How to build strength without proper diet

Well one thing you have on your side is that you can build strength without a proper diet. Now if your diet is too low in calories and nutrients you won't have energy to lift, but if you are a typical American and overeat everything you will have plenty of stored carbs

What are some very underrated, underused, unconventional exercises for strength?

Some of my favourites : most of these are older than the conventional stuff but they got pushed back.Some of my favourites:Kroc rows with fat grips.Zercher squatStrongman events: especially husafel stone farmers walk and atlas stones.Jefferson deadlift.Snatch grip pulls/ high pulls.Uncommon bodyweight work: invert rows / burpee broad

How is strongman different from crossfit?

As one of my favorite YouTubers Infinite Elgintensity put it.

How strong are bodybuilders compared to strongmen?

Bodybuilders vs strongmen.So Bodybuilding is all about aesthetics. Developing absolute strength is not the main focus. These guys eat and train using methods that promote aesthetics covered with show muscles. There are many strong bodybuilders. There are few "elite" bodybuilders that can squat or bench big numbers but generally, most

How would I go about functional training while also strength training (bench presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, etc.) at 15 years old?

Just my opinion: if you play sports your coach will give you a very good idea of the best drills and movement for you.So basically instead of telling you what you should do i will give you some ideas to look into.What kind of functions

How to build strength without proper diet

Building strength is surprisingly easy, you don't really need to do much other than eat in a caloric surplus while following a well thought out weight training program that emphasizes progressive overload and linear progression.  This means you can go about eating McDonald's 3 times per day every day and you'll get stronger.  You'll probably feel like