Do animals commit suicide?

For an act to be classified as a suicide, the being must know that what it is doing will end its life. That kind of abstract thinking is probably out of the range of animals - even advanced ones.It's more likely that animals will inadvertently terminate their own lives when depressed or lonely. Highly bonded animals

How to cope with severe depression

Hi,I understand completely what you are going through. I had severe clinical depression under circumstances similar to yours. I will first tell you my story and then give you some tips on how to cope with depression.In September 2010 I received a

My abusive husband said he would kill himself if I left. I left anyway, and he committed suicide. Now his family tells everyone I murdered him. What can I do?

Edit: David, the man who claims that this happened to his friend, had my comments removed. Please examine his story, realize that police would not review recordings made of someone with consent, would not remove children from a mothers custody over this, and that he has not supplied names for validation.To the

Why are the wrists such a seemingly popular area for suicide by cutting compared to other areas of the body that also have many vessels? Aren't the several pronounced tendons kind of hindersome to the act?

That is a good question.I believe the reason it is so ‘popular' is because that is what is shown in movies/tv shows. That is what created the stereotypical area to engage in self harm.The blood vessels in the arms are also relatively easy to cut into if you do it down the

Can animals get depressed? Do animals commit suicide?

People aren't really sure if animals can get depressed, since they can't communicate in the same way a human can. Animals can be sad at times but it is unknown wether they actually are depressed or not. There are signs they

How to painlessly die in my sleep

There is no need to commit suicide. In fact, no one wants to commit suicide actually - actually what one wants is to free oneself from suffering. Suffering can be removed even without death. We suffer mainly because we are unable to detach ourselves from negative people, events

Is it true that sociopaths don't commit suicide?

It happens, but for different reasons. Sociopaths can experience most of the same mental illnesses as the rest of us - mania doesn't require emotional depth - but they rarely turn psychotic or commit suicide.Sociopaths often live with powerful delusions: persecutory, paranoid, grandiose.

What happens if a person commit suicide?

This question saved my family years of regrets and remorse. Will come back to it in a short while.If you commit suicide, it will adversely affect all your close friends, family (your parents will be affected probably the most) and other people who have known you. I have been in a situation where

What is the quickest and easiest way to kill yourself?

I have to second and second-hundred that suicide is not easy. The best thing you can do is have your primary and secondaries, and tertiaries all ready to institute at the same time.I am a nurse, currently retired but I know

Why is committing suicide illegal? Why is it compulsory for everyone to live?

United States*Historically, various states listed the act of suicide as a felony, but these policies were sparsely enforced. In the late 1960s, eighteen U.S. states had no laws against suicide.By the late 1980s, thirty of the fifty states had no laws against suicide or suicide attempts but

Why is it that animals don't commit suicide like humans do?

Well, I can think of two reasons right off the bat.One, humans can put the past, present, and future together, cognitively, two, humans have biases and perspectives that are abstract and differ greatly.What meat was to an animal when it

How to go on if I trashed life and it's too late to fix things

It's never to late to fix things, never. And though 31 looks late to get started from your point of view, it's really not. Think of it this way, you have only been an adult for about 13 years. If you live to 80 you've got 49 more adult

I want to die. I know I have people that love me. But I don't care. So why shouldn't I kill myself? It's not like I'll be around for the aftermath anyway.

Those are answers that can only come from you, not some randoms on Quora.I can give you some food for thought, but you know you best and part of that should be to only take guidance from a professional on some topics.You are right in that you won't be around and I'm not religious

I'm feeling depressed, nothing is going right in my life. What can I do?

Kindly ask yourself the following - If the following is not for you => then please go the blog section & read about Disrupting Your Life BlogWhy do you think you are feeling depressedWhat are the symptoms you have been noticingWhat are areas of your life those are affected by these symptomsHas any incident of big