I am 20-year-old male, my height is 6 feet, and my weight is 48kg. How can I increase my weight?

Hey , thanks for A2A.Well , a person has low body weight because he has a very fast metabolism .Also one reason may be that person's body growth is not yet complete. So in order to gain one must just eat a lot so that the calorie excess leads to

I am doing gym and my age is 22. Is it right that lifting weight can stunt growth?

What is the gym ?...basically its just strength work and movement so rather like a manual job albeit part time rather than full time. I don't think anyone is saying manual work stunts your growth. Growth is surely much more correlated with nutrition than the gym. At age 22 I would

I am not even able to do a single pull-up but I can do about 20 reps of push-ups in one set. What are the best ways to increase my pull-up strength?

I've had the same problem, I could do 30-40 push-ups and had big issue with pull-ups, which as you can imagine has been extremely frustrating.Big difference between pull-up and push-up is that pull-up require much more strength - you are using all your body weight while with push-up maybe 60% of

I am resuming workouts after 5 months. Any beginner workout suggestions?

Do Stronglifts. There is an App - download it and do as it says. There's a Facebook community too where people interact on a variety of topics and I expect most of your questions will be covered.It is one of the most popular beginner workout program for establishing a robust strength foundation. You should be able to Squat

I can absolutely not do pushups. What are the preliminary exercises I can do to get there?

First of all start thinking that you can do it.It's first the mind that you have to win. Second comes the body.Pushups involves muscles like chest, arms, shoulders, back. In order to do make it strong. Just take my tip. Start with any sportFor example start with badminton. it will make your core, hands,

I can do 20 something pushups easily but I can barely manage a few pull-ups. Why is this and how can I fix it?

Your ability to do push-ups and pull-ups have practically zero correlation to each other, so ignore how many push-ups you can do.Think about the muscles that are working when you're doing pull-ups, and then consider the muscles that are working when you're doing push-ups. These are 2 completely different

I can do 4-5 reps of pull ups (2 sets each). My ultimate goal is to complete 3 sets of 10 reps. How to go about it? Do suggest some warm ups if any.

Setting such a goal (going further and harder for more pull ups) itself is a great thing you are doing, which I find very much rare in so called Gymmers. I can definitely tell you one way of achieving that.I suppose, you go to gym everyday. In most of the gyms, a weight lifting

I can do 80kgs benchpress but still can't do a single pull up. What is the problem?

Bench press is a pushing movement. Pull-ups, like the name suggests, is a pulling movement. Both to a large extent involve different muscle groups to work. When you bench, you activate your pushing muscles (which are your triceps,

I can do one strict pull-up. How should I progress from here?

I assume you want to become a pull up beast. You are on your way by doing one and having a bar in your house! Doing one pull up every time you pass that bar is one way to increase your pull ups as you begin your quest. But don't stop

I can not do any push-ups currently. How can I become strong enough to do push-ups?

What I would recommend would be to begin by doing just the negative part of the push-up. Put yourself in the start position and then AS SLOWLY AS YOU CAN, lower yourself down through the movement. This will begin recruiting muscle fibres and in a short time, your muscles should become strong enough to support a proper push-up.

I can't do deadlifts. What should I do instead?

Well if you ask any pro weightlifter or a body builder, they will say one thing in common i.e-Deadlifts are one of the most beneficial form of exercise one can inculcate in his/her workout regime. Deadlifts offer numerous benefits targeting almost each and every muscle group present in our

I do around 70 lunges each day, with around 10 squats. How long will it take before I see results?

Results as in - you feel stronger? or results as in you look visually more muscular?You'll probably start feeling stronger after just a week or two, depending on how much fat on your body you probably won't see many results in the mirror unless you lose fat in addition. You'll

I don't feel in control when I squat, so what are some basic exercises and stretches I can do every day to improve my squat form?

