Can I start going to the gym at 37?

Whether you are 16 or 37, you could start gym at any given stage of life. You just need to ensure that your Musculoskeletal Anatomy is intact and you are consistent in your attempt. However, it is important to note that Gymming is best started at

Can we study after a workout in the morning?

That is rather best thing to do.The effect of workout is there both on body and mind. The workout makes the body flexible and also blood and oxygen to flow evenly to different parts of the body. Thus conducive to your studies.The study requires concentration of mind and workout will only aid in that process. But it is

Does concentration music really help while studying?

Yes it does work and works wonders but only when you solve practical problems. I have been listening to any such random music from YouTube and I have tried it with both theory and practical subjects.While doing practical problems I noticed improved efficiency. But when I tried it for theory subjects, I was only distracted. I tried it for

Does exercise help studying?

It's no secret there are tons of benefits to exercising regularly and you're not exactly wrong to assume a bit of cognitive clarity is one of them. Exercise is great for relieving stress that might otherwise cloud your brain while you're trying to read and retain information, but it's

Does exercising after a long day at work help one to stay energetic or exhausted at the end of the day? Can one concentrate on studies after exercising?

Exercising is a good thing but it depends on various other factors.If you had a very stressful day at work then exercising may help you relax but only until you feel the ache in your muscles.Your muscles ache because all the oxygen stored in your muscles cells no more exist and they're respiring anaerobically.If you think

Does hearing songs while studying effects concentration?

There are some genres which in fact help you improve concentration.I listen to calming jazz music when I'm studying something like math. It even calms senses,remove stress and improves ones concentration while reading. However,some music can actually be very disturbing while studying,such

Does sleeping too late affect studies?

Apparently yes.Any individual needs a proper sleep of around 7 hours, that's fact but if you sleep late you'll be losing few things.1). Half of the time during your studies at night will be wasted because you'll not be totally efficient.2). Sleeping

Does studying make you smarter?

When the people with the highest IQ's were observed over time it was noticed that they were usually 12 years old, and didn't do so well after that. They got smarter and smarter, at least according to the tests, till they were about 12 and then not

Has anyone studied overseas/abroad?

Yes, I am studying abroad in Canada from India and I am studying Computer science.I was preparing for IIT back in India. I even qualified it but my rank was not good enough so I can get computer science. I felt very

How to boost my productivity for my studies

Hi,Remember, the core competence you are expected to build from studies is ‘learning the art of learning'. The moment you miss this point, everything turns futile. You start commodifying (treating education as a commodity to own) education.I suggest you read

How to concentrate on work and study

Juggling work and studies can be daunting and if you are not careful, it could lead to burnout and dropping one or the other. So, let us help you with the juggling.The biggest thing I can say is do NOT solely focus on how long you

How to convince my parents to let me fast as my exams are during Ramadan, and they think that I should concentrate on studies and should fast after my exams are over

As for breaking the fast because of exams, Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about that and he replied:It is not permissible for an adult of sound mind to break the fast during Ramadaan because of exams, because that is not one

How to focus my mind on study

It will take time to train your mind, as the mind is a bad master and a good servant. In everyday life we concentrate in many ways. It has been described as an internal, mental process, not a muscular exercise. Through internal concentration the attention of the aspirant is drawn to an

How to increase my focus on the study and how can I achieve so many things in life without losing my main work

My Achievements from 10 February 2019 to 5th May 2019. Read books other than Physics which I have never done in my entire life, I have read three books completely and I get distracted very often and easily.1. The compound effect (280 pages)2. Rich Dad Poor Dad (403 Pages)3. The millionaire mindset (250 pages)you may wonder, But I have

How to increase studying hours without losing concentration

LONGER STUDY HOURSHave many short intervals 5/10 minute: put an ice pack on eyes. Have very slow very long very deep inhalations through nostrils and complete exhalations through mouth.........................Vipassna may change your personality.Switch to Vegan diet.For many persons, animal's milk and all dairy products are Dangerous for brain. Our

How to make my studying more productive

Thats a very good question Mr. Harshal Kokane. Study time is very important. It is very important that you study qualitative than quantitative. Qualitative- When a person for only 2 hours but remembers each and everything he has studied is called qualitative. Quantitative- When a person studies for 6

