Can I get rid of stomach fat while keeping the fat in my legs and thighs?

Just so you know... Men who like girls with thick thighs and fat butts are after muscle, not fat. Stretching out the Levi's is all fine and great, but do understand that what you're after is probably a misconception.To answer your

Can I increase my strength with weight training on an empty stomach?

In the beginning, sure, you could do this.I'm not sure why you would want to, but it's certainly possible.Once you get past your novice phase, or even into the middle of it though, you're going to notice that your energy level simply isn't up to the task. You'll want to eat something, preferably carbs,

Can I run on an empty stomach?

Running on an empty stomach – yes or no? There are lots of different opinions on this topic. For some, it is a regular part of their training, while for others, working out on any empty stomach is out of the question. In today's blog post, we

Can treadmills get my stomach flat and tight?

By itself - highly unlikely. What gets your stomach flat and tight is not some magical exercise, but, rather - your diet. What you need to do to reach your goal is to burn the body fat stored there. If you don't fix your diet - you

Does running on an empty stomach burn more fat?

Recent studies show that there is no actual difference between the subjects that did cardio in a fasted state vs fed state Body composition changes associated with fasted versus non-fasted aerobic exercise. Both groups had equal amounts of fat loss and were both put into a caloric deficit.So the answer here according

Does sucking in your stomach get rid of fat?

Just that whole action of sucking your stomach in does mean that you are using force and tension which is physically some form of exercise which can lead to fat loss, HOWEVER, there is so much more that comes into play in terms of fat loss my friend. You are going to need to put in wayyyyyyy more

How to get a flat stomach at home

Being physically active is a key to losing belly fat and should be combined with healthy nutrition. Most of belly fat is a consequence of unhealthy lifestyle – being physically inactive and consuming too much calories.Here you have some exercises that may help you lose that belly

How to get a flat & toned stomach without being ripped

Thanks for the A2A.Interestingly enough, I started getting the muscle definition I wanted when I stopped trying so hard.The biggest factor in achieving a ‘flat and toned' stomach is genetics. Either your DNA designates that you can have an almost fat-less

How to get rid of stomach bloating? What are the easy EXERCISES that can be practiced at home

You must try an ayurvedic combination of Livcon cap with Assicon syrup, this is the best answer for any kind of digestive problems, this will improve your total digestive systemApply daily two times a day, in morning after bath and in evening. After appiling massage for 10-15 min, so that

How to get rid of stomach pain

It is not clear from your question whether you mean the occasional pain ensuing out of indigestion, gastric trouble, etc or chronic pain at intermittent intervals. While the former can be solved by following traditional methods/grannies advisories and OTC medicines, the latter requires serious consideration. Please discuss

How to get rid of this lower stomach fat? Can I do ab exercises

So, are you ready for the quickest way to lose that lower stomach fat and don't have much time. This isn't hard to achieve, and it all can be accomplished in a matter of Only 14 Days! Check out this FREE report on losing weight in two weeks at Only14days.xyzLet me guess, you want to wear your

How to make my stomach strong

Many people try to make their stomach stronger, flatter by exercising or dieting or both together and only few get the results. Because most of the people stop DOING necessary things. You can say that they don't strong will, but it is not entirely true, the thing is they have a FAT SELF-IMAGE.

How to acquire a flat stomach in a month

1. Follow the cliché "Abs are made in the kitchen." Some trainers and doctors estimate that diet makes up about 90 percent of the weight loss equation. You must lose overall body fat in order to flatten your stomach2.Reduce

How to get a flat stomach in two months

Let's start with the caveat that depending where your starting point is, you may or may not be able to do it in a healthy fashion. If you're grossly overweight, then healthy weight loss would still only be 2–3lbs per week,

How to get a flat stomach without having abs

Spot reduction, i.e. reducing fat from just one part of the body while ignoring other parts, isn't possible. (At least, not without an operation. But, the results of operations look ugly and the people tend to regain all the weight back after a while because

