Can you tell some tips to a fresher going for her very first job interview?

You should take care of these things before going for an Interview :-Well dressedBody languageConfidenceWell manneredDecent looks ( Short hairs and shaved face)Sitting postureMake an eye-contactkeep Smiling faceAvoid these things that can kill interview :-SweatingLow confidenceSlouchingTouching your faceChewing gumLooking in

How to focus my mind on study

It will take time to train your mind, as the mind is a bad master and a good servant. In everyday life we concentrate in many ways. It has been described as an internal, mental process, not a muscular exercise. Through internal concentration the attention of the aspirant is drawn to an

How to increase studying hours without losing concentration

LONGER STUDY HOURSHave many short intervals 5/10 minute: put an ice pack on eyes. Have very slow very long very deep inhalations through nostrils and complete exhalations through mouth.........................Vipassna may change your personality.Switch to Vegan diet.For many persons, animal's milk and all dairy products are Dangerous for brain. Our

How to stop thinking unnecessarily while I am studying

I'm going to share a tip which helps me a lot when it is about getting rid of distraction when I'm studying.I consider myself an

How to study 10+ hours a day

I will try to put forth my opinion,misconception,suggestions,usefulness etc. in some points (not in any specific order):If you want to clear some competitive examination and if somebody has told you that 10 hrs/day is the threshold for clearing this examination ,then simply it's not true.Different people can achieve

How to study at 4:30 am when I feel sleepy

Waking up and getting up are two different things. You will wake up immediately on hearing your alarm,  but to turn it off and going back to sleep. Try to keep alarm at a distance so that you have to walk

How to concentrate on my studies and sit for 1-2 hour straight

Better you start atleat with 30mins of continues sitting .set that You would increase the time of sitting after every week just by 10 mins.Let's take an example , someone​ when starts doing running it's tough to run continuely for for 2- 3 km ,they would get exhausted very soon.if such a

How to keep studying all day

First off, Why do you want to study all day??The quality of the study time is Important rather than quantity of time you booze around books.....If you still want to do so, there is one efficacious method of learning..Its Called POMODORO Technique.There are six steps in the original technique:Decide on the

How to start studying 8 hours a day with full concentration and focus

HeyyaNow studying for 8 hours might seem a lot but if u know how to do it well u will have d best time... SoFirst you need to make commitment to yourself ...Then make a timetable & let your parents or friends who tends to disturb you know about it .. Like I study

Is it bad to study more than 2 hours straight?

If you wanted to study more than two hours straight, I strongly recommend that you adopt the Pomodoro technique.It is intended to help you break down your study session, say two hours, into what is proven to be effective, i.e. four equal time segments of 25 minutes each, with a 5 minute break in between.The scientific rationale behind this

What are some good learning hacks? What are the best approaches and methods for learning new skills and gaining new knowledge efficiently?

I have 10 tips for you:Learn how to learnBarbara Oakley wrote a book called ‘'A mind for numbers'' and she has a MOOC on Coursera called ‘'Learning how to learn'' that cover exactly this aspect.Deliberate practice Read the book ‘'Peak'' or the audio CD. It's very well-made.

What are some great study tips, for those who feel they do not study properly?

I am naturally not very academic with my work. However, whenever I study or get items of academic work done I tend to excel with a few principles implemented that I've gathered over time. I'm a really average student - getting 60 - 70% results in my pieces of work. But using

What are some life saving hacks for bds students?

Thank you Sanchi Bhasin for the A2A. Hmm... interesting question and interesting tips here from my fellow colleagues. Here are some more tips that might make you smile a bit but are true to the core-1. When mixing plaster, alginate in

What are some of the coolest study hacks?

I developed an extremely effective method for teaching and helping my students to learn by focusing on the only two educational theories that have any merit (in my opinion). These are the concepts of Learning Styles and Dr. Howard Gardner's theories of Multiple Intelligences. While teaching my students with and

What are some underrated study techniques a lot of students don't utilize?

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, I studied computer science, operations research, and mathematics, as well as the usual chemistry, physics, and languages. From the summer of my freshman year, I held a paid, graduate-level teaching assistantship in computer science. That required really knowing the subject material.As a graduate student in a Ph.D. program at Cornell, I

What are some useful study tips for college?

In my school we had this formation from ELEVATE which told us several tips:Make sure to switch off your phone and to get rid of any distractionsIf you are going to listen to music please let it not have lyrics in it (you can even listen to sounds

What are some ways to work smarter in school?

Working smarter in school means preparing smarter and executing on your tasks smarter.Preparing smarterTo prepare for class, prepare for an exam, or prepare to write a paper, you need a to do list. Making a good to do list is itself a skill. You want

What are the best health tips to study well?

Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can't really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. With most colleges providing health care and endless physical activities for students, staying healthy in

What are the best tips to study smart?

Well everyone learns differently, so I think it is best to find how you learn best. But there are a few general tips that one can follow. Found these on StuCred, so check out the blog post for the more details.Take Small BitesA little bit of reviewing every day and you'll save

What are the simple study hacks?

Simple study hacks, you mean !1.First thing first, set goalsNever start a study work without having a goal in your head. Say you want to study during 1 hour. Make that one hour the most productive hour of your day. Setting goals help you focus more as there is something you need to accomplish. Most of the time, it

What are the smart tips for self studying?

Ironically, I was forced to self-study throughout my high school and college years. It now became a habit for me to the level that I could hardly learn anything in lectures and prefer to self study.Before providing you with several tips, I should provide an information about myself to make it easy

What are your 10 best study tips? How to study long hours?