Focusing on form is helpful, but it misses the point of how a movement occurs in the body. Despite corrective exercise and coaching cues, you actually have very little conscious control over how a movement actually proceeds. There are simply too many working parts.Any movement (squat included) is a concerted action of nervous

I have a pair of 5 kg dumbbells. Can anyone suggest a weekly beginner workout routine for entire body involving only the pair of dumbbells and bodyweight moves?

Sure. Will it be optimal on it's own long term? Probably not...Depending of course on what you mean by one pair of dumbbells. If for instance you mean an adjustable set like Power Blocks and

I have been going to the gym. My upper arms have increased in size, but the lower parts of my arms have not. How do I increase my lower arm size?

A very common mistake in excising and working out is people expect just because they are using their arms and legs, that all the muscles on their arms and legs will grow. This is of course not true as when doing physical activities

I have never been able to do pull-ups. When I was younger and much slimmer, I could only do maybe one or two. I want to be able to do at least ten a day because they are great for the back. How does a heavy set person learn to do this?

Like with any goal, start with a small, achievable one, and add a little bit every day. In fact, you don't even have to go to the gym every day. Start with 3 times a week. And don't start with full bodyweight pull ups. Start with the pulldown machine. Find

I have overtrained and now I have a lot of pain, But I don't want to lose momentum and the habit. Is it okay to do my workout with very light weights so that I'm only practicing my form?

I think that everyone needs to take some time off from weight training, and you are obviously overdue to allow your body to heal.Please get a trainer and your doctor involved before you start again to get a more sensible and sustainable program.

I keep thinking that I am not doing my pull-ups correctly. Is it normal for the legs to point away from you horizontally, or must they point down at all times?

Hi You,Is it possible to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof - and the thousands who have already done it themselves using this secret

I lifting weight 4 times a week and bike every day but I'm about to enter a period of time when I can't get much excersize at all. How can I prepare my body for this adjustment?

You could use the time to treat your body to a rest. Weight lifting 4 times per week is a bit too much. For best results your body needs 2–3 days of rest and healthy nutrition after strenuous strength exercise. During your time without exercise, you could stick to bodyweight exercises like press ups, lunges squats and core exercises

I'm 173 pounds currently and I am a strong kid and my muscles show it kind of but how can I improve my shoulders and biceps with a home workout?

Ok, I'm going to assume that you're more interested in appearance than functional strength. In which case, the best plan for you with a home workout would require,A small backpackA weighted vest with removable weightsA dipping belt15kg in either weights or a shopping bag full of tins, bottles of water, etc.A pull up barFirst off I'm going

I'm 25 years old skinny guy. I'm joining gym next month. I want to know that what are main differences between body building and strength training? What program should I join?

With strength training, the main objective is to increase your strength as in how much weight you can lift. An increase in muscle will come along as you progress (after all, a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle) but it

I'm a 15 and a half year-old boy, 5'6″, and weigh 44kg. What workout routine at the gym would be good for an overall bulk up if I'm going there 3 times a week (if I'm able to join one) and if not, what exercises can I do at home to bulk up?

Focus on multi-joint barbell movements: squat, deadlift, clean, press, hip thrusts, high pulls, rows.Bulking is just as much a function of eating. You will need a caloric surplus to add lean mass.Work in a range of reps and volumes: 1-3 reps

I need to do as many pull-ups as I can next month. What training should I do?

Given that you can do 15 pull ups now which means you are pretty fit, it is not easy to increase that number since fatigue is going to be the sticking point. Doing more reps would not help much since you are close to the point of diminishing returns.The point is to train to the task

I pant after doing 15 pushups/30 situps, how do I get fit?

First you need to WANT to get fit, not WISH to get fit.Read about your body and nutritionDoing some research and understanding your body will go a long way in helping shape your routine(s)Set some goals on what you want to achieve (e.g. lean muscular build, flexibility, strength,

I saw a video tutorial with a portion on lifting heavy dumbbells, with the bicep hammer curl he swung his arms back a little to get the weight up there, is this correct?