How to have flat stomach without losing weight becauses that causes my cheeks to be flat

If you do have excess body fat coving your abs and you would like to make them visible, you need to research the proper way to "cut," which is a bodybuilding term for burning fat off your body. You need to keep protein high

How to get a stronger stomach

Your stomach is a standout amongst the most critical organs in your body, since it assumes a urgent part in the processing of sustenance. Keeping your stomach sound avoids stomach torment, as well as attempts to keep your whole body

How to make your stomach empty faster

It is scientifically termed 'gastric emptying'. Technically any food you eat will be in your stomach and small intestine for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours, before reaching large intestine and finally to rectum. This overall time between ingestion and excretion is called the 'Transit time'.Foods that are simple in chemical composition..

How to reduce your stomach area

SIX EFFECTIVE WAYS TO SLIM DOWN STOMACH FAT.Belly fat is more than just a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight.Fat inside the belly area is also termed visceral fat, and it is seriously harmful.This type of fat is a

I heard that working out on a empty stomach will lead to the body eating your muscles. But I heard that if you gained muscle, you can't lose it. So what happens if you workout on an empty stomach?

It depends on how long you are working out and how long it was since your last meal.  If you have eaten normally the previous day, you should have enough glycogen stored to support a 1 hour workout.  If you are starving or haven't eaten any

Is cardio on an empty stomach better than just doing cardio on full stomach?

Cardio on an empty stomach is better. After 10–12 hours of fasting state (no caloric intake), the glycogen stores are depleted, the level of blood glucose is low and the level of its antagonistic hormone (glucagon) is high. This allows for a better

Is it advisable to do a gym in the morning with an empty stomach?

Depends upon what is our goal from going to the gym.If you want to develop a muscular body, with an emphasis on muscular size and strength, you should not go for fasted exercise (which means strength routines like lifting weights), because overnight you would be rendered into a

Is it advisable to hit the gym with an empty stomach?

People hitting the gym generally follow two types of diet, Calorie deficit or calorie surplus. In both the cases it isn't advisable to hit the gym with an empty stomach because when you workout in a gym, the metabolism shoots up like anything and at that moment

Is it bad for me to sleep on my stomach?

Don't do it. It may help with snoring, but so does sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your stomach puts stress on muscles and joints, and can lead to back and neck problems, as well as irritating nerves, which can cause numbness,

Is it better or worse to exercise on an empty stomach?

Here is something that may or may not be useful for you.Ask yourself why you exercise. Just to go through the motions or trying to get the best results you can within the time frame you allotted for the exercise.Anything worth doing must have

Is it better to work out an empty stomach in the morning to lose weight?

First of all it's lose weight ..not loose weight ,it's not skin or some kind of your clothes.Scientifically there are no proven benefits of working out empty stomach in morning to lose weight.Your overall calorie intake will determine your weight loss journey,focus

Is it better to workout on an empty stomach or after eating a meal?

It depends on your goals. If weight loss is your aim, than fasted cardio can be beneficial. If you're doing intense exercise you may want to start your workout fasted, but drink at least essential aminos during a workout.If muscle gains are the results you're

Is it good to drink milk on an empty stomach?

Since you have not mentioned if you have any specific reason for your question, I like to cover several aspects, that, I hope will help you to judge your specific case.If we drink some thing in empty stomach, it leaves stomach very

Is it healthier to exercise early in the morning on an empty stomach before eating a meal?

Yes - back when we were hunter-gatherers, that's exactly how it would have worked and our ancestors are highly unlikely to have had a hearty breakfast before going out to look for food. They would have been motivated to look for food because their stomachs were empty! Nothing like a bit of starvation to get you going. Given

Is it most effective to exercise upon awakening and on an empty stomach?

What is most effective usually the most reasonable. What is more effective is what allows for you to adhere causing you to stay consistent.When you can do what is reasonable & effective over a long period of time, that is the best

Is it okay to exercise during a stomach ache?