How to make studies more interesting

You are not alone.I myself faced some of the following issues but overcame those.Majority of students face common study problems like:-Lack of interestDifficulty in concentratingEasily distractedLack of focusLack of motivationLow productivityDifficulty in retaining what one has learntCertain topics look insurmountableSilly mistakes in

How to manage my studies while working full time

I will NOT say that's easy peasy. Because that is difficult. First of all accept the challenge that it is a difficult task, but be determined that you can and will do it.While working full time what you need is strategy. Some

How to motivate my kid to study even if he is not interested in education

Tell your kid that he/she needs those lessons to understand higher educationTell your kid that you are there to make it easier for them; aid their learning, make it fun and interestingTell your kid knowledge about anything can be a useful tool for what will he/she become in the future.Tell your kid all the reasons why you are

How to motivate myself to study and to start exercising

This decision making game - The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`. If only I knew, I would have saved myself so much pain.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple game in Phase one as described.Surprisingly, very few people noticed this ! This

How to motivate myself to study even if I'm not interested in education

Oh boy, I have been there so many times to the level that I thought of dropping out of college quite a few times as I found the lectures and

How to motivate myself to study hard at university

I know people who graduated at 21 and didn't get job at 27.I know people who graduated late at 25 and they found work immediately.I know people who never went to university but found what they love at 18.I know people who found a job straight out of college making decent money, but hate what

How to save more time for myself

You can save time for yourself if you have job near to your place, as it help in saving traveling time. You can come home early and have your

How to stop thinking unnecessarily while I am studying

I'm going to share a tip which helps me a lot when it is about getting rid of distraction when I'm studying.I consider myself an

How to study 10+ hours a day

I will try to put forth my opinion,misconception,suggestions,usefulness etc. in some points (not in any specific order):If you want to clear some competitive examination and if somebody has told you that 10 hrs/day is the threshold for clearing this examination ,then simply it's not true.Different people can achieve

How to study 14-16 hours a day without losing concentration

Here is the reality of a 16hour study day:6am wake up30minutes to get ready6:30am-12:30pm study (6hrs)30minutes for lunch1pm-6pm study (5hrs)30minutes for dinner6:30pm-11:30pm study (5hrs)30minutes to get ready for bed12am sleep time6am wake up (6hrs sleep)Studying like this might happen once or twice a semester

How to study for long hours? I can study and grasp concepts but I can't sit for long hours, I get distracted. My mind gets tired easily. But I can study well. What should I do

Studing for long or short hours doesn't really matters.What is important is to grasp the points and concepts, which you are saying you are able to do.If your brain can take information for 1 hour then don't pressurize yourself just study

How to study whole day and concentrate

Remember :Education is an important and essential part of life that should not be taken for granted. So if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to suck it up and do your schoolwork. It will all pay off in the end.TO UTILIZE

How did studying change your life?

All throughout my student life, I've been mainly scraping through, getting lucky at key examinations and surviving.For my A levels two years ago, I studied really hard, isolating myself from my classmates and really spent a lot of effort going through the material and memorising

How to become motivated to do well in school

Hi there!It's wonderful that you are interested in finding out how to become motivated to do well in school. It's commendable that you are interested in doing better, and in going somewhere.Here' what I are of course welcome to disagree :-)1. School is a place where you learn

How to concentrate on my studies and sit for 1-2 hour straight

Better you start atleat with 30mins of continues sitting .set that You would increase the time of sitting after every week just by 10 mins.Let's take an example , someone​ when starts doing running it's tough to run continuely for for 2- 3 km ,they would get exhausted very soon.if such a

How to concentrate on my studies? How do I do that? There were many thoughts revolving around my mind. How do I get rid of that

Listening to music, maybe classical music, might help you clear your head if you focus on the music instead of the thoughts. You could also try moving somewhere that is relatively bare so that there aren't a lot of things to look at to distract you or remind you

How to concentrate when I am upset

When You're UpsetGetting frustrated or irritated is a completely normal part of life. Conflict and stress from work, home, or your social life can upset you, which is only human. Fortunately, you can choose how to behave and react to these situations. With a little knowledge and

