What is the best Forex trading network?

You can find a list of such networks at the following link.Forex brokers with Social Trading NetworksThanksTT

Who owns Tesla Motors?

Tesla is a publicly traded company that is traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange (Tesla Motors Inc).  This means that the owners of the company are the collective shareholders who have purchased stock in the company.  You could be a partial

Why does Apple have the largest market value at the moment?

Apple shares have hit a record of $665.15 per share.  The stocks have been lifted up because of the launch of  new iphone along wid rumours that involves smaller ipads and apple TV.  Apple owes its achievement mainly to the iphone business. Even ipad

Are Apple stocks undervalued?

Depending on how you look at it, based on valuation multiples like PE ratio or EV/EBITDA they are at 3-year lows.

Is Apple a good stock to buy and hold?

I do believe that AAPL is a great stock for Buy and Hold:The world spent $44.8 billion on mobile apps last year. This industry helped Apple improve its Services revenue by 24% during the most recent quarter.Apple does around 70% of the global apps business.Apple takes 30% commission from app store

Where can I sell gold coins at market value and how can I ascertain market value?

I will forewarn you that the present gold market is drastically different from just one year ago. For whatever reason we are seeing a very high volume of people selling into the secondary market. This has driven bids down to spot, and in some cases, below spot value. American gold coins have the best bid, while gold bars

How to buy shares in Microsoft

To purchase shares you visit any of these reputable sites:Charles SchwabScottradeAlly InvestTD AmeritradeIf you would like to received consulting on investing, trading, or any other financial issues you might have visit our website!~The Financier | Finance and Investment Consulting

Will the stock for Google rise or fall?

In my personal experience, I feel the stock is quite undervalued right now. It's a high potential stock, lots of people are scared of investing in a company like that, especially as a lot of investors do not fully understand the tech industry. I feel the stock has the

How to buy stock in Apple

Apple stock cannot be purchased directly from the company, which they mention in their investor FAQ page.So, the way to purchase shares would be to open an account at a brokerage firm, including online brokerages.   I would assume any and every investment firm would list Apple stock. 

Should I buy or sell Tesla stock?

Open a brokerage account. Conside the following when choosing a broker, especially for the first time.There are a number of websites -- exemplified by http://www.stockbrokers.com -- that review brokerage firms, but consider the timeliness and bias in reading reviews. Competition among brokers results in brokerage website and mobile app features

How does Apple make more profit than brands like Coca-Cola when Coca-Cola sells more?

Coca-Cola is a commodity product. In fact, the majority of the price of making a Coke is the bottle. When something is a commodity, it will command a very low profit margin. If you go to any grocery story, you can see hundreds of

Why does Warren Buffett love IBM instead of Google, MSFT and Apple?

Here's a pretty good answer: Noh-Joon Choo's answer to What were reasons Warren Buffett had for investing into IBM given the rarity of a tech company in his portfolio?

How should I know which stock index is worth buying?

This is an open question on how to invest in Indian stock market as there is no hard rule for this, as we all know, earning through these mediums is called as easy earning because you don't have to involve physically as your mental strength is only required,which is actually not that easy, but still

What is the best strategy to excel in share market?

There are some great suggestions here. A couple things I didn't see mentioned are:Stay Diversified: Don't invest all your money into one stock, one sector, or even at one time. Set a goal to invest no more than 3–5% of your investment portfolio in any one stock.Keep Learning: I don't think anyone

If Alphabet or Amazon becomes a trillion dollar company, how much would the stock cost?

All else equal:Amazon about $2,082.00 per share$1,000 (trillion dollar market cap in billions) divided by $451.96 (current market cap in billions), times $940.98 (current stock price)Alphabet about $1,433.48 per share$1,000 (trillion dollar market cap in billions) divided by $646.77 (current market cap in billions), times $927.13 (current stock price)

Should I buy Apple stock in 2017?

My answer to the question:How would you analyze Apple as a prospective investment?I am a shareholder of Apple (and pretty happy about it).To be simple, Apple is valued as a hardware company, which means that the multiples are fairly low (around 16x the estimated PE 2017). The company is working hard to increase

How to start day trading

Indian markets are almost five times more volatile then average developed markets. Day traders take advantage of this volatility.For the past couple of decades, stocks and real estate are the two investments, which have constantly beat all other forms of investment. Weather it is bonds or commodities like gold, silver, petroleum etc. stock market

Who will win the race to the 1 trillion dollar market cap, Apple, Amazon, or Google alphabet?

I bet on Apple, It seems to me it is a d will be the leader in smartobjectsWhen we see what they have done with a single product the IPhone, it is only startingYvan Testu's answer to Which company will lead the future? Google, Microsoft, or Apple?

Is Apple really the 'world's most valuable company'?

Yes. It is. In 2011, two weeks before Steve Jobs officially resigned Apple had become the world's most valuable company. In 2012 it was valued more than $600 billion. To be exact it's value was $624 billion. Now it's entirely different. Time magazine says Apple is worth $700 billion now.

Why isn't Apple worth more?

Assuming that by "worth" you are referring to the stock price/market value of Apple, the statement "It is or was one of the top brands in the world according to Steve Jobs!" might not be most relevant.The stock price

Will Google surpass Apple as the Most Valuable Company in 2014?

Data as of 3/7/14.My guess is maybe.GOOG's current market cap is $407.61 billion and AAPL's is $470.26 billion.For GOOG to surpass AAPL, GOOG's share price would have to go from $1,213 per share to around $1,400 per share,

What would happen to Tesla stock if Apple bought the company?

