Are good grades the result of intelligence or hard work?

Good grades are the result of both hard work and intelligence.Working hard is important; if you don't put in the time and effort to improve in your academics, it will be hard to maintain good grades. Let's say a student is very intelligent and learns things quickly, but

Does a grade reflect a student's intelligence?

They do not.Often the smartest person in the classroom, is not the one with the highest grades.Rarely is the least intelligent person in the class the one with the lowest grades.Grades reflect several things, and while high intelligence surely helps a person learn more, and low intelligence makes it harder to learn, the grades a student gets has

Does your college force students to exercise?

Back at IIT BHU, we had to go through a mandatory physical education course in first semester.We had to report on athletic ground at around 5:30 pm.Complete 5 rounds of the 400m track and you can leave. Obviously not everyone could do it including me (I was fat back then).Many of

Have you ever seen a student get roasted by a teacher?

I remember I had a physics teacher a few years ago. She was generally shady, but people got used to it after a while. Now and then she roasts someone. Note: this was an all-girls school.We wrote a physics pop

How can an art student learn coding?

First you should ask yourself what do you want to learn? There are things you need to do before you even put your hands on a keyboard and they will have a bigger impact on what your goal/project than writing the

How can college students improve their college?

At the time of writing, I am a third year B.Tech student at IIT Guwahati. Here's how I have contributed to my college as a student till now:I made a web platform to facilitate cab sharing among campus residents which has over 1000 users.You can make your entry for a

How do art students get successful jobs?

No matter whether you are an art student, or desire to make toilet paper, seek to serve others with your life, and find opportunities to apply your knowledge and skill in ways which make money.I'm a musician who loves jazz and improvisation, but I spent my career in country and gospel music because those are musical genres which serve

How do smart students study?

In secondary school, I had a friend who was one of the laziest students I've seen. During class, he'll either be sleeping, writing a diary or reading a book, whilst paying no attention whatsoever to the lecturer or content taught in class. He wasn't a

How much exercise do college students get?

Depends on the person.Some people either are lazy (hey, sounds like a college student!) or don't have the time to work out. Or...they spend their free time doing other things (playing LoL).There are a fair share of college students who work out. Do you know what

How will going to gym affect a student's life?

let me answer you this question with my story.i was starting the third year of my engineering. now decided to join gym, before i was skinny and lacked confidence.situations i had to face before joining gym:lack of confidencetalking to a girl was phobia for meinferiority complex in my classi was

My daughter is in 3rd grade, a straight A student and no disciplinary issues. She came home with wet panties. She said she told the teacher she had to go but the teacher wouldn't let her. How do I handle this without alienating the teacher?

One day in first grade, we were having story time. We were all seated on the floor listening to the teacher read to us. It occurred to me that I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. I raised my hand to

Should I start exercising as a college student?

Thanks for the A2A.Go for it.You should start exercising, period. If you don't have any medical or other reasons not to exercise, your age isn't a factor. I mean, it would dictate the activities and their intensity, but that's not an issue for a college student. Go for

Top of the class students, how much exercise do you get per day?

One ultimatum for your future success: Don't ever call yourself stupid.I was a top performer in high school and a successful University student who went through a difficult period of transition when learning no longer was something I could do passively.  Your assumption that exercise can be a "magic bullet" that

What all things computer science student must know to be a good CS student?

History of computer science - means the evolution..from the mathematical puzzles to vacuum tubes to chips ......and whats the science of it all. This is well help you know the fundamentals of computer science and how they transform in physical world. Knowing software side is great

What are effective ways of saving money as a student?

1. Buy or rent used textbooks and sell last semester's books back. 2. Don't make impulse purchases. 3. Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry.4. Limit the number of times you eat out monthly.5. Cut out vices – smoking and binge drinking are terrible for you and expensive.6. Always

What are some daily life hacks and DIY tricks for students staying in hostel away from their hometown?

Never keep your money in a single place. Split the money and always have some emergency money as a backup.Start saving at the start of every month. Because if you successfully develop the habit of saving money during hostel life then it is high chance that in future you will save more. Students tend

What are some great student life hacks?

Proofread in Multiple FormatsWhen you work on a report, for example with MS Word, and about to send the file to the professor, stop. Make a PDF and read it once. Print it out and read again. Sometimes, proofreading the same

What are some life saving hacks for bds students?