No but let's go deeper.If you're learning you want proper form with EVERYTHING you do. If not, you can expect injuries and if you're lucky, just plateaus. Proper technique is #1!Now, that being said, as you gain knowledge and experience training you'll get familiar with body control and stabilization. Then you

I started a daily workout routine. However I am very sore after day 1 and having a hard time walking. Should I wait until the soreness has decreased before resuming?

No, you should just stop trying to hammer yourself into the ground with every workout.Intensity is great, and I totally understand the desire to bust your butt from day 1 onward, but it can be detrimental from the perspective of motivation.Getting sore on day 1 makes day 2 that much harder to want

I want to combine calisthenics, functional training, and weight training into my workout. Should I do it?

Yes, you can effectively combine bodyweight exercises and free weight exercises into an effective program. Don't buy into the current

I want to gain better squat stability and mobility. How much weight should I lift for good morning and paused squats at 5RM to be comfortable with 250lbs 1RM?

This is a very difficult question to answer, mainly because there's no way to know what the direct carryover you will experience from your good mornings and paused squats to your normal squats.I know that personally, I can generally pause squat (with a spotter counting the 2-count pause) 85% of my 1RM regular squat. That may not

I work out at a few gyms to weight train and rarely see people stretching afterward, why?

Admittedly, many probably don't stretch at all. However, you don't have to stretch only at the gym. I do some dynamic stretching prior to working out, and stretch through out the day. My favorite however is using a foam roller every morning for Myofascial release. This is great for working

I workout 6 times a week, 3 strength days & 3 cardio days. I recently started incorporating T25 into my workouts. Can I do the T25 right after my regular workout or should I wait for a few hours in between?

I don't know anything about the T25. I looked it up. It is a high-intensity set of routines performed in a short period of time. You seem to be an intermediate trainer. As an option to Internet programs, look into the barbell complexes. Research it. I have many answers on Quora.T25?The Internet is full

If I can bench 215 for five sets of ten, what do you think my 1 rep max would be?

You can estimate your theoretical max approximately as follows.Calculate RPE = (21 - # sets) / 2. For 5 sets, RPE = 8Look up the percentage of 1RM from this table (from Beginning RTS ReactiveTrainingSystems)

If I can do 19 pull-ups, what do I need to do for strength increase (strength training) knowing that size will come as a bonus after strength training eventually?

If this question is pull-up specific, then the answer is actually pretty clear. You say you can do 19 pull-ups. I assume that you mean you can do 19 pull-ups in a row for 1 set. Mix it up a little! 19 reps is too much for ideal muscle growth or strength gain. You are building endurance here.

If I cut out squats completely and just deadlift would this be detrimental to anything except not training the squat?

Coming from the perspective of someone who only trains deadlifts and doesn't perform squats, I will key you in on my workout.The first pic, I am setting up. Butt drops lower on lift off. When lifting weight like this, it is very important that your shins are almost up against the bar, and your

If I do modified push-ups will the results be any different from a regular push-up?

Yes. If the variation is easier then you'll get less value for the time you put in, and if the progression is harder then you'll get more value. The harder progressions will develop greater functional strength and coordination especially core

If I do push-ups every day should I be able to get to 100 in 1 set within a short period of time?

100 push-up in a day makes it in 15 days only. These tricks are best for beginners. So start these tricks with basic steps. There are some questions related answers related to 100 push-ups are:-How to do 100 Push-ups a day? {10 to 100 Push-ups}What are its benefits and what is its Results of doing 100 push-ups?These

If I have 20 inch biceps and do bicep curls with weights until I get 25 inch biceps, can I get back to 20 inch biceps by doing the bicep curl motion with no weights and just burn the muscle or just not exercise altogether?

