Do people who work hard really succeed in life?

Absolutely.When I first immigrated to USA 19 years ago, I was desperately broke, had some health issues, a newborn, and every reason to despair.I was on government assistance, ashamed of having bad teeth. My little Geo car kept breaking down and it had no heater or air conditioning. It smelled of old food and

Do successful people try really hard?

We've all heard that old aphorism that makes the claim:

Does ambition always bring success?

What is ambition?It is an eager or strong desire to achieve something. In other words, hunger.No doubt it is one of the factors. But it is never the only factor.Ambition is what gets us started and moving forward.Keeps us going in the face of difficulty.

Does hard work really pay off?

Yes. Hard work and consistency pays off.This is a story of 8 years which began when I joined a coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan.18 Apr 2011: A green 16 year old steps into the heat of Kota, leaving his home, having a dream to join a top IIT. In the entrance test, I was in the top 5 of

How to become a successful businessman

The main skills that will make you successful is Sales and Marketing. Obsess over those subjects.Think independently, surround yourself around successful businessmen, or listen to them. Don't let people impose there limited beliefs on you, you have to get rid of certain people.You have to get started, when you come across obstacles or when you fail, don't

How to find my passion

My biggest passion failed. Had I pursued my first passion, my life would be very different, potentially much worse than where I actually ended up. My second passion drove me to become a millionaire and retiree at age 28.Now, as a entrepreneur, my

How to get rid of overthinking

1. Put things into a wider perspective.It is very easy to fall into the trap of overthinking minor things in life.So when you are thinking and thinking about something ask yourself:Will this matter in 5 years? Or even in 5 weeks?I have found that widening the perspective by using this simple question can snap

How to motivate myself to be more productive when I'm unemployed? Do especially productive individuals have any suggestions

You can't.Motivation doesn't work.It's like that friend who's always around when you're throwing parties and having a blast but is nowhere to be seen when your life takes a turn for the worse.If you're serious about escaping your current situation, then

How to overcome the fear of failure

SummaryTo put things in perspective, I created a resume of my failures. It feels depressing at first sight, but reminds me that there is a difference in failing at a task and being a failure as a person. It shows me that every time I wanted to succeed, I invited more failure in my life.EducationFailed for 5 years in

How do hard work and smart work compare?

There are two ways it can be explained with concern to different peopleHard work is about putting continuous and intensive efforts to accomplish something and it consumes more time and efforts of an individual whereas smart work is about putting continuous metal efforts to

How to become a successful CEO

you do NOT need a MBA to become a CEO, but depending on the type of CEO you want to be, you may want to have one. if you look at the CEO of many middle-big sized companies, they will

How to find work-life balance

Here's a different perspective on the topic of work-life balance. Everyone wants it, yet no one seems to have it. Could it be that concept of work-life balance is unrealistic, especially in this high paced digital era? And is there an easier, more realistic way to achieve personal and professional satisfaction?Luckily, there's a

How does ambition work?

I would say an ambition works like a dream. Then there is an algorithm that will help you fulfil it. If you stick to it you will get there. Many times there is an error, something goes wrong or something unexpected happens and you need to make some changes to your plans. If you hold

How does one succeed at life?

I had millions of dollars from selling a business and then I lost it all. I lost home. I had the IRS all over me.Then I lost my family. Then all my relationships fell apart.My friends and family from the year 2000 no longer talk to me. I take that back. One friend from

How many hours do successful people sleep per night?

Sleep is not about quantity, Its all about quality. How many hours the person sleep is not a matter but how deep he is sleeping is matter, it dependence on individual. The successful person who balance things well get a good and

I feel that I have no talent and I'm not good at anything. I am just plodding my life in mediocrity and working hard to compete with this cunning, smart, and talented world. Will I ever be able to achieve something big?

Thanks for A2A anonymous friend and I am sorry My answer is going to be long.... Really long.... Sorry for sounding like a jerk... but You will never be able to achieve something big.  yes I said it, trust me

Is it true that we have to do smart work and not hard work?

I agree, to some extent.If you want to be versatile, you need to do smartwork.If you want to be an expert in a specific field then you need to do hardwork.But remember, Nothing can substitute hardwork !!!For example, If you want to get involved

Is success really important in life?

True success is yours to define. But it probably does include a few elements:Human beings are made to work - to be happy, use your talents and energy to make a difference.Human beings are made to be in community - to

Is there an inverse correlation between happiness and ambition?

I think so, but why can't you be ambitious and happy at the same time?  I know you are never satisfied when you are ambitious, and satisfaction is happiness.  Thus, happiness and ambition shouldn't exist together, but why can't you just be super ambitious and super happy?  I guess

Should I work harder or enjoy life more?