I am puzzled why this question first asked by an anonymous member in 2015 has cropped up now for re-answering!A person having a mild stomach ache that does not force him/her to seek relief from the pain and allows him/her to wonder whether to exercise or not and allows him/her to sit calmly and raise this

Is it okay to work out on an empty stomach? What factors would come into play?

Millions of people round the world work out before breakfast everyday with no bad outcomes. There are also millions of people round the world who work out after meals everyday with no bad outcomes.It depends on the individual whether this is for

Is it possible to get a flat stomach by ignoring ab workouts?

Absolutely, Infact Abs workout has got nothing to do with good Abs. You will exercise your Abs and core more from compound movements like Squats.Also your current work out is not good for Beginners with less than 3 years of proper lifting experience, focus on a proper full-body routine like All pro.Workout ProgramsFollow this routine

Is running on an empty stomach, in the morning after I awaken, good for losing weight?

Yes, it is comparatively better for you to run on an empty stomach for your body transformation. The reasons are,If there are no carbohydrates available within your body to provide you energy for your running activities, then it would be most likely that you will drag this energy from the stored fats and hence fats will

Is working out on an empty stomach good for you does it burn more calories?

I biked pretty hard for about one year straight, so this answer is just based on my own experience. In the beginning, if I biked on an empty stomach, I would

My stomach is bruised from exercise rowing last night. Should I row again today?

If you are bruising yourself rowing, then you are doing it incorrectly. There is literally no movement in any exercise that requires you to strike yourself with something, rowing included. The row finished with the handle paused at the sternum. You don't strike yourself with the handle, you pull back to the sternum.

Physiologically, what causes the stomach to growl when one gets hungry?

The physiological origin of this rumbling involves muscular activity in the stomach and small intestines. In general, the gastrointestinal tract is a hollow tube that runs from mouth to anus and its walls are primarily composed of layers of smooth muscle. When the walls are activated and squeeze the tract's contents to mix and propel food,

Should I exercise in the gym with a full or empty stomach?

This is one of the most debated topics of conversation in the health and fitness industry;

Should I exercise on an empty stomach for weight loss?

I have been regular to gym for long time. And i go to gym empty stomach. I tried eating banana or apples before workout but then i didn't feel good during my workout. Even i dont like to drink water before workout for similar reason. But i do carry a bottle of water with me

Should I have an empty stomach before exercising and gym?

I do it all the time. Some people I know can't walk into the gym without having eaten something (usually carbs/protein) in the last hour.Trust your judgement. If you are hungry and able to function Ok, then it is a good thing as some believe on

Should I practice breathing exercises on a full stomach?

You can practice in my opinion naddi shuddhi only when full stomach rest others is a big no no. As i have practiced naddi shuddhi with full stomach so i am suggesting it.After full stomach logic or common sense is you would not be able to expand your

Should I starve to get a flat stomach?

Depending on how much body fat you have covering your abs. If you do have excess body fat you need to research the proper way to "cut," which is a bodybuilding term for burning fat off your body. You need to keep protein high while in at least a 500 but no more

Should one meditate on an empty stomach?

Generally yes! But that does not mean that you should be fasting the whole day. Ideally, you should not have a meal for 3-4 hours before your meditation session. There are actually 2 ways to look at it:Somewhat scientific logic can be that when your digestion process begins, it keeps your body actively busy in

Should one work out on an empty stomach?

There are some benefits when we do the exercises in the morning and also there are some benefits with the evening exercise.I will share this with you.Morning :The morning exercises will help you to decrease your weight,and will also help you to increase your stamina.But my recommendation is

Should you still exercise with a full stomach?

You can but why would you want to?A little behind first. Understand thatExercise usually puts a lot of compression on the vagus nerve. Also referred to as the pneumogastric nerve, this is the tenth cranial nerve (or CN X) , and interfaces with parasympathetic control of the heart,

Should you workout on a full stomach?