Have you ANY idea how big a 20 inch bicep actually is, and how utterly enormous 25 inches is (it is bigger than many people's thighs). 16 inches is already pretty big.The answer to your question is No. Once you have developed that much muscle you are pretty much stuck with most

If I have a sore back after a hard gym session with squats and deadlift, does it mean that my technique is very bad? (I lifted what to me is very heavy weight; 80kg/175lbs)

If you haven't done those exercises in a while, a little soreness everywhere can be expected but if you have localized pain or soreness in your lower back you need to check your form. Keep your core tight and back straight

If I lift weights two hours each week with a trainer, how many days a week should I do 30 minutes of cardio, and should I choose days other than my lifting days?

First off ditch the trainer. Perhaps 10% of them are worth the money and actually know their stuff. And even then 99% of them are interested in you progressing as slowly as possible.Seriously, would you employ a plumber who makes more

If I lift weights, will I get bigger muscles?

Whether or not your clients will get bigger muscles (hypertrophy) depends on three basic factors: genetics, gender and training intensity. Genetics is mostly manifested as muscle fiber type; people with predominantly fast-twitch fibers acquire larger muscles more easily than people with predominantly slow-twitch fibers. In relation to gender, males acquire larger muscles than females do, because males have greater

If I lose muscle mass will I be able to do a pull up?

I doubt it has anything to do with only body weight and muscle weight.There are full-grown bodybuilders doing pull-ups, and then there is 68 kg professional climber Adam Ondra pulling himself up using only three fingers. Strength is not how big a muscle is, but how much work a muscle can perform, (especially climbers prove

If I only have 4 consecutive days to go to a gym, should I train for 2 or 3 days?

Man! Your routine looks pretty good! The only exercise I don't really like is the leg press which you're wisely looking to substitute already. Lunges are a great choice indeed, but I wouldn't choose single leg dead lift, try the Bulgarian squat best. Also I advise you to include some

If I wake up and do 10 push-ups a day for a year straight, will my arms look jacked?

No.First of all, push-ups primarily work your triceps, chest, and front deltoid, so, if you don't do something to work your biceps, back, and rear deltoid also (such as pull-ups), then you'll probably develop some sort of muscular imbalance.

I'm doing chin-ups, seated rows and dumbbell concentration curls, what other lifts can I incorporate to bump up my bi-ceps?

A seated row acts indirectly on the biceps. Seated rows are used primarily to develop lats. It belongs in your lat work out. Remove it from your bicep work out.Chin ups are okay. They work the biceps.If all you have access to is a straight bar do three sets of curls. One set with a

I've been working out regularly and getting stronger, but I'm not getting bigger, why?

You can increase strength in 2 ways... 1 is hypertrophy - increasing the cross sectional area of the muscle. This allows for more "cross-bridges" to form and subsequently, greater contraction.A second way to increase strength is by neural adaptations. This means

My ten year old loves to work out with his very small weights and resistance band what would be another aspect of weight training that would be safe for him to expand with?

Give him some heavy weights!Nah, just kidding.There are some schools of thought which say weight training if done too young, can interfere with bone development and height.I have seen on the other hand, studies which claimed the opposite to be true, due to heightened Growth-Hormone and Testosterone excretions.Truth is

Should I lift weight from heavy to lighter or lighter to heavy?

Hey,Heavy weights and lighter weight lifting depends on your goal.If your goal is muscle building, then you should lift moderate weights according to your strength with moderate number of reps and 3–4 sets. Number of reps can be 10–15. Rest less between your sets.If your goal is fat loss,

Should I lift weights everyday or every other day?

If you have the time to spare, you can go every single day. if not then shorten it to 3 to 5 days per week so it fits your schedule. As long as you don't work the same muscles and/or doing the same exercises every

What can I do to enjoy exercise or working out?

Here are a few ideas to help to make physical exercise something a person genuinely wish to perform:Allow it to be the Routine – Take away the considering component. If you're able to help to make physical exercise the routine, after that this gets much simpler to proceed. Here are a few tips about producing routines stay should you

What if I have been lifting for years but haven't seen results in months?

