Do we really need 3 meals per day?

I've skipped breakfast & lunch for over 2 years now...I mean, I drink coffee in the morning - and I snack on some nuts at lunch time , but I don't really eat anything.I just eat dinner now days. Mostly fish and sushi.Is it hard

Does exercising after a long day at work help one to stay energetic or exhausted at the end of the day? Can one concentrate on studies after exercising?

Exercising is a good thing but it depends on various other factors.If you had a very stressful day at work then exercising may help you relax but only until you feel the ache in your muscles.Your muscles ache because all the oxygen stored in your muscles cells no more exist and they're respiring anaerobically.If you think

How to concentrate my mind on only one thing during my studies

you can keep your mind focused during studies by doing these activities which i am going to tell you, these are as follows-first thing you have to do is always do time bound study .it means randomly you should not jump and start studying without any

How to concentrate on my studies

Yoga and meditation practice are known to be effective in improving a person's mindfulness, as well as the ability to focus. In fact Vipashyana meditation technique uses these as the means (to practice) -- and also heightened mindfulness and focus as the beneficial objective.Different aspects of life become much better

How to concentrate on study while doing the job

Job + Study = Challenging Life but Better Career and Future.So this is a great opportunity for you. There is a lot to learn. It can make your life very disciplined. You can develop many skills and positive habits to lead successful and self-satisfying life in

How to concentrate on work and study

Juggling work and studies can be daunting and if you are not careful, it could lead to burnout and dropping one or the other. So, let us help you with the juggling.The biggest thing I can say is do NOT solely focus on how long you

How to focus my mind on study

It will take time to train your mind, as the mind is a bad master and a good servant. In everyday life we concentrate in many ways. It has been described as an internal, mental process, not a muscular exercise. Through internal concentration the attention of the aspirant is drawn to an

How to increase my focus on the study and how can I achieve so many things in life without losing my main work

My Achievements from 10 February 2019 to 5th May 2019. Read books other than Physics which I have never done in my entire life, I have read three books completely and I get distracted very often and easily.1. The compound effect (280 pages)2. Rich Dad Poor Dad (403 Pages)3. The millionaire mindset (250 pages)you may wonder, But I have

How to increase studying hours without losing concentration

LONGER STUDY HOURSHave many short intervals 5/10 minute: put an ice pack on eyes. Have very slow very long very deep inhalations through nostrils and complete exhalations through mouth.........................Vipassna may change your personality.Switch to Vegan diet.For many persons, animal's milk and all dairy products are Dangerous for brain. Our

How to make my studying more productive

Thats a very good question Mr. Harshal Kokane. Study time is very important. It is very important that you study qualitative than quantitative. Qualitative- When a person for only 2 hours but remembers each and everything he has studied is called qualitative. Quantitative- When a person studies for 6

How to make studies more interesting

You are not alone.I myself faced some of the following issues but overcame those.Majority of students face common study problems like:-Lack of interestDifficulty in concentratingEasily distractedLack of focusLack of motivationLow productivityDifficulty in retaining what one has learntCertain topics look insurmountableSilly mistakes in

How to motivate my kid to study even if he is not interested in education

Tell your kid that he/she needs those lessons to understand higher educationTell your kid that you are there to make it easier for them; aid their learning, make it fun and interestingTell your kid knowledge about anything can be a useful tool for what will he/she become in the future.Tell your kid all the reasons why you are

How to motivate myself to study hard at university

I know people who graduated at 21 and didn't get job at 27.I know people who graduated late at 25 and they found work immediately.I know people who never went to university but found what they love at 18.I know people who found a job straight out of college making decent money, but hate what

How to study 10+ hours a day

I will try to put forth my opinion,misconception,suggestions,usefulness etc. in some points (not in any specific order):If you want to clear some competitive examination and if somebody has told you that 10 hrs/day is the threshold for clearing this examination ,then simply it's not true.Different people can achieve

How to study for long hours? I can study and grasp concepts but I can't sit for long hours, I get distracted. My mind gets tired easily. But I can study well. What should I do

Studing for long or short hours doesn't really matters.What is important is to grasp the points and concepts, which you are saying you are able to do.If your brain can take information for 1 hour then don't pressurize yourself just study