How to earn money while studying in college

If some one is following this question then most probably he/she would be an Indian, and if that's true, you need to know many things before knowing exactly the ways. Parenting or nurturing children in India means :-Giving them an extra comfortable life.Getting the students in the so-called best colleges (Narayana or Chaitanya) irrespective of the

How to forget about everything and stay motivated to study

Tie a rubber band on your wrist, and hit yourself with it when you get negative thoughts. Your brain will start relating pain with negative thoughts with time, and you'll get less of those.When your frustration towards studies reaches its peak, go to the roof of your house, and scream to the top of

How to get good grades in college

I had a graduate student who, as an undergrad at Cornell, had more A+ grades than As -- about 15. Once I asked him how he did that. "I use tricks" he said. They all seemed so obvious when he told me, that I'm not sure I can recall all of them. Below I'll mix in what

How to get myself to study daily

Hello friend. I have experienced lack of motivation when it came to my studies, that led to severe procrastination. As a recent college graduate, I suffered consequences from lack of discipline to study daily and complete assignments. I remember getting my class syllabus and not wanting to dig

How to get started studying Physics

The same way you began life: develop a way of thinking that helps you study physics. When you were born you had no concept of conversation. This magical thing called your brain learnt to recognise speech patterns as you grew

How to improve my studies

This one's a little long. Fair warning.I'm an Indian Guy on my way to becoming a Scientist. I wasn't always this bright. I was actually very dumb.Class 1. 80% || Class 2. 83% || Class 3. 82%They told me I'll never be good at anything. That I'm just an average Joe. Mum sent me to dance classes just in

How to keep studying all day

First off, Why do you want to study all day??The quality of the study time is Important rather than quantity of time you booze around books.....If you still want to do so, there is one efficacious method of learning..Its Called POMODORO Technique.There are six steps in the original technique:Decide on the

How to motivate myself to study

Hope, this will help for those, who all are still in the phase of struggle while your mates are about to settle.I have been preparing for GATE from last 2 years. I am working in an MNC organization. When, sometimes you will not get

How to not procrastinate on the homework I need to do

1.) Ask for HelpWhen I went to University the assignments I would procrastinate on the most, were the ones that I didn't know how to do.Not because I was lazy.Always ask for help from a professor, TA, classmate if you're lost.2.) Do it with a friend2 brains are always better than one. Having a

How to start studying 8 hours a day with full concentration and focus

HeyyaNow studying for 8 hours might seem a lot but if u know how to do it well u will have d best time... SoFirst you need to make commitment to yourself ...Then make a timetable & let your parents or friends who tends to disturb you know about it .. Like I study

How to study as well as work at the same time

With effort.I am not sure how else to say it.  I have experience working and going to school- I did it for 3 years of undergrad and 3 years of graduate school (with a year in between).  That spanned two different employers and a career transition (as well as a change in educational focus).  On a

How to study continuously without losing concentration

Straight away you cannot increase the concentration on study. The mind of the average man is diffuse. Concentration consists of bringing the scattered mind to a point of focus, for it is only through concentration that the mind could fulfill its real potential. In concentration all mental energies

How to study till late night if I'm feeling extremely sleepy

Don't keep studying. Sleep is extremely important, and without sleep (and therefore without fuel if you get what I mean) you won't be able to grab onto that information that you've just given yourself. Instead, try taking frequent but small chunks of revision throughout the day. This might seem difficult, but on the train, on

How to study with focus and concentration and avoid distractions and procrastination

##We have highest level of Concentration in the morning and after 2-3 hours we connect with our daily routine, real world and our job/business/ school and we start taking pressure then slowly slowly we start to lose our concentration level.Now we have two options:[A] Avoid taking pressure: Manage your work and daily routine in such

How do smart students study?

In secondary school, I had a friend who was one of the laziest students I've seen. During class, he'll either be sleeping, writing a diary or reading a book, whilst paying no attention whatsoever to the lecturer or content taught in class. He wasn't a

How do we study English effectively?