You have hit a plateau.Now, assuming you've actually been lifting for years, you should know this.Here's what you need to do.(1) Assess the situationAre you actually not seeing results? Or just not making results as quickly. In other words, have

Why am I getting more cellulite on my legs after working out and getting stronger?

The American Council on Exercise says that exercise can reduce* cellulite. With consistent exercising, individuals can lower the amount of fat in their body. Over time, this will reduce* cellulite. To lose* weight the fastest, individuals must use a mix of cardiovascular and strength training. Cardiovascular exercise burns more calories per hour while strength training

Why am I not able to do many push-ups considering I have pretty strong arms?

There could be a number of reasons.The most likely culprit is because you're not good at them. Push ups are a skilled exercise; learning how to make a group of muscles work together and efficiently takes practice. (pecs, triceps, delts as agonists with core stabilizing in addition

Why am I not bulking up?

If you want to gain weight or muscles(Gaining)...You must be familiar with the fact that it is 70% diet and 30% workout which helps you to gain or bulk up!So, Firstly take care of your diet .. get a nutritious and high calorie diet.. which should contain

Why do I feel no soreness after back exercises?

The back muscles are the hardest to appropriately and fully contract. Back movements also incorporate some biceps/shoulder effort. Often, improper form allows these contributions to overcome greater back involvement in the movement. Additionally, you are rarely - if ever - positioned to

Why do I feel super sleepy after squats and deadlifts?

So first , I would like to commend you. Because it seems that you have a nice program put together. Just going off of the information given in your question, I hope this helps. You said that you have been working out for 2 months now. Your workout consists of deadlifts/squats , mixed with push-ups ,

Why do I feel weak and shaky after a workout?

Okay many people commenting here either never exercised or haven't exercise for real. This is not a side effect or some sign of illness.Only legit comment is about the cortisol levels, which is true and it is one part of the reason.Second part is, when you do fitness training, you use the sugar in

Why do I have a hard time doing pull-ups?

It took me nearly 2 months to get in my first pull up. Another 2 to get to 3. Now even without any regular practice i can manage about 10-12 in one go.It's all about regular practice. If you really want to get good

Why do I keep losing muscle?

You're probably not eating enough. At 5'11" & 64.4kg need to be focusing on compound barbell exercises like squatting, bench press, deadlift, overhead press et al.Skip the body composition analysis for the next year. I have no idea how much it costs, but you'd be better served putting that $ toward food and

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

I recently answered a very similar question here - Kristina Olson's answer to Should women lift weights if they don't want to look bulky? - but as it's such a common concern for women, I'm more than happy to address it as many times as need be to get the point across.Upfront, I'd like to mention IFBB

Would 2 sets of 5 pull ups a day be effective over time?

Over time?No.Maybe the first few days. After that your body will have adapted to that and you won't be gaining any more. You need to press through that barrier. Aim higher.Personally, I'd aim for 4+ sets of 5 at first with a minute rest. If you can't do five,

Am I over training if I workout 5 days a week?

Well, if you are a beginner than yes, you are overtraining.At the beginning or when you rejoin gym after a few months, you should train 3 days a week because your body is not used to that level of stress. Your muscles can't take that extra load and there is a chance that you might have an injury.So it's

How to build up muscle at a gym if I am very thin

Hi, Whenever I meet a skinny guy at my gym I just want to hug them ( I am straight by the way:) ),  and tell them it's going to be OK. Recently I wrote an answer on How do you know if you have discovered your

I am 22 years old. How can I gain muscle mass?

How To Gain Muscle Mass..Building lean muscle is a matter of discipline and devotion. You want to gain muscle mass but certainly not gain it in fat. In addition a body of which the muscles are clearly visible is the result of a

I am a man and squats increased my butt size. What do I do to reduce it?

