Are most yoga classes in the US really just stretching & balance classes, and not actually yoga, since the teachers aren't yogis? What percentage is true yoga?

Having studied Yoga history for many years, a few patterns became obvious to me. The first is that Yoga has never stayed the same, and each generation of new practitioners has changed it based on their experiences and discoveries in practice, and based on the changing needs

Are there any exercises that would alleviate pain from an SI joint injury caused by deep stretching during yoga?

Hi I would advise getting medical advice first and then based on that advice build up an exercise programme. I know someone who damaged their SI joint in a fall and found the best exercises were those devised by Thomas Hanna called Somatics. There are trained practitioners in

Can I do just stretches and warm ups for a month before I hit the gym?

It is difficult to answer without understanding the depth of your question. Having said that I am sure you some goal in mind. In general, stretches and warm ups are supplements to the actual

Can stretching be done daily after exercise?

Stretching is a must to relax your muscles. There are many benefits for that. And it should be done not only after your exercise but before it too.1) Improves resistance in your muscles. It will help you push them more.2) Improves flexibility. Daily inactivity tightens up your

Do I need to stretch my legs every day? I'm trying to achieve splits. My legs are hurt after the stretching day. Sometimes I can't raise my legs and kick after stretching day. Is it normal?

Yes you need to stretch everyday. You'll get stiff if you don't and will never acheive your splits if you don't.It's normal for your legs to hurt after stretching. Its called being sore. It happens to everyone and anyone whose ever stretched or had a hard workout.To stop being sore and such you need

Do stretching exercises increase height?

Yes..... or MaybeI grew from 5′7″ to 5′9″ in about seven and a half months. Yes it takes that long. I was 17 yrs old. And no, im not confusing stretching with a late growth spurt. I had stopped growing after 16. I precisely measured my

Does stretching with exercise make you weaker?

tldr;Static stretching the muscles you're going to use during exercise, before exercise, will generally make you weaker by reducing power output. This doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't do any static stretching, it just means it's probably not a great idea to do it right before exercise.As a general rule give yourself at least a 20 minute

How to become incredibly flexible

Accept that you may have limits, and that you can't be sure about where they lie, so don't see it as a failure if you can't achieve this laudable ideal ; )Inborne-ness (genotype) will set some of the limits, but environment, especially in this

How can stretching help to increase stamina?

Stretching is a technique, that helps to fix muscular imbalance, particularly when your muscles cannot go though full range of motion. Stretching has nothing to do with increasing stamina, or endurance, or any other type of training. If you want to run marathon, you need to go to the gym and exercise with low weight,

How to develop a good stretching routine to complement my strength training

Here you go: Ultimate Upper Body Warm Up and Mobility (w/ commentary)COMPLETE Lower Body Warmup and MobilityFor more advanced stuff go ahead and buy: Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance: Kelly Starrett, Glen

How to increase flexibility

Instead of taking you through the typical

How important is warmup before hitting the gym or going for a run and why?

The Forgotten Elements Of Training: Warming Up, Stretching, & Cooling DownIntroductionWarming up, stretching and cooling down correctly are fundamental, yet often overlooked parts of any training program. While these components to training are very basic, many people tend to skip over a proper warm-up, stretch and cool down program and wonder why they do

How long do ballerinas stretch every day?

For starters, "ballerina" is the title given to the female principal dancers of a theatre or the "Prima Ballerina", so I'm just going to assume you mean "ballet dancers".Ballet dancers stretch loads. They often stretch first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. They usually warm up for at least

How often should I stretch to improve flexibility the quickest?

Many practitioners of Taekwondo will tell you to spend 10,000 minutes in a stretch before you become good at it.Personally in my experience this is true, the more time you can spend in a stretch the easier it will become.However, like in all things in life you should question

I work in an office, what are some good stretches or exercise I can do in breaks during the day?

Here are some quick, effective stretches that are perfect for desk job hustlers. Perform these flexibility exercises during your short breaks, and notice the difference:Chest StretchChest stretches are probably one of the best and most necessary exercises you can perform when you have a desk job.Since most of

I work out at a few gyms to weight train and rarely see people stretching afterward, why?