Most of the people maintain a work-life balance by working 5 days a week and enjoying life on the weekend (trips, get-together, dining out and other stuff).I have a different approach.I started working in 2012, my second year of the college and in spite of

What are some characteristics of successful people?

Before I start, I would like to apologize for my bad writing skills. This is my first answer here on Quora. About myself - I am a final year engineering student from India.Now there have been answers to this question related to various celebrities and famous personalities, but I am

What are some tips for becoming successful?

The greatest enemy of success is not your background (where you were born), or your poverty-stricken, illiterate parents, or your humble family background, or your government, or your geographical location.The greatest enemy of success is YOU.Unless your mind changes, nothing changes.Success is not something you achieve. It is somebody you become.Anyone can

What are some tips & tricks I should know before going to an interview?

Call centres mostly take candidate who are confident and can keep a person engaged in a conversation.. if it is related to calls, then your spoken communication has to be good and in line with grammar. No errors in grammar

What are some yoga poses to help me lose weight?

Yoga is by far the best way to reduce the fat deposits in your body. No, matter which body part you are targeting at, yoga has something for everyone. Be it your face, shoulders, thighs, arms or hips, you won't be disappointed. The most amazing thing about yoga is that unlike gym, it doesn't

What are the best success tips?

Focus on presentForget what happened to you in past . Just remember the mistakes done and rectify it today . Don't care for the reward give your 100% now.Patience, positivity and perfectionPatience and positivity help you fight failurePerfection on the other hand is result of failures or mistakes (deep)Continuity, confidence and concentrationBe confidence

What are the habits of highly successful people?

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg was attending Harvard University.It was here that he heard of the website HarvardConnect, founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, that inspired him to create Facebook.Zuckerberg could have easily approached the Winklevosses, given them credit for their idea, and asked to build

What are the most important factors of a successful marriage?

1. Communicate EffectivelyMake it a point to express your feelings to your partner regularly. Whether you want to express how much you love him or her, or whether an issue bothers you and you want your partner to know, talk. Don't

What has been your best career decision(s)?

OK Before telling BEST decision I will share my background...I'm 28 now, Mechanical engg...Indian guy working in Pune now...I was not placed in campus placement through there was recession going on and companies were not hiring that much...2010–2011 period...Just FYI my engg aggregate was 65%But i

What is more important: hard work or results?

Work without good results (failure) can either be a learning experience or an exercise in futility. It may at times be better for people to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, rather than maintain the status quo. Although, defensive pessimism should be

What is more important to succeed in life, hard work or talent?

During the Agrarian Age, wealth originated from nature. The most successful people of this era worked hard using their talents selling the fruit of their land.During the Industrial Age, wealth originated from the use of machines. The most successful people of this era worked hard using their talents selling

What is the best 30 day challenge?

A good challenge for many people, especially if they are between 15–55 is to try if they can meditate without moving and remaining quiet for 20,40 or 60 minutes each day.Another may be to run a mile every day for 5 days the first week, 2 miles per day for

What is the best early morning habit for success?

Jeff Bezos and I are like brothers.The similarities are flat out eery.We both have engineering degrees.We both worked for big companies early in our career.We both founded scrappy startups.Our combined net worth is roughly $138,100,000,000.We both think the

What is the best routine/ morning routine to get fit?

Follow this routine for 30 days continuously, if you don't find yourself getting better, come back to this answer, comment

What is the best way to live a happy and successful life?

50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms1. Stop consuming caffeineAlthough people think they perform better on caffeine, the truth is, they really don't. Actually, we've become so dependent on caffeine that we use it to simply

What is the most important thing to do in order to have a successful marriage?

Compromise on major issuesListen to your partner and practice empathyAct supportive so your partner can count on youThat's three things, but the central theme is selflessness, being able to put aside your own ego to be there for someone else.Another point comes to mind from

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

Back when I was a student in university, there was a guy in my class named Sima.Sima was really funny. In my opinion, he was one of the funniest people I've ever met.There are some comedians who spend hours and hours every single day writing content in

What is your craziest ambition?

I'm not sure if I'd use crazy or dream to describe my goal but I guess, If the shoe fits... I'm currently involved in the largest intervention in history. The typical intervention is often a failed attempt by a group of friends and loved ones to convince

What is your dream of life?

If you would have asked me this questionAt the age of 10, I would have said

What is your motivation, the thing that drives you to keep going every day?