Butts (Gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus). These aid in all sorts of movement. They also act as shock absorbers to the body. Notice its prominence in aborigines, sprinters and atletes. Sitting for long periods can lead to the gluteal muscles

I am doing gym and my age is 22. Is it right that lifting weight can stunt growth?

What is the gym ?...basically its just strength work and movement so rather like a manual job albeit part time rather than full time. I don't think anyone is saying manual work stunts your growth. Growth is surely much more correlated with nutrition than the gym. At age 22 I would think it's high unlikely you would

I am going to the gym this summer to start bodybuilding and change my body. I didn't tell my coworkers and trying to keep it a secret, but how long until the gigs up and they'll instantly be able to tell I've been lifting just by looking at me?

Depends on the clothes you have to wear at work.In an office? Sorry dude, gonna be a good long time before people can tell. If you have a belly, they might notice it disappearing but if it doesnt disappear and all that happens is your

I benched pressed alot in highschool, now I still have a decent chest but my male breast have more mass to the outside towards my arms, how do I correct this?

Hello! That's quite easy when you realize that it's possible to target different parts of the chest using different exercises.Having lots of mass feeding into the armpit is usually due to having a bigger ribcage, or more accurately, not having a flat ribcage. In any case it's mostly genetic.What you can do is avoid that area and focus

I can't cope with the gym 6 days a week. Are 3 days a week enough?

Working out three days a week is plenty to get results.In fact, I know people who get great results working out only 2 times a week (full body workouts).Personally, I believe working out 3–4 times a week to be the sweet spot. Weight training is

I do 150-180 push ups a day. Should I decrease my reps or sets for bigger muscles?

The level of repetitions is giving you increased aerobic capacity. You are challenging the ability of your body to work a muscle over a long period of time and to do that it must be able to recycle oxygen and glucose and get rid of carbon dioxide effectively and in large volumes. Muscles get bigger when the muscle

I do leg workouts for an hour and then upper body workouts for an hour, but haven't seen growth in my muscles for months. Is this too much? Is this overtraining?

I doubt the problem is with your workouts. I would look at your diet.Many people believe they're eating great and eating a lot. They train and train and don't gain any muscle month after month. Then I look at their diet after one week of record keeping and almost universally they're not

I do regular weight training at gym with 30 mins of cardio. Doing cardio exercise before weight training is good or after weight training is better?

In general, resistance exercise increases muscle cell size by activating an enzyme mTOR, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth. On the other hand, endurance exercise reduces fat cell mass by triggering an enzyme AMPK, which boosts fatty acid oxidation, ultimately leading to less body fat. It has also been shown that AMPK activation directly

I get roasted by a short Asian girl, but I can bench 260 pounds and squat 315 pounds. Why does this happen, and what do I do?

I get roasted by a short Asian girl, but I can bench 260 pounds and squat 315 pounds. Why does this happen, and what do I do?I'm not sure what you mean. Did she roast you because she thought you looked scrawny and

I have a pair of adjustable dumbbells, a barbell, weight plates, an adjustable bench (without any rack). How do I get the most out of it for bodybuilding?

Oh man, you definitely have enough to succeed with that.  This is what I would do in your situation.Progress in strength on deadlifts, overhead press, and front squats (all can be loaded without a rack).  Keep the rep range relatively low

I have broad shoulders but no chest muscles. What are the best exercises to develop my chest?

Increase your volume. Strength does not always equal size. Normally, for size, it's all about increasing weight, without sacrificing form. If you are shaking and can barely lift it, reduce your weight. Like Maykel said, bench press is a great way to increase strength and size, but try to get more volume in. Even if

I have high fat mass but high muscle mass as well. How true is it that working out to reduce fat and weight reduces muscle mass?

