Can a successful marriage be one of the determining factors of life success?

Only if you define that as a measure of success. Personally, I'm doing great right now with a successful career and well-traveled around the world. I'm divorced. Good things didn't start happening until after my marriage was over. So, at one point when I was bright-eyed

Do people who work hard really succeed in life?

Absolutely.When I first immigrated to USA 19 years ago, I was desperately broke, had some health issues, a newborn, and every reason to despair.I was on government assistance, ashamed of having bad teeth. My little Geo car kept breaking down and it had no heater or air conditioning. It smelled of old food and

Does ambition always bring success?

What is ambition?It is an eager or strong desire to achieve something. In other words, hunger.No doubt it is one of the factors. But it is never the only factor.Ambition is what gets us started and moving forward.Keeps us going in the face of difficulty.

How do people get rich?

So I got notified on Quora I had a request that asked

What are 20 things that are not worth it?

1. ComplainingIt accomplishes nothing, makes you dumber (no, seriously), and annoys everyone in your vicinity. If you don't have something positive to say, don't say anything.2. Taking a Career Just For the MoneyThere are millions of ways to make cash. Taking a job, starting a business, or pursuing

What are the best success tips?

Focus on presentForget what happened to you in past . Just remember the mistakes done and rectify it today . Don't care for the reward give your 100% now.Patience, positivity and perfectionPatience and positivity help you fight failurePerfection on the other hand is result of failures or mistakes (deep)Continuity, confidence and concentrationBe confidence

What's your secret to successful investing?

Awareness and knowledge is power. Learn everything there is to about Investing & PsychologySuccessful investing is control of your emotions, largelyConcern yourself with what you control (position sizing, your asset allocation, research, emotional control) rather than what you can't (Price)Be contrarian - to truly become successful your

What is the one skill that, if you have it, will completely change your life?

Once you get to understand language and how certain things are conceptualized in a language, you get to hear an adage time and again, with its rather timeless appeal: time heals all wounds.Interestingly, we get to hear it when we

What should I do when nothing is going right in life?

-January 2016Lost job because of some office politics.February 2016Joined a startup on 1st Feb on a massive pay cut.Got dumped by Girlfriend on 6th Feb and found out that she had been cheating on me for last 6 months.March 2016 - June 2016The job I had joined turned out to be a big mistake. The management

Which 10 things we should never do?

I1- Never keep the Condom in your wallet.He was at in-laws place just a fortnight before his marriage. Nobody was home except his brother and sister in laws.Just to avoid the boredom sister in-law said, Jiju let's come I will show you our house.

What are some secrets of success nobody tells you?

Not sure about `nobody`. But few people focus on:How easy it is to get rich quick investing in low-cost fundsThat spending habits matter more than income for wealthThe importance of defining your goalsWhy people should takes risks at a young age. Too many people care about things like stable salaries at age

What are the secrets of success in MLM?

It's not only about the MoneyWhat is the best part of network marketing business ❓MoneyMy answer is NoIt is actually its system of education. Yes, you heard it right, its education system. I recommend you to invest little time to look beyond the compensation and products and really

What is something that does not contribute towards making you successful but you have to go through in order to be successful?

In my opinion, everything that you go through, in the journey towards being successful, contributes in some or the other way.Well, let's just take a look at the most important thing.Taking risksTaking a risk is really important towards being successful. But obviously, being practical

What is something that gets better once you get older?

My top 5.Not that I'm getting older.Just better.Marriage. When younger we had all the pressures of building careers, raising kids, making ends meet financially. Now we have a lot more time for us. And a lot less distractions. Oh, and at night, we don't need to worry about if the kids are awake.

What is the secret of Kumon's success?

The success behind Kumon is the sheer volume of work given to children over a week.I, as a tutor, can demonstrate a particular technique by walking through examples and then there are enough questions for them to have a go themselves. Then they

What small lifestyle changes have the biggest impact?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘Your life doesn't just happen' According to Steven Covey, you and you alone design your life. Every moment and every situation provides you with the opportunity to do so. Therefore, every choice you make gives you

What's your secret to successful investing?

There is no as such secret but there are some factors which play a vital role when a perskn invests in a companyOne should be having foresight of what is going to be up in coming future.Foresight would help you in investing or selling the shares of a

Which habits do successful people avoid?

What almost everyone in the 1 percent has in common is how they don't spend their time.Here are the seven things that the 1 percent don't do.(Please note that these are not universal statements; there are plenty of people among

Who is a successful person?

Let me view this question from different perspective.I think you are already successful. Even every human being is successful according to the definition of success which indeed is not absolute. It's relative and highly individual specific. There is no specific criteria or definition through which you can differentiate a person from another on the basis

Can a successful marriage be one of the determining factors of life success?

Only if you define that as a measure of success. Personally, I'm doing great right now with a successful career and well-traveled around the world. I'm divorced. Good things didn't start happening until after my marriage was over. So, at one point when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about my marriage, I would say yes. However, I have

What are factors important for the success of a society?

The will of the people to be successful, HONEST education & HONEST history so the mistakes of the past can be avoided. Population control on an individual basis; people realizing that too many of them will use up the natural resources too fast, commitment to the environment, commitment to not killing wild animals for sport, things like that.

What is an interesting fact about you?

Started making Money at 15, I was doing Drop Shipping. I'm 21 young now.I did 9 internships, during my college. And 3 of them were at the same period. I love learning things.I've never learnt to say no.Made a 6 figure income at 17.Started Blogging at 16.Started a Business before I went to College