Will cable be replaced by streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) in the next 10 years?

It already had in my home (Well, bachelors' pad to be more precise). A Hulu+Netflix connection is slightly more pricey than a standard cable connection but its worth the premium. We do have a premium cable connection at our place but's rarely used. We

Will Netflix replace TV in India?

No it won't!Not any time soon.Netflix started streaming services in 2007 in US, its been 8 years and  more than 85% homes still have a cable connection (according to this survey).India's Internet infrastructure is no where close to that of US, so penetration of streaming services will take time.So nope it won't.

Why is Netflix considered a monopoly?

It's not yet a monopoly, neither it is going to be one (with amazon,Hulu, sees in the competition too) but it still is one of the best streaming services out there.Netflix is killing their competition.

What are some must watch Netflix original series?

1- House of CardsA drama about a ruthless congressman and his equally ambitious wife who navigate the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.

Where can I watch Inferno movie online?

you can find this movie on these sites10 Best Free Movie Download Sites 2016 to download Free bollywood and hollywood movies - webDownload

What is the best website to watch online movies for free?

Thanks A2A..!!Watching online movies is fun. However, finding the sites that get you a hassle free experience with high quality video is an intimidating task. The good news is: there are lots of sites that provide great streaming and unlimited access to amazing movies. Some with free

Where can I watch Inferno movie online?

you can find this movie on these sites10 Best Free Movie Download Sites 2016 to download Free bollywood and hollywood movies - webDownload

What is the best site to watch Bollywood movies for free?

Hi,If you are looking for genuine websites check this list1 YouTube Movies2 Boxtv3 Hotstar4 Sonyliv5 Fmovies6 Amazon Prime7 VootSource: Watch Latest Hindi Movies Online Free From These Best Websites

What are the best movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix (India)?

Here goes my list.I am a Netflix novice,so don't judge me for my relatively narrow spectrum of shows.I have yet to grow in terms of subscription TV.Stranger Things - I am a huge fan of this sci-fi.You search for a 100 flaws in

What is the best website to watch online movies for free?

Thanks A2A..!!Watching online movies is fun. However, finding the sites that get you a hassle free experience with high quality video is an intimidating task. The good news is: there are lots of sites that provide great streaming and unlimited access to amazing movies. Some with free

What are some of the best movies and TV shows on Netflix?

Disclaimer - I will here write about Netflix Original Contents only.There are many good tv shows and movies on Netflix but I will mention only 3 tv shows and movies which are the best Netflix have produced.TV SHOWSStranger Things

Where can I watch new movies online?

Get an Amazon Firestick Jailbreak from eBay. It works great even better if you have a prime account and you can watch current movies free. It takes a bit to download the movies but mine seems to work great.

What are some must watch Netflix original series?

1- House of CardsA drama about a ruthless congressman and his equally ambitious wife who navigate the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.

Why isn't Netflix more customizable?

Depends really what you ‘want' to customise, but the whole heart of the Netflix is the content that you get with your membership rather than customisation. You can ‘customise' and ‘tailor' your Netflix experience in the following ways however:Pick your own avatar for use on your profile (handy if you have multiple)Rate using thumbs up / thumbs down

Why are Netflix Marvel shows panned, but non-Netflix ones are praised?

Daredevil, Punisher and Luke Cage was pretty much universally praised as was the first season of Jessica Jones (season two was pretty dull without alot happening) Iron Fist was panned because the guy they casted was not only not ASian but could not act, had no charisma and seemingly had no martial arts skill - and they

Where can I watch movies in HD for free other than YouTube?

In youtube you will get most of the scam sites which means they will not provide you anything rather they will take your money from you , so better try facebook popular pages like movie craze, link is

How successful will Netflix be in India?

YAY!!!!So finally Indians can proudly "Netflix and Chill". In the midst of the social-media frenzy that #NetflixEverywhere has thrown the country into, it seems it will be a runaway success. The pricing looks decent (not cheap though) peaking out at Rs.800/ month but that is only

Why does Netflix remove instant streaming option for movies which earlier had instant streaming?