Admittedly, many probably don't stretch at all. However, you don't have to stretch only at the gym. I do some dynamic stretching prior to working out, and stretch through out the day. My favorite however is using a foam roller every morning for Myofascial release. This is great for working

If you'll recommend 10 minutes stretching exercises every day, which ones would you recommend?

If you'll recommend 10 minutes stretching exercises every day, which ones would you recommend?6 ANSWERSClinical Exercise Physiologist/Master Trainer Stretching is typically done to loosen up the muscles and to keep them lengthened. If time dictates your flexibility training process to a 10 minute duration, then stretch the muscles that

Is it healthy to make ~20 min of stretching exercises every day?

According to research scientist and nutritional consultant Michael Colgan, the length of your bones is set by your genetic heritage and childhood nutrition. It cannot be altered, except by arduous, long-term surgery and drugs. But the range of motion of your limbs and spine is determined

Is stretching better before or after weightlifting?

Hello and thanks for the A2A!A beautiful question! I've spoken to many fitness professionals, massage and physical therapists regarding the matter. And those were people who went to school for that. I've also read numerous articles addressing the problem. It turns out that light stretching before

Should you stretch after exercising, if so, why?

Exercise lightly, then stretch lightly followed by heavier exercise, followed by heavier stretchingResearch demonstrates that heavy stretching just prior to heavy exercise increases the likelihood of injury because heavy stretching tells the muscle to shut off. Following with heavy exercise puts a heavy burden on a muscle

Top 3 stretches to become flexible?

I don't think you're going to like my answer. Based on lots of personal experience, 2-3 stretches alone is not the best way to do things.First, you say you specifically want to be able to do splits and touch

What are some stretches I can do to help with deep squats?

There's a common misconception that a lot of mobility is needed to squat deep, but it's usually a technique issue:You should have the weight evenly between the heels and balls of the foot throughout the entire squat. If you ever shift the weight too far in one

What are the best exercises for a flexible back?

After a general and specific warm-up and basic stretching, you could perform

What are the best methods for an active male to retain and or improve flexibility as he ages?

Improving and maintaining flexibility can be a fairly simple process, but many people struggle to make lasting changes.The big problem?Often times, it comes down to not having a clear understanding of where you currently are, what's holding you back, and how to make changes that actually last.One thing

What are the best stretches and exercises for a bowler to gain strength and improve balance?

Oddly enough, I'm actually a really damn good bowler in addition to being into bodybuilding. I'm very uniquely qualified to answer this hahaSo for stretches I just do your normal hugger dynamic stretch. Then I sorta do it vertically a

What are the best stretches for hip flexors?

Simple strengthening and flexibility exercises for hip flexors can make a great difference.You can read this if you want to lean how to improve your fitness by doing hip flexors exercises: How to unlock your hip flexorsWhat Exactly is a Hip Flexor?Any motion in which muscles bring bones closer together

What does stretching do after workout?

Top 10 Reasons to Stretch After a Workout1. Stiffness and SorenessDuring a hard workout, muscles go through numerous contractions which leave them in a miss-shaped and shortened state, which is why you will feel stiffness and soreness if you don't try and rectify the state by stretching.2. Lactic AcidYour body produces lactic acid which makes your muscles

What happens if I don't stretch after exercising?

Just visualize this, take a big rubber band, stretch the maximum out of it in one go. What would happen? It would rip right off. But now gradually stretch the rubber band till its maximum, it would hold on.Muscles are no different, when exercising you apply a large amount of load on them, if not stretched

What happens when you stretch?

Muscles, your hamstrings for example, are separated into tissue sections called fascicles. These are the strands that you can actually see when you cut into red meat or poultry. Each fascicle is made up of bundles of muscle fibers (cells), which are further broken down into tens of thousands of thread like

What if I don't stretch?