Hope this will help you CLICK HEREIt's taken me a long time to learn that motivation isn't an external source of inspiration, but rather a sort of inner quiet you have to practice listening to.People get unmotivated when they expect to always be filled with "motivation." We talk about Motivation like it's

What is your personal favorite life hack for success?

I heard this long back ,it's called "Theory of happiness

What one thing makes someone a very mature person?

You are mature when you realize,not to love the most beautiful girl/ boy, but to love the one who makes your life the most beautiful.You are mature, When you look after your future wife like an angel,instead of searching for the one, who looks like an angel.You are mature when you realize, what true love is.

What skills take less than 5 minutes to learn that everyone should know how to do?

1. Become An Excel WizardConsidering you're already sitting at a desk, why not learn some handy Excel shortcuts? When it comes down to it, there are plenty of tasks we do every day on the computer that we can probably do faster and more efficiently. So next time you're

What traits made Americans successful?

As an outsider (an Aussie) looking in I can make a few perhaps helpful  observations. Yes, many US Americans (not all) have been successful and the USA has been an economic, military and political force in the world for decades. And the traits that US citizens

Which gives you success: smart work or hard work?

I don't have a straight answer for your question but I I have a story on smart work to share with you.....Story of Two PebblesMany years ago in a small Chinese village, a farmer called Feng had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to a village moneylender. The moneylender, who was

Why is a positive attitude one of the most important factors that influence a person's success on the job?

Well, there are several benefits to having a positive attitude. People with a positive attitude will seem more amicable and pleasing than their counterparts. He not only inspires himself but also the people around him. They improve the productivity of a workplace and foster teamwork and positive decisions. Quite clearly, a

How can a small business leverage social media?

Here's the key statement: In 2017, if you are a business or organization of any kind that wants to be heard in the world, refocusing on the content you put out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Linkedin, Medium, and whatever else has the market's attention at the time, is a huge

How to get rid of overthinking

I understand your question. I understand how you must feel like you over think and reflect on every experience far too much. Before I get into the good and the bad news. Perhaps one thing you could try is to compartmentalise your feelings. Allow yourself some time after an event

How to change my life in 4 months

I'm practicing some rules to change myself positively. And here I'm gonna share with you.Waking up early . Imagine waking up earlier 1 hour everyday ,that would be over 350 hours each year . Imagine what you can master in those 350 hours . Study ,exercise ,enjoy life.Don't rationalise,just get out of bed

If a happy and successful life is all about developing three good daily habits, what would those three habits be?

A happy and successful life is all about good habits. But we are unique. If you'd have been forced to narrow down all the choices to three habits, there would have been a great variety of 3-habit sets that would guide different individuals to the same final station

What are some daily habits that can change my life?

Mental hygiene: Budget your time perusing around on social media, gossiping, and watching TV.Drink hot water throughout the day. It flushes toxins out faster than room temperature or cold water out. Eat one piece of fruit a day.Read the global news and local news.Turn off all

What are some good early morning habits?

Hi. I'd list out a few things I do every morning and I'd suggest you to try too to live a satisfied and healthy life.1. Brush your teeth with your NON-DOMINANT HAND. Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even

What are some habits that improved the quality of your life significantly?

For the longest time, I focused all of my time and efforts on making more money because I (mistakenly) thought that this was the best and fastest way to improve the quality of my life.However, as I started earning more and more

What are the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur?

Let me be blunt:The skills you think are important in order to become an entrepreneur, aren't.And the skills you don't consider to be important to be an entrepreneur, are.Here are 20 of them, if you want to be successful:Patience. If you don't have it, good luck.Persistence. As Wayne Chang, one of our company's advisors would

What are three habits that highly productive people have on a daily basis?

I want to begin this response with a disclaimer.The

What do most successful people do every morning?

There are many ways to utilize the early morning hours effectively, but some of the best ideas come from ultra-successful people like Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. Here are eight of my favorites.1. Drink lemon water. Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. By

What do successful students do during their study breaks?

The general census is that you should do something that is NOT studying. And I mostly agree. I'm sure a few people will hate some of my suggestions, but hear me out.DO:Grab a drink and/or snackTake a short walkDo a short, simple exercise

What incident changed your personality?

this happened only a couple years ago actually but I gotta go into detail on a few points first.i was adopted from Russia when I was almost 2 years old, as was my sister.I was put up for adoption because my Birth mother drank both with me (actually didn't have any effects from it, no ADHD, fAS, or anything

What one skill do you think will make the biggest impact on your life if you improve it?

Adaptability. That's literally the biggest impact on life from an evolutionary standpoint, but it's also true for businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyone in the modern world!It's why Best Buy went under. It's why retailers are closing up stores all over the United States.From a humble millennial's standpoint, so many companies are

What should I do when nothing is going right in life?

