How do get out of a lazy rut and stay out of It for the long run?

If you are thinking of getting out of a lazy rut as regaining motivation, there are plenty of views on motivation. I quickly picked up the following questions on Quora. They may be helpful in addition to the answers you receive here:Self-Improvement: How can

How to get out of a rut in life

How? Many ways, obvious to anyone.A rut? How did your life get into a rut?Forming and optimizing habits? What are these habits?I say, you don't want to

What is the best way to say 'enough is enough' and get out of a rut, be it health or career, and start working on becoming the best version of oneself in every area of life?

Change doesn't have to be big, start small.If you want to be healthier, start by making a healthy meal a day or walking more, you get great apps to reach a step count.With careers. Sign up for a free course in the field you're interested in.Set goals, realistic goals.