Well no calamity will happen if you don't stretch. You just might invite muscular injuries, reduced flexibility, and poor dance floor moves in the future.In all seriousness, stretching is important for several reasons mentioned here. The ones usually not mentioned are:1. Improves PostureStretching helps keep your muscles relaxed and loose, it reduces any sort

What is the benefit of body stretching to your health?

I agree with all of Barts points and will also add...General day to day mobility - it's just easier to reach in to the cupboard for something or 1000 other small daily movements that we take for granted but can become more difficult if we start to seize up...Well-being

What is the best stretching exercise before running?

Stretching before running is not very important. What's important is that you have a consistent flexibility routine. That is to say, you should stretch every day if you plan on running a lot, but you need not stretch specifically before running.In my

What is the fastest way to gain flexibility and do the splits?

First, stretch your hamstrings. For most people, tight hamstrings are a large factor involved in not getting your full split. Sit on the floor with your legs together facing front. Slowly reach for your toes. Try and hold this position for 40 seconds. Next, go into a lunge position. With your arms up, slowly

What is the most Effective Quad Stretches to Reduce Pain During and After Workout?

stretching cannot completely relieve you from muscle pain, quad stretches may temporarily help ease the pressure. You can try these stretches in the office, at home, or at the gym.Here are the most effective quads stretches to help you reduce muscle pain after that gruelling workout.Lying Side Quad Stretch

What is the most effective way to stretch the pelvic floor muscles in a male?

Pay attention to your pelvic tilt on the floor. Good way to target your pelvic floor muscles is to put your feet together your knees apart on the floor or as close to it, and that puts your back in the proper position to target those muscles

What muscle(s) should I stretch if I sit all day?

When you are sitting for long periods of time your hip flexors often shorten and can become extremely tight!I would recommend stretching that muscle group. Additionally, your glute muscles can often become inactive so it would be good to also do glute activation exercises.Additionally here are some things you can do from the office:

What really happens to our body if we don't stretch after exercise or after a run?

Mostly nothing at first.However if you continue to run without stretching, you can get any number of injuries.You see. Stretching your muscles helps them maintain their length and flexibility. When you work out (i.e. running) you increase your propensity for your muscles to contract. The more they do this, the more they shorten. Leaving you vulnerable to shitty

What's the best Stretching for Pre Workout & Post Workout (or if needed) during workout regiment?

This depends so much on particulars.Like last year I got this oblique and rectus abdominus injury and I can still feeling it little bit sore after deadlifts mainly. So I am making sure I stretch and warm up before and between sets I

What stretches should I do before, immediately after, and the day after a full body workout?

In general it is recommended to perform full body stretch at least 3 times a week and if you work out, you want to do a full body dynamic warm up stretch to loosen your muscles and joints so you have enough mobility to perform workout effective. After your work out it is also important

What will happen if I only stretch everyday and don't do exercise?

Hi, that's good too for your Body. Even when you are stretching your muscles you are either causing eccentric or isometric contraction which is a movement for your muscle fibres.Case in point Yoga.However there are different types of stretching that you can do rather than just pulling your body at different angles.Ballistic, Isometric,

When/how should I approach squatting? I last squatted a few months ago. The next day my lower back was locked/in pain likely due to lack of mobility and/or I squatted too much weight too soon. I started stretching/gym routine again, but no squats.

Squatting is a tricky exercise as it activates multiple muscle groups, which have a tendancy to get very tight on most people. If you were feeling pain the next day there could be a whole slew of reasons why. Beyond that, I've always taken the approach that squatting should

Why are sore muscles also tight and hard to stretch?

When you over stretch or push your muscles to the limit, quite frankly you are tearing muscle fibers. Your body's response is to rush blood there to begin repairs. With this increase in blood, you may feel tight, bigger or even

Why can't I sit up straight on the floor?

You are not alone, there are many people that can't sit up straight. Practicing yoga and stretching will surely help you with this. I always notice I am much more comfortable in a seated position at the end of class once

Why do dogs stretch?