-January 2016Lost job because of some office politics.February 2016Joined a startup on 1st Feb on a massive pay cut.Got dumped by Girlfriend on 6th Feb and found out that she had been cheating on me for last 6 months.March 2016 - June 2016The job I had joined turned out to be a big mistake. The management

What things or skills should every 21 year old know?

TL;DR. Read the bolded tiltles if you are running out of patience and time! I can't have a better answer than posting my article here!21 things I have learnt in 21 years of my life.#1- Build contacts.

What was the most important lesson you learned as you were building your career?

Below are some of the most important lessons I learnt while building up my career:Experience takes time. You can't learn everything overnight, hence, one needs to be patient.NEVER stop learning. Michelangelo on his 87th birthday said

Which book changed your life and in what ways?

Books can be incredibly powerful. They have the ability to suck us in, take us on adventures, and influence the way we think.They can teach us, move us, give us new perspectives, and help shape us. And the most powerful ones

Which is more important to you: success or sleep?

Lets say you have a car. You decide to go on a road trip. Success is driving somewhere you want to go. Sleep is the necessary repairs to keep the car functioning.You must repair the car to keep it running. Some repairs are major, some less

Will the social network Mighty Networks be successful?

Thanks for the A2A. Still hard to tell-but probably not if no change ensues. It's taken them 2 years to realize that their central thesis is very similar to Slack's. However, the key difference here and one that propelled Slack to unicorn status in such a short time is how it approaches the

Are introvert people more successful?

yes..There are a lot of misconceptions regarding introverts. Some look at those they consider to be introverted and toss out all kinds of hyperbole, such as,

Are successful people confident?

I write about this in my book.  Here is the answer for you!Six Reasons Why Confidence Leads to Success

Are successful people luckier than those who keep trying hard and still haven't found success?

Very often - yes.It's not about them winning the lottery or anything like that, but about a certain set of events or circumstances that aligned for them in a very ‘lucky' way.In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell brings up a number of cases like that, my favorite one being

Are the most successful blogs the ones that teach other people how to make successful blogs / websites / startups?

Not Really.Make money by teaching people how to make money online is the easiest way to make money but its not scalable business and as you are teaching people to make money, most of them will fail in the process and you have to take a lot of

Can you succeed later in life?

My answer to your question is an affirmative YES!Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was already in his early 60's!Ronald Reagan didn't make it in Hollywood, but he became  the 4oth US President - on  two terms, from 1981 to 1989 - when he was already in his mid-70's.

Do all toppers succeed in life?

Actually you know the idea of toppers is extremely complicated.So it's like this. I did my graduation from SRCC - which most people I assume know is known for its skyhigh cut offs.We were four of us from my school who made it there. So obviously we were considered

Do attractive people tend to be more successful in life?

Yes, they do.  One example of this: 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs are taller than 6'2"; only 3.9% of the general population is that tall. Other studies (one measuring a beauty premium) find similar results. Two suggested reasons for this are (1) discrimination against ugly / short / fat people,

Do successful people feel lonely?

YES YES YES YES YES....AND YES.I could tell you so many stories on this. I've seen it and I've lived it.Just look at all the recent suicides by very successful people.Seven years ago I was living a life that looked like a dream. Had a well paying job sorta prestigious, owned my own home in San Diego. Had a

Do successful people get enough sleep?

Not always, but in long term - Yes!! These people have recharged their bodies and minds, so for them it is normal to sleep whatever is their requirement. Like Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi's. He claims he needs just 2-4 hours of sleep. Meanwhile, billionaire Donald Trump

Has anyone had success investing using TipRanks?

TipRanks has very intricate datasets. Intrinio actually partnered with them to offer their data via our API. If you go to our marketplace, it's the only place in the world that offers TipRanks datafeeds via an api.Here's a blog that goes

How badly can one try to succeed in life?