How to study whole day and concentrate

Remember :Education is an important and essential part of life that should not be taken for granted. So if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to suck it up and do your schoolwork. It will all pay off in the end.TO UTILIZE

How to become motivated to do well in school

Hi there!It's wonderful that you are interested in finding out how to become motivated to do well in school. It's commendable that you are interested in doing better, and in going somewhere.Here' what I are of course welcome to disagree :-)1. School is a place where you learn

How to concentrate on my studies and sit for 1-2 hour straight

Better you start atleat with 30mins of continues sitting .set that You would increase the time of sitting after every week just by 10 mins.Let's take an example , someone​ when starts doing running it's tough to run continuely for for 2- 3 km ,they would get exhausted very soon.if such a

How to concentrate on my studies? How do I do that? There were many thoughts revolving around my mind. How do I get rid of that

Listening to music, maybe classical music, might help you clear your head if you focus on the music instead of the thoughts. You could also try moving somewhere that is relatively bare so that there aren't a lot of things to look at to distract you or remind you

How to concentrate on study while listening songs

I've always got my earphones in, and while some people think it isn't exactly a great idea to study with music on, I really need it. All the time. And I've realised it doesn't always spilt the focus.We've got background sounds anyway, so music would just be a more pleasant one.Now, how do you concentrate with music?

How to get myself to study daily

Hello friend. I have experienced lack of motivation when it came to my studies, that led to severe procrastination. As a recent college graduate, I suffered consequences from lack of discipline to study daily and complete assignments. I remember getting my class syllabus and not wanting to dig

How to improve my studies

This one's a little long. Fair warning.I'm an Indian Guy on my way to becoming a Scientist. I wasn't always this bright. I was actually very dumb.Class 1. 80% || Class 2. 83% || Class 3. 82%They told me I'll never be good at anything. That I'm just an average Joe. Mum sent me to dance classes just in

How to keep studying all day

First off, Why do you want to study all day??The quality of the study time is Important rather than quantity of time you booze around books.....If you still want to do so, there is one efficacious method of learning..Its Called POMODORO Technique.There are six steps in the original technique:Decide on the

How to motivate myself to study

Hope, this will help for those, who all are still in the phase of struggle while your mates are about to settle.I have been preparing for GATE from last 2 years. I am working in an MNC organization. When, sometimes you will not get

How to start studying 8 hours a day with full concentration and focus

HeyyaNow studying for 8 hours might seem a lot but if u know how to do it well u will have d best time... SoFirst you need to make commitment to yourself ...Then make a timetable & let your parents or friends who tends to disturb you know about it .. Like I study

How to study as well as work at the same time

With effort.I am not sure how else to say it.  I have experience working and going to school- I did it for 3 years of undergrad and 3 years of graduate school (with a year in between).  That spanned two different employers and a career transition (as well as a change in educational focus).  On a

How to study continuously without losing concentration

Straight away you cannot increase the concentration on study. The mind of the average man is diffuse. Concentration consists of bringing the scattered mind to a point of focus, for it is only through concentration that the mind could fulfill its real potential. In concentration all mental energies

How to study with focus and concentration and avoid distractions and procrastination

##We have highest level of Concentration in the morning and after 2-3 hours we connect with our daily routine, real world and our job/business/ school and we start taking pressure then slowly slowly we start to lose our concentration level.Now we have two options:[A] Avoid taking pressure: Manage your work and daily routine in such

How do smart students study?

In secondary school, I had a friend who was one of the laziest students I've seen. During class, he'll either be sleeping, writing a diary or reading a book, whilst paying no attention whatsoever to the lecturer or content taught in class. He wasn't a

How do we study English effectively?

Well, if you want me to answer you regarding how you can learn English effectively, the I would have to say, that firstly be focussed and read the following postIn the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way

How to manage time between work and study

Here are some things you need to do:1)Take regular breaks and do the most important tasks immediately after the breaksInstead of taking too much pressure and stress it is important to take short breaks. Play an instrument, listen to song, talk to friends or go for

How does an hour of daily study change your life?

Does an hour daily study change your life?The answer is yes!Nothing is more powerful than consistency.How can one hour daily study can change your life?Fox example, you want to be a good programmer but you don't practice every day. But if you start with only one hour in regular basis after 6 (six) months you

How I can study without distraction?