Dogs and other vertebrate animals are not stretching... they are pandiculating which both relaxes their muscles and readies them to be used.Look at Al's dog.  Try that move yourself... stick out your tongue (muscle) and feel what happens in your throat/neck.  You might even feel a

Why does stretching help muscle soreness?

(favorite Resources and Information.) There may be various muscle pain due to sitting or standing somewhere or sleep disorder. We always suffer from the pain of suffering everyday, we are less likely to suffer. Such muscular pain hurts the body and also leads to everyday life. I can not do any kind of normal

Why is it important to stretch before exercising?

Believe it or not, stretching, especially before exercise is a very controversial topic in the fitness industry. There is not really a concensus that you should do it at all before exercise and therefore it's hard to answer this questions as asked.The reason fitness professionals vary in their thinking is because stretching actually deactivates the muscle a bit and

Why should I do stretching exercises after finishing running?

The evidence against stretching has been mounting for the last 20 years. However, let me be clear the science is messy, very messy. This is due in part to the fact that there are dozens of differing stretching

Are most yoga classes in the US really just stretching & balance classes, and not actually yoga, since the teachers aren't yogis? What percentage is true yoga?

Having studied Yoga history for many years, a few patterns became obvious to me. The first is that Yoga has never stayed the same, and each generation of new practitioners has changed it based on their experiences and discoveries in practice, and based on the changing needs of society.The second pattern I saw is related to this one, and

Can a fitness expert suggest a perfect workout plan?

Without knowing you, here goes on some basics for adding all that stuff.  First, it isn't going to happen over night.  Second, almost as important as the workouts you will add, are the easy, recovery days.  Third, try adding the following:A couple

Can anyone tell me a simple set of stretches and exercises which can be done at home to remain active?

I believe in yoga and I practice yoga regularly. Yoga may not give fast results and shape to your body like gym workouts. But it's a healthy way to keep your body flexible, fit and active.Doing minimal yoga is also enough for being active and flexible.What I do is 11 suryanamaskaras everyday followed by pranayama and

Can gravity and leverage be used to help stretch the hamstrings?

Yes, absolutely. Gravity is a consistent force and when one submits to gravity, it takes a lot of the effort out of the stretch and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.A standing forward bend, or Uttanasana in Sanskrit, is a powerful way to stretch the hamstrings. The

Can I increase my height by doing stretching exercises? My age is 19.

This might help you or notYoga for Height Increase1.Surya NamaskarYou need to face the sun and stand with feet close to each otherYou have to do the Namaskar or in other words one of your palms must touch the other palm completelyNow inhale and then raise the arms upwardYou

Can stretching elastic material generate electricity?

There are certain materials called Piezo-Electric materials that convert applied load into electrical charge. Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The word Piezoelectric is derived from the Greek piezein, which

Can stretching help you grow taller? Is this medically proven?

Hanging and stretching can reverse the compression, making you slightly taller until your spine compresses again. Spinal compression can reduce your height temporarily by 1%. In tall people this can be as much as a half inch. Stretching and hanging and lying down can restore this

Can you cause permanent damage to your hamstrings by stretching them? Mine don't seem to be healing for weeks.

That's an interesting one - I'm assuming you had a hamstring injury at some point to suggest that they don't seem to be healing. If you stretch intensely and the muscle fibres of hamstring (and connective tissue) is trying to repair you may be delaying that healing process and be risking more scar tissue. So yes stretching vigorously

Can you do stretch exercises at any time?

Nope.Any kind of exercise should be done at a particular time of day continually.Only if we keep our workout regime fixed, our body takes the maximum benefit from it. Our body takes time to adapt to changes and workout indeed introduces

Can you get injured doing pilates?

Thank you for your question. Pilates is a versatile exercise system. Exercises can be done on mat, with a ball, with an elastic band, tubing or rings, or on a Trap Table, Wonder Chair and Thoracic Barrel. Naturally, you can get injured doing Pilates, just as with

Daily stretch routine to increase flexibilty and overall fitness?