Thank you Sanchi Bhasin for the A2A. Hmm... interesting question and interesting tips here from my fellow colleagues. Here are some more tips that might make you smile a bit but are true to the core-1. When mixing plaster, alginate in

What are some of the must know tips for college students?

Make friends. At-least 4 or 5 close friends. Sometimes pay their canteen fee. Invite them to your home sometimes. Anyhow make some good people close to you.Having a crush at college is a very common thing. But don't ever use your huge time at impressing them. If they like you,

What are some quick exercises to keep busy students fit?

Walk when you can. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park on the far side of the parking lot. Wear ankle and wrist weights. Carry a heavy backpack (it can be used discretely for curls and such).Do you have thirty seconds while indoors - - jumping jacks, sit ups, planks, pushups.If they spend

What are some underrated study techniques a lot of students don't utilize?

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, I studied computer science, operations research, and mathematics, as well as the usual chemistry, physics, and languages. From the summer of my freshman year, I held a paid, graduate-level teaching assistantship in computer science. That required really knowing the subject material.As a graduate student in a Ph.D. program at Cornell, I

What are the cool and basic computer hacks a computer science student must know?

So Lets Begin The Hack...1) Goto Official YouTube Site and open the video which you want to downloadLike Example ... assume that the above url is ur video's url...I have Bold the YouTube because the All the tricks are depend on That YouTube word...Hacks ::Replace that url youtube With ssyoutube

What are the least successful parenting strategies?

By letting a child make grown up decisions to learn a lesson.It is the parents job to teach them from making the same mistakes that we did. Kids can be hard headed and make dumb decisions just for spite.That is not the proper way to do things.The proper way is to educate our children so

What are the legal ramifications for teachers touching students?

Assuming that you are referring to minor children, the consequences can be diverse and severe:Depending on how far the student wants to

What are your 10 best study tips? How to study long hours?

Since I appeared for my CA Finals last year in November for both Groups in 4 months Exams leave & used to study almost 14–16 hours a day, I think I am eligible to answer this.Here we go:Planning: It is said that

What college has most students?

This depends on what specific question you are asking, because we count full-time and part-time students differently. For total enrollment, Miami Dade College (principally a community college) has the highest total number, a claimed 92,000 credit students (students who enroll in at least one college-level, credit-bearing course during that academic year; Highlights and Facts) in 2014–2015.

What help is available for a student whose parents refuse to pay for college?

Scholarships are one route. But if the family won't pay, there isn't another route. If there were, suddenly all families will refuse to pay.Some get jobs with companies that offer tuition reimbursement.Some self pay at an inexpensive CC.If you file FAFSA you can take the federal student loan which is $5,500 freshman year and increasing slightly each year after.

What is the best freelancing site for students?

This is an excellent question. Freelancing can be a great way to make extra money as a student and start building up a portfolio that can help you find additional, even higher paid work after graduation. As a programmer and a designer, I would focus on sites that are known to offer IT

What is the best method to study alone and effectively?

Each person has different study methods. One study method could work on some and it won't be as effective to others. It depends on the type of person you are. However, here are some useful tips that could work for most people.The biggest thing I can say

What is the best time during the day to do homework for a high schooler? I have time during my school day (free periods), right after classes and later in the evening.

When I get home from school, I've found that it is best to start my actual homework after I watch one episode of TV.I first begin with whatever the easiest homework is. I try and rank my actual books in front of me to visualize what homework will be the hardest to complete.Soon enough,

What is the best time for a workout if I am a student?

Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week. Moderate intensity exercises include brisk walking, while vigorous intensity exercises include jogging, cycling or playing sports. Along with aerobic exercise, squeeze in at least two strength-training sessions per week.

What is your school schedule?

I study 6 subjects which result in qualications, plus compulsory PE, PSE, and RMPS.Almost all periods are 80 minutes long.Every day starts of with a 10 minute registration period from 9am to 9.10.Every day has 3 breaks, one after each 80 minute period. A 15 minute break, then an hour long lunch break, then another 15 minute break.I have

What should I eat or exercise to lose weight?