First of all, remove this thing called 'PHONE' from the reach of your vision, it's the biggest distraction while studying. The harmful waves won't let you concentrate despite how much you want to.Secondly, try using a lamp and focus all its light on your books, this method has been proven to

How important is it to have a study group for engineering classes? I feel more comfortable studying by myself, but I would like to explore otter ways of studying.

Oh my Ben. Study groups are the greatest innovation in study since Plato. Albeit, too many people in a study group and it can decay into a social event rather than study. I would not press more than six to the group and six is putting it on the edge.Study groups have a dynamics you will never

I am not able to concentrate while studying, what do I do?

Hey thereYou can have the burning desire on your studies by always thinking about your goal and the end result.There's a reason why we study so hard and burn the midnight oil to ace the results.That reason is our dream. We want our dreams to be true. We want our parents

I wanna study hard but I can't, how can I motivate myself for that?

(72 requests!!!)As of me, I had an inborn urge to study well and prove myself. Since my childhood I had been so engrossed in studies that I hardly did anything else(including making friends). As told in many previous answers, I started studying advanced stuff from a very young

I want to study, but I waste my whole day without doing anything significant, and am unable to concentrate. What should I do?

Start waking up at 5 in the morning and drink water immediately. You can go back to sleep after 9 if you want, but those 4 hours in the morning will change the way you live! Knowing that you have a

I'm 16 years old and don't know what to study, what should I do?

At 16 you're not supposed to have life figured out. You're still a kid, you're supposed to be enjoying your youth, not stressing about what comes tomorrow.But, schools these days teach you to worry about it, I get that.But you probably just started your junior year of HS and now

Is it bad to study more than 2 hours straight?

If you wanted to study more than two hours straight, I strongly recommend that you adopt the Pomodoro technique.It is intended to help you break down your study session, say two hours, into what is proven to be effective, i.e. four equal time segments of 25 minutes each, with a 5 minute break in between.The scientific rationale behind this

Should we study the whole day?

Depends on what success you want to achieve.If you are planning to fail, then no study is required at all.If you want to get good marks, you really need to study hard.If you want to secure the 1st position, then ofcourse, you need to study for the whole day.Remember,

What are quick study tips?

Hello Aisha,You are seemingly believed to be curious and awakening of your present state.I believe that you have realized your bygone opportunities from the day one of your academic year.However, any student in your place would refer guide books of populary Circulated publishers on the

What are some amazing tips and tricks to increase focus and concentration in anything?

You need to turn your desire to to focus and concentrate into some sort of goal. And then you make a conscious daily effort to work towards your goal.That's what it's called, a conscious daily effort. Every day is a new day. And every day you

What are some good learning hacks? What are the best approaches and methods for learning new skills and gaining new knowledge efficiently?

I have 10 tips for you:Learn how to learnBarbara Oakley wrote a book called ‘'A mind for numbers'' and she has a MOOC on Coursera called ‘'Learning how to learn'' that cover exactly this aspect.Deliberate practice Read the book ‘'Peak'' or the audio CD. It's very well-made.

What are some great study tips, for those who feel they do not study properly?

I am naturally not very academic with my work. However, whenever I study or get items of academic work done I tend to excel with a few principles implemented that I've gathered over time. I'm a really average student - getting 60 - 70% results in my pieces of work. But using

What are some hacks to improve concentration?

Your ability to concentrate has a lot to do with your preferred

What are some of the coolest study hacks?

I developed an extremely effective method for teaching and helping my students to learn by focusing on the only two educational theories that have any merit (in my opinion). These are the concepts of Learning Styles and Dr. Howard Gardner's theories of Multiple Intelligences. While teaching my students with and

What are some tips on studying?

It's never too early – or too late – to develop good study habits. The sooner you get into a good study groove, the easier everything will be and the more your chances of getting good marks will improve.Here are our top tips for getting the most out of study.1. Pick a place and

What are some underrated study techniques a lot of students don't utilize?

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, I studied computer science, operations research, and mathematics, as well as the usual chemistry, physics, and languages. From the summer of my freshman year, I held a paid, graduate-level teaching assistantship in computer science. That required really knowing the subject material.As a graduate student in a Ph.D. program at Cornell, I

What are some useful study tips for college?