Since I appeared for my CA Finals last year in November for both Groups in 4 months Exams leave & used to study almost 14–16 hours a day, I think I am eligible to answer this.Here we go:Planning: It is said that

What is the best method to study alone and effectively?

Each person has different study methods. One study method could work on some and it won't be as effective to others. It depends on the type of person you are. However, here are some useful tips that could work for most people.The biggest thing I can say

What is the best way to concentrate on study?

Sit straight on the chair, keep your study book (s) on the table, switch on the fan (regulator at position 3), take a notebook and a pen and keep it aside. If you have any thoughts running about any person or thing, or a musical piece streaming inside your mind, just write those stuff on the last

What is the best way to memorize or remember what you study/read?

First, a joke from the Indian Institute of Technology:A college senior told me a secret once. If you want to top in the IIT, study two days before exam.Because everyone else will study? - One day before the exam.Now to the real science:There

What is the best way to study so that I can remember everything in a single go?

Well there are several ways to study but different people prefer different environment and strategy to go about it. Here are a few things that I would suggest :Find out if you are a night student or a day student. We have one phase where concentration is very high. Find it out.Take 15–20min naps.

What is the fastest way to improve memory power?

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the most vital organ in your body? Do you even care about what affects this important organ negatively or positively? Or do you just eat whatever you like and think the

What is your most effective study technique?

I like to chunk it: While learning something new, chunk it. A chunk is a self contained concept, easy to master, small enough to quickly memorize and easy to recall; essentially a set of neurons firing together. It could be Ohms

What's the best study tip anyone's ever given you?

During the initial months of my higher secondary years, I had a terrible time with chemistry. For the love of me, I could not understand organic chemistry conversions, mole concept, acid base reactions, and a lot of other chemistry shit.Reimer Tiemann reaction? Whaaaaa...t?How do I

Whenever I am studying, I feel very sleepy and tired. How can I overcome this problem?

Its not sleepiness or tiredness, you might not able to follow what you are studying its making you bore and dull, which is making you loose all interest and sleepiness.Have plan for how many subjects you have and then break the topics you need

How to study long hours at night every day

Before studying, make sure you take at least a 3–4 hr nap to let your brain rest and recharge your body energy.POWER NAP IS AN ESSENTIAL PREREQUISITEHow to pull an all nighter:1.) Take about half an hour to watch something scary, like a horror movie,

How many hours do high school students study?

As a senior, I study for 3 hours on average. That includes homeworks, group works or research, and reviewing for quizzes. I start at 7:30pm and end a 10:30pm. From 10:30 onwards, I usually check Facebook/ watch Youtube videos before I fall asleep at 11:00pm.I

What advice should be given to students who will be attending college for the first time?

This is what I'd tell my sister, who's about to start college in the fall this year. Note that I haven't read any of the previous answers so as to not influence my own, so forgive me if I've repeated anything. 1. Good grades ARE important. The people who harp about

What are the best ways to study organic chemistry?

Contrary to what you may have heard, organic chemistry does not have to be a difficult course. It will be a rigorous course, and it will offer a challenge. But you will learn more in it than in almost any course you will take-and what

What are the smart tips for self studying?

Well, no matter in which institute you study ,which teachers are teaching you self study is a must. Without self study quenching for success will lead only to nowhere.Here are a few self study hacks or you may say smart tips which

What is the best way to train my brain to work fast?

Why do you want to train your brain to work fast? It is already fast. Remember the last time you touched something hot and took your hand off it in less than a millisecond that was your brain at work.What tasks do you want to get better (faster)

Does testing make students smarter, or is it other work, like projects, that makes students smarter?

Projects improve skill, testing motivates students to improve that skill. However projects and testing does not make you smarter, just more experienced.It is the difference between a person who has 20 years of fencing and someone who takes up a saber and naturally knows how to use it. The outcome may look the same, but what

How to get myself to study for more than 14 hours a day? Any motivation or concentration hacks

We all have problems to study for long hours in a day.This is my schedule to read around 13 hours in a day.(1) Wake up 4:45. Refresh and brush your teeth.(2) Start at 5 am.(3) First session 5am-6:30am(4) Take 15 mins break and start from 6:45-8:00(5) Take 15 mins and take bath

How to study better for math

it depends... math is something that comes naturally... observe the world around you and try to connect things... never try to memorize or remember stuff, rather try to reason it and you will never require to remember(most of the stuff). and good guidance is as important as good will. so

How to motivate myself to start studying again

STUDYING AFTER A LENGTH BREAK--IN YEARS!Paul, I'm assuming the seven year break has ended.   I don't think you need much to motivate yourself. You simply have to examine yourself and determine that you really want it. Then get an idea of

How do people in academia stay sharp?

That sounds like just about everyone. Welcome to the new world!There're a couple of reasons.1. Content presentation is no longer the same.In undergrad, the content is almost delivered on a silver plate. Slides, notes, chapters, easy journal articles if you were even assigned them. There're themes around  your topic, usually

What are some study hacks to work productively?

The below tricks have helped me study productively. I hope it helps you too. :)We all know our exam schedule prior, we also know what is going to happen today, the schedule of cricket/football matches, if any relative is going to visit us today, if we are supposed

What are some tips you have for last second studying?

The best tip I can give you is to not wait to the last second to study. I do realize that this is not always possible. The possible problem is that you do not enjoy studying because you find yourself frustrated with your efforts. I'm going

What subject could one best study if one came across a chunk of free time?

Original Question:  Studies and Studying: What subject could one best study if one came across a chunk of free time?One has 4 months 100% free; zero responsibilities.Wants to use it to study a subject (or several,