That depends on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly it needs to come off. I'm also assuming you want to lose body fat. Do one hour of cardio per day. That could be basketball, running, swimming, martial arts etc... any activity that keeps your heart rate elevated and makes you sweat. More importantly, eat

What topics must a computer science student know?

A beginning student must know whatever is required by the Computer Science program she or he attends. Usually, that's not too much: basic math and language skills. I do think that students who already enjoy programming as a hobby are more likely to

What would you do if you're student had depression?

First of all, it is important to find out what is making him depressed?Good diet, fresh morning air, little bit of exercise, yoga will be helpful to overcome depression.Positive reinforcement, showing him importance of good result of his hard work, you have repeatedly condition his mind.Making him believe that he is growing in

Which time is best for exercise for students?

The best time to exercise is the time that's right for you. Morning workouts really get some people going, release endorphins, and enhance mood. If you enjoy starting your day with a workout, or find that it's the only time you can fit it

Have you ever seen a professor get roasted by a student in college?

Not by a single student. But by a whole class of boys....!!!!!!Let me keep it short and healthy. This happened some 2months ago. We had an English lecture. A lady lecturer around mid 30s used to take us that subject..She

Have you ever seen a student get roasted by a student?

YeahThis happened today.It was just a usual geography session when our teacher told us how people became deaf due to mechanical instrument and other things which produce a lot of noise.Now there is a boy who acts lame and passive and has made a impression that he doesn't understand anything.So he, as usual did not understand

Have you ever seen a student roast a mean teacher?

Not in high school but in 8th grade. We had a seriously strict teacher called Mrs Umra. She was extremely old and very very mean.I was in class one day as my buddy Shamyl raises his hand.A little background on Shamyl.He was disruptive , undisciplined and no

Have you ever seen a teacher get roasted by a student?

It was a relatively common occurrence in my high school, but the personal worst was when my English teacher (who had a daughter at the school) decided she wanted to call out a group of my friends. It went something along these lines.Teacher lady (whose name is

How can a college student start working out?

Start with 3 days a week.Pick 3 moves from he compound exercise list.Squats, deadlifts,bent over rows, overhead press,dips,pull-upsDo 5 sets of 5 to 8 reps..struving to get stronger and increase the weight.Once 8 reps is easy...add weight.On dips and chins...try to add reps until you can do 10 in good form.Look up online videos on he proper form and

How do top students play and study?

This was my routine for the last 1.5 years:1) Wake up at noon2) Play Video Games till one hour before class 3) Go to University 3-4 times per week for 5 hours per day4) Come home and play more video games5) Get A's and B's in all my classes6) Profit and Enjoy playing video games

How is the life of hostel students as compared near home, especially for students going to the gym?

Hostel Student ConditionShall wake up togetherShall do all stuffs togetherShall surronded by people of same ageGym time shall be the best time with friendsDayscholarShall wake up as per his time schedule aloneShall do all stuffs of college at home aloneShall be surronded by family members

How is yoga useful to a student?

It is such a difficult task to deal in today's time. There is so much that we have to deal with over stimulation, temptations, distractions, and the youngsters even go through peer pressure. On top of that, the creative urge

How many hours do high school students study?

As a senior, I study for 3 hours on average. That includes homeworks, group works or research, and reviewing for quizzes. I start at 7:30pm and end a 10:30pm. From 10:30 onwards, I usually check Facebook/ watch Youtube videos before I fall asleep at 11:00pm.I

In a class of 20 students the average of all the students is 18 years. If the age of their teacher is added then the average becomes 19 years. Find the age of teacher after 5 year?

Average of 20 students = 18Assume teacher's age is also 18. This means average of new group of 21 people remain unchanged at 18.But we know average of new group becomes 19.=> Teacher should bring in 21 years more.=> Teacher's current age = 18 + 21 = 39.Her age after 5 years would be 39 + 5 =

In the class of 35 students the average age of students is 17 years. If the average age of students and their class teacher is 18, then what is the age of the class teacher?

You can do this type of questions orally. No need to use pen and paper, if you let your brain think to do so.Well, here is the process to think. As we know the average of any number is the

Is gymming good for a student?

Gymming or any kind of physical activity in moderation is really good at any stage and specially if you are a student or preparing for competitive examinations.Remember, any exercise is better than no exercise any day.The key is to have proper sleep

Is there any class designed to help students stay psychologically healthy in the USA?