In my school we had this formation from ELEVATE which told us several tips:Make sure to switch off your phone and to get rid of any distractionsIf you are going to listen to music please let it not have lyrics in it (you can even listen to sounds

What are the best Harvard College study hacks?

Here are a few things that I learned in my four years at the College:Do the previous years' exams. These are available at Active recall is an effective way to remember course material and professors frequently recycle problems, sometimes without changing them at all.Go to TF office hours. For soft courses, these help

What are the best health tips to study well?

Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can't really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. With most colleges providing health care and endless physical activities for students, staying healthy in

What are the best study hacks which can actually be life changing?

Studying in public places, such as a café, a library or an empty classroom. Having enough people around you such that you are alert but not distracted can be helpful to get into the groove.When I am studying at home, I tend to make frequent trips to the kitchen, browse irrelevant websites, fidget with my phone, and

What are the best study life hacks?

Same answer as thisTimothy Soo's answer to How do top students study?Just two thingsDo not study to remember, instead study to understand. Study to understand makes solid memories because you have developed a deeper understanding of a particular topic.Here is a simple way to do

What are the best study tips for top students?

Remember :Education is an important and essential part of life that should not be taken for granted. So if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to suck it up and do your schoolwork. It will all

What are the best tips to study smart?

Well everyone learns differently, so I think it is best to find how you learn best. But there are a few general tips that one can follow. Found these on StuCred, so check out the blog post for the more details.Take Small BitesA little bit of reviewing every day and you'll save

What are the best ways to study biology?

For the most part, biology is basically a

What are the best ways to study during annual exams?

Best way is to learn at least 2 or 3 weeks before your annual exam starts. This would help to you to score well in your exams. This would help you to cover almost all the chapters in each subject. It would be better if you prepare timetable which include every subject

What are the effective ways to concentrate while studying?

I would like to share a few tricks which I followed when I was a student and hopefully will be helpful to you:1. Before you start, sit with your back in a straight position and close your eyes and take deep breaths, first your mind will wander

What are the good tips for the self smart studying?

Thanks for A2A Vyshnav VyshuI have always done self studying, I never had a tuition. I felt that the most important thing or what you say tip is Discipline. See, what happens is, when you do self-study then there's

What are the simple study hacks?

Simple study hacks, you mean !1.First thing first, set goalsNever start a study work without having a goal in your head. Say you want to study during 1 hour. Make that one hour the most productive hour of your day. Setting goals help you focus more as there is something you need to accomplish. Most of the time, it

What are your 10 best study tips? How to study long hours?

Since I appeared for my CA Finals last year in November for both Groups in 4 months Exams leave & used to study almost 14–16 hours a day, I think I am eligible to answer this.Here we go:Planning: It is said that

What can I do to improve my study time?

Study is the time you spend, going over material you have learned in class on your own. Ideally, you should allow time for studying every week, rather than waiting until just before that big test.The biggest thing I can say

What can I do when I want to study but my mind is distracted at that time?

Here are tips for you:1. Put your phone on silent mode and place it at the other end of the room.If you own a smartphone, you know how distracting it can be. Facebook, Twitter, email, text messaging and yes, the entire Internet, are at your fingertips.The biggest

What is efficient studying?

The most efficient studying requires that our nervous system be fresh, clean, and clear of stress and dysfunction. Unfortunately, growing up in this highly stressed world makes us all somewhat dysfunctional.The solution is to practice an effective and efficient form of meditation to dissolve and eliminate our internal stresses.Concentration and efficiency in studying is natural. Enjoying schoolwork is

What is perfect way to study and be 100% productive in the process?

Pomodoro technique. Very scientific. It is a timer, where you study for 25 minutes and then take a break for five minutes. Three sessions like this and you take a fifteen minutes break. This way, you mind takes time to relax, and therefore reinforces itself the within those twenty

What is the best method to study alone and effectively?

Each person has different study methods. One study method could work on some and it won't be as effective to others. It depends on the type of person you are. However, here are some useful tips that could work for most people.The biggest thing I can say

What is the best time during the day to do homework for a high schooler? I have time during my school day (free periods), right after classes and later in the evening.