Then you Are in luck, you Will see rapid progress in fat loss while maintaining most of your muscle if you follow these guidelines-Eat sufficient protein. Aim for atleast 1g pr. Pound of -Lean tissue mass- this is excluding your enormous fat resource.Stay in a deficit of

I have no gym nearby so how and what weights do I lift at home as a beginner?

My recommendations for exercises that you can do would be the following.If you would be able to get rings, you would be able to do quite a number of exercises with progression and regression.1:Push ups if you are not able

I just lost 30 pounds and am 155 at 14 % bf. I'm real skinny and would like to build up some muscle mass through weightlifting. How long will it take take to build some appreciable muscle mass to maintain for life? I'm a 29 y/o 511 ectomorph btw.

Easy.When you're developing upper body muscles like back, chest and arms, the key is to apply varying methods in your workouts. These varying methods are low weight, high reps then high weight, low reps for 4–5 sets. You can also utilize supersets where you train one part for one set of a specific exercise then immediately

I lift weights 3-4 times a week and drink protein shakes, yet I cannot gain weight. In fact, I am losing weight. Any ideas why?

You're probably just not eating enough.Drinking protein shakes alone doesn't mean much - It's not the most important aspect of building muscle, it's not even second.If you want to build muscle, you have to focus on the following items, in

I only have free weights, what exercises can I do to increase upper body mass?

You don't say if you're male or female; old, young or prepubescent; your height and weight, so this will be generic...Assuming you're a male between 17 and 30 that shaves at least 3 times a week, I'd recommend the following:1.  Full body warmup for 3-5 minutes (run in

I recently did an overload chest and triceps workout. Why didn't I feel sore after that?

If you really worked at a level that overloaded your muscles (as is required for muscle growth) then you have nothing to worry about. Muscle soreness isn't a reliable indicator of muscle growth, and in fact if you're regularly sore after workouts it might

I recently have added heavy bag punching to my workout. Surprised to realize how sore I was the next day. Did I do it wrong or did I just work a new group of muscles?

Ana, the soreness is to be expected for a total beginner, I presume, in the sense of that the body is receiving a new shock to the system, (the fist is the contact point). The soreness that u experience is what the

I saw a video tutorial with a portion on lifting heavy dumbbells, with the bicep hammer curl he swung his arms back a little to get the weight up there, is this correct?

No but let's go deeper.If you're learning you want proper form with EVERYTHING you do. If not, you can expect injuries and if you're lucky, just plateaus. Proper technique is #1!Now, that being said, as you gain knowledge and experience training you'll get familiar with body control and stabilization. Then you can look into what's called a Cheat Rep.When

I want my legs to be stronger but not necessarily thicker. What are some exercises to do and to avoid?

It's not what exercises you do but how you do them. Basically, it is training for strength vs hypertrophy. Training for hypertrophy(size), you care more about time under tension and sets (3–5) completed to muscle failures. You also want to do more reps (8–10) per sets. For strength

I want to bulk up fast and can exercise 3 days a week. How can I achieve this?

Squats & Milk.  Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe.Reg Park 5x5.That's three short answers.   Any one of them will help you out.    The secret (which is not actually a secret) is to do exercises that work your body as a whole, instead

I want to make lean muscular body but I am little chubby, what should I do?

First thing is make workout as your regular habit. Learn the basic workout movements like pushups, pullups, deadlifts, squats, bench press, overhead shoulder press, single leg squats, barbell bent over rows with perfect form and technique. Make sure you don't have any postural defects like

I want to tone my butt but not make it bigger. Will doing 100 lunges daily make it bigger?

Exercises is safe method to get bigger butt. For people who want to get bigger butt in short time, you can try Imodstyle Bigger Butt Fast (please search on google) . I have got great results with it. I've *gained

I weigh 55 kilos. My LBM is 50. My fat is 9.8%. I am skinny and I lift more weight than other guys of my age. I am still very skinny though. What should I do?