No, because digesting foods requires energy from your body.You want to use all the energy you have on exercising, not digesting.More blood will be in the stomach to digest your food rather than st your muscles, supplying them with nutrients and oxygen,

What are food habits to flatten the stomach?

Eating Consciously to defeat ObesityObesity claims more life each year throughout the world than cancer or any other deadly disease. It's very ironic that, we see people everyday who are either malnutritioned or obese. There is a serious dearth of fit and healthy people. I have not seen God but I believe only food comes closer or is, to

What causes stomach ache after working out?

Stomach and abdominal pain associated with exercise can present itself in a number of different ways. The pain may occur during exercise or may not begin until after you've finished exercising.CrampsStomach cramps and other muscle cramps can occur either during exercise or soon after. These cramps sometimes result from the affected muscles not receiving enough oxygen

What exercise do you need to do everyday to flatten your stomach?

Thank you for asking.To flatten your stomach, exercises are not very helpful. If you combine sport's training with a suitable nutrition and recovery (Sleep), then you have a great opportunity to lose body fat, build some connective tissues, raise your metabolism, leading to more fat loss and

What is a great stomach work out to lose inches?

[I've lost almost 100lbs in the last couple of years. For whatever reason, Quora won't let me use that as a credential.]There's no workout that will make you lose fat from your belly, or any other area. The only way

What is best exercise for stomach?

Hey ThereYou first need to understand that there is no spot removal of fat from the body naturally. You can definitely achieve that by surgeries. But you know the hardships of going the surgery way.General observation has been that for Men majority of the

What is the best exercise to strengthen the upper stomach?

Upper body crunches are probably the most popular ones. However, I wouldn't recommend it.Traditionally, exercises that focus on specific muscles consist of stable and low-mobility workouts. Lying on the floor and flexing the spine to work on a focused area of the abdomen.These workouts neglect the main function of the core muscles. They

What is the best Yoga to keep your stomach healthy?

Doing yoga is very effective way to keep your stomach healthy and fit. When you get a body massage you feel like awesome and very light. Yoga is also working like that it makes you calm and happy."Fifteen minutes of yoga will help ease your pain,"Yoga asana offers a few stances that rinse, invigorate, help, and empower great stomach

What is the most effective way to retrieve a flat stomach?

Start by searching here on Quora for the dozens of other questions that ask about getting a flat tummy.Then disregard everything you find in those answers because almost all of them are just plain wrong. There ‘s nothing magic about getting a flat tummy. You don't need to do any special exercises, eat special foods,

What should be the drink I take with an empty stomach in the morning?

Water is a good option for any time of day. You can add any kind of fruit or cooking herbs that you like the flavor of, in order to add some flavor to it. I like a slice of lemon, but I know others who prefer cucumber slices or

What stomach exercises do you recommend?

Thanks for the ATA.I've answered a similar question else where so excuse the copy and paste.All you need to do to get abs is:Eat at a calorie deficit to lose fat, lower your overall body fat % and reveal your absTrain your

When is it best to workout on an empty stomach or when your full?

Neither typically.If we're talking strictly about performance...You want a 60 minute buffer for solid food before a workout, typically. It takes about that long for food to clear the stomach. That heavy feeling will typically reduce performance because your body is shuttling energy away from working muscles to focus on digestion. Digestion has a high metabolic cost, it's

Which is burned on an empty stomach, muscle or fat?

In general - your body-fat.To burn muscle would need you to be in starvation mode for quite some considerable time. We have recently evolved from hunter-gatherers, where periods of plenty were few and periods of low food were common (with periods of

Which is the best trick to make stomach flat as early as possible?

Time tested with no scope for anorexia symptoms. Those putting up weight, without eating much food stuff, may go in for thyroid check-T3, T4 & TSH. However, Acupressure techniques can regulate, thyroid function, on daily basis. Strong determination is sine quo non + strict compliance. A rough idea about normal

Why am I getting stomach pain after plank workout?