I wouldn't. I am an active investor in tesla stock (although very small) because of the confidence I have in the potential of the company and also on Elon musk to a larger extent. If Apple were to buy Tesla (Which I believe is never going to happen), I'd never be investing in it.However, my answer

Is it a bad idea to buy shares on Sunday night when I could wait until Monday morning when the market opens or am I going to miss an opportunity when the stocks I'm watching are at their 52 week low?

Put it like this, obviously there is two ways up or down, you will be right or wrong.Now with that in mind if you buy on a Sunday night, this is before the market opens and thus volume is at a minimum.Monday (It

Why is Alibaba's market value so high?

It is most likely the results of two things:Growth potential in future. Alibaba has almost 50% of both B2B and B2C ecomemrce markets in China and these two markets are expected to grow around 10% every year for the next couple of years. Additionally, they have 8 different revenue segments, all of which are growing some in the tune

Should I sell Apple stock?

If you have been holding on all these while, then this isn't when you should sell because the pain is almost over all AAPL nears a bottom, displaying extremely strong reversal signals.As such, my take is that if you have been holding on, keep holding on.If you have previously sold, this is perhaps where you may wish to

Why is Alphabet's market value so high?

Always remember one thing. The value of any financial asset is the expected cash flows from that asset. Therefore value of alphabet will depends​ on the expected future cash flows. As of now, investment community is very much optimistic about the future prospects about alphabet. They are expecting superior growth in the future, which eventually

How much upfront money do I need to reliably live purely off of day trading?

Before thinking about upfront money, think about the upfront skills required to succeed in trading. If new to trading, consider yourself to be the first standard student, while the skills levels you need to attain to be successful is of Ph.D. And the worst part is -these skills are not

Are there any stocks that are worth buying?

Buffett was buying $COP (Conoco Phillips) all this week. This should suggest that "deep value" plays are out there.But honestly, I don't really know.

Over the next 10-20 years would you hold Bitcoin or Growth stocks?

Bitcoin.If you invested $1000 in NASDAQ-traded stocks five years ago today, you would now have $2,366.Source: Investment Calculator | Nasdaq, Inc.Not bad.If you had invested $1000 into Bitcoin five years ago today, you would now have $45,850.Source: Bitcoin (BTC) Historical Data | CoinMarketCapBetter.The

Is Amazon the only company to reach a $1 trillion stock market value?

No.PetroChina was first company in the world to reach a trillion dollar market cap in 2007, during an IPO frenzie. Today, their market cap is less than a fourth of their all-time high.Apple was first in the US-based company to reach a trillion dollar

If Trump buys a Tesla car, how would it effect the stock price?

A2A.I don't care about their stock price... all I'm asking is, if that happens, dear Elon, PLEASE do not fix the self driving bugs yet. I'm dreaming of this scenario:

Is it a good strategy to buy a few shares of a particular company, and buy more at dips so as to average out, instead of buying at one go?

This is a good strategy except for one flaw, make sure that the company you are investing in is good quality.it doesn't matter whether you buy in dips or buy at one go if the company is not good enough your effort would be worthless.

What are 10 stocks that are under $100 worth buying?

10 stocks under $100 - the first question I would make sure I answer is ‘do I know how these companies make money?'Secondly ‘do I interact with these companies on a frequent basis?'Third ‘do I love the companies product?'My answers would beBP [British Petroleum]ETSY [ETSY]SQ [Square]LUV [SouthWest Airlines]X [U.S. Steel]RRGB [Red Robin

What is the target price to buy Apple stock?

Please be extremely skeptical of any price targets you get from randoms on the internet, you never know if someone is giving you bogus advice or trying to take the other side of the trade. YOU decide what is a reasonable target. Research AAPL on Yahoo Finance, and trade on your own convictions.

Could a company like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook ever go down to $0?

Sure, any company can go to $0.  It is called bankruptcy.  Not just a regular bankruptcy restructuring of the debt either.  Complete liquidation.As for these companies, I am guessing they are going to stay in business for a while.

What is happening with Amazon and Apple stock? Why are they doing so bad?

Everyone has an opinion, truth is that big investors like to take profit and it happens every year around this time and i expected it to drop. big investors will buy in and we should be around 200.The news gives excuses every day and since apple wanted to be known as

How can Apple Numbers increase its market share relative to Microsoft Excel?

Why would Apple Numbers want to increase it's market share? Apple generally doesn't care about market share in any field; they care about mindshare and profit share, both of which they dominate in the hardware field. As far as Numbers/Pages/Keynote go, Apple is offering them for free. They don't want

How to buy Tesla shares from India

Certain things when you glance at first sight seem complicated when you do it first time.Investing in stock of foreign origin like Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB) and Tesla (TSLA) are one of those.

How to learn how to trade stocks and become a bull, particularly in India

I was having literally zero knowledge about stock markets and other investment options. But things changed when I left my job to appear for competitive exams and wanted to invest my savings somewhere. I was completely clueless where to invest my hard earned savings of three

Is it a good time to buy stocks in Tesla?

It would first be good if you looked into how the stock market worked. I highly recommend the Yale course called Financial Markets, free on youtube. It is a clear give away you do not have an understanding of the stock market when you say

Will Tesla's stock soar?

You don't know...How should I know:) anyway you have to refer some news which about Tesla's stock~That will be good.I hate to say that but I have no any experienced in stock markets so My apologize for that I could not give  some better suggestions to you.

Can I make a living trading forex?

A lot of people today have a dream to become a millionaire because of media advertising and TV. People see the lives of celebrities and millionaires and they want to have the same lifestyle. The most popular questions are: can I be a millionaire trading

With new market highs (DOW and S&P500), should I get out of the stock market?

Timing the market is almost impossible... no one can do it consistently. Your best bet is dollar-cost-averaging investing.People trying to