The Science of Happiness is a college course. I believe I heard about it on 60 Minutes one time (or some other news show).I'm applying a very broad brush to your question when answering it. Yes, there are plenty of college courses, but you have to seek them out as they aren't

Physical Education teachers/ Gym Teachers: Do you dislike the students who aren't fit?

I have taught Health/PE for 17 years and think it is an amazing opportunity to motivate, encourage and inspire change in the lives of young people. As is true in all areas of life there are people who provide very little effort and those that provide much. I am sure

Should I start exercising as a college student?

Thanks for the A2A.Go for it.You should start exercising, period. If you don't have any medical or other reasons not to exercise, your age isn't a factor. I mean, it would dictate the activities and their intensity, but that's not an issue for a college student. Go for it.Furthermore, you are at an age in which

Should students stay away from love to keep focus on studying?

I think there is an age for understanding the reality of a relationship. When you are 15 or 16 you probably think that having a gf/ bf is so cool and everyone is chillin out so it' s okay and then students get so much into it that they

Teachers: Have you ever made a student cry?

The hardest part is dealing with the fact that you know you have stressed someone out to their breaking point. At that level, no matter their actions, you should consider yours.If they are dealing with an incredibly emotional issue, for example, crying because of a family member or a death -

What advice should be given to students who will be attending college for the first time?

This is what I'd tell my sister, who's about to start college in the fall this year. Note that I haven't read any of the previous answers so as to not influence my own, so forgive me if I've repeated anything. 1. Good grades ARE important. The people who harp about

What are common mistakes made by college students?

I've been in two colleges (BA in Languages, first degree; second Associate Degree in Advertising and Marketing), and, well, I'll answer some of the mistakes I did back in my first college... I've mended them, fortunately. (I think being the oldest one in the classroom -+25 y/o- helps

What are some common mistakes bright students make in college?

Pretty much the same mistakes the less talented students make.Choosing schools:they can't afford.that provide little or no opportunities for experiential learning.that have no connection to the real world-where the jobs are.Taking out too many students loans.Choosing unmarketable majors.Becoming obsessed with getting accepted by a particular school. (OK, the bright students are more likely to get hung up on this

What are some common mistakes by students during college admission interviews?

I get a few Quora messages a week from students wanting advice on how to get into a top tier college. The gist of most messages is "My qualifications are XYZ, I'm doing ABC, and I want advice on how to

What are some quick and healthy breakfasts for college students?

There are many breakfasts are there which are have the qualities of like healthy, tasty, quick, and cheap and best delicious recipes...these are the best recipes to try out as bachelor or college studentHere I will mention some of the breakfasts which are healthy and in quick time we can prepare

What are the best ways to stay mentally and physically active throughout the day?

(If you are a busy bee there is a 3 lines long wrap up at the end :) )Preparation for tomorrow begins today:Sleep well.Outline a list of things you want to do.Start of the day:Wake up early. (10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to

What are the best workout accessories for college students?

They are small and portable so you can carry them everywhere you go and fit them easily in a dorm room. Physix Gear Sports Resistance Bands, TRIBE Water-Resistance Armband Phone Case, AmazonBasics Medicine Ball, Sivan Health and Fitness Extra-Thick Yoga Mat, BalanceFrom GoFit All-purpose Dumbbells and TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller6

What can I tell students to show them math is important?

With boys this is easy. How can you tell how high in the tree you are if you can only see the shadow of the tree and your shadow? If you only had one arrow, how could ensure you hit the target (shoot the enemy in the eye)? What's

What common mistakes do first year university students make?

A2A - Common mistakes university students make, first year or not, are:Trying to get all their required courses out of the way at once - Sure, you need to take some required courses as a freshman (writing, math), because they're pre-requisites to other courses. But allow yourself one or two courses each semester that are easy

What do successful students do during their study breaks?

The general census is that you should do something that is NOT studying. And I mostly agree. I'm sure a few people will hate some of my suggestions, but hear me out.DO:Grab a drink and/or snackTake a short walkDo a short, simple exercise

What do teachers think of shy students?

First of all, I appreciate them like I do all my kiddos. But I also hurt for them when I see the pain on their faces because they hate to answer questions or talk in class. I had one little girl who would turn red whenever I

What is a common mistake you saw other students make during graduate school?