When I get home from school, I've found that it is best to start my actual homework after I watch one episode of TV.I first begin with whatever the easiest homework is. I try and rank my actual books in front of me to visualize what homework will be the hardest to complete.Soon enough,

What is the best way to concentrate on study?

Sit straight on the chair, keep your study book (s) on the table, switch on the fan (regulator at position 3), take a notebook and a pen and keep it aside. If you have any thoughts running about any person or thing, or a musical piece streaming inside your mind, just write those stuff on the last

What is the best way to sit down and study without being distracted?

It depends.It depends on what are you studying. It depends on your objectivity of studying.If you are studying for clearing a competitive exam, then your scores matter and you can be eliminated on basis your score. In this situation it is comparatively easy to get

What is the best way to study so that I can remember everything in a single go?

Well there are several ways to study but different people prefer different environment and strategy to go about it. Here are a few things that I would suggest :Find out if you are a night student or a day student. We have one phase where concentration is very high. Find it out.Take 15–20min naps.

What is the fastest way to improve memory power?

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the most vital organ in your body? Do you even care about what affects this important organ negatively or positively? Or do you just eat whatever you like and think the

What methods should I do to increase concentration and memory when I am studying?

For good levels of concentration and memory, the first point is for you to be as fit, well rested and well nourished as possible, given your circumstances.Good concentration reflects your motivation and enyoyment of the subject. But, even so, active learning is almost always

What one tip changed your writing forever?

There's no such thing as a synonymA synonym is defined as a word that means the same thing as another word. Examples: large and big are synonyms, as are fast and quick, rotten and moldy... you get the idea.However, they don't actually exist. There's no such thing as two different

What's the best way to study for an exam?

I hope I'm not too late to help. But here goes with my secret​s​...PART ONE​CORNELL METHOD OF NOTE-TAKING​​One Brilliant Technique for Note-Taking, Which Forces You to Pay Attention in Class While Having Fun with Colored Pens and MarkersThe prestigiousCornellUniversityhas developed what

Why am I not able to concentrate properly in my studies?

There was a philosopher. He had an ardent follower too. They both used to live together.Once the philospher had a desire to wander the countryside. And they both got ready for the journey.After travelling long distances they got tired and started searching place for rest. The sun got set and it was a complete dusk then. When

Why am I not able to concentrate?

In the first place, I think you need to take  a  close look at the larger scheme of things in your life.Don't use excuses as your alibis.Nothing works, unless you do.Nothing changes until something changes. This is Physics.For things to change

Why do I feel asleep everytime I start studying?

Maybe you study at the times when the body needs rest.Or the simple fact that you are not motivated enough to study. You find it a big unavoidable chore, a drudgery that you have to go through.Ideally do not study between 3–5pm. Before

Are breaks necessary for studying?

There is no such thing as

Can you motivate me in one sentence to study for the whole night?

Are you feeling guilty ?The framing of the question gives me a sense that I know I don't have much time before my exam appears, I have lot of dreams and I would like to become a topper as well and ofcourse I know I should

Do we really need 3 meals per day?

I've skipped breakfast & lunch for over 2 years now...I mean, I drink coffee in the morning - and I snack on some nuts at lunch time , but I don't really eat anything.I just eat dinner now days. Mostly fish and sushi.Is it hard ?

Does listening to your favourite songs while studying affect your study?

If you listen to music while you study, and then listen to the same songs during or right before the test, your brain will associate the moment with studying, and you will remember what you studied.The single act of listening to your favorite songs while you study, however, may be

How to be self motivated and focused to study

It is tough to constantly stay motivated. I run a blog and there are days when I don't want to write. What makes people successful is their grit and persistence. You have to put in the work when you're not motivated as well. Keep your long-term goal in mind to maintain motivation. Minimize distractionsWe receive, sometimes

How to focus 4-5 hours in my study

I can tell you the simple answer but trust me that won't help you in the long run.You want to know that secret to give ur best in everything then go ahead are read:U don't really have to ask this question to me or anyone else but most importantly to yourself.Sit somewhere peaceful and ask yourself what do

How to motivate myself to study 10 hours daily

I can answer it in a better way, because i did this for my Chartered Accountancy IPCC exam. I will try to keep it short.Once i was used to be a below Average Student in school. i scored just 55% in my 6th standard.when i was in +2 science i was in love with a girl