Gary's answer is correct, but doesn't fully explain why some movies disappear from Netflix Instant Streaming. There has been a game of cat and mouse played between Netflix and the studios over streaming with regard to how many people Netflix would have watching the streams (initially not many)

When is Netflix coming to India?

Netflix is now in India - https://www.netflix.com/in/It has main stream Indian content plus lot of typical Netflix English originals which Indian youth crave for. It is a nice option for all of them instead of watching pirated versions in low qualities.If you are a curious geek who will like to know in depth about how netflix

Where can I watch Life is Beautiful 1997 Online HD?

you can try thisI've read all the previous comments. It's amazing to see someone advocating this is one of the best movies ever and someone else saying this is a very bad and offending show. Very few moderate comments...Usually a movie so

Why is Netflix better than YouTube?

It depends what you're looking for.If I want to watch movies or television shows, between their DVD and streaming plans, I can pretty much see whatever I like. There is a fee, of course, that I pay for this privilege.I don't pay YouTube anything, but am forced to sit through advertisements which I would rather not

What are the best movies available for instant streaming on Netflix in May 2014?

Here's a short list:13 Going on 30AvengersBreakfast ClubBridget Jones (Edge of Reason)Clueless Forrest GumpGattacaHappy GilmoreHunger GamesJim Gaffigan (Mr. Universe)Jobs (Kutcher)Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocholOur Idiot BrotherSkyfall (James Bond)Somethings Gotta GiveSpanglishStar Trek: Into the DarknessWhat to Expect When You are ExpectingHere are a couple more:AdventurelandAmelieArrested DevelopmentClueThe Company MenDrinking Buddies (?)Extract (?)Ferris Bueller's Day

Is it wrong to watch movies online for free?

It depends on what you mean by wrong. A lot of what is going on with the Internet violates copyright, or might; which means a court really has to decide the question of legality in light of what the copyright is on a given intellectual property and what that copyright covers. This is not

Where can I watch online for free?

AvailableI agree with the gentleman who answered before me, this movie is very good and definitely worth the money. Make sure you at least see it in the cinema first, then go through with piracy. I've seen it 2 times already, 1 in IMAX 3D (was amazing) and second

How to watch movies online by never paying a fee, downloading, sign up, or streaming

You can try going to yesmovies(dot)to. You can also try Rainierland(dot)is. With Rainierland you would have to search the name through whatever search engine you have and then click on the link through there. Typing the website in to your browser bar doesn't send you to the link. Also

What's a good movie on Netflix that most people don't know about?

I don't know if you are big on animated movies or what but I am sure that you are gonna like this one!!!This movie is available on Netflix to watch and it's insane that most people still don't know about this one !!Directed by Nora Twomey, the film had its world premiere at the

How to watch movies on smartphone

Well, I just tried it with VLC app from Google Play and the darn movie froze constantly. Smartphones are the dumbest devices to watch a video or movie to me. Way too small and can't really tell much of what is going on unless you wear earbuds and

Why can't Netflix buy a movie or show license to stream forever?

It can. Happens all the time. Take Cloverfield Paradox. Paramount made it for theatrical release, decided it would be a flop in the theaters, sold it to Netflix for $40-$50 million.But if you have a property that's desirable, say the Lord of the Rings films, why would you ever want to sign that away forever, instead of expect

Can I get a Netflix subscription for free?

You need 1 Google Play account that has a credit/debit/virtual card attached to it.Each time you create a new Netflix trial choose your card on your Google Play account as the payment option.As you're choosing your card (which he calls "Google Play Billing") as your payment option, the Netflix app will not detect that you are using the

Why am I having trouble streaming Netflix movies, but not having the same problem while streaming Amazon movies?

Several of the largest US broadband providers are specifically filtering Netflix content (slowing it down, choking its available bandwidth) in an attempt to get Netflix to pay them extra money to NOT be choked. Amazon streaming is not currently popular enough to have gotten the extortion letters from the same broadband providers; Netflix content can be up

How is Disney pulling their content from Netflix going to impact streaming services?

It's difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but I believe Disney opting not to renew licensing agreements as they expire will not have a material adverse impact on Netflix's overall services or financial results.While I have to admit that Disney (including Marvel) churns out great quality films and content and Netflix customers will certainly notice

How good is Netflix in India?