Well, if you want me to answer you regarding how you can learn English effectively, the I would have to say, that firstly be focussed and read the following postIn the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way

How to manage time between work and study

Here are some things you need to do:1)Take regular breaks and do the most important tasks immediately after the breaksInstead of taking too much pressure and stress it is important to take short breaks. Play an instrument, listen to song, talk to friends or go for

How to study for an important exam

For one of my courses I tried everything.It was my first semester of Graduate school and I had read how in the previous year 37% of students had failed this course.‘Critical Thinking in Business'It actually made the news in Australia!It became my personal challenge to defeat the hardest course. So I did

How does an hour of daily study change your life?

Does an hour daily study change your life?The answer is yes!Nothing is more powerful than consistency.How can one hour daily study can change your life?Fox example, you want to be a good programmer but you don't practice every day. But if you start with only one hour in regular basis after 6 (six) months you

How has studying chemistry changed your life?

My first encounter with chemistry in my school days was not a happy one. My first reaction was irritation - so many formulas, symbols, equations, reactions, and what not! But after that initial "shock" faded away, I slowly found that this was my

How I can study without distraction?

First of all, remove this thing called 'PHONE' from the reach of your vision, it's the biggest distraction while studying. The harmful waves won't let you concentrate despite how much you want to.Secondly, try using a lamp and focus all its light on your books, this method has been proven to

How important is it to have a study group for engineering classes? I feel more comfortable studying by myself, but I would like to explore otter ways of studying.

Oh my Ben. Study groups are the greatest innovation in study since Plato. Albeit, too many people in a study group and it can decay into a social event rather than study. I would not press more than six to the group and six is putting it on the edge.Study groups have a dynamics you will never

How should I stay motivated for studies?

If you want to get anything done, there are two basic ways to get yourself to do it.The first, more popular and devastatingly wrong option is to try to motivate yourself.The second, somewhat unpopular and entirely correct choice is to cultivate discipline.This is one of these situations where adopting a

I am not able to concentrate while studying, what do I do?

Hey thereYou can have the burning desire on your studies by always thinking about your goal and the end result.There's a reason why we study so hard and burn the midnight oil to ace the results.That reason is our dream. We want our dreams to be true. We want our parents

In what ways can one opt to study abroad after class 12?

These vary between study programs and levels. For each course, Indian students will need to meet a minimum English language requirement. Along with that a minimum academic record of 65% and above for humanities stream in class XII, and 70 - 80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in class XII will

Is exercise important for studying?

The video below answers just this :) I hope you become motivated to start working out from today on after watching!There are many videos on work out routine, how to do squats, push-ups and all that, but not so many on WHY we should work out to

Is it bad to study more than 2 hours straight?

If you wanted to study more than two hours straight, I strongly recommend that you adopt the Pomodoro technique.It is intended to help you break down your study session, say two hours, into what is proven to be effective, i.e. four equal time segments of 25 minutes each, with a 5 minute break in between.The scientific rationale behind this

Is it good to hear songs while studying?

Hello,Many researchers, as well as students, who think listening to music helps memory have called the practice the

Is studying abroad a good idea?

As a career counselor, specializing in US Masters education, I often get asked this question a lot - both students and especially by parents: Is it really worth investing the time, efforts, and money in a foreign masters? Is studying abroad a good decision?Many years ago, a bachelor's degree was

Is studying philosophy worthwhile?

Of course philosophy is worthwhile. Without philosophy you cannot even define the word

Is there one particular tried and true way to make you smarter? Such as reading more, studying information, etc., or is it simply a combo of hard work/effort, doing the things listed above?

Reading, for sure. And one technique of reading that can hone your intellect is to read books that are one level above your ease of comprehension. In other words, read to study. Pay close attention, make marginal notes, fold down the corners

Is this Harvard University late night (4:30 a.m.) study picture real? Does a typical student at Harvard always study through the night?

Ok, I know this is not really related to Harvard University, but I saw this question and it reminded me of lines for the library at one of the biggest universities in Europe (and one with similar reputation, from what people tell

Is working out twice a day good for your studies?

Hi,Not required.Yes, You heard it right twice a day workout is not required and it us waste of time and energy.Better go for an hour full of good workout which will be enough for your body and also for your studies.Key point is diet plays a big role

Should I continue studying even though I start to get sleepy?