Hi hope you're doingwellPanks should prove to be challenging for your abdominal muscles, that is why there are cramps or pain.It's a known fact that when muscles are required to work harder than they're used to or in a different way, it's believed

Why do cucumbers cause stomach pain?

Cucumbers contain cucurbitacin, a substance that causes gas, burping, stomach upsets, indigestion, and also contributes to that bitter taste cucumbers may sometimes have. Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell which cucumbers have high cucurbitacin content, as soil content (from where the cucumbers were grown) and climate can affect the presence of this substance. According to The Oregon

Why do I bloat from the stomach after exercising?

If you are drinking protein shakes or whey protein that could be the cause, most people have at least some level of lactose intolerance, which can lead to the sugars (lactose) in milk products and the like to not be digested, and instead fermented by yeasts and other (usually beneficial) microorganisms

Why do I get sharp pain in the upper center of my stomach when lying on my left side? No acid reflux, nausea, or pain traveling. Happening for a week now.

I am no medical professional but my rule of thumb is that if I have something that lasts for more than 2 weeks that is not life-threatening I will see the doctor. As long as you are not in any horrible discomfort and you can give it a few more days to see if it goes away

Why do people get stomach pain during periods?

Cramps happen during menstruation. They suck. The uterus basically starts contracting so that the lining comes off and is expelled. These cramps can cause bowel issues such as constipation or diarrhea, which can cause cramping in the lower abdominal region. Basically if the uterus isn't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Why do we get gas troubles on empty stomach?

None of the 5 current answers seem to have addressed your query.Gas builds up on an empty stomach because of the action of hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach in anticipation of getting some food to digest, starting to act on your stomach walls. When you are

Why does my stomach hurt after push ups?

I know this ‘problem'. It usually happens if you had a pause working out and being active or you are beginner and want to just warm up before enrolling a gym or whatever.The reason is that doing push ups it strikes your whole torso, especially the abdomen. And if you have the strength to do 30, 40 or even

Why does my stomach puff out?

Initially I wrote an answer to a different question and it ended up here (Quora on my phone is a horror show).   That explains the comments.I get the above (stomach puffing out) regularly after working out (after loads of crunches).   I'm

Why is my stomach almost flat?

As a watcher of people first, then as an old health professional, I noticed several things about people with flat stomachs.As a high school student, I noticed that the girls who had flat stomachs were fairly prepubescent and in fairly good shape. Once word got out that they were sexually active and seen

Will ab exercises flatten your stomach?

Hi,And thanks for requesting me to answer this question.I agree with most of the previous comments, but I think you need to specify the question a bit more.There are basically two scenarios.a) You have an excess of body fat over your stomach and want your abs to be visibleb) Your abs are visible but your stomach kind of bulges

Will abdominal exercise give you a flat stomach?

No it won't.That's the real truth.Training your abs will only make your abs muscles stronger and bigger.The secret for

Will I ever have a flat stomach?

This is a surprisingly tough question.  I'm halfway between wondering if it's someone trolling for compliments (if this is the case, consider yourself complimented) or if you're actually concerned.  If you're concerned, let me first tell you that you look fine, and I'm concerned for you.I can tell you you look fine all day, but

Anatomically can a person's punch reach your jaw if you kicked them in the chest, stomach or hip just as they throw a punch?

Being able to make contact with a punch if struck by a kick would be difficult assuming the legs are longer than than the arms. Side kicks and roundhouse kicks both move the head away from the opponent making it more difficult to contact with a punch. Other

Can anxiety cause stomach pain?

Yes, it can.Anxiety and Depression is end result of thinking negatively. It means that the body has been tuned to this state by months and years of negative thinking pattern. A 360 degree change of thinking pattern is the need of the hour but it

Can CBD oil help with stomach problems?

According to sources: with an estimated 40% of people having at least one symptom of digestive issues at any one time!By taking CBD, it's receptors will distribute throughout the human digestive system & helps patients that suffer from digestive severe conditions.CBD oil can help you in various gastrointestinal problems as well as a number of

Can sea moss burn stomach fat?