Since you are skinny, increase your food Intake , your ideal weight should be more than 60kg  . consume enough protein , carbs and fat....  Life weights 3-4 times a week and do cardio 1-2 days and take rest of the days off .... If you follow this with consistency you will see results ....

I work out only 3 days a week. What is the most effective pair of muscle groups that I should work on in a day?

Best Strength Training to do at Home (3 Days a week Split) :-Day 1 - Push-Chest, Shoulders, TricepsDay 2- Flexibility (Yogasana)Day 3- CardioDay 4- Pull-Biceps, Back, Forearms,TrapsDay 5- RestDay 6 - Legs & AbsDay 7 - MeditationMajor Muscle Groups :-

I work out triceps and biceps on the same day and I feel both are counteracting. Can I do them on the same day?

What I usually do is: Back with bicepsChest with triceps.This combination works for me pretty well. And for the fat problem, every body is different, you will have to reduce your total body fat. Plan a proper diet, cardio and workout schedule and follow it and the fat problem will go.

If I am going to workout for 4.5 hours a week, would better to do (6) 45 minute workouts or (2) 2.25 hours workouts?

As Joe green said, 4 X 1 hour session would be a better option. Once you go past 1 hour you see diminishing returns for your training. 45 minute may not be long enough depending on the type of training your doing and you would only be allowing yourself 1 rest day which

If I can dumbbell bench press a certain weight, does it mean I can barbell bench twice that weight?

No, in fact, it's more likely that you can barbell bench press more than twice that weight. The reason is simply due to the barbell itself.When using dumbbells, you're dealing with instability in multiple directions. For instance, if you lose control of a dumbbell, the weight

If I get stronger (build muscle), will objects feel lighter to my body, or will they feel the same weight, but I will just be able to lift more?

If your strength increases you will perceive a given weight as requiring less effort to move and, therefore, it will 'feel lighter'. Scientists can measure this subjective perspective as a Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE). For example, say we ask you to complete a bench press exercise test. We start

If I have 20 inch biceps and do bicep curls with weights until I get 25 inch biceps, can I get back to 20 inch biceps by doing the bicep curl motion with no weights and just burn the muscle or just not exercise altogether?

Have you ANY idea how big a 20 inch bicep actually is, and how utterly enormous 25 inches is (it is bigger than many people's thighs). 16 inches is already pretty big.The answer to your question is No. Once you have

If I lift weights, will I get bigger muscles?

Whether or not your clients will get bigger muscles (hypertrophy) depends on three basic factors: genetics, gender and training intensity. Genetics is mostly manifested as muscle fiber type; people with predominantly fast-twitch fibers acquire larger muscles more easily than people with

If I only have 4 consecutive days to go to a gym, should I train for 2 or 3 days?

If I was you I would hit the big heavy lifts as often as you can (just not on consecutive days, so the usual day on/off protocol for any body part)and lift a little heavier each time, every week, eat a lot, and sleep plenty.

If I stop using weights and start doing lots of cardio instead what will happen? I just want to burn all the fat off my body.

So you have been:doing weight training to some extent up until nowplan to stop weight training for whatever reasondecided to focus on cardio aloneThis is not as bad as it sounds if you can do the right cardio. If you quit weight training due to some injuries then

If I want to be 'all around fit' is my best bet a mix of resistance training, cardio and yoga? Can yoga or resistance training alone work ok?

Dear, When you are talking about purely all round fitness , then nothing like dedicated Yoga this will give good flexibility and internal body development and each organ is activated to prime performance that difference you will be able to realize. Over this if you do resistance workout that will definitely develop the muscles . So by

If my leg day is only squats and deadlifts will I still be working out every muscle in my legs or should I add more leg excercises? My goal is to work all leg muscles evenly each leg day.

What's your goal? Are you seeking definition or strength or both?You are not necessarily working all the muscles effectively with just squats and deadlifts. Your legs also move side to side (ad- and ab- duction)... you need to work all the movements in. What kind of squats are you doing?Step-ups are good, as they