Close your computer. Go to sleep. Do not open your phone or look at texts.If you do decide to go on social media or check texts or watch TV to

Should I study full time or study part-time and work in my relevant field?

Hi everyone,This question has probably come up a lot, but I feel in my case it is a bit different. Let me explain.So basically, I have completed my Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering in 2018 with a few Cisco (Networking) qualifications.I have just

Should we study the whole day?

Depends on what success you want to achieve.If you are planning to fail, then no study is required at all.If you want to get good marks, you really need to study hard.If you want to secure the 1st position, then ofcourse, you need to study for the whole day.Remember,

What are disadvantages of self-studying?

The problem with being self taught is that your professor is no smarter and no more knowledgeable than you are.   Instructors and mentors are useful because:They have knowledge and perspective.  They are further down the road than you are, so are more likely to know what's ahead.  They

What are quick study tips?

Hello Aisha,You are seemingly believed to be curious and awakening of your present state.I believe that you have realized your bygone opportunities from the day one of your academic year.However, any student in your place would refer guide books of populary Circulated publishers on the

What are some good strategies to combine full-time work and full-time undergrad studying?

First of all let me appreciate you for gaining practical hands on experience while working full time. Although these may be trying times for you but it shows that you are highly committed to your work in IT.Now coming to the solution, there are 4

What are some great study tips, for those who feel they do not study properly?

I am naturally not very academic with my work. However, whenever I study or get items of academic work done I tend to excel with a few principles implemented that I've gathered over time. I'm a really average student - getting 60 - 70% results in my pieces of work. But using

What are some last minute study hacks?

1.STUDY MOTIVATION WITH POST ITS:-So this is a really interesting and a very simple study motivation hack. If you're ever planning to give up, or you're just disheartened with the way you've been studying, then all you have to do is take a few post-its and write down positive affirmations

What are some of the coolest study hacks?

I developed an extremely effective method for teaching and helping my students to learn by focusing on the only two educational theories that have any merit (in my opinion). These are the concepts of Learning Styles and Dr. Howard Gardner's theories of Multiple Intelligences. While teaching my students with and

What are some self study tips for developing programming skills?

You want to change from an Army job to a Technical job ? You really are taking a sharp turn here.Most companies dont really hire you for technical jobs if you dont have an engineering degree.Although 3D Animation and Design is less technical , it dosent mean its easy. Creativity

What are some studying hacks you use every day?

Some of the study tips that I use while studying which has really helps me are :1. For theory subjects especially which I find the most boring ,I prefer to study those subjects early morning as our mind is fresh so you are

What are some studying psychological hacks?

Some of the studying psychological hacks are-Losing one night's sleep can impair reasoning and memory for up to 4 days!Step away from highlighters. Studies show that the ever-popular strategy of highlighting may even get in students' ways, leading them to

What are some tips on studying?

It's never too early – or too late – to develop good study habits. The sooner you get into a good study groove, the easier everything will be and the more your chances of getting good marks will improve.Here are our top tips for getting the most out of study.1. Pick a place and

What are some underrated study techniques a lot of students don't utilize?

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, I studied computer science, operations research, and mathematics, as well as the usual chemistry, physics, and languages. From the summer of my freshman year, I held a paid, graduate-level teaching assistantship in computer science. That required really knowing the subject material.As a graduate student in a Ph.D. program at Cornell, I

What are the best Harvard College study hacks?

Here are a few things that I learned in my four years at the College:Do the previous years' exams. These are available at Active recall is an effective way to remember course material and professors frequently recycle problems, sometimes without changing them at all.Go to TF office hours. For soft courses, these help

What are the best health tips to study well?

Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can't really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. With most colleges providing health care and endless physical activities for students, staying healthy in

What are the best study hacks which can actually be life changing?

Studying in public places, such as a café, a library or an empty classroom. Having enough people around you such that you are alert but not distracted can be helpful to get into the groove.When I am studying at home, I tend to make frequent trips to the kitchen, browse irrelevant websites, fidget with my phone, and

What are the best study life hacks?