This is a story about cricketer Marvan Attapattu . This is said by our favourite commentator Harsha Bhogle over and over again. He scored tons of runs in first class cricket and waited for international call. He got it and was out

How to attain more awareness

An important question to be asked - I would say there are multiple ways to deal with awareness Be part of the infertility movement! Any way you can raise awareness will help increase public understanding about the disease of infertility.Learn more about infertility. Knowledge is power.Sign up for

How to get myself to study for more than 14 hours a day? Any motivation or concentration hacks

We all have problems to study for long hours in a day.This is my schedule to read around 13 hours in a day.(1) Wake up 4:45. Refresh and brush your teeth.(2) Start at 5 am.(3) First session 5am-6:30am(4) Take 15 mins break and start from 6:45-8:00(5) Take 15 mins and take bath

How to live my life on my own rules

If you want to live a designer life - ‘life build on your accordance' and not a default life - ‘life that just passes and not live', you need to first know that what is stopping you from living your life on your own rules and how

How to stop being average

Agree to this,You are having a good smartphone in your hand.You enjoy using facebook and watch your timeline.You enjoy using instagram and upload pictures of every moment.You enjoy using WhatsApp and chatting for hours.You love going to YouTube and watching your favourite YouTubers all day.You play pubg and

How can one become part of the 1%?

I was homeless and had 3k to my name , 2 years later I had $1m , simple rule:Make a rich person richer and take your cutThats all you have to doIn response to the message of how I did it:First of all I am dyslexic

How can we become better and better?

6 things to learn to become better and betterLearn to manage time properly: Proper use of time is very important. You can do this by increasing your speed of working, and remaining time can be used for other important tasks. Sometimes we spend lot of time while doing even a small task. This is because

How to get rid of the feeling of frustration when I see people more talented and successful than me

This is a very common question everybody has within ourselves .. I figured out the answer to quite simple and stopped worrying about it and started working on it. For eg :- I was introduced to game of snooker along with one of my friend. Both of us wer actually playing it for the first time but

How to make myself work hard to achieve goals

There really is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to figuring out how to get motivated. Anyone who tells you they have

How to start a business in a field that I don't have much knowledge about? Is it possible to do this without going to school

There's a good clue in the word Entrepreneur itself; French "entre" - enter, and "preneur" - taker. First and foremost you need to be able to act. You need to be able to take risks, and you also need to have

How do people work 80-100 hours a week and not get burnt out?

Another Edit: some observations are there shouldn't be any jobs out there that require people to work that long hours, it's inhuman. Well there are people out there who need that much money and will work two jobs for it. There are jobs there that the sheer amount

How do successful people manage their time?

Two simple principles: (1) Don't waste it (maximize it) (2) Create as much of it as possible(1) Don't waste your time: We all know how time is wasted, we spend it on social media outlets, we watch too much t.v., we sleep too much, we deliberate

How do successful people spend their free time?

Successful people from Warren Buffett to Bill Gates spend their free time the same wayOne question has fascinated me my entire adult life: What causes some people to become world-class leaders, performers, and change makers, while most others plateau?I've explored the answer to this question by reading thousands of biographies, academic studies, and books across dozens of disciplines. Over

How do successful people succeed, when others fail?

Hello,The answer to this question is that successful people succeed because they have such a determination, and that gives them the power to NEVER GIVE UP.They get back on the saddle every time they fail or make a mistake, like a child trying and learning to walk, they fall but get right back up, fall again and

How do the most successful people become that way?

It comes down to one word: Risk1. Take risks (start small but do take them!)2. Fail or Succeed3. Learn - failure will teach you the most so if you are not failing you are not taking enough risk

How to measure success in life

Success in Life!The most appropriate thought one should have at both the times; Before going to bed everyday and on Death bed. The former helps you to have a positive answer during latter.Ground rules to measure it :Quality and Quantity ofHappiness one has in his/her life.Health.Love (Give &

How to motivate yourself to work hard and stop procrastinating

Greetings Reader!My father never wanted a boss on his head. He wanted to be the owner of his own business. Ergo, he tried his hands on a few businesses early in his life but sadly those ventures never panned out well.The failure of repeated efforts to run a business of his own got him and family

How does one succeed at life?

Define what is success for you. What is life purpose? Why am I here? And go for it.Healthymaintain a healthy body, mind.Eat well, on time. Drink a lot of water.Avoid all addictions, not worth it.Get enough exercise. Walk 10K steps. Learn Yoga, practice daily. Do pranayama. Yoga nidra is

How important is it to be successful?

Define success .Many people have different  definitions  about being successful.For some it might about winning an olympic gold medal,earning lot of money,Heading an multinational organisation,being famous etc.,Success  are of two kinds one is personal success and other is professional success.Professional success is

How long does it usually take for a business to be successful?

There are two camps.One camp believes that an entrepreneur is made.The other believes that an entrepreneur is born.I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle.I was born like pretty much everyone else, in a hospital somewhere in the world. The main difference was the conditions that I was born

How often do successful people go to parties?

That depends on the successful person in question. And also on the person's industry which can determine a lot of their behavior.For instance, a Goldman Sachs broker has a high chance of hard partying simply because it's expected in finance. To the contrary, few Oxford physicists