How to study daily from 8 to 10 hours

The reason you are asking this question is because you are facing burnout, right?Yes!! If you keep studying for a long duration, obviously you'll face burnout.But there's a solution to it, which is the Pomodoro Technique.So, this is a proven technique, even I use it.What you do is, download a Pomodoro app

How to study long hours at night every day

Before studying, make sure you take at least a 3–4 hr nap to let your brain rest and recharge your body energy.POWER NAP IS AN ESSENTIAL PREREQUISITEHow to pull an all nighter:1.) Take about half an hour to watch something scary, like a horror movie,

How to make my mind fully concentrated at the time of studying

There are some great answers here. A couple things I would like to add to what others have written. First, find a quiet space to study where you can keep others away, such as your bedroom. If you are studying in a house where others are residing remember to let them know that you

How to study chemistry

Chemistry Study SkillsYou must be willing to accept the academic challenge of learning chemistry. For some people it is fun and for others it is hard work, but no matter it takes time. It requires persistence, concentration, discipline, patience and lots and lots of practice.Know How Your Chemistry Course is Structured. Your chemistry

How to study daily for 8 hours

You need to keep your mind cool and happier to study for longer durations. Make a systematic study schedule. Allot available time for each part of the syllabus, chapter wise, topic wise and stick to it. M- learning provides a way for educational institutions to deliver knowledge

How to study for 15 hours daily with concentration

Let's see, you want to study 15 hours daily with concentration. First of all if you are planning to continuously study 15 hours then you should forget it. That is impossible. But if you are planning to study 15 hours

How to study for 8 hours daily

It is not about the hours you put in, I cannot imagine that any high-school student would need to study eight hours daily. Instead, try to improve the way you study. Learn speed-readingScientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 MinutesPlan your days carefullyStart with the most crucial parts,

How do top students play and study?

This was my routine for the last 1.5 years:1) Wake up at noon2) Play Video Games till one hour before class 3) Go to University 3-4 times per week for 5 hours per day4) Come home and play more video games5) Get A's and B's in all my classes6) Profit and Enjoy playing video games

How does an hour of daily study change your life?

Does an hour daily study change your life?The answer is yes!Nothing is more powerful than consistency.How can one hour daily study can change your life?Fox example, you want to be a good programmer but you don't practice every day. But if

How many hours do high school students study?

As a senior, I study for 3 hours on average. That includes homeworks, group works or research, and reviewing for quizzes. I start at 7:30pm and end a 10:30pm. From 10:30 onwards, I usually check Facebook/ watch Youtube videos before I fall asleep at 11:00pm.I

How should I motivate myself to study? I feel lazy. I forget the things I study and can't concentrate.

I was very similar for a while and had to teach myself how to study. I did two things that I found helpful, and hopefully will help you too!The first was I instituted a tracker. Meaning everytime I studied, I used a timer on

How to increase the number of hours I study daily?

A proper Study Schedule with breaks and relaxation improves focus, concentration and retention.More than the number of study hours it is study techniques and proper study schedule which will be more effective. Make a systematic study schedule to galvanize yourself in to action.Allot remaining available time for total syllabus, chapter wise, topic wise

I'm one of the top students despite studying last minute. I started studying early and do lots of repetition but feel lazy as everyone is rushing at the last minute while I'm at a normal pace. How can I be more confident?

Sounds like you are doing well and are a bright young student. I have a suggestion I learned to use in college. Read the stuff you were tester on and find the answers to as many test questions as you can. Tests are made up from the important main concepts in the book. Some

Is gymming good for a student?

Gymming or any kind of physical activity in moderation is really good at any stage and specially if you are a student or preparing for competitive examinations.Remember, any exercise is better than no exercise any day.The key is to have proper sleep

Is it good to study 30 minutes of math every day?

15 minutes. 30 minutes. Even 60 minutes.The important part is consistency and that you stay on top of the work. Having a plan to work through the material daily will help you really absorb the material better.This is one of the ideas I talk about in my

Is it good to study every day or at the last minute of an exam?

Hello!! I'm too the student so according to me, One should study every day..bcz if you study at the last minute of an exam some topics may slip from your mind..or you may can't get that topic suddenly..if you are studying one topic regularly and if you get any problem you