Same answer as thisTimothy Soo's answer to How do top students study?Just two thingsDo not study to remember, instead study to understand. Study to understand makes solid memories because you have developed a deeper understanding of a particular topic.Here is a simple way to do

What are the best study tips for top students?

Remember :Education is an important and essential part of life that should not be taken for granted. So if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to suck it up and do your schoolwork. It will all

What are the best tips to study smart?

Well everyone learns differently, so I think it is best to find how you learn best. But there are a few general tips that one can follow. Found these on StuCred, so check out the blog post for the more details.Take Small BitesA little bit of reviewing every day and you'll save

What are the best ways to study biology?

For the most part, biology is basically a

What are the best ways to study during annual exams?

Best way is to learn at least 2 or 3 weeks before your annual exam starts. This would help to you to score well in your exams. This would help you to cover almost all the chapters in each subject. It would be better if you prepare timetable which include every subject

What are the effective ways to concentrate while studying?

I would like to share a few tricks which I followed when I was a student and hopefully will be helpful to you:1. Before you start, sit with your back in a straight position and close your eyes and take deep breaths, first your mind will wander

What are the good tips for the self smart studying?

Thanks for A2A Vyshnav VyshuI have always done self studying, I never had a tuition. I felt that the most important thing or what you say tip is Discipline. See, what happens is, when you do self-study then there's

What are the science reference books for class 10 CBSE?

As I secured 10cgpa I think I can answer this question clearly.The answer is simple and straight.NCERT.!The questions comes from NCERT only, read the book instead of mugging up all the answers of the questions given in the book.Edit- Oh I'm sorry! I forgot to mention about S Chand. !! The theory part there is

What are the simple study hacks?

Simple study hacks, you mean !1.First thing first, set goalsNever start a study work without having a goal in your head. Say you want to study during 1 hour. Make that one hour the most productive hour of your day. Setting goals help you focus more as there is something you need to accomplish. Most of the time, it

What are the smart tips for self studying?

Ironically, I was forced to self-study throughout my high school and college years. It now became a habit for me to the level that I could hardly learn anything in lectures and prefer to self study.Before providing you with several tips, I should provide an information about myself to make it easy

What are your 10 best study tips? How to study long hours?

Since I appeared for my CA Finals last year in November for both Groups in 4 months Exams leave & used to study almost 14–16 hours a day, I think I am eligible to answer this.Here we go:Planning: It is said that

What can I do to improve my study time?

Study is the time you spend, going over material you have learned in class on your own. Ideally, you should allow time for studying every week, rather than waiting until just before that big test.The biggest thing I can say

What can I do when I want to study but my mind is distracted at that time?

Here are tips for you:1. Put your phone on silent mode and place it at the other end of the room.If you own a smartphone, you know how distracting it can be. Facebook, Twitter, email, text messaging and yes, the entire Internet, are at your fingertips.The biggest

What do I do? I feel too sleepy, but I have to study.

Utkarsh Vajpai (उत्कर्ष  वाजपेई)'s answer to How can I study more effectively and efficiently at home? DO READ THIS FOR BETTER TIPS and FOLLOW ME FOR MORE ASSISTANCENow, let me first say that if you are a night owl, and that works for you, I think that's

What is efficient studying?

The most efficient studying requires that our nervous system be fresh, clean, and clear of stress and dysfunction. Unfortunately, growing up in this highly stressed world makes us all somewhat dysfunctional.The solution is to practice an effective and efficient form of meditation to dissolve and eliminate our internal stresses.Concentration and efficiency in studying is natural. Enjoying schoolwork is

What is more effective coaching or self study while preparing for Neet exam?

Hey,I will tell you both the aspects as i took coachings before and now i am studying by my own.Coachings (prestigious once).In coaching you will learn, how to study things in the correct manner, you will get to know by the teachers that where should you be focusing for NEET.You need not to work hard to seek daily

What is perfect way to study and be 100% productive in the process?

Pomodoro technique. Very scientific. It is a timer, where you study for 25 minutes and then take a break for five minutes. Three sessions like this and you take a fifteen minutes break. This way, you mind takes time to relax, and therefore reinforces itself the within those twenty