Stretching is important because increases you blood circulation. You must stretch before workouts to minimize injuries. If you are office guy and more inclined towards jobs that require sitting on a chair for long period of time, you need to stretch time and again.Here are some

Do leather belts stretch?

Yes but it depends on the quality of the leather. Genuine leather is the weakest kind of leather and as a result is will stretch more. Genuine leather is made from splitting leather into two and taking the bottom half. Full grain or top grain is the top half which

Do our bodies need to recover from stretching workouts?

Absolutely. People would tell you no but stretching can help you recover faster due to the following: 1. stretching improves blood circulation so it allows nutrients to be better delivered from the blood to the muscle tissues. 2. stretching lengthens the muscle fibers and

Do soldiers stretch before combat?

Soldiers (and you could include Marines, combat arms Airmen, Sailors, etc.) who are engaged in active combat are already in shape. While in garrison they run, do calisthenics, stretch, and generally maintain good physical conditioning as a matter of course. So, when there is

Do stretching exercises help increase your strength?

I'm not sure what you're referring to by stretching exercises (whether static or dynamic), but conventional wisdom with stretching is that it should be done as a way to promote flexibility, not strength, and as a warm-up prior to exercising the muscles dynamically before

Do stretching exercises increase height?

Yes..... or MaybeI grew from 5′7″ to 5′9″ in about seven and a half months. Yes it takes that long. I was 17 yrs old. And no, im not confusing stretching with a late growth spurt. I had stopped growing after 16. I precisely measured my height in

Do you stretch before or after you workout?

Warm up is a must before workout and streching is good afterwards and now I will explain why. STRETCH!I want to describe the overall cause of stretching. Our body produces lactic acid to help us in case we cannot get enough

Do you stretch the only muscles you worked or all of your muscles after a workout?

I only stretch muscles that I think are too tight and negatively impacting my mobility. If I'm already flexible enough, I don't do any additional stretching for a particular muscle.The muscles I stretch, therefore, are my hamstrings, quads, and lower back. I

Does cotton polyester stretch?

It stretches, but depending on the exact blend/ratio think about the Seinfeld app where George C. talked a football team into switching to cotton because it "breathes". Cotton was blended for durability, it will make you sweaty and can't be worn for hours on end, ie sleeping. Think cotton for pjs and lounge- wear.

Does stretching help with muscle growth?

STRETCH!I want to describe the overall cause of stretching. Our body produces lactic acid to help us in case we cannot get enough oxygen but we need extra amounts of energy to power our muscles. Since this acid forms and supports the muscle to receive oxygen, it causes muscle fatigue and soreness. Stretching after

Does stretching too much damage your muscles?

Zubair gave a great answer and summarized the importance of warming up really well.To answer the question on whether stretching too much can damage your muscles, here are some interesting facts:A new research study found that stretching at the point of discomfort and stretching through pain

Does stretching work if you don't feel it?

Stretching is starting to fall out of favor.  Recent research has shown that thse who stretched before exercise were more susceptible to injury than those who didn't.  What is starting to replace stretching is active warm-up exercises that stimulate blood flow and allow the muscles to get ready for more strenuous activity.  Many of these warm-up

How to stretch my muscles

It's a ritual that every athlete knows. Before you start stretching you and after exercising you stretch again. However, it is not clear what the use of stretching is. It was long said that it did not make sense, but you did not have to leave it if you

How to increase my flexibility? What yoga and exercises can help me to increase body flexibility

Yoga helps in increase the flexibleness and therefore the strength of the body. There square measure numerous forms of poses that desires a versatile body there with the daily observations of yoga the flexibleness will increase yet because the strength of the body is inflated because it includes physical exercises.Once the person starts to perform Yoga, he or she

How to loosen tight hamstrings

The answer to this question is quite simple: stretch. It is important however, to realize that unless you are stretching properly you may be doing more damage than good. For many years static stretching was considered to be the gold standard for flexibility. However, there is overwhelming research that shows static stretching can not only decrease