Netflix is as good as BIGflix in INDIA. For viewing Netflix you need to have a good internet speed, that's the first pre-requisite. Secondly if you are a series watcher maniac i.e. if you can't wait for the next episode to come , Netflix is the

How to get a free account that works on Netflix in 2017

Hi,You can not get free account on Netflix but you can get a shared account for very less price.Buy Shared Netflix accountWickedGen.com

Are Netflix movies 4k?

Yes there are some in the collection which are 4K (shot natively) or those which which have been upscaled to 4K resolution. There is a number of articles on the web including The best 4K movies and TV shows - and how to watch them which is a useful guide

Which website or app is best for watching movies or TV shows on iOS for free?

This Live TV app provides various live TV channels from different countries (Armenia, Pakistan, Persian, Ethiopia,Georgia, Nepal, Cambodia, Algeria,Egypt, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangaldesh, Kurdish, Russian).With the help of this Global TV you can easily watch videos, movies, films, news and any other kind of programs wherever and whenever they want.

What are some good websites to watch old and new shows and movies?

Beyond the obvious:  Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu Plus...I like Crackle - which is owned by one of the big studios (I'm not certain, but Ithink it's Sony?).  So you get access to a lot of their older TV shows, short-lived series, even some pilots that never got picked

What is Netflix's Daredevil doing right that the other Marvel shows are not?

Frankly Daredevil just provides a lot more material. Daredevil has been going strong as a character honestly since his inception, but certainly since Frank Miller took over the book in the 1980s. Daredevil is among my favorite characters, and what's so uncanny about him is how consistently strong his book is.

Where can I watch Inferno movie online?

try this siteInferno is the movie adaptation of the Dan Brown novel of the same name. Robert Langdon(Tom Hanks) wakes up in a hospital, with severe memory loss. He soon realizes he is in Florence, Italy. Langdon takes the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks(Felicity Jones), to stop a catastrophe that might put an

Where can I watch The Boss Movie 2016 for free Online?

You can watch The Boss 2016 HD Full Movie online for free on this link : http://dailystreamz.com/movie/th...You can also find more than +30000 movies in all categories. Dailystreamz.com is the most comfortable place to watch online streaming movies. You don't need to sign up or registration. Enjoy ! :)

What are the new movies on Netflix?

At the beginning of (and during) each month, Netflix adds new movies and TV shows its library. Below, you'll find our October recommendations.MOVIESOctober 1A Cinderella Story (2004)Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)Blue Streak (1999)Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief (2008)Fairy Tale: A True Story (1997)Gentleman's Agreement

Why does Netflix keep loading?

Netflix load buffering is usually is a bandwidth deficiency anywhere from your device > ISP connection on up the line to Netflix or a WI FI throughput issue .If your ISP does not have a direct connection with Netflix like AT&T and Comcast the bottleneck may be anywhere from AWS down through the

How did Netflix get so popular?

It started out as a DVD by mail service done right. The had enough discs, you could literally keep it as long as you like and once returned, your next disc came in about a day. Streaming at the time was a nice addition - same principle. It was well designed with great little UI

Why do critics hate Netflix so much? Every Netflix show/movie has a bad rating.

NetflixShowsStranger Things. Narcos. Orange is the new black. Lost in space. Black mirror. Mindhunter. Master of none. Bojack horseman. Dear white people. Daredevil. Jessica Jones.MoviesOkja. The Meyerowitz series. Tramps. My happy family. Tallulah. I don't fell at home in this world anymore. Mudbound. Divines.Now you know what you've to watch and you'll know what

Which are the most popular shows on Netflix in 2018?

Don't go for all the popular one's cause trust me some are just overhyped in actuality just okeh Lookin at you Stranger Thing'sStill here's one Random list &The best TV shows to watch on Netflix Right NowManiacBizarre, trippy, brilliant? Emma Stone and Jonah Hill's new limited series is a visual treat, but not everyone immediately

Why are Netflix originals so terrible?

Netflix is to cinema what a fast food chain is to food. It's intended to satisfy quickly and be forgotten while countless masses consume their shows after work on their couches. Most people are not cinephiles and generally don't have good taste, they simply want to be entertained visually.