Lots of good answers here already. I'll just add a few extra points (from a Biomedical research perspective). I should also add that I have personally made most of these mistakes (along with others).Don't believe the hype.

What is the best roast from a student or teacher you have heard so far?

Saw this one a few min ago...In 8th grade, I had a teacher - let's call her Ms. H. - who was morbidly obese. I mean morbidly. It was disgusting. However, she always denied this, claiming to be ‘healthy'.One day, the students were tasked

What is the ideal time to go to the gym for a B.Tech student?

Well there is no specific timing until or unless it hampers your personal lifestyle.I had been actively involved in sports during my college days and had even went to university championship representing my college....well for most of my colleagues they considered sports to be a waste of time .... but

What is the role of a school teacher in a student's life?

Teachers play a very important role in student's life. A teachers is a role model person in student's life who bring out the best in them and encourage them to strive for greatness. Teachers know that students are the future of the country, So they share the knowledge

What mistake do college students make picking a university?

Oh boy, there are tons. Essentially, they revolve around the matching between your personality (which will evolve), your desired career path (which will also evolve), and the school's student culture (which can evolve, but less likely).Picking a university solely to attend a prestigious school: Ignoring

What's a common mistake students make during university?

Thinking that CGPA does not matter.I have seen 3 types of people.Person 1- Marks doesn't matter ,what matters is your talent. And then umpteen examples to prove the point. These will be people who have no talent and don't study either. But to comfort thier self they equate themselves with such

Where do art students find work?

(I can refer only to visual arts)everywhere that arts is need!artists must also use creativity to make their place in the world and "sell their fish" just as they need creativity to develop their artwork and for the industry there is

Which is the most underrated pleasure of student life?

The most under rated pleasure of student life is that you can do mistakes. Everyone is supposed to commit one or the other mistake, however as a student you are expected to.For eg.. Suppose you and your friends are playing football in a park. A

Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

A teacher is one who motivates you, one who inspires you, one who guides you to reach your goal and importantly, transfers his/her knowledge to us, the knowledge that we are seeking for.Throughout my life, I have come across many great teachers who

Why can't teachers equip tasers to protect themselves and their students?

And why can't parents use capital punishment like it says in the Bible?The answer is that all this talk about school shootings and protecting yourself in case of robbery and mugging and unruly children is hype. Statistically, you are far less likely to be hurt by that kind of thing than by car accidents, yet I am guessing that

Why do many students hate school?

Imagine this.You wake up at 6am, when the sun is barely up. Oh, the bed is calling your name but you think 5 minutes won't hurt.It's now 6:20am, oh shit! You're rushing into your clothes, barely enough time for breakfast, and out the door to catch the 6:50 bus that either comes too early or too late.It's 7:06am,

Why do students like or hate school?

Because school doesn't really appeal to everyone.Secondary school, in particular, can feel like a penance if you don't fancy any of the subjects you're being taught. My school, for example, divided streams neatly into Arts and Science. I chose Arts, which meant I had to contend with subjects like Business Management and Accounting -

Why is indiscipline growing among teenagers?

Multiple reasons. > The first and foremost being, parents easily cave in to children's tantrums and tears. This is because in most of the families, both the parents are working and they want to give their child the best.

Why is no one looking into why students hate school?

They are looking and they do know many of the reasons why kids hate school. The problem is that what educators believe is essential for learning is what kids dislike most.First, the system is heavily invested in memorization and testing. Most are convinced that pushing in knowledge is the best approach to

Are concentration and focus very important to become a good student?

Attitude: Basically, a good student possesses the ability and willingness to learn new subjects even if the subjects are not interesting.Academic skills: Acquiring academic skills is the most important quality of a good student. Ability to read comprehensively, to write effectively, to speak fluently, and

Are group projects a good way to teach students what the real world is like?

Depends... most group projects in the real world are multidisciplinary. Chances are, you are not going to have 5 mathematicians, 5 HR people, or 5 marketing people.. etc, etc, etc.So if you do group projects to

As a college student, do you find high school harder?

I found college to be harder than high school. The reason? Because in college as a general rule you can do what you want. Don't want to go to class? Nobody cares. Don't want to do your homework? Nobody cares

As a teacher, have you ever felt frustrated with parents of the students?