How to stretch my chest muscles

Dear StretchHere are a couple of great ways to stretch the chest.1. Lie on a flat bench with small dumbbells, one in each hand. Lower your hands to the sides and let them drop below your chest until you feel a great stretch in the chest. This is almost like a chest fly exercise

How to stretch your hamstring without bending your back

Well, technically when you stretch your hamstrings, you shouldn't be curling your upper-body forwards (spinal flexion), you should be extending at your hip(s) (hip flexion) while keeping your back straight.People typically curl their upper-body forwards when stretching their

How to stretch your shoulder

The human shoulder is one of the more bio-mechanically complex joints because it has the greatest range of motion in the body.As such, there's numerous muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments and blood vessels surrounding the shoulder, which provide flexibility and support, but it also makes the area susceptible to injury. Performing shoulder stretches on a

How does stretching after exercise prevent muscle pain?

Stretching after exercise doesn't not prevent muscle pain:Exercise folklore on recovery-adaptation often encourages stretching following exercise with little or no justification. [...]Stretching before or after exercise did not improve DOMS according to a study by Wessel and Wan. Interestingly, contrary to popular

How is yoga different from stretching?

Here the yoga different from stretching are explained clearly and to know more about the yoga and stretches visit this article.WHAT DIFFERENTIATES AN ASANA FROM A SIMPLE STRETCH?Something that differentiates Yoga and specifically the asanas of a simple stretch is that when executing them we imply body, mind

How long do ballerinas stretch every day?

For starters, "ballerina" is the title given to the female principal dancers of a theatre or the "Prima Ballerina", so I'm just going to assume you mean "ballet dancers".Ballet dancers stretch loads. They often stretch first thing in the morning, and

How long do I have to stretch my legs to do splits if I do it every day from today?

I got in a kick to try and do a split in my 20s. I'm a trainer and worked really hard on this. The key to changing muscle length relationships is how long you actually hold the stretch. Look into yin yoga, but it takes 2 minutes or more to really effect a change in a single muscle

How long each day should I stretch to relieve lower back pain?

The most common reason for back pain is the improper posture of a person while performing day to activities such as sitting for a long time, standing, lifting weights or even bad postures while exercising. These things contribute to pain in the back and some spine problems.These problems can only

How long of time should you stretch out each muscle when stretching for optimal muscle performance during activity?

Most athletes are aware why we need to warm up: to avoid injuries.Think of your muscles as rubber bands. If you spend all day at the office, chances are your rubber bands have gone pretty much unused. If you then go to a gym and immediately start lifting heavy weights or sprinting really fast, those

How long should I hold a leg stretch for?

I always hold a stretch for 30 secs. I have an app on my phone called ‘interval timer' or something. It's meant to be used for HIIT workouts where you work fast for x amount of seconds and then rest for x amount of seconds. The timer alerts you when each interval is

How long should I hold my stretches for increased flexibility?

The reason you're hearing conflicting results is because the research is all over the place. Without getting into the issues with the research, here are a few points to remember:The reason you have different time frames is because there are many factors that can

How long should it take to get your splits? What stretches should I do?

Side splits or scissor splits?Side splits are virtually impossible after puberty if you have never had them before.Scissor splits- anyone and everyone can achieve.The important things to remember when increasing your flexibility are:Stretch every day.Stretch to the point of severe discomfort, but NOT pain.Stretch EVERY DAY.Keep your

How long should you hold a stretch?

As a quick abbreviation or meta-analysis of a lot of 'stretching' or 'flexibility' research, typically 10-30 seconds is the accepted ideal range for passive static stretching (what most people think of when they think stretching).Source: The Science of Flexibility (Human Kinetics)What you see Kelly doing above is actually an Active

How often do I need to stretch and for how long? What are good stretching exercises?

QUESTION: How often do I need to stretch and for how long? What are good stretching exercises?ANSWER: You would think there should be a good answer to that, but there isn't.As one responder pointed out, it matters what you are stretching for, so your stretching regime should be aimed at the kind of activity you

How possible is it to get taller by doing stretches?