[I've lost about 105lbs since Jan. ‘16. For whatever reason, Quora won't let me use that as a credential.]No food burns fat, much less fat in a specific place. If someone claims that some particular food burns stomach fat, they're probably trying to sell you that food.I need to

Do guys prefer a chubby stomach or a flat stomach?

Most definitely a flat stomach. Also in America, where the average person is

Does drinking lots of water reduce stomach fat?

Not really. It sounds like you are struggling so let me highlight something.Have you heard of anterior pelvic tilt?It's a term you might have heard from your personal trainer and it's a condition that causes your butt to stick out and your belly to bulge due to your hips tilting forward.Having this anterior pelvic tilt also known as bulging

How to get rid of stomach pain due to acidity

If your wondering what is the cause of acidity along with tummy ache, then here are some of the reasons - consumption of spicy foods, lack of exercise, irregular eating habits, stress, or drinking alcohol.If you want to treat stomach pain due to acidity with home remedies,

How to get rid of stomach problems

I would suggest you have a routine examination of stool done and an ultrasound of abdomen to rule out any disease, infection, infestation or pathology causing you the problems.If every thing is normal then start with eating healthy and regularly. Smaller meals rich in dietary fibers taken frequently is better than

How to make my stomach healthy

Irregularities of stomach is caused due to irregular life style,improper,dietary habits, intake of junk-food, inadequate sleep, sluggishness of liver.stress,anxiety & depression, persistence of chronic diseases & medicinal aggravation .To keep your stomach healthy, you need to opt the under noted natural norms. •Tk, plenty of water to eliminate toxins,dilute acid in stomach, soften faeces (stool)  to

How to reduce my stomach size in 2 days

Please see my articles : 8 habits you should apply when you try to lose weight and A slim waist in one month time with 5 basic stepsThere are no fast way to lose your weight , you will need to have healthy food and

How to reduce stomach pain

Stomach ache and diarrhea:  not a stomach problem (e.g. peptic ulcer) but most likely a Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu)There are no special measures against this viral problem, rest as much as you can, drink tea, eat biscuits and other bland food until it subsides.If diarrhea

How to treat a twisting stomach pain

There are many reasons why you may have pain in your abdomen. People often worry about appendicitis, gallstones, ulcers, infections and pregnancy problems. Doctors also worry about these, as well as many other conditions. Abdominal pain may not come from the abdomen. Some surprising causes include heart attacks and pneumonias, conditions in

How to treat pain in the lower right side of my stomach

The most common causes of right side abdominal pain are: gallstones or biliary colic, acute appendicitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and other diseases of the liver. Sometimes, causative factor of right sided abdominal pain may also cause left sided abdominal pain. This happens if the

How to get a flat stomach in two months

For a Flat stomach consider the following.Weight resistance training and High Intensity interval training.  You want to have a mix of some form of programmed weight training and basic cardio exercises such as walking, jogging.  Along with a popular form of training keeping your stomach trimmed and flat would be

How to get a smaller waist? How do I get rid of excess fat on my stomach area

Chris Harget's answer is right: diet + exercise is the solution, but doesn't offer spot reduction of fat. He also mentioned corsets, which in a sense are a more direct solution.Corsets may provide the solution you're looking for, but are not a perfect solution. They come with their own set of drawbacks, and should only

How to keep my stomach healthy in summer

During summer, the climate turns hot and hotter which suddenly adheres with your body functioning. If you eat heavy, spicy and unhealthy food in summer it will first make your stomach sick with extreme heat, acidity, indigestion and such kind of problems.As a result, it will be like a nightmare with numerous health issues

How to make my stomach stronger

I feel you. I know those sharp pains. After many trial and error, I came across a home remedy. Soak three* figs (dried) in a cup of water at night. Eat these figs first thing in the morning and drink up the water. I also consume 1-2 cups of ginger tea with honey and lemon daily

