Canada. Sadly, my mom did not have a work visa in these places so she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. My dad was supportive of this and

How to become a more productive stay at home mom

Having 2 kids is pretty rough - all women I know either have help from friends/family/relatives or simply stay home.You are not just

How to handle working from home when you have a stay at home wife

I would establish an office area - ideally a room with a door. But you could even wall off the dining room table or some other space with cheap dividers. The idea is to establish a physical boundary: this are is The Office.Already mentioned: establish a routine. You are not available

Is it harder to be a working mother or a stay at home mother?

If you are one of the lucky people who can choose to be home or working, you learn they are both hard. Once I realized it is a lose-lose situation, I became much more relaxed.If you stay home all the time, you feel like you are wasting your talents and teaching your kids that mothers are like servants

Is working from home a good idea for stay at home parents?

Yes, it can be. Working from home as a stay-at-home parent allows you to contribute to the household finances and can often overcome gaps in your work experience compared to not doing any paid work.Fortunately, there are more jobs than ever that allow the opportunity to work

What can stay at home mothers and working mothers learn from each other?

That no matter what we choose to do, there will always be judgment from others; I've met many a traditional man who wants the SAHM wife, expecting her to

What companies allow you to work from home as a stay at home mom?

I know of a few companies that have provided

What is it like to be a stay at home mom?

Fuck work, am I right?Who wants spend their life, working for the man, no freedom, following the rules?Sure, maybe it kinda gives you a purpose. Possibly a bit of self respect... to earn a paycheck every so often, so you can: buy things / pay your own bills, etc? It

Why is being a stay at home mom not considered hard work?

It's very hard work, but done in a context which permits the application of TIME to problems that others can only solve with money.When people with middle class incomes work and subcontract out child care, they are still burdened with all the housework, laundry, cooking and shopping that people who are full-time care

Why we don't want our children to stay at hostel but rather at home?

Again I will go with my own experience.When my son was just 10 years old, we were visiting Ooty and were confronted with a very good school. I have nothing to complain about the school in spite of their huge fees that time, heavy donation etc. Good education etc. It was boarding school.Yes, they taught good discipline etc. But

Am I being mean by wanting to give up my job and become a stay at home mom?

No, as long as you provide for your children. I live in the UK currently and it really bothers me that some families decide not to work and live on state benefits instead, which they receive because society protects children from poverty. How you provide for your children is

How to know for sure that your husband loves you and isn't just using you to benefit from what you do for him daily? (from food, to cleaning, to sex, to boost his motivation, you get the idea

You must watch the expression on his face when you two meet up at the end of the work day. Is he like really happy to see you or does he just ask you questions about what you did and if this is done, and that is done, etc. Husbands who love their wives are really

How to divorce/leave my husband if I'm a stay at home mom and finically dependent on him

Look within yourself and around yourself, and then ask yourself if you're better off where you are or where you'd go. There are many reasons for divorce, but even with child support, alimony, and half of everything, you'll still take a

If your wife could make more money, would you stay home with the kids?

I do not see any harm in doing so, when we begin to see women as equals why would this be an issue at all, if they can stay home so can you. Staying home and looking after the house and the kids is no easy job