Can you really grow taller by stretching? The answer is yes for me. I increased my height by exercising a while ago and lots of people increase their height by doing yoga, which includes lots of stretching.Source: How to Grow Taller at Any AgeTo see

How should I stretch if I want to become more flexible?

For starters I wouldn't stretch before exercise, try and do it only after your muscles and tendons have warmed up nicely, which is usually only after some exercise is done.So, there is regular stretching, more associated with simple flexibility and mobility stretching ( usually mobility stretching is specific and borrows

How should I stretch?

This is a problem all of us computer-workers have. The best thing you can do for your back is to minimise the amount of time that you sit frozen into the same position. Stretching is certainly helpful, but I would recommend also training to strengthen your core. The absolutely best exercise for this (I believe) is the plank.

How soon after completing a run should I begin stretching?

If you aren't going to start running again, you can start stretching seconds after a run. The important thing about stretching is only to stretch a warm muscle. A run warms up the muscles of the legs very well. They are ready to stretch right away. If you wait too long,

I am trying very hard to do middle and side splits but after some initial success I am stuck, what progression/exercises would be useful for me?

You could try a combination of:yoga, to improve overall flexibility and specifically flexibility of your hips & lower backstrength training, for obvious reasonspractice stretching twice a day, if you can try to follow a routine that ballet dancers useKeep in mind that even after doing all of this, you may not be able to do

I can't do a full split, no matter how much I stretch. What am I doing wrong?

There can be many things you are doing wrong, these are a few mistakes to avoid while stretching.*Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT think that doing something as normal as picking something up from the ground with bent knees will help with flexibility.*If you

I stretch every day but it never seems to get easier and if I do miss a day I seem to have gone ten steps back, is this normal why are my muscles so tight and elastic why don't they stay stretched?

Not sure how long you have been doing them but it took about 2 weeks of stretching for me to feel relief after I hurt my back. I also ended up getting a foam roller and talking to my personal trainer friend who made sure I was doing them correctly. Some stretches I cannot do without hurting my self

I've got really tight adductor muscles from running. What are the best stretches to relieve the tightness?

Right adductor muscles are very common when it comes to athletes and their exercise but this can be helped by performing a lateral lunge stretch to relive the tension of your muscles and relieve the stiffness of your adductor muscle. Try to streetcar before running as well to prevent this from occurring more often also warm down

If you could only pick a handful of stretching exercises to do, which positions or movements would you choose?

The average American is completely sedentary. They sit for 13 hours a day.As a result, we end up with our thoracic spine hunched forward and our hip flexors chroncily shortened (by staying at a 90 degree angle for hours on end). All it takes is about

If you had just 2 minutes to stretch after a workout, what stretches would you do?

Stretching post-exercise is essentially useless, as it does not significantly reduce risk injury or affect delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) [1]. Pre-exercise static stretching is likewise ineffective [2].To answer your question, though, I would say that if I

Is anyone else out there having to stretch more than an hour per day?

Because I am 60 years old and now have various physical problems, or maybe challenges is the word nowadays, I need to stretch more than one hour per day.But doing that much stretching is such a pain in the a$$, I usually don't do any of it, which is a mistake.Probably what I should

Is it beneficial or detrimental to stretch before exercising?

I actually never stretch prior to exercising, I do weight lifting for exercise, by the way. Stretching prior to lifting just never felt right. I do warm up a bit.Then I recently saw a video by Jeff Cavaliere of AthleneX where he explained why he does not recommend

Is it better to run before stretching or stretch before running (as in to warm up before sports)? Why?

The idea that stretching should be avoided is incorrect. For many years, static stretching was considered to be the gold standard for flexibility.  However, there is now overwhelming research that shows static stretching can not only decrease muscle performance but actually make us more prone to injury.  For a muscle to lengthen correctly, it needs to be relaxed. When

Is it easier to learn to do a front split or a side split?

To learn to do a split in general is a very difficult task. You don't do it once or twice and get it perfect. It took me years to get to the point where both of my legs are flat on the floor with the proper turnout, and I still struggle