How to relieve a painful pressure on my lower stomach

CURE/PREVENSION: Worth trying---with the aid of ‘BODY CLOCK STIMPLUS'[MADE IN LONDON], A CHIROPRACTOR/ACUPUNCTURIST/ACUPRESSURE THERAPIST attempts to diagnose the disease, identification OF AFFECTED ORGAN[S] AND the instrument ensures to remove blocked energy, INSTANTANEOUSLY, from the affected organ[s] and enable their optimum functioning. Even tumour formation

How to get rid of gas pains in your stomach

Take Pan-D 40mg for 10 days, as soon as you wake up before doing anything else. Don't eat or drink anything till 30 mins after.Now, these 10 days you need to realize and make a note of what you are eating and what makes you have intestinal gas pains. During

How to get rid of stomach cramps

There are many possible causes of stomach cramps and they can affect or emanate from your digestive organs, your appendix, your aorta, your kidneys, or your spleen, or they can originate from an infection elsewhere in your body. Stomach cramps are painful but it is possible to relieve them using home remedies easily and effectively. Don't eat solid food

How to reduce your stomach area

SIX EFFECTIVE WAYS TO SLIM DOWN STOMACH FAT.Belly fat is more than just a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight.Fat inside the belly area is also termed visceral fat, and it is seriously harmful.This type of fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart

How to tone your lower stomach area

You need to tone up your full body to tone your lower stomach area.Lower stomach area tends to be the last bit of fat to go for most of us and for some of us even at a very low

I have blood in my stool, accompanied by stomach pains. I've been to the toilet 7 times today. Should I be concerned?

Many people would not be overly worried by a bought of diaherra... it can be really unpleasant, but it happens to everyone from time to time and is usually self limiting. Stomach pains/cramps with diaherra are par for the cause, but blood in stool

I'm 14, missed my period by 15 days. I hit my stomach pretty hard and now there's balls of blood. This happened before but only for a few minutes. It's been 2 days. Can I die from blood loss and will this go away on its own?

You are not bleeding. Really. You are not bleeding. Keep telling yourself that. All the fluid that leaves your body during your period was gathered in the lining of the uterus two weeks or so before. It (and there's more than just blood) lines the inside of the uterus in case a fertilized egg moves from the

If I gain weight everywhere including my arms when I exercise would my arms get smaller or just my stomach?

When the body loses bodyfat, it loses it from everywhere, including the arms.However, the sequence in which it loses body fat from each place, how much it loses from each place, and how quickly it loses it from each place varies according to genetics and gender.Each person's body has

If you recently gained a lot of weight in your stomach will you lose the weight first in your stomach?

It usually works that way. The last fat deposited is usually the first fat to be lost when you reverse course and put yourself in a calorie deficit. But this is not always the case. At different stages of our lives, our hormones and

In one day, how many hours can we do an exercise to get a flat stomach?

How many hours? You must be joking. You just need 45 good minutes to work out your body every day and get the desired results. Working out is not a marathon, instead, it should be a rapid activity done in bursts and finished quickly. Our bodies are made that way, kind of like a dynamite. Yes,

Is it better or worse to exercise on an empty stomach?

Here is something that may or may not be useful for you.Ask yourself why you exercise. Just to go through the motions or trying to get the best results you can within the time frame you allotted for the exercise.Anything worth doing must have the best endeavor that you can give it. Anything else is

Is it okay to eat fruits on an empty stomach?

Fruits are very beneficial for health. As a result, there are various types of vitamins, mineral salts, and anti-oxidants. And eating these fruits, there are many types of short prejudice. Most people think that should not eat fruit in the empty

Is planking the best way to tighten your stomach?

Not at all. Although I will discuss briefly two separate ways you could be asking this question.If you mean that you want to reduce fat and make your stomach look smaller, then planking would be a horrible way to go about it. Your muscles are actually found underneath