Yes!The frustration usually revolves around two types of behaviors:Trying to be their child's friend instead of parent. Everyone knows this type of parent. The

As a teacher or a teachers aid, what's the most bizarre thing you have encountered?

I drove to work last May and wondered why I saw the traffic stopped in the distance. As I approached the school, I noticed a policeman turning a line of cars back. I found my Mercury surrounded by police cars-they weren't after me, though. The force's undercover officer drove

As a teacher, what is the most shocking thing you've heard a student say?

Currently a Maths and Biology teacher for 7th graders. Just today, we were in Bio discussing reproduction when the following conversation started:Girl 1: Is it true that you can get pregnant when you kiss someone?Me: *looking in disbelief* No... Pregnancy happens when you have coitus, also known as sexual intercourse, or when you undergo an

Can an average maths high school student study pure maths?

It depends on how much you have understood. Understanding a maths problem is of at most importance. Maths major would involve many courses, and you simply cannot sit one day behind one exercise. I would suggest trying to pace up. Make sure you don't have any other interests too. A career should be the one you love,

College students, how does your high school experience differ from college?

As a Chinese kid who grew up in a predominantly Latino community, I quickly became aware of my place on the ethnic spectrum. Not a bad thing, really. Conversely though, I remained ignorant of my rung on the socioeconomic ladder. Like most of the kids

Do college professors treat student athletes any different than other students?

I don't. I certainly don't grade them differently, and they're just students in my view, with a job of a distinctive nature. And here's what's even more interesting: I generally don't know which students are athletes and which aren't.As others have noted, they have scheduling issues that other students don't (games, etc.). Also, their coaches

Do MIT students work hard but party harder?

There are two populations in that regard. Both work hard but some don't party at all and some party very hard. MIT has far more diversity and the answer is really far more nuanced but there's also significant semantics involved. Is a 48 hour stratego marathon partying? Is sailing through your work because you're a bloody

Do Philosophy students study Nietzsche?

It very much depends on where you are going to school.There are a couple of big dividing lines in academic philosophy that you need to understand in order to really get the right answer to this question. They are:The typical difference between Continental European and

Do students do well in school if they run 30 minutes a day?

I am currently in engineering second year...I started jogging 2 years back...(mainly 25-30 mins a day)...So directly coming to the point...jogging won't really help you in studies (like memorising etc)...but brisk walking or jogging for some minutes would surely help in freshenup your mind...Try jogging in the Morning or in the evening between your break...rather

Do teachers actually bully students?

Yes I remember a particular teacher in High School JJ who was moody and unpredictable he would come in furious grumpy angry he had a fight with his wife? spilled coffee on his lap? Someone cut him off in traffic and pissed him off who knows? Second he'd step in the classroom eeny, meeny, miny, moe he'd pick a

Do teachers enjoy writing letters of recommendation for their favorite students?

For the favorites, I absolutely love it. They usually take a lot longer because you have so many things to say about a kid, and you have to pick and choose. For the kids who express to me early that they are shooting for a competitive school, I start doing what I

Does belittling a student's abilities really work for motivating them to work harder?

There is a theory of life that most people are (to borrow a chess analogy) meant to be pawns, then there might be a couple of rooks, a couple of knights & a couple of bishops with special skills (professionals, clergy & business people, perhaps), and only one King

Does testing make students smarter, or is it other work, like projects, that makes students smarter?

Projects improve skill, testing motivates students to improve that skill. However projects and testing does not make you smarter, just more experienced.It is the difference between a person who has 20 years of fencing and someone who takes up a saber and naturally knows how to use it. The outcome may look the same, but what

Have you ever seen a student get roasted by a teacher?

I remember I had a physics teacher a few years ago. She was generally shady, but people got used to it after a while. Now and then she roasts someone. Note: this was an all-girls school.We wrote a physics pop quiz and were about to receive our results. It was a generally easy test, it just

How to earn money being just 16 year old student

Its not age problem, you can make money online while studying by finding the things about your ability (what you are good at) and start earning money from them (for exampe: Photography, MS Office (Word, Excel...) or Design, Customer Services, Programming, Content/Review Writing...if you are fluently in English writing/speaking that's really good... )There